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Security risk of Hood Osman

In the case between Hong Leong Leasing against borrowers including Arus Murni to use the former Inchcape Timuran Berhad to takeover Kewangan Bersatu Berhad, attention is only on Faiz Abdullah and Hamzah Harun, the two Directors of Arus Murni (Arus Murni).

Arus Murni borrowed RM224,478,000 and there is also syndicated term loan of RM224,478,000 arranged as follows:

The image aboue is from a court document of the said lawsuit here.

Leave aside Arus Murni, Faiz Abdullah and Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim, who lately have been looking rather kurang seri for many reasons, politically and personally.

Low was the one that invoke the name of Anwar Ibrahim and Tan Sri Quek Leng Chan. Who is he? And who are the others?

Let us reveal on Hood Osman.

Teh Soon Seng links

Was about to write about Low but Jailani Harun beat us to it. Let us then just read his linked here.

Low is the right hand man of fugitive Teh Soon Seng of Aokam Perdana, who leased the Sagisan timber concession from Dato Ishak Ismail's Idris Hydraulic Berhad (Idris).

As told by my good friend at Innoprise, Teh conned the whole capital market into believing Sagisan concession had extraordinary extraction rate. Credit Suisse First Boston (CSFB) end up carrying the baby of a USD100 million bond and Teh has since been missing.

Aokam brought in former IGP, Dato Shamsuri Arshad to help track Teh to no avail. That was the last answer from Shamsuri the last time the question was asked to him.

Jailani revealed Hamzah Harun was a close friend and Director of Teh's companies, Aokam Perdana, Golden Plus and Idris Hydraulic, and Faiz was Company Secretary.

Which company, Jailani did not specify. However, our recollection points to Idris. Not too sure, if Teh was Director of Idris too!

Anwar man

The heading of one of yesterday's The Malay Mail report by Cynthia Blemin reads "Hood Osman to head North Port." It revealed and gave lead that he is the CEO of Kontena Nasional Berhad.

The report merely mention his name came from industry sources. Sources within PNB suspected that he may have planted the story to position himself to climb another rung on the PNB ladder.

If that is so, it is surprising because he is being sued in a case involving transaction that is an open secret linked to former Minister of Finance cum Deputy Prime Minister, Dato Seri Anwar bin Ibrahim.

It means Hood Osman is an Anwar man!

He should be deemed as a security risk to hold any key position in Government or Government or State Linked Companies. The "Gods" of PNB should be flabbergasted with this revelation.

In the past, many of Anwar's boys came from PNB. There is a long list of Khalid Ibrahim's PNB piers and subordinates supporting PKR or Anwar sympathisers. Thus, there should not be any compromise to anyone working-in-sodomy with Anwar Ibrahim, literally or metaphorically.

The question is not about separating politics from business or professional work. Or even the issue of rights of Malaysian not supporting UMNO to secure employment.

It is issues of trust and loyalty, and stretching into the realm of risk.

Who will his loyalty and whose words he will adhere to: Prime Minister, Dato Seri Najib bin Tun Abdul Razak as Chairman of Yayasan Pelaburan Bumiputera, the top of pyramid of PNB or Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim?

Financial risk

In the failed acquisition of Kewangan Bersatu Berhad, an open secret without any shread of doubt, Hood Osman is alleged to have receive some RM80 million in his capacity as proxy of Anwar. That is an illegal act.

Wonder where is the money now?

PNB Group's CEO cannot have that sword of Democles hanging on the head of their CEO till the media break the story. If he loses, he will be a bankrupt and that can be a financial risk to the company by itself. Let alone losing focus on his job.

He should be suspended immediately from his post until further progress in court.

The fact that Hood is the CEO of Kontena means PNB is sloppy in screening it's CEOs.

Hood Osman is a Kelantanis, lawyer and UIA graduate. Prior to Kontena Nasional, he worked for MOCCIS Berhad. His success in infiltrating PNB Group of Companies only means he never disclosed his relationship with Anwar Ibrahim when he joined Kontena Nasional.

Yours truly remembered being introduced to him in the General Election of 2004 at one Pacific Hotel in Kota Baru. He was helping Dato Zaid Ibrahim's campaign, then running under UMNO ticket for Kota Baru parliamentary seat. His campaign was housed in the same hotel.

Zaid is inextricably linked to Tengku Razaleigh. Our reliable source claimed Hood was also a Ku Li protege.

Security risk

Hood has been trying to get close with Dato Mukhriz and his ANSARA Alumni network. He is equally close with Khairy Jamaluddin.

Sources claimed he knows people from the Prime Minister's Office (PMO), Deputy Prime Minister's Office (DPMO) and their Special Officers. They should be alerted.

Anwar's man appear smartly dresses, well cropped and project a smart, pleasant and intelligent image. Perhaps, it's a gay thing but it helps in their infiltration into various groups for information and positions.

That makes them a potently dangerous liaison.

Once inside, they can be damaging. For instance, Kontena Nasional gets contracts from Government, including Election Commission-related consignments. That will be useful to alert the opposition on the upcoming election.

One source had reveal to us of a mechanism used by Anwar's money man to create fictitious trade and accompanying documents to bring money back for election.

Many more information like the so-called Rosmah's diamond ring will be leaked, spinned out of proportion and used to discredit the proven better BN administration.

What if he is entrusted by Anwar to smuggle arms to equipped Malaysia Spring with arms?

What about revive insurgents to take out a certain Malaysian states from the Federation? Why then was Dato Dr Jeffrey Kitingan held under ISA many years ago?

Having kaki in Kontena and a major port, like the North Port will come in handy to them.

Furthermore, a position in Kontena and North Port is an important position that is high up in the ladder of PNB.

Ahmad Sarji

Using his Anwar grooming and natural Kelantanis opportunistic ability, Hood may have developed certain level of closeness with PNB Chairman Tun Sri Ahmad Sarji.

Sources claimed he may have sweet talked Sarji to believe that he has reached an out-of-court settlement. Does Sarji knows that the court trial has began and will resume in mid-April?

If he is not chummy with Sarji, he wouldn't aspire holding a twin position in Kontena and North Post like Khalid used to in his days in PNB.

Hood cannot be trusted. He should either be dismissed or sent for 'gardening leave'. Left to us, he should be dismissed if the case goes against him And still be dismissed if he escaped the lawsuit.

If Sarji resist, someone must override. PNB Chairman is still answerable to Members of the Board of Directors and Members of the Board of Trustees of Yayasan Pelaburan Bumiputera.

Security of the realm is of paramount importance and over-ride other issues. Comprende?


Anonymous said...

who is Hood Osman?

and, who is Hood Salleh?

are they the same people, or what?

you're as confusing as the articles you wrote... neither made much sense!

A Voice said...

Dont just say and conclude it did not make sense.

Say where it does not make sense if you wish to have your comments published!!!

One Hood Salleh that I personally met is Prof Hood Salleh, the anthropologist expert on orng asli at UKM.

He does not borrow Bank to takeover companies.

Cant you read that we are talking about the man sued by Hong Leong, arsehole!!!

Anonymous said...

Typo here bro...

Hood Salleh is a Kelantanis, lawyer and UIA graduate. Prior to Kontena Nasional, Hood Osman worked for MOCCIS Berhad. His success in infiltrating PNB Group of Companies only means he never disclosed his relationship with Anwar Ibrahim when he joined Kontena Nasional.

pocong said...

HOOD was also CEO of Moccis Trading Sdn Bhd who has defaulted over RM500Millon to 10 local banks under his watch.. please check your facts. Ini orang suka curik duit..

Ex-SIC/UIA said...

Tuan Haji,

This Hood Osman is suffering from two plus one syndrome:

1. He is short
2. He is Kelantanese
3. His manhood is not so...... ? (From personal accounts of person hv been 'engaging' him [?])

That very much explains his arrogance! (If ppl who knows Hood for who he really is)

So when an UIA law grad, who has been looking up to Anwar "Master Sodomizer" Ibrahim like 'Demi God' suddenly been offered to be he 'wet boy' in a scheme that would topple then Prime Minister Dato' Seri Dr Mahathir Mohamad, being a son who is close to YBM Tengku Razaleigh and arch-nemesis of then the PM, took the opportunity. He literally surrendered his head and cute butt, to be 'sodomized'.

Thru enough, the KBB play failed and of course, the plan to topple Dr Mahathir was also summarily killed by the Master Strategist & Tactician.

What baffles me is why is someone who has undertaken so much personal loan, being allowed t head a GLC under PNB.

Now, it is clear trashing and run him thru the garbage disposal is no longer not the only option.

In (literally) short, he is a corporate gedebe!

Imagine what damage ppl like this could bring to the Malays, if he is allowed to roam the streets. He has all the ingredients to create a major disaster and financial scandal, for the government and the Malays, in a single stroke.

Anonymous said...

Goody-2-Shoes Tan Sri Hamad Kama Piah Not So Good After All !

Tan Sri Hamad Kama Piah,the eternal President of PNB (one of the nation’s biggest investment agency) ,may appear as a mister goody two shoes with his ever declaration of ASN/ASB goodies to the nation. There has been long talk about Hamad not being too bright (listen to him during an impromptu interview or simply strike up a conversation and you will realize that) and that he should be replaced with a more capable guy. But apparently he and his feudal master Tun Ahmad Sarji managed to ward off all these attempts and remain very comfortably abusing all the agency’s investments while making sure the ASN/ASB dividents declared are politically correct. Everybody on the inside knows that even a monkey can do what they do because nobody really measure their performances againts the resources they have at their disposal.
Hamad Kama Piah makes sure only his east-coast cronies(have nothing againts east-coast people,only the stupid ones) are set up to head all the critical positions in PNB and PNB companies, e.g. CFO Dato Nizam,Kartini Head CEO Office,Ibrahim Head Property,Dato Jamaludin ;the idiotic and clueless Head of I&P,the list goes on. Its through these ball-carriers that Hamad makes his personal ill-gotten gains. He lavishes himself with all-paid monthly overseas trips to mega cities on luxury class all the way purportedly on ‘company business trips’. The latest excuse is the the controversial 100 storey warisan merdeka tower coming up near stadium merdeka. Even though Hamad has a dedicated CEO for the company managing the project, Hamad himself,of course with his sidekick mr clueless Dato Jamaludin go on ‘study trips’ to London,Shanghai,Hong Kong,Sydney,New York,Los Angeles,Taiwan and again,the list goes on. All these on a hush hush because Hamad knows that the opposition political parties and even the smart pro-govt ones are againts this whopping mega wasting of govt funds on such a project that has zero market research done. On top of that,PNB themselves,who are hopeless at managing property devt,will be managing this project....get ready for EXCUSES FOR FAILURE!!!

pt 2...

Anonymous said...

pt 2..

Hamad, as everyone in PNB knows is effectively the towkay running PNB. He’s the best apple polisher there is. He makes sure his Chairman Tun Sarji,the feudal master,is well taken care of in terms of perks,recognition and making sure all PNB investee companies contribute financially to the feudal master personal projects (Hamad even forced all PNB companies to buy volumes of Sarji’s 900-page biography who nobody is really interested). Oversesas ‘official ‘ trips are always prepared with an advanced party comprising PNB staff whose job description are specifically to pander to the Chairman and his precious President wish so that when they reach their overseas destination, everything ‘sudah kow-tim’. And just take a look at Tun Sarji’s nominees for Chairmans/Directors of PNB companies; they are mainly Sarji’s former ‘servants’ (ex-DGs/KSUs) during Sarji’s KSN days,e.g. Tan Sri Wan Zahid(Sime Darby), Tan Sri Asmat Kamaludin(UMW). These former DGs/KSUs while probably earned their pay during their govt days are hardly corporate materials. Sime Darby and UMW people can readily testify to that. But making them Chairman and Directors will make sure Sarji will always get what he wants.
Anyway,back to the bigger crook Hamad. The talk in town is that he is a small time crook but when you add it up,the ill-gotten money he makes get quite big. Remember the 90’s when housing developers have big crowds lining up for days before a sales launch? Those days we were impressed but nowadays the developers/owners are much wiser. The long lines are basically a signal that the pricing is too low and that the buyers stand to make tons of money if they manage to get a unit and resell. Thats why developers now price their products closer to market price so that the developer themselves benefit. Except for one company,I&P. The clueless Dato Jamaluddin forever launches his products in Bandar Kinrara, Sri Petaling,Taman Melati,Damansara Heights,Temasya Glenmarie,etc at below market price but hold on...maybe he’s not that clueless after all! Before every sales launch,Jamaludin prepares a ‘priority buyers list’ approved by Hamad and his other well-placed cronies. These priority lists were given preference to buy the underpriced units before the rest of the interested buyers are called for balloting. God knows what Dato Jamaludin gets from those ‘friends’ in the priority list(thats for MACC to investigate) but for Hamad,Nizam and the other PNB cronies in the list, Jamaludin collects his brownie points and ensure that his employment contract get renewed to eternity at obscene salary and perks.

pt 3..

Anonymous said...

When the priority lists get too obvious,Hamad and Nizam will tell Jamaludin to wait for ‘problematic’ buyers,i.e. buyers who cant sort out their loans or simply couldnt pay the progress payments. So the sale gets terminated and instead of balloting or call tender for the units, Jamaludin sells the units to Hamad and Nizam at the original price. By the time the construction of the units are completed,the underpriced units would have already appreciated by at least a quarter milllion ringgit and Hamad with Nizam make quick exits at handsome profits. So much for good governance and ‘berkhidmat untuk negara’. The extra profits should be the company’s but what do Hamad,Nizam,Jamaludin or any of the PNB cronies care. These practices goes on and on....ka-ching ka-ching ka-ching are the only sound that the greedy and corrupted Hamad hears. And Dato Jamaludin will be entrenched in I&P forever.
The bottom line is, the PM has to get rid of Sarji, Hamad Kama Piah, Nizam,etc, etc IMMEDIATELY and replace them with a more dynamic and decent team . And yes,make sure this new team has INTEGRITY. Get MACC to investigate the present PNB goons (tips...the easy way around is to haul up I&P marketing manager,put him in the MACC lock-up overnight,full blast air-cond,lights on and make sure he’s only in his underwear and by 4.30 am,he’ll tell you everything!). Or interrogate Hamad at one of his many Kopitiam outlets...yes, a GLC guy is THAT rich to have a thriving side business. These so-called trustees of govt fund have quietly been abusing their positions. If MACC cant get anything stick on them,just pay them off. Like what people are generally saying,even monkeys can do what they are doing now. PNB funds can certainly be more effectively invested with higher returns. One common perception by people like Sarji and Hamad who have been at PNB for donkey is NOT their personal money they are abusing. Its govt money,so wallop lah cukup-cukup. They forget that the money comes from the common people,the rakyat,who painfully pay taxes and that the elected wakil rakyats are there to ensure that these monies are managed properly. This type of NFC and MAS-AirAsia abuses cannot be allowed to prosper. In today’s media age,semua orang akan tau what you crooks do eventually!

The Whistleblower

Zul said...

i think u are too paranoia la bro. Whats wrong with jaga hati boss? Does he backstabbed anybody in the process? Tak ada kan. Is he not Melayu enough. Ex Sic-UIA, what have short/ tall got to do with capability? Come on bro, bagilah peluang orang kita cari makan.

Luz said...



Bodoh ke apa kamu ni?

The first two part of the article kamu tak baca ke?

Ex Sic/UIA hanya menyindir.

Isunya jelas, awak saja tak berani nak bincang dan pilih bincang hal remeh temeh

Cybertrooping murah dan tak berpelajaranb tidak harus dilayani, tuan Haji Voice.

Pasti jawapan anda tak dikasi keluar. Dia sekarang strict. Tak kasi can punya.

Anonymous said...

Bro. Whistleblower & Hj Voice,
This is another classic example of "what's wrong" with Najib&Co... tutup mata, yes, at your peril la! I got so sick of this disclosure, add this to NFC, Felda (ok la debatable, but wonder why go IPO IF Felda is claimed to be filthy cash rich?), etc. etc. and many people like me (sorry gut feel la bro. haven't done any survey ok?), got into serious dilemma... sayang UMNO, BUUUUT, the deadwoods, penyangak, lintah, ulat, etc. etc. just make me sick... so nak pangkah "UMNO" (in its present form), no way! Nak pangkah PKR with its ex-UMNO lintah, penyangak, pembontot, etc. etc., NO WAY HOSE!!! So we ended up atas pagar (hope pagar tak ada kaca/barp wire lah!)... so cam ne??? Rasa nak pijak je kepala all the Hoods, Sarjis, Hamads of the world!!! Ptui!

Dhahran Sea

SiKenit said...

Anon 730pm,

I saw Tan Sri Hamad board MH002 to London in March. He had a MAS staff walk & usher him to the aircraft door. That, is just like Ruler!

Anonymous said...

How to derecycle Non Performing GLCs' CEOs, without hurting their alter ego....make them GE13 BN Parliamentry candidates for Bacok, Tumpat, Taiping, Ulu Nerus, Bandar Hilir, Seremban, Lembah Pantai, Bukit Bintang, Petaling Utara, Kepong, Bukit Bendera .......and many more

Prof Awe Kecik

Black tiger said...

When Faiz took over arus murni to buy KBB,his ather partner was Tan Sri Omer,Science Adviser to Mahathir.They have 50:50 shares.Hood Salleh was prof Omer nominee.Not fair you label him as security risk.At that time Anwar is still in the good book of Mahathir.

I agree with you if you said Kali was the security risk but not Hood.

Anonymous said...

Another Khazanah and Amokh clone who treated GLC like their fama's company

Wake up Najib.

Anonymous said...

This is another typical attack to Malay professional.Just look at his track record, how he steer KN, he deserve a pack on his shoulder not stab at his back.
He earn it. We should be proud of our people , smartly dress, intelligent and proved himself internationally, a support, doa and more courage. we need this people to inspire our young generation. Those who are 60 above, should step down and give way to young blood. If they think they good, give support by giving advise and guidance.
If not, shut up.

window cleaner said...

A pat (??pack??) on his shoulder for steering KN? Steering into what? The doldrums? This is the guy who damaged KN from the inside. Just like a student who showed a blank exercise book to his teacher after failing to do the homework, Hood only managed to show the shareholders a meagre profit, derived from selling operating prime movers (@ truck heads). This CEO (who knew next to nothing about logistics; he is a law grad) took 2 years to learn the business, making costly blunders along the way; thanks to his aide, his COO who is just another UIA law grad. It was during their time that KN had the first union strike after being in the industry for 40 years. Thanks to the endless GLCC's and government projects, that managed to help these 2 charming guys hold to their posts.

Anonymous said...

Islam memerintahkan upah dibayar sesegera mungkin. “Berikan upah pekerja sebelum kering keringatnya” (Hadits shahih dikeluarkan oleh Ibnu Majah). Tapi grad UIA ni menzalimi supplier/contractor tangguh bayaran hingga berbulan-bulan...sad to say

Anonymous said...

I know Hood since the college days. He has a psychopath history that nobody knows of. I wonder what a psychopath person can do to a company. I hope that an independent qualified medical examiner cum psychiatrist can check him out. Please...From what I've gathered way back in 2003, he still has that sort of history - ask his immediate relatives (should they wish to tell you)

Politicalamity9 said...

dah tau semua ni.. PM Najib tunggu apa lagi?

Anonymous said...

Dah jahanam pn Kontena Nasional. Malaun Hood and konco2 punya keja. Yg pelik COO KN, Zahnita Zain boleh la plak keja ngan UEM subsidiari as SM. No proper screening ke UEM. Ke ada mmbr dlm UEM. Dah la minah ni ada involve in some backdoor activities. X caya boleh refer auditor EY n SPRM unresolved case

pijar kasmaran said...

Dah bankrup pun Kontena Nasional ni. Hood Osman beli made in China,FAW. Setahun je pakai dah jahanam!!! Pas Tu buat kontrak warehouse sewa 200k sebulan dgn tiong nam. Tp warehouse kosong. Kena tanggung 6 tahun. Blum masuk kes beli tanah kat tengah hutan. Kes Artisan Jaya pun senyap je songlap 9 juta... hahahahahahaha

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