Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Teraju CEO hypocritical claim

Sometime back, one commentator Jebat didn't like us bitching about MCOBA and responded with his comment of an ANSARA. So what that we are an ANSARA but it does not mean the individual interest of an ANSARA has to supercede God and Country.

There should not be such elitist culture of unjustified preferences for the boys (and girls) or covering up his or her weakness.

For us, the mass produced nuovo economic middle class with "proletariat" background, there should be merit and honesty in our brotherhood (and also for that matter, sisterhood) and not exclusive thinking.

Coming back to Jebat, we assure honesty and this posting is us being honest on one of our own, i.e. the Teraju's CEO.

As much as we like to support Teraju as maybe the last ditch effort to develop Bumiputera entrepreneurs, we just can't stand his arrogant words that turned out to be hypocritical.

After this, we are going to expose a complain of cronyism in Telekom Malaysia. If it turns out true, then it is a grave injustice on hardworking and honest Malay professionals and entrepreneurs.

Personal Reservation

Before blasting Teraju, the following is our past comment of Husni Salleh from a previous posting here:


Recently, we attended a talk by Teraju CEO, Husni Salleh, who happens to be our super junior in school. We must express our disappointment to what his proposed plans to develop the Malay entrepreneurs.

Bearing in mind that Teraju seems to be an after thought after the much complain by Perkasa, Majlis NGO Melayu and other NGOs of PEMANDU and it's Bumiputera deficient agenda.

Here is a disciplined studious chap who does not even detour his concentration from his study or job in hand with student activism or any form of activism or cause except perhaps as corporate paid member of a Golf Club.

How much can he appreciate and understand the socio-economic agenda with political implications to develop the Melayu?

His career as stock analysts, then moved into venture capitalist has always been as a corporate man managing resources. Yet, he tried to share with entrepreneurs and businessman in the crowd about getting annual audit and tax return, and KPIs and ratios as indicators of success.

How laughably entertaining!

He was howling at the top of his voice the obvious that the Malays have not reach this and that level. With that kind castle in the air thinking, he can only advocate the Malays should be this and that as strategy.

How arrogant and distanced is he from the real world of business and entrepreneurship where it is more managing of insufficient and unaccessible resources over the world of only managing something with resources available that he is accustomed to?

Surely Khairy has more humility than that.

At the end of it, the Teraju CEO is saying Malay must do and achieve more and meet his overzealous expectation but yet he has not much resources and new ideas to offer but nicely written graph of the obvious.

The video that they thought were a fine socio-economic analysis of the malaise of the Malay were full of cliche and stereotype that only create negative perception of genuine Malay businessmen and help worsen the prejudice against Malays.

All he can think off to say are repeats of past effort and things that have been done before with the only difference they claimed, it is centrally coordinated and monitored.

Big deal! Are their claim true?


So much for centrally coordinated and monitored. Before making that claim he should understand why it was not centrally coordinated and monitored. Well, are they any better being centrally coordinated and monitored?

We are about to dish this back to Teraju and prove their claim as merely rhetoric and words of a naivete.

Husni repeatedly spoke of building a Directory of true, capable and genuine Bumiputera to be part of the Government procurement strategy. Fancy words for an old plain description of getting Government projects.

In fact, the terms used by the likes of Tingkat 4, Pemandu, Ethos Consulting, etc are seldom bombastic as though so wholesome and global to describe something so plain and simple.

Unlike in the past where Bumiputera opportunity is more, Teraju could only mention of projects like UDA, MRT, etc. described as in fancy term as Government Procurement Strategy.

We've wrote our critic of UDA and their China-centric Chairman here. Datok Nurjazlan happen to be one of our own from Kulim.

According to our source, who is a professional involved in the so-called Government Procurement Strategy, he revealed that Teraju's Directory is only talk. However, we have to hold out on the project name.

Our source said he attended the first meeting of one such project, which was to call in all the members of the Management and Directors for a site visit. Here one see almost 100% are Bumiputera and allegedly the shareholders, Directors, and licenseholders.

By the time the second meeting is called to discuss the aspect of commercial, technical legal etc, 18 out of the 20 companies were represented by Chinese.

It turns out that only 2 of the 20 are genuine Bumiputera company doing real work and the rest were fronting for Chinese for a commission or small shares. And the MRT people could allow the process to go on as business as usual.

Unfair to Genuine Contractors

Our complain is not about the Chinese presence but where are the Malay and Bumiputeras? Why isn't the Bumiputera taking advantage of such opportunity? Is there no Bumiputera capable of running the projects, which we doubt there is none?

Didn't we hear the likes of Tun Musa Hitam claiming the new breed of Bumiputera are more confident and does not need 'tongkat', thus no NEP is needed in Iskandar Malaysia or then called South Johor Economic Region?

This is the same claim made by the likes of young Melayu Liberal or nuovo Malay crooks cloaked as Neo Liberals in Pemandu, Tingkat 4, Ethos Consulting, etc and dominating the thinking of Pemuda UMNO, PKR, Khazanah, and GLCs.

By claiming allocation of project as a Government Procurement program by Teraju for Bumiputera, it is unfair for the other non-Bumiputera contractors.

The non-Bumiputera contractors that did honest work and not use Bumiputera as front are fair to allow the Bumiputera opportunity. For not willing to cheat like the other 18 contractors, they are being deprived opportunity.

They will end up blaming the Government because the cheats get away with it using their connections and right front man.

Teraju naiveness

This is such a simple ole trick and yet Teraju failed to detect.

How could Teraju not detect such cheating thing in their so-called Directory of "Usahawan Bumiputera yang berwibawa"? This is an old trick of the book. Use willing Bumiputera to be shareholders and Directors as front.

Pay them well and make sure they sign a back to back and undated agreement and transfer of shares to be invoked when they is some changes to be made to the shareholding and directorship or triggered when something went wrong with the partnership.

This is what happens when a Stock Analyst (like Amokh the Analyst) and corporate backed Venture Capitalist is appointed to manage entreprenuers.

Another case of wrong background matched to a wrong vocation. Typical mistake of appointing wrong choice of CEOs in our GLCs.

Teraju is responsible to assist in shortlisting entreprenuers for Government procurement program for Bumiputera entrepurneurs. For project like MRT, some RM8 billion will be distributed amongst successful contractors.

If only 2 out of the 20 short-listed contractors are Bumiputera, so be it since that is Teraju's lofty ideals?

The problem is and most likely, the Directory of Usahawan established by Teraju is merely main hantam saja punya list. It could be only for friends and know who to the CEO and others in Teraju management.

Far smaller would be the opportunity for Sabahan and Sarawakians. They too are Bumiputera!

Now ... if there is no Bumiputera capable of doing the project then why should the project be openned only for Bumiputera. This open room for leakage.

OK fine.

Since this if for genuine Bumiputera only, can we expect that the two Bumiputera companies be given all the Government Procurement contract since they are the only two truly genuine Bumiputera entrepreneurs?

They are up to it as Husni said and deserve to take all. That way no more Bumiputera fronting will be entertained and only the genuine ones benefit. more Bumiputera will wish to rush to be genuine entrepreneurs?

I know Husni has no guts to do it! Typical analyst to over analyse till paralysed.

Waning spirit

Sometimes we wonder, why can't the Bumiputeras have the perjuangan spirit to demand that Bumiputera be given prominent role in running the project for resume and experiance for use of their of Bumiputera name?

Why can't the Bumiputera in MRT management insist the non Bumiputera using Bumiptera names not allowed to participate?

On my ending personal note to Husni Salleh for the arrogant message from him or his political master in his presentation, he himself should buck up and stop talking cock than trying to teach and preach entreprenurship.

As someone many years his senior, allow us to pull rank a little bit.

Husni sounded fake in talking of KPI, audited accounts, public listed yardsticks, etc. Be an entrepreneur before expecting entrepreneurs to meet his theoretical and wet dream expectations of entrepreneurship.

Seriously, doubt he could make it selling burgers and hotdog by the roadstall.

Friends are telling of Husni to not talk cock of entrepreneurship if he is not one himself.


Anonymous said...

Should we appoint blogger such as Haji Voice to head Teraju or Khazanah?

A Voice said...

Anon 5:29 pm

i will have to think thru.

I have also offers to replace the pm and opposition leader. Not to mrntion chairman of dap. :)

Anonymous said...

should we be always ready to condemn malays who are trying to do something positive?

should we not let him fail first before shooting him down?

talking about the reality of business people...
do you think syed mokhtar will want to be a govt employee?
Or do you think azman hashim would like to be a govt employee?

so who is not in touch with the real world

Anonymous said...

If the project is the rm8 bil mrt projrct, 2 out of 20 contractors are bumiputera means rm6.4 bil leaked to non bumi.

Teraju failed in their control and monitoring of bumi entrepreneurial devt program.

We cant tolerate that kind of leakage anymore. It is not about running down anyone but sheer negligence and incompetent.

Anonymous said...

Husni is another one of the guy that was put there by NMY to protect his interest when he is no longer a Minister. Along with Reza of EPF, Rahman of Ekuinas and Amokh of Khazanah. NMY has been putting all his honchos in strategic and new govt "fund management" created since the Dol time for his own benefit. Once a thief is always a thief.
-ex merchant banker-

Anonymous said...

True true, we should let him fail before shooting him down, but again can we afford to? Looking at his background pun dah tahu he's a pen pusher. I cant imagine in a hundred years with a jambu face (typical ansara face) like that he has gone through the rough and tumble of running a business. Dey...running a GLC cant be compared to running a business ok, takde je duit terus buat paper minta duit ngn khazanah, kena jerit dgn amokh sejam dua pastu dapat 10 million, soft loan lagi siap dengan business from other companies in khazanah stable. Actually, we have a very good system in Petronas in ensuring that 100% bumi companies benefit from their procurement process. Folllow je la Petronas tu tak payah appoint consultant lagi dah, in fact use the system which have been upgraded recently.
Haji, tolongla nasihat junior u ni, susah susah sangat suruh je tabik jepun dgn kepok kpala dalam 10 kali bagi sedar sikit.


Jebat said...


A clarification needed:

1. I didn't stated that I didn't like ABITW bitching about MCOBA;
2. What I contested was, during Anwar Ibrahim tenure as DPM/MOF, almost all the GLC/Corporate head honchos and business encircled by MCOBA;
3. Due to your proposition that AWO to be considered as MD/CEO of MAS, are we going to see another cycle of ANSARIAN now replacing MCOBA during Anwar Ibrahim tenure in the Government/GLC?
4. My question is, what did AWO achieve significantly for TMB as TMB's MD/CEO making him the best candidate for you to propose him as CEO/MD of MAS in your article;
4. M***9*9 Project, what is roles of AWO in awarding the project to sub-con such as M*****a (Ansarian-Seremban), who sub-con it to In*****h (Ansarian-Seremban) among other smaller sub-con, who sub-con it to C*N Systems (Pak Lah cronies - How much allocation to ensure the project approve?) who sub-con it to Hei**** P***/Kaya**** CSB;
5. In****** who get a few project from TMB during AWO tenure, whom used C*N Systems (For closing M***9*9 Project which allocation was knowingly allocated accordingly)makes a SPRM reports on allegedly bribery solicitation (With M******'s CEO full support), A hipocrisy of the highest level;
6. Did In******'s CEO/M******'s CEO forgotten for their roles in closing M***9*9 in using C*N Systems?;

Thank you for yet another excellent article by you.

A Voice said...


I cant recall suggesting AWO to be CEO or MD of MAS.

Perhaps he is better than Amokh who has no operations experiance and making one mess after another without any success to show

If what you said has any truth, then he is no more as clean. Already his was willing to allow Maybank to go ahead in purchase of BIS and prchase BinaFikir.

Kamal said...

I am with you.To idertify Bumiput,ra co,he just refer to MOF reg of bumi contractor.Bro look at the resolution pass by Kongres Ekonomi BuMiputra in 1974.You can get this cercular from MOF.Howh to de.ine bumiputra co and what are their prkevilage are clejarly spelt out in the circular.

Anonymous said...

A Voice,

I couldn't agree more with you on this article. I'm here not to bash anyone but merely to speak of my personal experiences. I was in the corporate game before and now trying on my own.

Corporate Game & Entrepreneurship are to ends of a rainbow. It is not even fair to compare a GLC CEO to an Entrepreneur. For starters, One got balls and the other doesn't. Another one is, One Fella Only Talks but the other Fella Walks the Talk..

If Husni want's to talk about KPI's: How about this as one "No deal today, No food on the table." That's an entrepreneur's daily KPI Husni.. Try beating that!

Anonymous said...

Husni is no angel, even with the jambu-look. There are skeleton/ horror stories from his Mavcap days.

There are runners asking for percent in return of Mavcap investment.

So Husni should not preached textbook stuff to Bumi entrepreneurs when all Mavcap companies has failed miserably!

Anonymous said...

Hear hear, haji, you are now officially appointed as the bouncer or better still "the enforcer" of all ansara bodoh, dungu, misbehaving and poyo alumni. May god saves us all from mcoba and ansara monsters. Amin...

ASAS old boy

berasiam said...

tuan haji anak tuan kadhi

ada pulak komen yang kata muka jambu typical face budak ansara. malu nak baca komen macam tu.

husni nak cari syarikat status bumiputera kat kementerian kewangan macam mana cara agaknya. kkm sendiri meletakkan syarat, asalkan pemilikan lebih 50% bumiputera maka syarikat itu diiktiraf sebagai bertaraf bumiputera. adalah syarat lain seperti kakitangan untuk jawatan tertentu, penandatangan cek dan sebagainya tapi yang penting dengan 49% bukan bumiputera sebagai pemegang saham pun, syarikat masih bertaraf bumiputera. pengecualian hanya untuk sektor percetakan.

kalau husni boleh cadangkan ubah syarat penarafan tu pun, memang dia cukup hebat. tapi macam mana dia nak ubah sebab dia pun tak tahu perkara macam tu agaknya. lagipun, teraju bukannya ada kuasa apa-apa selain membuat cadangan. jadi kalau nak dikatakan teraju menggantikan satu kementerian yang telah lenyap, jauh panggang dari api nampaknya. kementerian berketuakan menteri yang ada kuasa. teraju ada husni yang melalak memperkecilkan usahawan bumiputera.

Anonymous said...

Anak Pk Imam MAO,

Today Husni is in JB on Teraju's roadshow Jejak 2013 cum political rally how the govenrment have helped the bumiputras, with the final nail hit by no other but KJ himself.

I've had meeting w Husni but without any hard facts I refrain to say anything.

Today I have the facts: Teraju has its 300 TERAS list. Any future projects they have managed to 'carve out' for the bumiputra portion will be channelled to these 300 companies.

MAO this is the best part,in my discipline, 2 companies that are listed in that list IS NOT Bumiputra at all, one has a minor bumi shareholder and the other is actually Singapore based company.


Orang JOHO

Anonymous said...

TPPA forbids any govt procurment be used for affirmative action programmes (GLCs' procurement pun tak boleh!) by this october 2013 if Najib signs the TPP Agreement...Teraju and most other NEP-type efforts will be DEAD!

Teraju and Pemandu(the creator of what Teraju's implementing now)know this. Depa just doing a fast one on us all!


Anonymous said...

Hi... Please ask the Dayak Chamber of Commerce & Industry (DCCI) and Dewan Usahawan Bumiputra Sarawak (DUBS) of Sarawak on the performance of TERAJU....

Anonymous said...

I've known a teraju company in the eastcoast - oil n gas who in much aware of other players were going into bankruptcy but still got rope in by teraju under the teras prog/group...

How do these teraju companies got accredited, many wonders...

Anonymous said...

Being a Semenanjung fellow in Sarawak for the past 10 years.... I can see why the marked difference between both... it seems the companies in Semenanjung is all for glory while the Sarawakian companies are more hard working.... nevertheless they are not given the opportunity... now with TERAJU in Sarawak, I can see that difference can be felt.... Dewan Usahawan Bumiputra Sarawak and Dayak Chamber of Commerce and Industry can attest to this... So "Let's be part of a solution rather than only gripe about it".... So dont be a whinner... this is coming from a KL boy that has been in Sarawak for 10 years.... Adios...

Mz said...

First of all do forgive me,
Really we should pity the Malays as how much the government and leaders r trying to help but we unable to take the challenge and show to everyone that we r able to compete with Chinese or anybody tru out the whole world by Will of Allah SWT.
But lets all of us try to ponder & reflect y by the end of the day, the project were given more to the Chinese?
What,y&how it went wrong?Is there always a double standard?or r the Malay really a weak Nation as not able to compete with Chinese?Or r the Malay is a group that does not have a very strong support from their associations?Or r the Malays r a group that r complacent and unable to perform effectively&efficiently to their highest standard?Or r there really corruptions going on?One thing for sure we should not blame the leaders but instead look into ourselves how we could,should and help to improve the Malays and bumiputra for each one of us can excel in our speciality..We should try to learn from one another n not blaming each others..
Then only In shaa Allah we can move forward and stand tall in the eyes of the whole world.
May Allah SWT Guide and Bless all of us always.

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