Sunday, August 26, 2012

Inspiring moment for young Sufiya

"Alamak ...panjangnya queue untuk salam Dr Mahathir," complained young Sufiya Khairudddin.

She is not the only one wanting to pay respect to our statesman. "Only" in Malaysia is our leaders so acessible to the rakyat.

"We are getting closer ... peace."

Dato DJ Dave also in the queue.

"Ah ... finally the moment. The man in the flesh himself," Sufiya thought as she kissed the statesman's hand

Tun Dr Mahathir signing his book for Sufiya

Sufiya shyed away as Tun Dr Mahathir joked with her

"Study hard girl," advised Tun Siti to UPSR sitting Sufiya.

"I can't believe it. I shook Dr Mahathir's hand. Can't wait to tell all friends at school."

At his doorstep for memory 

"I want to be first woman Prime Minister and sit in this car." claimed Sufiya. Shahrizat ... that is your future competition ... hehehe.


Anonymous said...

Lucky girl to be shaking someone so distinguish as tun.

Saya dah tua pun tak pernah rasa salam dgn tun lagi.

Selamat maju jaya dalam peperiksaan awak.

Anonymous said...

BN shd have reach and inspire the youth positively using statesman like tun dr mahathir.

That way there is continuity from past to present and managed change.

But they didnt.

And we shd lay the blame on pak lah and khairy.

Without them around, BN has still not capitalised and ll capitalised on this advantage.

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