Monday, September 10, 2012

DAP at the fore in igniting Chinese racial sentiment

DAP have come out in defence of the teens who stepped on Prime Ministers photo, and as usual deflecting the incidents to the protestors who burned their leaders photos months ago.

As always, anything that can be made as issue, they will come to the fore, seemingly protecting the interests of the people involved…to project to the public that they are considerate and understand the issues.

On this incident, they said its rude but not seditious.

Another comment heard was on the handcuffing of 19-year old Ong Sin Yee, which is normal police procedure also applied to Muhammad Ammar, just to reinforce the sentiments of the Chinese electorate to throw out BN.

It is a similar propaganda by DAP in the tragic death of Teoh Beng Hock (TBH) which sparked the initial fire to enlightened us as though the MACC raid was allegedly an injustice and wretchedness of UMNO repression.

Not a mention on the Malay youth whose parent is profusely and vehemently apologizing to Prime Minister after what their son had done.

It is indicative of how Malay 'teach' their children as compared to DAP that came out in defense whoever breach Rukunegara's principle of "Kesopanan dan kesusilaan" to gain more racial sentiment.

The line the DAP took is again on racial line – because PAS’s Nik Aziz Nik Mat had stated that the act of those youths were unacceptable – meaning PAS is against such ill-mannered acts – so the other parties go on race.

They thought PAS would support the act as reflected in Bersih 3.0 demonstration in the city capital but this time, they are wrong, PAS seems to have more sense than them.

Now the public can see how the DAP are like – they play the racial card when there are opportunities and they play the multi-racial Malaysian card when they want full support.

And DAP's poodle, PKR, as the only multi-racial based party in the opposition, have been downplaying any racial issues just to keep the tie-up smooth despite the Malays in the party now resenting to so many things DAP is doing.

PKR de facto chief Anwar Ibrahim continues to play cool just to maintain and sustain the support he has been getting from DAP to achieve his aim – Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Given the undercurrent in PKR where only the few leaders are projected while the rest are being shut out, PKR may be surprised when its leaders see rejections at the ballot boxes.

The Malay public at large seems to have returned to BN and Najib, if going by the warm and overwhelming support at certain places. The youths are also getting smarter by the day as their critical minds know the goings-on in the political scene.

The You Tubes have given a wider and deeper insights into issues and characters of leaders of both sides of the political divide and this has helped the youths to have a better understanding of issues and sincerity among the leaders.

Going by this openness, the oppositions are now put in a corner that they themselves created and to get out of the situation, it is no wonder that some violence erupted here and there.

The aim is to pressure Najib’s administration to act ‘wildly’ so that these reactions could be used as issues in the election.

But their hopes seem to have diminished as Najib continues with his soft approach which are generally and warmly accepted by the people


Mat said...

Quite some time ago, they let Namewee free although he insulted Islam. Do you think he has repented since?

Same thing is happening to this girl. Look at her, she got represented straightaway by DAP. Why? Obviously because of skin color.

Is the Malay boy getting any representation from DAP lawyers? In your dreams laa.

This is what's going to happen to our country if we let these hypocrites become government.

Anonymous said...

Can't blame DAP for taking up the mantle.

What to do. MCA is already a lame duck.

Maybe what MCA says is true recently. DAP is planning to take over from them in BN.

When it comes to the crunch after PRU 13, even UMNO will offer an olive branch to DAP so as to stay in power rather than to PAS.


A dying man usually don't have much options sometimes. From bashing may end up praising till kingdom comes.

Man Cendol said...

satu artikel yg cukup baik. tahniah!

tebing tinggi said...

But their hope was diminished as Najib continue with his soft approached .

That was your last line,and that approached by Najib sending a lot of people worry and another taking and utilize that advantage to their requirement and needs.
10 sept 2012 Malaysia Today reporting an anonymous letter was sent to Najib warning him of Indian geng treat, that could jeopardize BN winning the election.
A real concern is just not the election but stability and security of the nation.

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