Saturday, September 29, 2012

Good news on the living, Fatihah for the leaving

Datin Hasmah comforting Dato Sujak when he was flown back
Some good news to share and sad announcement to make.

On July 17, this blog wrote of our visit of retired Air Force Jeneral Dato Sujak Abok who was air flown back to Malaysia by the effort of the Air Force and Dato Azeez Raheem and his Kelab Putera 1Malaysia. [Read here.]

Received an SMS from Perkasa President, Dato Ibrahim Ali on his progress. It reads:

Alhamdulilah, Dato Sujak Abok, ADT (Ahli Dewan Tertinggi) Perkasa telah keluar dari Hospital Rehab Sungai Buloh dan kembali ke rumahnya di Ampang. Bersyukur pada Allah..  
Luar biasa. 2 bulan lebih tidak sedarkan diri. Semuanya ketentuan Allah.. 
Tk. Tok Him 
Just a week ago, we were told he had undergone an emergency cranial surgery. The probability of recovery was not high then.

Praise to Allah.

We at ABITW are only too happy with the news.

We pray for the continued recovery of Dato Sujak. May Allah bestow the will power and  perseverance to Dato, wife Datin Hasmah bin Mohd Said and family in this testing times.

If in the last posting on Dato Sujak we begin with the death of a friend, we end this good news with few announcement of those leaving.

First, it is the belated death of Dato Mohd Azmi bin Dato Abd Aziz, the cousin to Dato Najib and former office bearer of UMNO Pekan Division. Arwah passed away last week Friday.

Believed he was formerly in the police force.

Jovial and friendly man. Had few laughs and banter together.

Unfortunately, we couldn't possibly make it for his burial that evening due to the bad evening traffic jam that came after a heavy late afternoon shower and two demonstrations against the You Tube video that insulted Prophet Muhammad  then.

At the same time, we were supposed to attend a family nikah ceremony. We weren't that well that day.

This Twitter message and wishes from writer Musli Oli, a friend and ex-Sabah UMNO member who was the first of the recent Sabah crossover game to PKR.

It only shows politics is politics and friendship is friendship. Politicians knows each other and are cordial to one another.

So non politicians and political by-standers should not get so engrossed with politics that they get psyched into 'politics of hatred' drummed up by certain 'parties.'

To the proof the point, see the picture below:

Dato Azmi crossed party line to help the people. [Read here.]

Believe me, everyone knows everyone in this game. In memory of Dato Azmi, why the need to resort to hatred to score political points?

Allahyarham Haji Saroni in the far right
Second is the death of Tuan Haji Saroni Kasmani, Director for Secondary Education Division at MARA. The former Chemistry teacher and warden of MRSM Seremban is somewhat family.

Friendly, soft spoken and concerned man. Good teacher and perhaps rose to be a good boss.

He passed away yesterday evening after playing badminton. His body was taken back to his kampung in Parit Moin Dua, Mukim Bagan, Batu Pahat for burial.

May Allah bless their souls. Al Fatihah!


Anonymous said...

Alfatihah buat Allahyarham Cikgu Saroni, guru saya di MRSM Seremban......


Anonymous said...

Alfatihah kepada arwah. kenal semasa beliau enjadi pengetua MRSM Pengkalan Chepa.

Ibu bapa bekas pelajar Mrsm pc

Anonymous said...

Ah . . . how I remember this cute young graduate just out of USM.

Al fatihah

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