Friday, September 14, 2012

Tony F can't hide weak penetration with dirty talk

The image of Tony F to the Malaysian public is that of someone able to talk back to authority, those in power, and make disturbing accusation of incumbent national airline, Malaysia Airlines.

Several months ago when he was embarassed by the reversal of MAS-Air Asia collaboration, he kept his macho composure to announce he is leaving for greener pasture of Indonesia and continued his fight with Malaysia Airports. 

After the announcement of new Malindo Airlines [read here], he continued his libido-filled talk.

Tony F sure gave us the impression that he's got a dong the size of his arm and able to outlast the "kelipatan orgasme" (by the way, thats an Indonesian terminology) of several partners.

Unfortunately, he disappointed Malaysia when he acknowledged to VIVANews Indonesia that he has a problem of "lemahnya penetrasi" (weak penetration) [read it here.].   

No wonder Tony F was heard lately to be indulging in dirty talks over the phone with his endless stream of SMSes. He was merely hiding his shortcomings to sustain arousal.

"After this, we'll have your choicest stewardesses. Bring Khairy along!" 

Never mind the fact that back in the time of Pak Lah's administration, Tony F had powerful people backing him from behind. The public will not know and do not care for any of these inside stories.

They are too kiasu to only be bothered about being abused and humiliated by Air Asia as long as they get cheap fares. They are willing to worship Tony F as the Indian tokong (the Chinese tokong being Lim Guan Eng) even if he conned them with his surcharges and ad hoc rules.

When Tony F announced he was leaving for Indonesia, this blog did forewarned that he will not have it easy with the proud but unpredictable Indonesian authority. [Read Solopos here.]

He is not in Malaysia during the time of slumberjack where he had many inside the corridors of power to strong arm MAS to giveaway routes. In Indonesia, it is not as easy as he think it is to do quick expansion. [Read here.]

The entreprenuer he is, Tony F did not take it laying down and ask for Government help as compared to other Bumiputera professional managers or entrepreneurs he lambasted before. Off course, the public took his cock talk hook, line and sinker, without knowing that Tony F got Air Asia on a silver platter and it benefited from tax break and subsidies too!

Tony F attempt to solve penetration problem by "embracing" Batavia Air

He immediately addressed his "masaalah penetrasi" (penetration problem) by announcing the takeover of Batavia Air at the end of July. The Asian Edition of the Wall Street Journal here reported:
AirAsia will buy a 49% stake in closely held Batavia Air, while AirAsia's local partner, PT Fersindo Nusaperkasa, will purchase the remaining 51%, with both deals totaling about $80 million. Foreign companies are only allowed to own as much as 49% of an Indonesian airline. Batavia Air is one of the largest airlines in Indonesia, with an 11% market share for domestic flights. 
In Malaysia, Air Asia issued a statement and Sin Chew here reported the Bernama report as a 76% takeover. Read below:
... AirAsia Investment Ltd (of Indonesia), has signed an agreement with its partner, PT Fersindo Nusaperkasa, to acquire PT Metro Batavia, which operates Batavia Air and Aero Flyer Institute (AFI), an aviation training school. 
The tripartite agreement was signed in Jakarta today between AAB, Fersindo and Metro Batavia.

The acquisition of 100 per cent interests in Metro Batavia by AAB and Fersindo will be executed in two stages, through acquisition of a majority 76.95 per cent stake and subsequently followed by the remaining 23.05 per cent held by its existing shareholders. 
Air Asia has only 8 planes for the domestic Indonesian market and the acquisition increase the combined capacity "to fly to over 14 million passengers and serve 42 Indonesian and 12 international destinations."

But still, Batavia is a smallish Airline in the highly competitive Indonesian market dominated by Garuda and it's LCC, Citilink with a combines market share of 27% and it's leading LCC, Lion Air with 51% market share the Indonesian market share.

Since Monday, Tony F's balls shriveled and shaft shortened, and had to talk dirty to get arousal

Where Air Asia is all Airbus and known for their large order Airbus, Lion Air is all Boeings and has a USD21.5 billion deal for 230 Boeings 737 to add to their existing fleet of 92. Their order book is 400 airplanes.

Tony F claimed Air Asia is ready to take on new rival Malindo Airways. [Read NST here]

However, he made some arrogant remarks that was negatively reported by the Indonesian media. [Read VIVANews here.]

Although he is seldom pictured with his pretty stewardess, his reaction seemed typical of one sexually deprived bloke. Tony was sending out nasty SMSes and talking dirty about Lion Air's IPO delay, safety issue few years ago due to a crash, their pending IATA membership and even cursing at Prime Minister Dato Najib.

It turns out that this dirty talks is not to arouse his partner or himself but to cover his shortcomings.

This doesn't solve weak penetration
It is noticeable that his balls shriveled since Monday, the day Dato Najib himself launched the NADI-Lion Air initiative. He knows the tie-up between NADI and Lion Air had strategic and competitive values.

Lion Air has planes. NADI has engineering strength from close link with TUDM and Boeing Lockheed MROs capabilities i.e. something Air Asia had always wanted.

The new airline could solve issues faced by Lion Air and the KLIA2 problem created by Tony F's cockiness and arrogance.  Looks like Lim Guan Eng got his cockiness and arrogance from Tony F. 

There will be traffic going to the KLIA he planned to sabotage. If Malaysia Airport can deliver and at the same time promote themselves in the competitive regional airport market, more Airlines will take a look at Sepang.

With all these assistance to Government, he will move lower than Malindo in the take-off pecking order.   

Tony F also realised he has gone overboard with his boasting to the highly nationalistic Indonesian as he spin Malindo's entry will eased invasion of Malaysia. [Read Detiknews here].

He had just been taught another lesson from the Indonesian as in who is the boss. The Indonesian threatened to stop the Batavia Air deal and forced him to disclose ownership structure. Only in late August did he get clearance. [Read Wall Street Journal Asian edition here.]

Mile High or syok sendiri-sendiri?

He tried to please himself with a masturbation that it will hurt MAS more than Air Asia. Who is he trying to fool?

Lion Air can bring air traffic to KLIA and it will have a secondary benefit to MAS and also Air Asia.

In today's aviation where connectivity is of strategic importance, MAS and Lion Air has that advantage. MAS will be a member of OneWorld and has 60 code-sharing arrangements.

Lion Air with their Boeings has medium and long haul routes and planned for digital connectivity.

On this, Air Asia failed to score. They have no connectivity.

This news and Tony F's overweight problem also made his shaft shortened. He now realised that he was given a lesson by Malaysia Airport and the Government as in who is the boss now back home.

Unless he support Pakatan Rakyat, he has no Government to arm twist others for him.

Zany Branson left Tony
His own mentor, Sir Richard Branson bailed out on him.

Many believed Branson realised that AirAsia has insufficient fund to pay back the down-payment of large aircraft orders that was last made by Tony Fernandez in Paris in 2011.

The yearly revenue AirAsia-Malaysia has been making is only RM4 billions (USD1.2 billions) and the accumulative debts is currently estimated at RM57 billions (USD19 billions).

Tony F will need 19 years to repay back his loan to CIMB and clear all debts, thus the collaboration with MAS.

Anyway he had his fun with Branson and his zany lifestyle.

Tony F could be saying, "None of those kind of jobs, okay Aireen?"

Everyone reading this posting should be able to figure out why Tony F sent Aireen Omar yesterday to make a statement that Air Asia and MAHB is working together to make KLIA2 a success. [Read The Star here]

Surely the photogenically cute CEO is not at the Malaysia Airport office to give a hand job or job for other facial part/(s) to airport officials.

Air Asia has not put in place any plans to move when KLIA2  begin operations in May 2013 but Malindo already announced operations to coincide with the new airport. [Read The Star here.]

Tony F seemed worried of being f^cked for next year.

He should because there are those that believed he has been having secret meetings with repeat sodomy offender and defender of the sickening LGBT lifestyle, Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim. [Read MAS Families blog here.]

Now... which one is Tony F's priority; cashcow Kuala Lumpur or future growth Jakarta?

Since Tony F is applying a permanent resident status in Indonesia, it should be Jakarta. So he better rid off his pretentious British accented English that still does not hide his Indian side of the family.

To live in Indonesia, he needs to brush up on his Bahasa Indonesia. When you say needs in Bahasa Indonesia, don't say "perlu" like in Bahasa Malaysia. The Indonesian might look at him and say, "butoh!"

Just to correct him.


Anonymous said...

hahaha .... tony f is overweight and lost any sexual prowess he ever had.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha .
Difficult to shake Air Asia.They are the biggest budget airline in the world.They have 110 plane and another 200 on the way.They are already 11 years old.They have stady cash flow.
I think Malinda air will go bankrup in three year,looking at the record how Ahmad Johan manage Airod.

BTW Najib will be in opposition bench nexy year.

Anonymous said...

Weak penetration is caused by "pre mature ejculation"!!!

Anonymous said...

10:49 AM

It shows you dont understand high finance ...

Tony needs high growth badly to enable him to keep his shares up and raise fund to continue his lie.

These people are leveraged to the hilt. Without high growth to keep his lie going, everything will crumble.

Dump your notion of steady cashflow and all those planes lineup.

Lion air got 400 lineup, tak hairan pun.

Tony need Indonesia for high growth. That Lion dah pegang and will have that advantage.

Now Lion can encroah into Tony's turf and with better service, he and his cheapo cost will die fast just like Firefly encroached into them fast.

Malindo is just like air Asia Indonesia and it is basically Lion air.

NADI cuma support dari segi engineering.

Najib will be in oppsition. Really?

Habis tu kena takut pilihanraya sama2???? hahaha ....

Anonymous said...

TF just have to be patient and not rush the job and wait another 5 years and then buyout MALINDO at 1 Rupiah again. It's always like that and it will be like that.


Anonymous said...

A Voice could be reading it right.

Tony F is fucked!

Anonymous said...

Nadi is just benefitting from its engineering, name and new domicile.

This is Lion Air entering into Malaysia and breathing on Tony's neck.

Name Malindo is more associated with Indonesia.

Malindo serve the interest of Malaysia Airport. It needs more airline coming in. Indonesia infra can't cope.

Anon 2:14 for wrong reading

Anonymous said...

Business is about luck.Some people say in business 10% is effort and 90% is luck.I think Tony has got it.He strikes business at the right time and at the right place not matter how senile he is.For newcomers in this type of business only luck will determine their survival.So the probability this Malindo will go bankrupt is high when it involves the figures that people don't like.Because as Malaysian, we are always been hostiled by the Indon people for no reason.And this will determine their luck.Are you confident to buy any Indon products as compared to Malaysia?To fly with a plane managed by Malaysian staff is more confident then flying with plane that is managed by the Indons.

zakzak said...

True enough dear sir anonymous. I'm really glad that it'll be malaysian company (NADI) doing all the maintenance service! I'm really looking forward on flying with Malindo Air.

IT.Sheiss said...

Irrespective of whether Malindo is profitable or not, I'd sooner respect a budget airline which treats its passengers with respect and dignity, rather than a profitable one which more or less says "take it or leave it."

I have no regard for the journo-prostitutes in the mainstream and alternative media who helped create the Tony Fernandez personality cult.

Anonymous said...

A psychologists has determined that those who actually talks any subjects revolving mainly around senility of other people may actually have a medical problem to get a hard on.

Go see your doctor fast?

A Voice said...

Anon 12:01

I'll take up your advise.

Care to gimme the name and address of the doctor you usually go to?

Ednar, Balearic Islands, Spain said...

I like your last paragraph!

AirAsia is no different or I would say an exact copy of RyanAir - manipulative and looking at ways to squeeze more money from customer.

And the Europe has been flourished with more alternative LCCs, Malaysia should too. EasyJet, Vueling, BerlinAir - with better food (not crap food like RyanAir, same with AirAsia), no stupid and hidden charges (how do you expect me to pay for flight's ticket if not with credit card, I dont live in Malaysia and I dont keep my money in Malaysia - I want to pay and you charge me for 'paying')

And over time, the monopoly of AirAsia will be broken, just like RyanAir - but for AirAsia, the blow is going to be really hard, because the situation of LCC is different in ASEAN - whereas in Europe, "one air" therefore, from day 1 the LCC here has to prepare inter-nation flight whilst in ASEAN - they dont need to build from the bottom up. They are ready to fly any time and only waiting for green light to cross the border!

Anonymous said...

There is the strategic and macro issues. This favours Malindo aka Lion Air.

There is also the micro issues, and day to day management strangth. This favours
Air Asia.

Usually strategic and macro issues will overtake the micro and day to day management strength.

For Air Asia, it was made fast by a PM in slumber and wicked son in law.

My Say