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The Great DAP Diversions

Nga Kor Meng facing the assembly alone

DAP was feeling the heat from the results of DAP's party election for the top 20 Central Committee when not a single representative from the majority race in the country, Malay made it.

Only the Punjabi father and son and an Indian were the non-Chinese managed to squeeked through. They were accused of being hypocritical in their claim of Malaysian Malaysia or Middle Malaysia because the results reflected the deeply rooted Chinese chauvinist sentiment among the delegates.

Subsequently the CEC or perhaps the Secretary General annnounced the 10 appointed CEC members and positions in the party.

Malay corrupt

'Cocky, Arrogant and Tokong' with his Malay appointee and fake Malay appointee

It could have been was not used to balance the differences. But no, only token representation was made. The highest receiving votes amongst the Malays, Prof Ariffin Omar was appointed and also appointed as one of the three Vice Chairman.

There is one pretending to be Malay, Zairil Khir Johari and because assistant to Tony Pua on publicity, one non-Chinese from Sabah and another non-Chinese from Sarawak

The issue remain hot and DAP created a diversion to have their lapdog Malay, Prof Ariffin cause an uproar by saying high level of corruption in Government because of domination of Malays.

That got the mainstream media, blogosphere and social media diverted from an issue that had DAP feeling hot under the collar to a rhetorical issue that had no ending.

It also served DAP to prep up the public to their plan to reduce government sector if Pakatan Rakyat ever takeover government.

Land for MB scandal

Usually it is one issue to divert another issue. But in another more explosive revelation on DAP, they had three issues going on concurrently to diffuse this new revelation at the Perak State Assembly.

In a revelation by blogger Pisau [read here] on December 17th, a company, Upadaya Plantation Sd Bhd, wholly owned by DAP Perak's nasty cousins - Parlimentarian for beruas and State Assemblyman for Setiawan, Dato Ngeh Koo Ham and Parliamentarian for Taiping and State Assemblyman for Pantai Rremis, Nga Kor Meng - were given 10,526 acre land in Kelantan.

The enfant terrible controls Perak DAP and holds the "real power" over the deposed Perak government under former PAS Menteri Besar, Datuk Muhammad Nizar Jamaluddin,

Blogger Pisau had hit the mother load because the pair was given a 70 year old leasehold land at  Relai in the district of Ciku and in the territory of Gua Musang, Kelantan by Kelantan Menteri Besar, Tuan Guru Dato Nik Aziz Nik Mat.

It was to "help" them soften their stance and accept Nizar as their puppet MB. The land deal helped them to relent and Nizar was sworn in on March 15, 2008 on his 51st birthday.

Nizar-led government was short-lived bacause unhapiness within their fold resulted in three defections causing the power shirt to Barisan Nasional and the downfall of the Pakatan Rakyat governmemt of Perak in 2010.

Basically, the majority in the state assembly shifted to BN.


Dato Ngeh Ko Ham can't smile anymore

The land deal caused a major embarassment to Ngeh and Nga since the issue was raised and left them unguarded at the Perak State Assembly proceeding.

In fact, it was raised in the midst of Nga raising issue on timber concession that had Menteri Besar, Dato Dr Zambery replied with a revelation that Nizar did not follow proper procedure and approved forest concession by directives.

This caused more embarassment to Ngeh and Ngah. It was made worse with the major split between DAP and other Pakatan Rakyat Assemblymen with Ngeh and Nga.

DAP State Assemblyman for  Pasir Pinji, Thomas Su led a revolt to refuse to help defend Ngeh and Nga. This left them alone defenseless and embarassed.

Defenseless and embarassed ...
Nga came storming at Dato Hamidah Osman, who lambasted him at the the State Assembly proceeding, during the break at the canteen.

In front of and witnessed by three other BN state assemblymen, Nga threatened Hamidah claiming he will retaliate with his revelation of her.

If he had any issue on Hamidah, he would have done so earlier, wouldn't he? PAS Perak made such an attack of her but without any success.

His impending attempt could be easily discredited as revenge.

Hamidah made a police report and brought the incident to the open. Nga used the cousin's Indian poodle, former State Speaker and State Assemblyman for Perak, V Sivakumar to make a press conference claiming Hamidah slandered Nga.

Here's a done, good doggy!


No problem ... Datok Ganesan made police report

To diffuse the issue, Ngeh-Nga used the same pet Indian poodle help create a diversion.

V Sivakumar made an allegation claiming there is a sex video of his shadow, the current Speaker Dato Ganesan. Sex sells and get's public attention.

Initially, everyone was cautious to the possibility of another DP Vijendran sex video tape. Only this time it was of another MIC Speaker.

It turned out to be fake. There was no sex recording inside the video being spread around and not even any attempt to fake it with some Madras made blue film.

Singh is King ticked two DAP Datuk to help create uproar

Meanwhile, DAP Chairman, Karpal Singh ticked off two DAP politicians for receiving Datukship, namely Dato Teng Chiam Khim and Datuk Ngeh Koo Ham.

He claimed it is in contravention to an accepted principle agreed at the Central Committee level that no DAP politicians should accept any honour whle still in office.

Some blog claimed the insider version is it is an insult to DAP's chauvanistic struggle to accept any honours from Malay rulers. It is considered an acknowledgement and affirmation to their special status as royal institution.

Karpal was lending a hand to divert attention from the potentially explosive land-for-MB post scandal. It surely created uproar since formally Datokship is bestowed by the Royal Sultans or any Raja-Raja Melayu.

It is an affront to the sovereign.

Two diversion or perhaps three diversions because Professor Ariffin Omar's ridiculous setereotyping and unsubstantiated comment on his bangsa at the behest of DAP Chinese leadership occured after Pisau's revelation.

Recycle old sensitive religous issue 

Then Penang Chief Minister and DAP Secretary General, Lim Guan Eng came up to recycle an old Kalimah Allah issue on Christmas eve by calling on Government it to be allowed by churches.

Off course, religious issue would invoke the emotion of any Muslims except the election focused  or too embarassed to react PAS followers. They are already dumbfounded to answer the barrage of allegations arising from a book that questioned the 1981 Amanah Haji hadi or Hadi's Message or Edith.

Only churches of Pribumi Christians used Allah to mean God but not that of other churches. It widely known that its used is as a deception tool to proselytise Malay Muslims into Christianity.

Nuclear explosion

One diversion to provoke Malay sentiment, one attention seeking sensational diversion with sex, another diversion to provoke Malay's attachment to their royals, and the biggest diversion using religion.

Doesn't it tell you something?

The Upadaya issue can have a gargantum political repurcussion on Pakatan Rakyat. Immediately, it can result in PAS losing Kelantan to BN.

Land is a highly sensitive matter to Kelantanis. Land ownership in Kelantan is only meant for Kelantanis. This land exchange is about giving land to out-of-state and Chinese politicians some more.

It can also stunt DAP's chance of getting the needed voters shift in Perak.

Initially DAP had the Perak Malay sympathy but they have swinged back. If this scandal causes split in DAP Perak and a small swing in Chinese votes to BN, it could squander their chance of regaining the state.

This scandal could only be just the pinnacle of the corruption, power abuse and self enriching DAP cousins whose got their strangehold on Perak DAP.

Believe there is more to the issue as more details will be uncovered as the documents are being studied. Many bloggers have trained their guns on this Upadaya scandal.

In the meanwhile, forget all the other diversionary issues and just focus on Upadaya. It is a guaranteed nuclear explosion.

Wait for more update here.


Anonymous said...

I thought DAP Reps are free from these nonsense which they usually accused the BNs Reps wrongdoing,but I think they are no better than their conterparts or may be even worst.

Anonymous said...

I thought DAP Reps are free from these nonsense which they usually accused the BNs Reps wrongdoing,but I think they are no better than their conterparts or may be even worst.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to ask if you can post this out? Many thanks. !st part here.

Urgent 28th December 2012

Protest Against Secret Ballot Exercise On MAS Cabin Crew & Claim of Recognition By National Union of Flight Attendants Malaysia (NUFAM)

MASEU has been informed or given to understand that NUFAM has been registered and had sought recognition from Malaysia Airlines (MAS) to represent its cabin crew.

MASEU is of the view that it is highly improper or right for recognition to be given by Malaysian Airlines to entertain NUFAM’s claim for recognition due to the following reasons:-

(1) A “general recognition” had long been accorded by MAS to MASEU as a general body to represent its non-executive employees including its cabin crew (i.e. graded staff) since the establishment of MASEU as an in-house union in 1979, after the Airlines Employees’ Union, Peninsular Malaya (AEU), (which represented most of Malaysia Airlines’ employees including those of foreign airlines that operated to Peninsular Malaysia) was deregistered.

(2) Giving recognition to two unions to represent the crew is not in the spirit of good industrial relations and would cause industrial disharmony among the cabin crew who are members of MASEU and members of NUFAM. This will conflict with the objective of the Industrial Relations Act 1967.

(3) MASEU cabin crew are well represented for 33 years in its central Committee since 1979 and currently is represented by four duly elected Cabin Crew. MASEU had successfully concluded Collective Agreement (CA) covering all its graded employees including cabin crew from the time of its establishment including the 2012 CA which MASEU had concluded with MAS on 12.12.2012.

After almost one year, we are puzzled to receive a circular via MH internal mail dated 20th December 2012 from Secretary General of NUFAM to MAS Cabin Crew that NUFAM and MAS have signed a Voting Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) which will allow the National Union of Flight Attendant (i.e. NUFAM) to conduct a secret ballot exercise in MAS and this secret ballot exercise will determine whether NUFAM will be allowed to manage MAS Cabin Crew’s CA.

Anonymous said...

2nd part here :
MASEU protest to the proposed secret ballot exercise and MASEU request that the following action be taken by the Industrial Relations Department:-

a) To permit MAS not to entertain any claim of recognition by NUFAM to representatives cabin crew members on the grounds given above and it is improper for MAS to sign a Voting MOU with NUFAM on 19th December 2012 especially when there is already an existing in-house union i.e. MASEU that governs MAS Cabin Crew’s CA successful for 33 years,

b) To seek the good office of Director General of Trade Union / Minister of Human Resources to direct the NUFAM to amend its constitution to prohibit MAS cabin crew to join NUFAM on the ground that there is IN EXISTENCE an in-house trade union to represent MAS cabin crew, as evident from the Collective Agreements concluded with MAS SINCE 1979 and WHICH had been taken cognizance by the Industrial Court,

c) To advise the Director General of Trade Union to withdraw or cancel the certificate OF registration of NUFAM, under Section 15 (2)(a) of the Trade Unions Act 1959 (Act 262) as MASEU has the largest number of MAS employees as members of MASEU if NUFAM refuses to amend its constitution,

d) To cancel the proposed secret ballot exercise involving MAS Cabin Crew, as by allowing this exercise, would cause a conflict of interests or division of loyalty among MAS Cabin Crew, who are members of MASEU if they are invited to participate in the secret ballot.

e) To advise MAS to revoke the Voting MOU where MAS and NUFAM signed on 19th December 2012 as this contravenes Article 8 of the Collective Agreement (CA) between MAS and MASEU. An extract of Article 8 is reproduced below:-


The company recognized the Union as the sole collective negotiating body representing its permanent employees in Peninsular Malaysia referred to in the Employees Classification Table set out in Schedule IV.”

MASEU views this matter seriously as the action of MAS management in signing the Voting MOU is tantamount to inducing MASEU Cabin Crew to refrain or resign to be a member of MASEU and this contravenes Section 5.1. (e) of the Industrial Relations Act 1967 which is reproduced below:-


5.1. No employer or trade union of employers, and no person acting on behalf of an employer or such trade union shall:-

(e) Induce a person to refrain from becoming or to cease to be a member or officer of a trade union by conferring or offering to confer any advantage on or by procuring or offering to procure any advantage for any person.”

MASEU believe that since the registration of NUFAM was under political pressure, we also believe that the secret ballot exercise is subsequently under political pressure to grant recognition to NUFAM to represent MAS Cabin Crew is an attempt to annihilate sustainability/survival of MASEU. This practice is highly undesirable and bad for fostering good industrial relations.

MASEU object strongly to the stand of the Ministry action and demand the Ministry to act rightly within the legal framework of the Industrial Relations Act 1967 and the Trade Union Act to foster good industrial relations in not only MAS but in the Country.

MASEU further believe if such practice is condoned or continued, it would encourage other categories of MAS graded employees to form another National Union in MAS, which would not be in the interest of MAS and its employees.

MASEU request that DG industrial Relations and DG Trade Union to take immediate action to accede to our request.

Anonymous said...

I wonder whether Ngeh can sue you for libel in this web posting.

Maybe you can test whether they can win or you can win in the court.

The going market rate is $70k, which is Utusan's usual payout to Opposition leaders for loss in libel in the courts.

How much will ABITW payout rate?
Think you should test the market rite...


tebing tinggi said...

My comments to Ariffin is "Melayu mudah lupa".

Anonymous said...

It is good that today news of such land scandal can come to the open as people have easier access to information.

What is worrying though is the fact that this type of 'kickbacks' by heads of Malaysian states to politicians to buy votes are so rampant in BN as well as PR states.
The incidents of government lands changing hands to companies linked to politicians just keep on being exposed. It tells me the citizen that something is VERY-VERY wrong in either the law, the practices and interpretations of the land related laws or the enforcements of the laws. Are MBs having too much power and free hand to 'give' lands to whoever they wish? If so it is about time we citizens insist that such laws or powers bestowed on the MBs be changed.

Please help me understand...

Singh Is Kinng said...

Salam A Voice Dearest,

The mere mention of Punjabi in your blog simply woke me up from my resting lair.

So ... what can I say, though revealing, for Kelantanese like me it is not shocking.

That's the standard MO for the state party and the PAS leaderships to get quick cash. Lands are leased through state agencies like YIK, PMBK etc to Chinese tycoons for a loooooooooong period of time.

This particular matter has long been revealed and questioned in state assembly by BN DUNs, but hypocrite lebais are always enjoying the luxury hiding their bad deeds behind religious smokescreens.

Back to Ngeh and Nga, these two pigs have long become pet politicians to Nik Aziz due to the fact that they've been vocal against Nik Aziz's nemesis, UMNO. So reward should be paid as an indication of mere appreciation.

Believe me, the biggest question boggling the Kelantan PAS leaders is not about how to counter the issue, but to find out who revealed the secret.

BTW, Anon 4:56 simply made Lim Guan Beng smile, DAP thus far succeeded in giving impression and perception that they are no-monkey-business party, but not until recently, HI HI HI.

Anonymous said...

There goes my support for PR.In 2008 they urged us to change and gave them chance to prove their worthiness esp at fighting corruption,we did obliged their request,and looked after nearly 5 yrs we were devastated with the outcome of their pledge.Another thing they had been shouting of road to Putrajaya such by winning more seats,but to my observation I think they had left out the question of how to defend the seats that they have won in 2008 which are very crucial.To win is easy but the obstacles of defending are more difficult.Let us face the facts that situation at the states which PRs components are governing are not that encouraging even Sdr LGE said the situation in Png is 50/50.Thank You.

Anonymous said...

Hai yah. All these chicken feed only. Big crooks calling small timers crooks. What a joke.

Anonymous said...


They are getting from bad to worse.

Not even in putrajaya yet. Clean?

Anonymous said...

need to ask...why is zairil khir johari pretending to be malay?

Anonymous said...

Stop the lies. Read Financial Times London Gillian Tett 'Chinese lessons for America' today. 4th January 2013.

She proposed the melding of the Chinese meritocratic and the American democratic systems of governance.

The BN as led by the UMNO has already been practising her proposal since 1957. We do not need the PR's proposed governance which apes Lee Kuan Yew failed policies and failed Singapore.

What we need is for DAP, PAS and PKR to join BN as led by the UMNO so that this spirit of compassion, tolerance and accommodation will resonate across the World which might benefit the embattled Palestinians, Syrians and the Israelis, and the BUMIPUTRAS recognised as unique in history and all Malaysians will stand proud, tall and strong.

There is nothing Lee Kuan Yew and DAP can teach us. What is important is what our beloved parents taught us.

Anonymous said...

I understand the DAP vote counting machine was manufactured in Singapore for its own use and was not enabled for Malaysia. Oops !

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