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Debunking myth and responding to Anwar on the RCI on illegal immigrant in Sabah

This blog had questioned the sensational reporting by certain Sabah newspapers to sensationalise their reporting on the early finding at the initial stage of the Royal Commission of Inquiry on Illegal Immigration in Sabah to incite the KDM community against the BN Government. Read here.

Subsequently, we questioned the credibility of the testimonies of former National Registration Department (NRD)'s officials that generously implicated people and created sensationalised stories as  former ISA detainees. Read here.

In "Anwar's Sabah Pandora Box" here, we argued that PBS did not lose power due to claims by former ISA detainees of illegal immigrants voting but from Anwar's money politics and Sabah's "frogging" politics.

We revealed the early phases of naturalisation of illegal immigrants and pointed out the third phase of 1993-95 coincided with the 1994 state election only involved size of 16,000 immigrants. 

It is smaller than the earlier first phase of 1979-84 of 51,000 immigrants and second phase of 1989-1991 involving 61,000 immigrants. The third phase was the one that detected a syndicate inside NRD  selling blue ICs.

This weeks' RCI proceeding support our views.

SB confirmed questionable credibility

Free Malaysiakini report is reproduced below:
Sabah RCI: Witnesses at odds over testimony

Badaruddin Ismail, a former Bukit Aman special branch officer who had interviewed former Sabah National Registration Department (NRD) director Ramli Kamarudin during the crackdown on Ops. 
Durian Buruk, has claimed that the latter had admitted to acting on his own.

This is contrary to what Ramli, supposedly the prime mover of the operation, had told the royal commission of inquiry (RCI) on immigrants in Sabah at its first session on Jan 16.

Badaruddin, now attached to the Special Branch in Kelantan, claimed that Ramli – during interviews while under detention – had said his actions were for financial gain.

“He and his men issued about 16,000 identity card receiptseach was (worth) RM250, so they made more than a million ringgit in profit,” he told the RCI panel in Kota Kinabalu today.

Badaruddin said Ramli had personally issued 2,000 of the receipts while the remainder were issued by his officers.

The identity card receipt is an interim document given prior to the issuance of a blue identity card, but is accepted by the Election Commission as identification to qualify for voting.

Ops Durian Buruk allegedly involved NRD officers issuing identity card receipts to immigrants, using the particulars of voters in the electoral roll who were dead or had never voted before.

This effectively created ‘phantom’ voters, where immigrants voted in place of genuine citizens.

Ramli, when testifying, had claimed that he had only initiated the operation after receiving instructions from then Deputy Home Minister Megat Junid Megat Ayub (left) ahead of the 1994 state election.

When conducting officer Manoj Kurup asked Badaruddin about this, the latter replied: “When I questioned him, he said no one gave him instructions, it was for his personal gain.”

Pressed if this means that Ramli had lied to the commission, he replied: “Not sure”.

Ramli had also said the receipts were only good for voting and nothing else.

He had explained that, because the receipt was issued to immigrants but in the name and identity card of citizens, it could not be converted into blue identity cards. Furthermore, the receipt had a three-month expiry date.

It was not explained as to why immigrants would pay RM250 just to be able to vote, but neither the conducting officers nor lawyers holding a watching brief pressed this issue.

Backing for ‘lone wolf’ theory

Also taking the stand today was Sarawak special branch chief Ibrahim Zakaria who had interviewed Ramli’s predecessor Abdul Rauf Sani, who was responsible for ‘Operation G17′.

Then a Bukit Aman special branch officer, Ibrahim had interviewed Abdul Rauf in 1996 while the latter had been detained under the Internal Security Act.

Ibrahim said he had interviewed another NRD officer and a civilian, who had also been held under the ISA, but could not recall their names.

“From interviews, what I can gather (was that) it was more of gaining profit,” he told the RCI panel. 
On Jan 17, Abdul Rauf had testified to the commission along the same lines.

‘Operation G17′, which took place at the beginning of 1990, involved issuing blue identity cards to immigrants, whether or not they were eligible. This was seen as a bid to alter the demographics in Sabah to influence the outcome of elections.

Questioned by lawyer James Ghani, who asked if Abdul Rauf had received instructions from political masters, Ibrahim replied: “He acted on his own”.

Even when questioned further, Ibrahim stood firm that Abdul Rauf had not received any instructions and had only acted for money.

He said Abdul Rauf had illegally issued 6,305 blue identity cards and received RM167,300 for this.
Read also MI here.

We are quoting pro-opposition news portal sources to silence pro-opposition sceptics.

UMNO Sabah not involved

FreeMalaysiakini also reported:
Salleh: Umno Sabah tak terlibat dalam projek IC

Timbalan Pengerusi Badan Perhubungan Umno Sabah, Datuk Seri Panglima Mohd Salleh Tun Said dilaporkan berkata bahawa Umno negeri itu tidak terlibat langsung dalam pengeluaran IC Projek kepada rakyat asing yang didakwa sesetengah pihak sebagai usaha mengubah demografi Sabah yang menguntungkan  parti itu.

Beliau dilaporkan berkata demikian dalam temuramah dengan  lamanweb Sabahkinitv yang setakat ini menyiarkankan berita-berita mengenai pembangkang dan BN.

Dalam temuramah tersebut, Mohd Salleh (kiri) berkata sokongan padu sebaliknya harus diberikan kepada Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak berhubung penubuhan Suruhanjaya Siasatan Diraja (RCI) bagi mencari punca sebenar masalah Pendatang Tanpa Izin (PTI) di Sabah.

Salleh turut menegaskan bahawa, Umno Sabah tidak terlibat langsung dalam soal pengeluaran kad pengenalan ini kerana tidak mahu menjadi penghianat kepada negara.

“Itulah sebabnya kita tidak ragu-ragu untuk menyokong penubuhan RCI ini kerana kita telus dalam hal sedemikian.

“Kalau ada  individu-individu yang terlibat dalam soal seperti ini, kita anggap mereka sebagai pengkhianat kepada negara dan hukuman yang sewajarnya haruslah diambil.

“Kita yakin dengan penubuhan RCI. Ia mampu untuk mendapat maklumat-maklumat yang diperlukan mengenai dengan punca PTI ini, dan sudah tentulah RCI mengambil masa untuk mengkaji semua laporan dan kenyataan yang dikemukakan untuk  disyorkan kepada kerajaan,” katanya dalam temuramah tersebut.

Mohd Salleh berkata, hanya warganegara Malaysia sahaja yang layak untuk mendapat kad  pengenalan biru dan hak untuk mengundi.

Prinsip ini, tegasnya, dipegang oleh semua pihak di Sabah tanpa mengira parti politik.
Kit Siang's "wild boarish" tendencies

Now that UMNO Sabah was not involved in the producing of ICs, they were not the traitor being accused by opposition. Lim Kit Siang couldn't back his accusation and given up. In his typical "accusative" style, he restreated by claiming the RCI as a cover-up.

His idea of RCI is only good when a single weird doctor of questionable repute could make strange claims but couldn't back it during the RCI proceeding.

Another weird lying human rights activist

Facing the prospect of the RCI will reveal his lies, Kit Siang resort to turn the death of Teoh Beng Hock affair into a racial issue.

That exerted political pressure on the Chinese "prosecutor" hired by government and coroner that led both to chicken out in their questioning and gave a neither nor coroner decision.

Kit Siang's accusation is the same as Anwar Ibtrahim's. In his case, he is afraid.

Tic for Tac on Anwar 

Anwar is afraid to be dragged as witness of the inquiry. He was angered by STAR and others who remembers his past and knows being imolicated will spoil his Sabah plan. He vented at Tun Dr Mahathir, who gentlemanly acknowledged involvement and said it was done in accordance with procedures.

Anwar responded abrasively to Dr Mahathir's great piece of rebuttal by calling for an RCI on all one million immigrants given citizenship "illegally" given by Tunku Abdul Rahman by picking on his Indian heritage.

There is a saying, "When one points one finger at other's, three fingers point back to oneself."

By picking on Dr Mahathir's Indian heritage, he is pointing three fingers back at himself. If he wants to play rough, two can play the same game.

He is insulting the Indians by trying to cover-up his own Indian bloodline. What is he so ashamed off? Mixed race parentage between Malay and Indian is a relatively common occurence among northern Malays.

At least, Dr Mahathir's Indian bloodline through his father's side was respectable. Mohamed Iskandar was a disciplined schoolmaster and his mother is a Wan, meaning Kedah royal blood. Dr Mahathir's family adopted Malay culture wholeheartedly.

It is unlike Anwar, who unfortunately came from a dsyfunctional family, something very unMalay. Notice that his family history or early beginning is hardly mentioned in his public profile but strangely only begin life as youth activists.

Everyone in Ceruk To' Kun knows his father-side grandfather was a Hindu used bottle gatherer (Malays tend to patronisingly described as keling botol) who converted to Islam to marry a Malay Muslim woman.

No offense intended to dark-skinned Indians, but Anwar's father, Dato Ibrahim, his brothers and siblings like Marzuki, Rani and Idrus are as darkskinned as DAP's former Perak Speaker, V Sivakumar or PKR's Vice President Sukumaran. This blogger have personally met Rani.

Anwar is fair skinned and speculated in Permatang Pauh as born from a Chinese mother. Wallahu alam.

In his youth, his fairer skinned complexion made Anwar a softie or pondan or these days called as lembut. That softiness invited sexual abuse of sodomy from his seniors (including one from Melaka that is already arwah) in MCKK.

That later turn him into a psychologically sick sexual abuser himself.

Till today, he has not refrained from homosexuality and is talking in coded words of "cucur udang" and "perbincangan yang lebih mendalam" while his son-in-law, Raja Shahrir becomes his private chaperone for his sexual trysts with prostitutes or other women and boys.

Another part of Anwar that explained his psychologically screwed up psyche is the relationship between his father and his nanny, which later married his father. [Read Negara Kita here, which is believed to be sourced from someone used to be very close and within Anwar inner circle.]

Maybe Anwar like to share about his drunkard father Dato Ibrahim and brother Rani Ibrahim. How about telling us of his drug addict brother, Mokhtar.

That's tic for tac.

Anwar's corrupt boo boys deviating attention

Anwar is feeling the heat of his Sabah past and he had former policeman under his payroll, Dato Mat Zain Ibrahim to speak and exert pressure on Tan Sri Gani Patail as deviation.

FreeMalaysiakini reported:
‘Why is AG gung-ho on Sabah RCI, mum on other states?’

Attorney-General (AG) Abdul Gani Patail should not only be concerned about the issuance of identity cards-for-votes in Sabah, but in other states as well.

Questioning Gani’s remarks, former Kuala Lumpur CID chief Mat Zain Ibrahim (left) asked if Gani really did not know about the situation, considering that he had been senior federal counsel in Sabah up to February 1994.

Describing the comments made yesterday as “arrogant”, Mat Zain urged Gani not to practise discrimination in only wanting action in Sabah but not elsewhere, especially in Selangor.

“Gani has never made any statement regarding the same issue faced by other states. It appears Gani is only willing to act for Sabah, since he hails from there. He has given a signal that he does not care if the same problem is prevalent in other states.

“Although Gani is the AG, it does not mean he has the right to practise discrimination on the other states in favour of his place of birth.

“He must remember that he was not appointed as AG by the Sabah chief minister to protect their interests only. He was appointed by the Yang di-Pertuan Agong, and he should know what is expected of him.

“We hope Gani will hear this loud and clear, that the people of Selangor too have the right to know the truth of the actual number of immigrants being granted instant MyKad and registered as voters (in their state). We want to know that right away. So do people from other states who are facing the same problems.”

The AG, while in Sabah yesterday, had given a clear assurance that the government will act on the recommendations of the ongoing royal commission of inquiry into Sabah immigrants, and take action if criminal elements are involved.

Bernama also quoted him as saying: “We have to rectify (the problems)… it is very important for this state (Sabah), it’s my state. We must do something.”

Mat Zain said Gani (right), as the AG, should know that all persons are equal before the law, that they are entitled to the equal protection of the law and there shall be no discrimination in favour of any person or state.

Gani’s comments, he said, indicated that it was difficult for him to maintain his professional independence when it came to matters involving Sabah.

“It was unbecoming of him… It only shows that his conduct is not compatible with the best interests of the administration of justice. It is not that we don’t want to trust the AG… but we just cannot (do so if we take into account such cases as) the ‘black eye’ RCI and abuse of power investigations against former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

“He has fabricated, distorted and manipulated the results and findings of police investigations in some very high profile cases and RCIs one too many times. He does not even deserve to be given the benefit of the doubt.”

Admissions but no action?

Mat Zain said several witnesses at the RCI Sabah have made voluntarily admissions under oath that they had committed serious criminal offences.

“Can these people be allowed to roam freely, as if what they did were not criminal acts?” he asked.

Gani should remember, in the ‘black eye’ RCI, that the moment former IGP Abdul Rahim Noor indicated that he was the one responsible for the assault on Anwar Ibrahim, due to provocation, the RCI was discontinued and the case was passed on for criminal proceedings to take their course.

“Let us see how Gani is going to handle this situation and/or many more exposés to come. I still say that, for as long as Gani remains the AG, the Sabah RCI or any other RCI will end in futility,” Mat Zain added.

“The people must also not forget that it was Gani who spearheaded the amendment to Section 9A of the Election Act after the Likas case.”
Strange for the former KL CID Chief to know outside his area of crime. Who coached him to talk about the Likas case?

Gotcha! Maybe he could share with us how he solved his bankruptcy case after being tricked by a Chinese businessmen. Easier to make money as an "honest cop," ehhh?

"Honest cop" former Director of CID, Dato Fauzi Shaari just admitted to owning an RM5 million house in Shah Alam. Wonder what is the value of Mat Zain's home when he retired from police?

Count on noisy Mat Zain and his taiko, Dato Ramli Yusof to show that investigating criminals, commercial crimes and organised crimes under CID and CCID are lucrative business enterprise.

Or shall we say keeping a blind eye from investigating criminals or corporate crooks or kingpin is lucrative?

Ramli was in charge of D9 section on organised crime. How come Musa Hassan was described as protector of gangsters?

No worry, they can continue to be Anwar's mouthpiece.

The important question is what made Anwar think he can convince the Sabahan that he, who will break all rules and do anything to serve his political purposes and objectives, was not part of the NRD syndicate to takeover power of Sabah from the PBS-USNO coalition through money politics and "frogging"?

He used his Sabah power network to the fullest with the money from Dato Sng Chee Wah of Sarawak  to oust Tun Ghaffar who did not have any fighting chance. What is stopping him from getting involved with the syndicate?

And Tamrin Ghaffar blamed his father's lost to Dr Mahathir. That is another idiot by itself.

More on Anwar later.


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