Friday, January 11, 2013

Desperate PR's attempt for Tahrir Square-like revolution?


Some called it a Save Shamsidar rally to prepare for the commencement of the court trial for Dato Anwar Ibrahim's civil lawsuit against Dato Nallakaruppan. Shamsidar Taharin, wife of Azmin Ali will be called as witness and Anwar's lawyer failed in their application to the court to remove her out from the witness list.

Shamsidar was widely believed to have an affair with Anwar with Azmin's consent and that affair bore them a now grown up daughter.

During the sodomy trial of 1998/99, it became an issue.

DNA sample of the daughter was believed to be tampered with sample from Azmin and Shamsidar's eldest daughter was used. Then Investigating Officer, Tan Sri Musa Hassan raised in court that the sample was not taken with any police as witness. The suspicion was that the doctor cooperate with Anwar and Azmin.

All indication points tomorrow's, Himpunan Kebangkitan Rakyat (People Uprising Rally) to a last ditch attempt of Anwar Ibrahim to garner support and clean up all their acts in the past few years. If They are not desperate, they would have wait out for the election results.

It will not be a surprise to see the highly charged sounding event be similar to the Tahrir Square event in Cairo that was a popular uprising to topple the Government.

As much as the organiser's hope for it to be so and to happen as immediate as tomorrow, their plan is to see the event tomorrow snowball into a Tahrir-like revolution.

Ahmad Sabu called a press conferene at 11 am this morning and announced there will be a "leisurely stroll" from some five gathering points to the stadium. That itself is indicative that they do not intend to respect the new public rally law and the condition imposed on them. [See below]

Sources claimed there will be chaos stirred and one can expect that to happen when police had to move in and disperse any unlawful gathering or march without police permit

Although Pakatan expect some 1.000,000 of their supporters to come in to flood the stadium, indications from other such gatherings on similar theme in Kelantan, Kedah and in other Pakatan ruled states to drum up interest failed attract the already rally-fatigue public.

This is despite buses and petrol money provided by PAS Kelantan dan some RM100,000 contribution from the Selamgor state coffer. (Read the Unspinners here and here)

Some supporters felt the rally will not have any impact on their general election campaign and will be a waste of time and resources.

However, Pakatan wants the Saturday (January 12) rally or gathering to be the biggest ever as a show of force to convince Malaysian voters that they are strong as can topple the present BN government.

What Pakatan does at present is only a psychology game to "trick" the Malaysian public into believing they have the majority support by holding such mammoth gathering. This they hope to sway those on the fence if these group of voters are immature, unwise and ill informed politically.

Pakatan, especially Anwar Ibrahim, have all the while been lying to the voters, raising make-believe issues which only he and his partners in Pakatan specialized in that created lots of doubts and distrusts towards the ruling BN.

Recently they had their Soros- funded public survey NGO, Merdeka Centre produce survey result to show Najib is waning popularity. [Read on Anwar Ibrahim's blog here]

A similar trick repeated over many general elections as the date draws near. This Ibrahim Suffian never gives up on his widely known trick to prey on the gullibles.

One Bank Islam analyst, Azrul Azwar Ahmad Tajuddin assisted the propaganda play by presenting a predication in Singapore that Pakatan Rakyat will win a slim margin.

Since when do calls from Bank Islam stock market analyst had any reputation in the market and in the subject of politics?

It turns out that the analyst is a committee member of PKR Putrajaya. Without reading his report, he must be besotted by the 128 number being bandied around as a propaganda. Read The Malaysian Insider's here.

Having failed in all the attempts, they now organize one last attempt, a mammoth attempt, to ‘hammer the last nail in the coffin’ which they had unconsciously prepared for themselves.

Waning support to Anwar's campaign of lies, deceit and slander calls for a revolutionary power grab

Likewise, Anwar's and all the old expired guards in Pakatan Rakyat see this as their last attempt at power that they are on an anything they will do for power mode.

The rally has been planned to show force and the possibility is there they would just walk the streets of Kuala Lumpur after that as this is what they wanted after stirring up emotions during the talks in the stadium.

Stirring emotions is Anwar’s specialization as he has been a rebel-rouser all along and Saturday’s rally is his final attempt to raise the emotions of supporters to the highest level and after that, let them be on the loose.

He has the support of old nemesis but turn political ally in veteran in public provocateur, Mat Sabu.

The PAS Deputy President has always been the prime mover in any major public rally like all the Bersih series, PPSMI, Hindraf, water issue, etc.

It is in line with the modus operandi of his Syiah faith in their struggle against establishments every where in the Muslim world. [Read here]

Pakatan wants it to be a Tahrir square of Malaysia – in other words the general election need not be held when the people from the stadium stage an uprise – simple and easy.

What else can they think of since all attempts failed and further attempts of lying would erode confidence more as voters continue to analyse and read in-between the acts.

Voters are now no more gullible than in 2008. To quote one veteran lawyer in his description of the public's gullibility to rumours, lies and slanders, "The public is not thinking."

Anwar and Pakatan leaders know this given the major error and mistakes they made in states they rule since 2008, they can still "get away with murder."

Unfortunately, perhaps due to the malaise in UMNO and BN politicians and grassroot party workers to work and reach out effectively, some segment of the public remain in denial and unconvinced that within the short spent of time that Pakatan Rakyat states is much worse in corruption, abuse of power and incompetents than their perception of BN rule.

UMNO politicians and Ministers are to afraid to take the bull by the horn early and sue the living daylights of Pakatan rakyat's wild allegations.

Admittedly the public is swayed by the "clean" and efficient facade put up by the state government for their front liners. 

Pakatan’s attempts discredit and tarnish Najib Tun Razak and his administration since 2009 when Najib took over the Prime Ministership have backfired as Anwar’s lies unfolded one-by-one without Najib having to go to the courts or fighting back in earnest.

Since UMNO's general assembly in November, they have tried to draw public attention away from the assembly by raising controversial statements related to lost causes like anti-Lynas, Scorpene corruption slander, Altantunya murder, etc.

There is also an opportunity to bombard Dato Najib and his wife, Datin Rosmah with a private issue which now takes the form of slander and fictitious claims by the now lost reputation of Deepak. [Read Sin chew in Malaysia Today here]

Frivolous claims were made by the orange coloured anti-Felda group, red colored Royalti Minyak group, yellow Election reform Bersih group, and green anti Lynas environment group. A small Syiah-inspired PAS students cadres will be joining the fray.

Some East Malaysian interest group will be there to trick the Semenanjung into believing they are on a roll there. They are not.

Last of Pakatan’s lie was the Prime Minister had a ‘little stroke’ which majority Malaysians taking it as a joke that reflected Anwar’s stupidity and desperation.

All the attempts failed as pro Government media and cybertroopers are in their elements to repulse their wild allegations and counter with hard hitting revelations like DAP's failure to elect a Malay, Land-for-MB post scandal, Amanah Haji Hadi, Memali Fund, etc.

Pakatan leaders had to resort to civil lawsuit in courts to quite down their vociferous defense and attacks.

Thus the Saturday’s rally, which venue is now the subject of argument, is to stir up emotions to the highest level and then let ‘nature takes its course’.

The one million expected may not even reach a figure of 100,000 but Pakatan as always, will blame the relevant authorities for preventing supporters from participating.

One can expect a long list of predictable uncomplimentary accusations against the police who are carrying out their job to maintain law and order, from the partisan biased Bar Council observers. They will be filling in to the pre-set script prepared by the organiser.

So this list of accusations on authority may also be the issues Anwar will raise to stir up emotions on Saturday.

Whether Pakatan’s strategy will succeed or not is yet to be seen but the logical facts leading to Saturday’s rally are there for every sane and sensible voters to see.

Whether Saturday will be a Taharin Square or not, it is up to Malaysians to think and analyse.

But the history of the French revolution, Bolshevik Revolution, etc, including the current event in Egypt, and other Middle East states kept repeating the same phenomenon.

They will be a long reign of terror with the common people facing a destitute life of poverty, hunger and sickness. As one veteran politician once told us that it is easy to start a revolution but it will take a life of it's own after that and no one will know how to end it.

Not even instigators Anwar, Mat Sabu and Lim Kit Siang.


Anonymous said...

Buat jahat, fitnah, hasut, bising2 kacau bilau bolehlah..buat kerja berfaedah untuk rakyat dan negara ELEK...

Anonymous said...

Sabu a syiah? hahahahahahahaha..even my toes have joined in the mirth. Much as I detest the silly, puerile, brainless, san issues based politics of PR, branding Sabu a Syiah is the ultimte joke.

and I am syiah,mind you and no self-respecting Ahlul bait would take to being associated with sabu the Labu...hahahahahahaaha

Good joke anyway...made my day

Warrior 231

Anonymous said...

apa yang bengong sangat. depa buat kecoh dia Stadium Merdeka, UMNO buat la konsert percuma di Putrajaya ke Shah Alam ke. Ajak la Siti Nurhaliza ke Stacy ke, Aizat ke, Kumpulan nasyid sekali etc... lawan cara bijak la... bagi free makan sekali.


Anonymous said...

Warrior 321

I agree with you in many scores but sorry to have to tell you that Mat Sabu is a syiah.

Unlike you who is open about it, he is not and is hiding behind a lie.

Maybe he is not practising the right Syiah but the Syiah he subscribe to promote millitancy and is anti sunni.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10.31pm

Sabu aint any Shiah. Study PAS closely and map their ideology onto Kharijite philosophy. You will find a perfect match between the two.

PAS is a modernday Wahhabi paradise, the contemporary equivalent of the Kharijites of the prophet's era. Mind you Anwar is a Wahhabi too as are the ABIM gang. These people constitute the biggest threat to Shaffie mazhab of Islam practiced in Malaysia. Syiahs have no pproblems with Shafie mazhab, we can live with that. By the way Niki Aziz is a archetypal hardline Wahabi/Salafi acolyte trained in a Taliban seminary called Darul Ulum,India home of the Deobandis. Check that out too, I have done my thorough research on all.

Warrior 231 2ka ahlul bait

Anonymous said...

You can be part of the historical moment of malaysia. Let merdekakan malaysia again. Let's liberate Malaysia from the corrupted regime of UMNO and Taib. Dr M had ruined Malaysia for so long and cultivate racism in Malaysia. It is time all races to get together for a holy cause, to bring down UMNO and BN so that Malaysia will have a better future.

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vrius..used anti virus or antibiotic

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Hi Brickie,

What happened to your 2nd vol dissertation on blogging?

Guess the Excellent turnoit of the Perhimpunan Rakyat Against Government Got to you!

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