Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Cinami, Calun and Complacency

UMNO to bungkus in GE14?

Still angry, tired and fed-up. Currently out of town and still reluctant to return.

Not because we lost. No ... BN is still in power.

We managed to takeover Kedah, though not as much as we expected, but we still win it. And Mukhriz is new Menteri Besar.

We manage to defend Perak. BN was trailing but towards the end, Bagan Serai seats and Selama came in favourably. In a neck to neck race, never ignore the marginal voters.

But we are pissed with the fact that we failed to takeover Selangor and Kelantan because of our own mistake, power greed, and foolishness.

We lost former Malacca Chief Minister, former Menteri Besar of Johor and few major Parliamentary and the state seats due to weak intel or stubbornness and refusal to hear the ground i.e. intel.

For the same reason, we almost lost Terengganu.

Yes, we win some and we lose some but we did poorer than expected in this general election because of three factors; Chinese Tsunami or we shall call as Cinami, Calun (candidate) problems and UMNO's Complacency.

All will be elaborated once we settled back.

Generally, UMNO's organisation, election machinery and communication plus propaganda machinery are really macam p#kim@k.

During the election campaign, almost everywhere one hear of UMNO divisions beseiged with endless power struggle inside, sabotage, and duit tak turun. Most division heads are more concerned with party election than general election. UMNO have no qualm to ruin their chances of winning the general election.

In most places, there was no genuine leadership and capable people in charge of the election campaign. The so-called millions of UMNO members and campaign paid volunteers are generally headless, hopeless and clueless.

Yes, UMNO members were paid to be volunteers. Much of the time, they were just hanging around Bilek Gerakan to eat and laze around while being paid daily allowance.

If it not for outside help, volunteers, and contributors, Malaysia would have sworn in as Prime Minister yesterday. UMNO was shooting their own feet, practically everywhere. 

As for Ghani, he was too timid in his campaign against hard hitting Lim Kit Siang.

There is no issue of going to battle against Lim Kit Siang and his racial sentiment using a friend friend ... tactic.

But, ue truth of that claim. se also Kit Siang's enemy to whack him. He has got issue within DAP. The men is a replica of North Korean dictatorship.

Many Chinese seemed to be cheering for us but are subtly helping DAP by discouraging any hard hitting retaliation against Kit Siang. Everything seemed to result in backfire without even testing it out.

The Cinami was building from day one campaign period with 7,000 attandent at Sutera Mall and some nuthead cancelled the plan to bring Tun Mahathir to Gelang Patah.

It is so typical of Johorean's UMNO psyche of Johor the Great. They did not realised that Johor has the most complacent UMNO machinery in the country.

They had it too easy that they forgot to think properly. The writing was on the wall at the Tenang by-election.

Batu Pahat also fell.

A case of not listening to the ground. Dr Puad Zarkashi should have stick to the advise to run at state level but talk in Batu Pahat is that he used his wife to lobby at Jalan Duta. We'll have to check the truth of that claim.

Puad had problems in Batu Pahat. Members are angry over his transaction land. They say he is helpful but rather sombong and lack warm.

We never received any SMS reply from him ever since he became Deputy Minister including the  offer of help for his campaign. If he does not wish to communicate, we can't give feedback and share information.

Did anyone alert upstairs this attitude of Puad that led to his expected downfall?

After 2008, will UMNO change and wake-up?

As of now, we feel they will not and see no urgency in doing anything fast and drastic. If 2008 did not awaken them, they are not likely to wake in 2013 with so many Melayu Liberal along the corridors of PWTC, Putrajaya and KLCC. 

We do not see Dato Najib will change and dare to remove weeds out of the party. UMNO need a new Secretary General. Not a Sec Gen that is too arrogant to listen to advise and oblivious to ground report.

And, also a more effective Executve Secretary.

More urgent, UMNO needs a strategist to fill the role of Ketua Penerangan. It cannot be someone who thinks that holding a thousand of courses, speaking in ceramah and working hard from dusk to dawn is considered a strategy.

The Ketua Penerangan must at least know how to differentiate between tactical or implementation strategy and strategy.

At the rate UMNO is going with their party unclear direction, lackadaisical attitude of leaders and members, and endless internal politics, prepare to bungkus in GE 14.

The new voters profile, more new voters and late political awakening of younger baby boomers will  favour them. Where will they get their new support and energy?

More so with the culture to hold to power and ill intention to frustrate and block capable new talents  into the party, who wants to join UMNO.

Scary? Better be then sorry.

We will be retired by then and will want to worry about after life. Maybe by then, we wouldn't give a duck to all this.

Their only relief is that there will be no Anwar Ibrahim by then ... too old and probably died of AIDS.

* Updated 3:00 AM 8/5


Nasik Lemak 50 sen said...

Dear Haji Pink floyd,

What a blunt statement! Finally, you are a few pro-UMNO blogger that have the balls to criticise UMNO (besides A Kadir Jasin and the Unspinners). Others are still in denial mode (especially Rocky Bru and Outsyed the Box) continue condemning PKR and Cinamicibai factor. Najib has a big task ahead to do major overhaul NOW, otherwise, BN will bungkus in GE14.

Anonymous said...

Salam Bro.,
In Bahrain now and really sad to see the results and now "main-depan- belakang-man" is making big issue out of the GE... I suspect dia takut nak jadi "lecturer" lah... mana ada qualification pun, cerita "war stories" in one lecture ok lah, but for whole semester mesti habis modal punya!? Personally, the "lembik" factor, and tak nak pikir sendiri, rely on CON-sultans attitude of Najib costs UMNO/BN dearly... masih dok tanggong many biawak hidup & dead woods in his last cabinet did the damage lah... if he's responsible enough (cakap pasal KPI berdegah2...?), he should just go lah in the next perhimpunan agong... tak kan tak ada lagi yang boleh perform? Just make sure si-hunus keris plastik tak naik dah lah...

Dhahran Sea

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Calon winnable konon...kat tganu bkn calon winnable..tapi calon yg rapat dgn mb n confirm takkan lawan dia.nelayan pon boleh tau calon tu xleh menang.ini kan pulak najib yg sekolah tinggi.sape nasihat najib ni?ataupun kenapa najib cerdik sgt terima nasihat org tp tak fikir dulu

Anonymous said...

Why wait so long???
By that time there will be no more Chinese in this land

Federation of Malayland
Persekutuan Tanah Melayu

Anonymous said...

To nurture the MCA for the 14th General Elections, one of the many tasks for the leadership to do is to sack the whole Board of the Star and Wong Chun Wai and to winkle out the moles arising from the many complaints and for doing business with the Singapore Government.

Singh Is Kinng said...

Me don't mind having the nasi lemak bungkus, be it the Neelofa's or Rozita's size, extra coconut cream makes it even tastier.

On a rather serious note, the math is very simple. Cinami has been wholeheartedly convinced (or cheated is a better word) by Anwar that the Malays were all out for PR and their numbers were able to deliver a simple majority for the Pakatan coalition. However the DAP leaderships knew already that kind of thought was actually full of nonsense. That's why DAP contested for only 51 seats.

Thanks to Anwar who was arrogantly trumpeting a campaign to put an end to BN's reign, the high priest of DAP Kit The Pig saw a golden opportunity to monopolize the Chinese majority areas and secure Chinese votes. I can surely bet even until the pooling day Kit The Pig never had a slightest moment imagining himself being a cabinet minister at Putrajaya. (If I were wrong, me belanja you Neelofa's size nasi lemak for breakfast).

It is rather unfair to put all the blames to UMNO. For the record, UMNO managed to gain a few more seats. However the song of praise is also untimely since UMNO didn't learn a lesson from the previous by-elections.

BTW, I just heard the price of surat khabar lama suddenly went nose-diving after the election. The cause will be soon be rectified, but rumour has it that plenty of Buku Jinggay had to be disposed as recycle paper.

Pak Zawi said...

It is sad that despite the effort, amount of money spent, some help from friendly friends, BN couldn't garner a better result. At this rate GE 14 will be a hard cake to swallow when SPR has to clean up its act with a cleaner electoral roll via the use of biometric system and perhaps electronic voting where magic blackouts will be history. Buck up BN or we wil kena bungkus and sit on the other side of the bench.

Dr Garbak said...

Menang sorak Kampung tergadai

Yang jual nya UMNO melayu macam Sam Dol Ghani. LKH dah buat wholesale beli dgn ghani. Semua LKH sapu sebab Johor dah tak da duit. "Tak pa, tak pa gua buat semua tak payah bayar. Lu semua tak payah susah hati gua bayar semua hutang. Gua bikin Istana putih lagi cantek tak payah bayar."

Cina juga yang untung.

Tolong Melayu hidup Melayu. Akhir kalam Melayu macam dol ghani dan orang UMNO lain yang belakang taroh bontot Melayu. bukan DSAI.

Jangan salah kat DSAI dan LKS sebab these dua jokers ni stage opportunist dalam keadaan semasa.

It is UMNO sendiri selepas DM Kutty yang buat kubur sendiri. Kayakan tempolok masing masing guna duit cina lepas tu sondol belakang orang Melayu.

Dulu zaman Datuk Othman Saat orang Melayu boleh dapat tanah kurnia sama ada kecil atau besar. Dia buat duit juga tapi orang melayu ada tanah. Kalu Datuk Datuk dapat tanah balak, Orang Melayu Daif dapat lah tanah sekankang kera cukup untuk tanah dan dusun Sekarang yang ada tanah 3 segi je.

Buka lah mata sikit UMNO. Memang kamu semua yang jahanam kan Melayu. Padan Muka Datuk Abdul Ghani yang kunun nya, tapi tak pa dia boleh main dgn cucu kat Ostolio. Nak jadi Orang Puteh.

Anonymous said...

IS BN just made of UMNO in the Peninsula?

Yes, UMNO had a lot of problems yet somehow it seems like only UMNO achieved anything in the Peninsula.
Seems to me like UMNO did better than 2008 too.

Anak jati Johor said...

UMNO/MCA must take note of Nik Aziz statement seriously. There're too much harping on Hudud during campaigning. To PAS supporters, UMNO/MCA has been ridiculling their cause. Aren't UMNO members Muslim too? The Chinese do not care about Hudud. If they can live in Saudi, wearing hijab if required, what's a big deal about Hudud in Malaysia? Now that UMNO/BN allies have deserted them, baru lah terkial-kial nak cuba nak berbaik semula. Isn't there some truth in what he said?

The majority of PAS/PKR supporters are Malays and they also get all the Malay priviledges. But, Najib harps on Chinese for being ungrateful. What about those millions of Malays that voted for opposition? Semut seberang laut nampak, Gajah depan mata tak nampak. Bila ditegur, terus merajuk.

PAS members have been slowly trained since they're babies, literally. They have built up strong base of successors to continue with their fight. Where're Puteri UMNO or Pemuda UMNO during campaigning? In Muar, where I vote, I hardly see them in bilik Gerakan. My nephew said, BN supporters are old, full of wrinkles. The PAS are full of young people, including babies waving PAS flags and wearing PAS button.

At the rate BN recruit their supporters compared with that of PAS, and if Najib does not buckle up, I think UMNO can bungkus in GE14.

UMNO/BN, wake up, please.

fence sitter said...

the Chinese are really not against corruption and fairness and transparency etc etc at all.

For if applying the same standards, they would have equally complained about PR-led states like Selangor and Penang too.

But of course when cornered they can always shift the blame to faulty Microsoft Excels or convenient typing errors, such errors sometimes potentially costing a billion ringgit or two.

But apparently, the Object of Contention is the Malays!”

Anonymous said...

Betul. Aku nak tahu benor benor. SIAPA NASIHAT NAJIB?

Siapa boleh jawab.

Anonymous said...

Is my mistrust of Ghani in this election misplaced? Smell a rat....

Anonymous said...

wp secara jauh aku suka dngan fuad ni tapi secara realitinya tindakan dia yang memberikan terlalu banyak peruntukan untuk sekolah cina sangat mengecewakan...padan muka...

kalau timbalan menteri sendiri tak faham mengenai dasar kementerian, jawab dia memang lingkuplah...kata dasar memperkasakan sekolah kebangsaan tapi peruntukan sekolah cina dan india d beri secara berlebihan..bukan tak boleh beri tapi tengok tempat...

sepatutnya yang lebih sekolah kebangsaan..apa guna sekolah kebangsaan akan mengajar bahasa cina dan india bila sekolah mereka pun dapat peruntukan yang besar...

memang kelam kabut kementerian pelajaran ni..sejak tukar dari pendidikan ke peljaran, memang kelam kelibut..dsat2...

nak tegur najib..tak payahlah...nasihat tun tak nak dengar...ni pulak kita...tun dulu masa jadi PM forumer UMNO boleh jumpa dia setiap tahun..ketua2 akhbar akan berjumpa dengan dia setiap bulan..

jadi isu2 rakyat ada dengan dia..tak payah pakain konsultan n penasihat yang terlalu ramai..bab media pun ada 15 orang..tak membazir tapi semuanya tukang pengampu...

najib kena tengok balik apa yang dia dah buat..semua yang dia buat skarang ni semua orang duk bising..

kementerian pembangunan usahawan najib buang, skarang oranng mitak balik...ISA najib duk bangga sampai hari ini dia buang, rakyat ramai mitak balik...

buat benda nak popular, inilah jadinya...nasihat tak makan, makan yang punasihat je ape cite...memang takleh jalan..tu pun tun n team senyap 2 3 tahun untuk beri peluang kepada najib, n skarang najib dah memerintah, tun sekali lagi akan lantang bersuara...sbb najib masih tak sedar2...


cannonkapit said...

If Fuad had listened to you he might have won the election..An arrogant analysis.

The entire UMNO's master strategists were all wrong..Yet an another arrogance of yours.

No strategy is without flaws.Pakatan failed becoz its strategy had failed them.So were the BN.
good try tho.

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