Saturday, May 11, 2013

Don't blew it this time, Najib

In the last cabinet appointment, we made a posting on an intended staff appointment by a senior member of the cabinet.

While it changed his decision and our concern was genuine and sincere, we faced his personal displeasure for butting-in in an area that is to quote him, "my prerogative."

The cabinet appointment is Prime Minister Dato Najib Tun Abdul Razak's prerogative but we are ready to face his displeasure for butting-in.

If he failed to put in place a proper team with the integrity, credibility, and capability, he will only put Barisan Nasional on the path of the inevitable demise for the 14th General Election .

With Barisan Nasional's performance in the recent 13th General Election is far from satisfactory and did not put the coalition out of the wood, every step counts.

The cabinet appointment is very important in many aspect.

Candidate list

One reason we believed for BN poor acceptance to the middle class Malay in the urban seats was the candidate list. Because of this, one of Najib's cousin personally confided to us to have voted PAS.

There was too few new faces, only 30% and not the 50% that Najib promised. It gave the impression BN or in this case, UMNO did not learn from the Tsunami of 2008.

Even among the 30%, there was a high number of recycling of rejected faces. It was noticeable in Kelantan and Tan Sri Annuar Musa is a case in point.

UMNO management can explain that they have to stick to some kind of party hierarchy at the division level. That is relevant within the party circle but why should voters care?

Najib may have commendably been successful to regain Kedah, retain Perak and thwart off a US covert work to orchestrate a regime change which was supported by European powers and our neighbouring US satellite states.

Notice the on-going attempt to initiate an Arab Spring styled Malaysia Spring coup de tat using pre-planned and fabricated reasons.

Sabotage and poor machinery

However, he failed in leading the retake of Selangor and his men failed to retake Kelantan.

The reasons we see are candidate issue, poor ground machinery, and party disunity. UMNO leaders are prevalent in their attempt to use the candidate list to strengthen certain interests for the UMNO party election.

Internal sabotage was so widespread that the majority of Independents in Semenanjung are disgruntled UMNO members reacting to the candidate list.

It is worsen by state party officials and Najib's own people involving themselves in sabotaging specific candidates.

Sabo Ibrahim Ali
A case in point is Dato Ibrahim Ali at Pasir Mas.

For his nomination, Dato Mustapha Ali refused to put Ibrahim as BN candidate despite assurance given by Najib to Ibrahim. After the involvement of few Tuns and Tan Sri, Ibrahim was back on the candidate list.

But at the last three days campaign, the Kelantan mafia of Anuar Musa, Romzi, PM's political secretary, Dato Fatmi and others pressured To Pa and Hanafi (Pasir Mas UMNO Division head).

Ibrahim and BN was sacrificed for personal power greed.

Why are they acting against the wishes of Najib?

Or is it Najib is not comfortable with Perkasa but does not have the guts and honesty to tell it in the face to Ibrahim?

Najib wants Perkasa's support and energy but he does not want to commit money and candidate to Perkasa personalities.


Troublemaker and perpetual loser
Since Fatmi is mentioned, there were too many PM's political secretary running in the general election thus there was concern during the election as to who is assisting Najib.

Including the special officers, there were Shahlan (Pokok Sena), Latt Shariman (Kuala Kedah), Fatmi (Kota Baru), Shafie (Wangsa Maju), Sufian (Kuantan), Norehsanuddin (Kota Tinggi), Irmo (Kuala Selangor), and others; 7 all together.

Problem was they were mostly unwinnable candidates and pathetic campaigner. Some were arrogant and carry an image of a troublemaker.

Preppy face to represent Kedah fishermen?
Some are too urban and distanced to be accepted to the locals. Some was overzealous in trying to be a local boy that they annoyed the locals. 

Destined to lose
Most of them lost for being amateurish, had no humility and undisciplined in their campaign.

No wonder Najib is getting bad political advises.

The advisers are themselves failed politicians and merely flexing their PM's office position to gain position at the division.

It shows that they are not dedicated to help the PM but was feathering their own nest.

Slighted the local voters
Najib should not appoint them anymore. They left the PM in the lurch when they are most needed and have nothing to proof of their ability.

But, PM is not without blame.

It was relayed to us that when PM was going around the state to go over the candidate list, he was enquiring to ensure specific names to be on the list than trying to see the suitability of candidates.


Many candidates that failed police screening got into the list. Thanks to the State Liaison Chief or State Coordinator.

One state liaison chief inserted candidates with corruption and police record in state assembly seats in which he ran for Parliament.

He was advised that it will pull him down but he was stubborn to put his man.

His was a case of a leader who refuse to have anyone cleverer under him. The clever ones can only be Senator.

Don't think we are talking about Melaka only.

There is also Terengganu.

When one is talking of candidate and the resulting effect of rejection from the ground and sabotage, the ultimate power and decision lies with PM.

State liaison chief, state coordinator, component party president, and BN state chairman will all wash their hands and point at the PM. 

The pathetic state of party political and campaign machinery should be blame at state and headquarter officials.

There are our friends but we will call a black a black and a white a white.

UMNO should change the Secretary General, Executive Secretary and Information Chief. All were running for seats and no one was running for UMNO during the general election.  

The reason is complacency runs deep in UMNO, from top to bottom. UMNO members are generally uneducated and lack knowledge on politics and current affairs.

Our political campaign on the ground lack substance, strategy and determination. Without big names presence, their campaign are aimless. 

What happen to the hundreds or if not, a thousand courses conducted and proudly claimed by Ahmad Maslan?

We can't blame Ahmad Maslan.

One should have known better of his limitation when he views working hard and holding courses as a political strategy.

That is hardly a tactical move.


If Najib wish to salvage anything out of this mess and reinvigorate UMNO in preparing for the 14th general election, he has to put things right by making the right appointments.

Corruption is the factor that pissed off the saloran 4 and 5 against government. We just can't convince our young cousins so we can see how important it is to them to see more fairplay.

Whether perceived or confirmed by the courts, Najib cannot afford to have Jamaluddin Jarjis, Noh Omar, Khairy Jamaluddin, Reezal Merican, Nazri Aziz and many other tainted ones on the cabinet.
If Jamaluddin Jarjis and Noh Omar is retain, we will immediately do an expose. There is something funny happening in a PRIMA development in Johor Baru. 

Najib should keep his 'smooth operator' role outside of cabinet and government. 

That is a long list of issues on Noh Omar including our own personal experience with his SUSK.

Although we have worked with him on Selangor, the interest of the party and nation must surpass that of personal relation and friendship.
Negative perception on Noh is too overbearing that he would have otherwise been considered `a candidate for Menteri Besar of Selangor.

On issue of corruption, we are committed to clean-up UMNO, opposition and country. No one will be spared - be they friends or foe, allies or enemy.

Not even the PM's wife that we justifiably defended in the past - over frivolous and petty accusation by opposition - will be given exception.  

Loyal corrupt
Najib had done the right thing to remove Nor Yakcop. He must continue to do so.

Nor Yakcop maybe loyal to all the Prime Ministers he served and have some knowledge but he is tainted.

Two of his political secretaries were charged in court for corruption or money laundering. Reezal also was formerly working with Nor Yakcop. 

We believe he is corrupt.

Why should we not believe when our source is his family member?

Economic growth

Nor Yakcop single handedly wrecked the GLCs and alienate the civil servants.

Najib should stop the practise started by Abdullah to bring in foreign consultants or Putrajaya seat is destined to lose.

Close up Pemandu and Teraju and give back the planning work to EPU and ICU. We did better without the Pemandu jokers.

Najib's neo liberal adviser, Omar Ong is an expensive political cost for him, the party and the nation.

Najib must get more professional, innovative and dedicated people to steer the country's economy back to higher growth. No more template thinking consultants but real economic planner.

Butcher as Economic Planner?
No more Idris Jala, Omar Ong and many others. The KPIs, NKRAs and all those abbreviation are mere numbers.

The quality aspect are lacking.

Economic growth is only genuine when we are making more products and delivering more services to the domestic and abroad. Along the way, we build up local expertise, technological capabilities, management skills, and proprietary knowledge.

The economy is laden with too much financial play. Khazanah is the most guilty of them all.

They are not creating anything of strategic value and even developing product or services. Practically all their new ventures fail.

They takeover companies at exorbitant prices and not at bargain to later add value. An example is the medical groups that was eventually listed away as Apollo.

We smell a lot of rats in Khazanah. Najib must clean up this institution.

Help fortify DAP ....
Gelang Patah has become a DAP stronghold but UEM could proudly announce during the campaign of the sales of land to Kuok Brother.

Lim Kit Siang's centre for campaign is at Sutera Mall, which was developed by Kuok into a little Taiwan.

Clever Khazanah .... 

On this matter, property is a financial asset and developing properties is not a serious attempt at developing the economy.

When we can't sell properties, especially high end ones, we ended up selling our homes, office and commercial areas to foreigners. Only the developer and industry get the one off benefit but not the rakyat and nation.

The focus to revive and bring high growth to the economy must be done seriously. Najib cannot afford to be PM and hold the Minister of Finance position with it's voluminous work. He must appoint a full time Finance Minister. .

And the person to hold the position must be capable, honest and dedicated. 

Refused advise

Najib spend so much time and resources trying hard to please the Chinese to get the minimum 20-25% Chinese votes.

He was advised to stop being lavish to "buy" the Chinese support. Much earlier, Tun Dr Mahathir had advised to strengthen the Malay support.

But he refused to heed the many advises.

Although he helped quite a bit of Malays, the perception on Najib is that he is more akin to help the Chinese than the Malay.

Najib and his people can dispute that claim but how will he answer when so many qualified Malay students are without scholarship and denied entry into Universities.

The opposition realised this and used this issue to the hilt. We had no reply, other than being defensive, to convince the Saloran 4 and 5.

Entry into educational institution and scholarship is a major component of the Special Bumiputera right in Article 153 of the Federal Constitution.

Najib is a good listener but he refuse to listen to advise. The impression is that he only listens to the neo-liberal Omar Ong, Nazir Razak, Azman Mokhtar and many other lackeys from Tun Abdullah days.

Better not be true
Talk is Nazir Razak will be appointed Finance Minister. Better not be true.

These people are in line with DAP and PKR to dismantle the Constitution and also article 153.

This time it is the 80% Malay vote plus Indian and Pribumi of Sabah and Sarawak that gave back BN the power.

If the perception continue, Najib may not be lucky next time. N is the last alphabet in RAHMAN.

It could mean the end of BN with Najib written in history as last BN Prime Minister if Najib continues to ignore his power base.

He is the PM to all, pro or oppose to Government but he does not have to give special and extraordinary treatment to those that do not support him.


Many Malays and law enforcement personnel felt that the Government are too lenient to the Chinese law offenders but strict and brutal on our own supporters.

As Tan Sri Ibrahim Abu Shah pointed out last night in a TV talk program, government is too lenient on opposition too.

Papagomo was held for questioning on sedition but out there, opposition leaders are not checked for their total disregard of the law.

They do not respect the law enforcement because they see the Inspector General of Police as a lembik. Yet his retirement was extended for another 2 years and only retiring on May 14th.

Minister in charge only gives out warnings and kept giving excuse of his hands are tied. It only means two things; he is scared of making decisions or he is trying to blame it on Najib.

Although Hishamuddin is useful for his strong political network in UMNO, at the moment, he will not endear Najib with UMNO grassroot.

Crime is one concern or perhaps excuse of the Chinese community to vote opposition. It is no confidence builder to have Hishamuddin remain as KDN Minister.

Get someone firm and not seen as interfering with police work. Again, it is about perception.

Anyway congratulation in due for his good showing in Sembrong.


The Chinese must be represented in Government.

We cannot be punishing the Chinese because MCA President wanted to deny Chinese of any representation in government. The Chinese saved and help to maintain two third majority for BN in 1999 in the midst of reformasi.

Despite the less than 5% Chinese votes for BN, there are pockets of rural Chinese votes for BN and MCA candidates.

More representation and key cabinet positions should be given to Sabah and Sarawak BN representatives.

Reallocate fund for Semenanjung urban development to Sabah and Sarawak rural development. We can do without the planned Financial Center.

Special emphasis must be given to the Information Minister position.

It is ridiculous that the communication team is under the Prime Ministers Department. It shows the Information Minister was incompetent and yet we retained him.

Rumour better not be true
Get someone with strategic thinking. It must not be Ahmad Maslan. Neither must it be as rumored to be Farid Redzuan.

Sure heboh is not the business of communication. Perhaps, it s suitable for  Pak Lah era.

Clean up the Ministry from corrupt bureaucrats and businessmen-politicians. Purge RTM and FINAS.

The cabinet members must have some political sense, especially the ones taken from outside the political circle. Not only they must have political sense but appeal to the new voters.

Khairy, Wee Ka Siong, Rosnah, Razali and Reezal failed in making BN more appealing to the young. They failed to make youth understand government policy but instead wanted government to conform to youth immature and selfish requests.

Last but not least, cabinet appointment must weigh heavily on individual capability and current expertise requirement. If need be, get capable professionals but not a turnaround butcher to do economic planning.

Najib must stop the precedent to appoint cabinet based on state representation or quota formula. It must be need base. He must stress more on appeasing the voters than political warlords.

One way to appease the warlord is to be true to his words. Najib said previously that candidate list will be system generated and he will not interfere.

But it was not.

If Najib wish to appoint cabinet based on capability and competency, he must not appoint those who is only seen as his people. There must not be any inconsistency as happened in the candidate list.

Magnet to controversy
The public's focus will be on Hishamuddin and Shafie Apdal, which are considered as his people but are not publicly seen favourably.

Shafie is seen as incompetent and a magnet to controversies.   

Najib allowed his man, Dr Puad Zarkashi to run for Parliament against the advise of many.

See what happenned.

We were told yesterday by some political akarumbi that one wrong move by Najib and the upcoming UMNO general assembly will be a heated one.


Anwar maybe on the road show to dispute the election results based on some frivolous reasons but he will swear in as MP and opposition leader.

That means he accept the election results.

The danger he pose is his money. He is cash rich with American dollars and can afford to buy BN MPs. He will be active after cabinet appointment.

The offer is in the 8 figures but as in the case of Saiful's father, the amount he will deliver is anybody's guess.

During the general election campaign, Pakatan Rakyat was lavish with money. Party workers were paid RM100 a day and money was flush for the voters in the interiors of Sarawak.

Buying spree

Money was flowing in from outside through the foreign embassies and unhindered by diplomatic immunities. We were told by sources that it came in with the help of diplomats from US, UK, Germany, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, etc..

Most of the money came via Bangkok. That is why Anwar regularly goes there and Eskay was the person who regularly entertained him.

And that is why SUARAM and many other press conferences tend to be in Bangkok.
Yet Sarawak Report kept accusing Taib Mahmud as corrupt and not a single mention of Anwar Ibrahim.


Anonymous said...

Salam Bro.,
Right on the dot... problem is as you've said, Najib Gor NEVER listen except to his advisers & CONsultans.. and you can be sure he NEVER read others' blogs... seronok baca blog dia sendiri! So there goes your 2sen... lets see whether he got the BALL(s) to make REAL change in the cabinet line up... kalau masih ada lagi muka2 tak malu past-midnite, I'll just call it a day...

Dhahran Sea

asifadio said...

Nice article-saucerful of secret

Anonymous said...

No point defending BN if Najib insists on 'his way'. He is no Tun M who got things done, sucessfully, 'my way'.

Anonymous said...

1. Najib kena ambil ts rshim noor sbg menteri kdn, kini ramai peg polis x hormat menteri psl lembik.
2. Jgn ambil kj dan konco2, MP raba punggung dan ramai lg yg korup.
3. Ambil yg ingat sejadah, kerana persepsi org umno bukan mesra masjid spt dicanang pas mesti dielakkan.
4. Jgn ambil MP kaki minum mabuk2, mungkin popular kat kg sendiri tp dilekeh di tempat lain.
5. Pendedahsn keluarga (isteri, anak2 dan bakal menantu) mesti dikurangkan, byk cerita2 kat belakang ttg csmpurtangan isteri.
6.Buktikan jasa kpd melayu dan bumi yg sokong, ada kg yg najib dtg 20 thn dulu, skrg masih belum ada air paip sedangkn kg ini di daerah tempat lahirnya (lipis).

Sustainable Living Institute (SAVE) said...

Your posting categorically put it that Najib blew up many strategic moves before the election that resulted in less than 2/3 majority for BN. The five years was ample time for him to prove his mettle. He blew it. We cannot afford another term of swan song from him for that was the best he can do with his brain power. He is no better than Dolah. He should make way for Muhyidin even though we do not see much in him but just hoping that he is a learner.

Anonymous said...


Thank God PM decided not to retain that so -called "superman" KSN. Otherwise, Putrajaya will lost to Husam. But he put that man at Petronas, and the result? Malay businessmen started to lost priority in Petronas' contracts.

PM is blind i must say. He seemd doesnt know what he want. I senses that he is still keeping many Pak Lah's modus operandi. Most noteble is, he ignored adivises from the govt. agencies. The case of Terengganu's candidate list may prove the story. He also has too many advisors..many of them are not "penasihat", but "punahsihat"

Faznita said...

from your article it seem very little numbers in UMNO and almost all people close to PM cannot be in the government. Many senators would have to be appointed then.

Seriously, is there any hope with Najib at all? He retains all Pak Lah's lackeys who continue to make havoc in the corporate scene, retains many dirty UMNO personnel as PRU 13 candidates, introduce snooty political secretaries at PRU 13 and failing miserably there.

Great honest people are surrounded with great honest mind. Najib it seem, is not....

Anonymous said...

Bukan Anwar yg kuat atau hebat TETAPI Najib yg lembik dan penakut.
He could have easily taken care of many issues if he had been bold and firm.
The Chinese don't like weak leaders and that explain the tsunami.
When Najib was made PM, what did Karpal said,'no umpph' very very true.
Frankly speaking, don't you think Najib should step down.

Anonymous said...


Let's Face it Sabah and Sarawak are Responsible for Rescuing Najib This Time Around as was the Last Time.


The Reality is that, due to this demise, Malaysia will be stepping back into the Hutan Ages and this will determine Najib's Fate in the Next GE.

Joe Black

Anonymous said...

Reading this article am thinking how bias this is.
but as usual it is too easy to smash BN n Umno and Najib.
Why dont voters think the other way around then?
why vote for Anwar when everyone knows how bad he is not just morally but think of all the lies he had created. and how irresponsible he is towards the rakyat for the sake of his own agenda. Why vote for Nurul Izzah? armed with just a pretty face but fitnah and lies comes out from her mouth. She does nothing whereas RNC does everything. How about that mouth of Nik Aziz who wants to spit at umno mbrs and calling umno mbrs kafir and so forth. People still vote for them despite the fact that dont do any real work for the rakyat accept talking.

Anonymous said...

1% Renewable Energy (RE) Fund also effect the chinese vote and rich malay urban

Anonymous said...


Look like nobody left to run the country?

Anonymous said...

OMG! Your authority on "Who is who" make MACC boss look like a little kid! Well done

Anonymous said...

DSN should resign. Promises were made to do better than pak lah and he did not deliver. The argument that DSN is the only option available albeit with major changes in his style and substance of governing would be ridiculous considering his past track record of over 30 years in UMNO. It was full of compromise and not to mention the goodwill that he gets from being the son of Tun Abdul Razak. Tsmy should step up and if there is no desire on his part to challenge the incumbent must exact some control to ensure that changes are made and implemented to ensure BNs succes in PRU 14


Anonymous said...

No Khairy?? really?? I thought he would be quite a good link to the younger voters despite his baggage. There is also Dato Wan from Kuala Kangsar who could be considered for Cabinet

Anonymous said...

I agree with most things said and written but especially the comment that Najib is lembik. Just look back at the way he delivers his campaign speech. It confirms what I think oh him and his cousin, balless and taking for granted the Malay support. His next moves will be closely watched and monitored, and one wrong step will put him out of the equation. UMNO elects, very soon and that would be direct voting and Najib's fate could be sealed long before PRU 14 foreplay. I am pissed with him bending over backwards to please the Chinese and handing crumbs to his core Malay supporters, Now he got fucked and sodomised by Anwar and the Chinese. Kalau masih tak sedar diri tu, good riddance to him, as what UMNO has done to Abdullah Bodohwi. Malay/UMNO need leaders who are
strong, vocal and can advance the Malay cause, society and at the same time be in sync with what the world challenges. Maybe, just maybe Najib is not up the mark and should know what to do and where to go. Before that make sure Dato Razali Ibrahim move to the frontliner. I think and I hope he would make a very good leader..not KJ

ooops said...

kadir jassin in one his blogs asked "who runs de govt ?" and who strstegizes bn election operation ?
The Malaysian public were given an overdose of porns of opposition politicians supposedly caught with " pants down "..I believe one of the strategists must be a porn enthusiast and he was given a very long leash.
Why attack individuals ? pm should not agree to that mindset..
I agree that the fella in KDN is lembik
too scared..he should go to places like tourism or kebudayaan..
But the most important is that Pm should put in more in looking ahead...far ahead than in the nxt election. These are the poor urban malays.Look into their welfare
At the moment those tasked with looking after the poor's welfare are too ..shall we say looking for bigger kickbacks ?Resettling the poor Mlays in urban areas will not make much sense and wont fatten bank accounts or 50 k handbag for wifey but makes GREAT political deposits!
UMNO has the word N ..nasionalist duh.Look into wiki to understand..duhh.
If u want brilliat budinessman go headhunt for the real one not pretenders or ball polishers.
another thing look into govt heads.Ours are the tabik spring type not known for good IQ or creativity..that is why clueless politicians ran wild making idiotic policies like abolishing ppsmi or whatever. If he is pm..god save de mlays. Mahathirs super corridor among others collapsed because of having gomen nitwits run it
We are living in a world which is so much different from the world cutrent politicians live in.WWW..IT..IPADS and click speed n technology is current.
Headhunt and source good people to run n compete in cyberspace.There are many hackers programmers in India.eadtetn europe ..if u dont trust mlaysians.
p.s personal request..stop RYM from making songs of evrything....nauseating

Sustainable Living Institute (SAVE) said...

MONDAY, MAY 6, 2013

After 11x3 years of politics Najib is still oblivious to the coming of (Chinese) tsuami. He cannot read the heart of the Chinese. They are fiercely independent people and believe in their own making to economic success.

Beyond the tidbits cajoled to them, they have their own priorities. Without outside help they can still manage well as exemplied in their school system. Much worse when they are at advanced stage of development, they feel that they do not owe BN anything.

The billions spent on adhoc giveaways is contrary to good leadership. It is abuse of taxpayers money, a large proportion of which would come from (Chinese) businesses, manufactures, bankers, services ... Any taxpayer will be flabergasted. If by floating money around can sway votes where is the two-third majority?

Najib is elitist. Right from the beginning he plans for great development in Klang Valley - akin to adding salt to the Dead Sea. Do we see BN getting the votes in KL and towns? Yeah, Iskandar is bringing in tons of money. By whom? For whom? The Malays unable to cope with the onslaught, become marginalised are tempted with fast buck will sell their land. While LKS, after marauding in Penang and Perak is spreading the Middle Kingdom to Johore.

Development should be prioritized where it is needed more, the non-urbanites. It is nothing racial about it. His tongue is full of Felda much to the disgruntlement of other needy Malays. Even retired generals disgruntled and courted by the opposition.

The PRU13 saw opposition parties gaining strength in Najib's homestate. This attests his maligned acceptibility and standing among his own people. Rumours and controversies, false or otherwise surround him and RM, his 'PERMATA' wife.

Najib calls for reconciliation. For what? For his substandard KPI outcome? Do not play the same swan song now that BN is given another chance. Recycling has beens is his keeping much like Dolah. The one-finger and other endless sloganeering do not transform anything, in fact the former is a 'poke eye' to borrow the army.

Pas and PKR add to divisiveness among Malays. On the other hand they curb UMNO cronyism affording more Malay leadership sometimes displacing incumbent Chinese-BN held seats.

Automatic registration of voters will promote mass citizens' mandate, a strategic move for PRU14. The EC and leaders must see beyond the noses.

Will Dr. Mahathir fulfill his KPI on Najib? There would be no more lainkalilah!

Anonymous said...

Spot on.....really reflect the inspiration and aspiration of malay who had enough at the neglect to us as well as the constitution.

Anyway, did anybody share this blog to Najib FB or can be a good input for him to strategise his next move....kita tak mahu pisang berbuah dua kali dan orang kita makan hati lagi...

Anonymous said...

You really nailed it on the head bro.. Especially on KJ and his khazanah goons. DRH a subsidiaries of khazanah is now a pool of DAP supporter (many of them are penang chinese) who are openly despise the govrment. W e are also tired with Najib and KJ keep tying to apease the chinese, almost all Khaznh project is goven to the chinese yet see what happened?.. There should be a stop on all this or its truly will be the end of BN.

Anonymous said...

Gua caya lu la tapi lu ada sikit bohong at the end of your article by saying that PKR has plenty of cash. That is bullshit! and lie and fitnah. Go and mix around with PKR candidates and you will know how they struggle to fight their UMNO candidates when their pocket is empty.
Lu cerita ke apa?

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:02 AM

Itu cerita dulu.

Have you not follow the expose by pro UMNO bloggers of PKR leaders flaunting new big and luxurious cars.

Off course, you will only believe when it is too late.

Anonymous said...

If Najib let through even one questionable character on the cabinet, he cannot reverse the inevitable.

The candidate list cost him BN's poor showing.

The rakyat and younger generation is looking at cabinet appointment and will want a perfectly clean cabinet member.

Not a single blemish.

MCA and Gerakan is refraining from being represented because they do not want to be burden with more foolishness to come from Najib's "no kote" leadership.

He dare not do the brave decisions.

The chinese problem can only be reverse when people respect najib. At the moment, he has noot earn the rakyat's respect.

He cannot be the man to do the reconciliation. It must be one of party elders in which he refuse to form the council of elders.

Anonymous said...

Good Read...and makes alot of sense to expelled the advisors especially Idris Jala and the rest..pak lah Goons.

Anak jati Johor said...

Is Anwar corrupt? No question about it but he plays the game well. Before others point fingers at him, he started it first and he did it in a big way that the public will overlook his wrongdoing.

His claims of election fraud started even before the dissolution of parliment. Going by our demographic factors, my staunched DAP supporters friends knew PR cannot win. They put their money in the stockmarket soon after the Parliment was dissolved, still voted for the opposition on polling day and make tons of profit last week. I think Anwar knew that too and instead of aceepting it, he kept on harping on fraud that even though it's not true, it becomes true to the public.

So, now UMNO people. The malays are already divided into three parties. Must they fight within UMNO too? Are they fighting for the people or for their own gain?

Corruption, do get rid of the corrupted ones. This, among others, will determine whether BN will survive beyond 5 years.

Anonymous said...

Please do some drastic changes to the cabinet. Maybe we should let the MPs and ADUNs remain as MP & ADUN only. After all they were all elected to serve the people. Get professionals to help build this nation of ours who are capable and well respected in their own field and clean. Therefore we don't have politicians meddling in the day to day running of the nation. The MPs And ADUNs can serve better as wakil rakyat and implement policies at Federal and State level. Only PM, DPM and MBs/KMs are to be appointed from the politician. I am sure we do have capable non politician people to run the federal and state government. Then come PRU14 we can all see if these elected people still want to be nominated again knowing that their actual job is only "Wakil kepada Rakyat".

May the Almighty bless our country

Anonymous said...

Well done to Khazanah Nasional and Azman Mokhtar for creating the new DAP-controlled district of Gelang Patah which is where all the development of IIB and UEM (both are Khazanah's subsidiaries) are located.

Strip off Azman Mokhtar and you will find that this guy is actually a DAP supporter. He is doing the exact opposite of UDA - pembangunan bandar untuk bukan-bumiputra.

NAJIB - AZMAN MOKHTAR is a TRAITOR and he should be REMOVED from Khazanah. Because of him, LKS still lingers around in the Parliament and laughing loudly to see the Chinese spat on Ghani Othman.

Unknown said...

1. He must be Najib Abdul Razak. Not Ah Jib Gor, not Najib TUN Abdul Razak. If the FELDA settlers did no longer appreciate the name 'TUN Abdul Razak', why the hell should the others 'anak muda yang tak tau sejarah' ? He must be only Najib Abdul Razak, the Malaysian PM.

2. Keep Rosmah Mansor in a safebox. No need to give publicities too much. Learn from Tun Dr Siti Hasmah,please.

3. Chop off the kepimpinan PEMUDA UMNO yang ada sekarang. They have failed, ultimately, and must pay the price.

4. Revamp the UMNO machinery in Johor. In my area of Johor Jaya, none of the MCA's were seen campaigning for their candidates, it is my friends the Malays in Johor Jaya who were at the front, and they manage to persuade me also, a young Malay who is not an UMNO member to help them, even when I told them I vote in Bdr Tun Razak and not Johor Jaya. Point is, semua tido. Komunis sudah masuk kampung.

5. The grassroots of UMNO are watching. If Najib Abdul Razak fails to heed the advise, and the will of the grassroots, he will eat grass. That is definite.

6. Pemuda UMNO must be cured from this 'bapokness' disease. We have no need for people like Kerismuddin, KJ, Azeez Rahim & the buccaneer club. Teaching Mat Rempits to terjun in Kutub Utara doesn't bring foods to our table la macha, only to yours. Change Pemuda UMNO RADICALLY. That is the only way to bring the intellectuals 'belia' back into the folds of UMNO.

7. Reveal who the ducking CON-sultans, BN strategists, or any other idiots who were advising him onto the road of defeat. Surely at least he can do that.

8. Spring cleaning on the Penjawat Awam. Too many of them were pembangkang supporters, and they sabotage every single Govt Plan with their mediocre service and arrogant attitude. Allocate the 'Perjawatan' to the people from the states yang menyokong BN. Ini tak, asal masuk pejabat Gomen rasa macam dah sampai Kota Bahru.

9. Learn to read "The Arts of War". Lu sudah kena 3 daripada 12 prinsip yang ada dlm tu.

10. Jadi Melayu balik, toksah kemaruk nak jadi Cina. Lu sudah sunat, so diorang takkan boleh terima lu punya. Jangan kemaruk sangat nak tawan sana - sini. Lu bukan tahap Jeneral macam Tun Dr.M la, Tok Jib!

11. Tayangkan filem TANDA PUTERA. After all, Cinami sudah jadi la Tok Jib.Simpan la lu punya lip gloss dulu. Sekarang kasik kerja elok-elok.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

A somewhat decent analysis that misses out one important point.


Yes, it was Mahathir that contributed to BN's poor showing. If it wasn't for his silly statements & backing people like Ibrahim Ali & Perkasa, the urban voters and minorities would not have rejected BN this badly.

The blame also lies with Najib for allowing himself to bend to Mahathir's demands.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymas said...

Bam! Right on target. I whole-heartedly agree with all your points. DS Najib's consultants are weighing him down, just like Nik Aziz's in Kelantan. And he should stop pleasing unappreciative people, such a waste of time and effort. Just concentrate all resources in fortifying the loyalists.

Anonymous said...

i personally don't think that najib have the DNA to be tough and elected the right people in the right post. for a start you can see how defensive he is about keep on saying that UMNO is not a rasict party and he is a PM for all Malaysian. exactly the same statements by Pak Dol when he was in power. the only choice we, UMNO and UMNO supporters have is to pressure najib to step down. if not, it will be too late and let us be ready to be govern by DAP after GE14.

Anonymous said...

Salam bro,

What if Najib will not make much changes in the cabinet?

Anonymous said...

your article lost substance when you said PR ppl paying out money! for god's sake, they dont even have proper cars!

Anonymous said...

If Najib is dead serious to bring back the malay votes from PKR or PAS he should make all office holders declare their assets and cash every 6 months.

He must have a clean slate of new cabinet ministers.Many are "dead woods".

Anonymous said...

That is true too but is another story. A good book has chapters. Lets focus.

Anonymous said...

Itu lu kena tanya boss lu..... Duit banyak bro.... Tak sampai kat lu kena tanya pucuk pimpinanlah...

Anonymous said...

So, so true. Especially paragraph one.

Essentially, lets milk this no b£&!s dude for all its worth, smile and toss yee sang a few times. Then vote opposition anyway.

Everybody happy. Except no b£&!s dude.

Completely dellusional.

Anonymous said...

Off sikit lah bro. Mahathir despises Najib's so called 'strategies'. Tak percaya tanya Chedet sendiri. In fact, lagi tak percaya tanya Najib sendiri.

Anonymous said...

Case in point. Ahmad Maslan. 3 months to election. Never mind date was not yet announced. He should have known better. Mampus2 PROMOTE BUKU ROSMAH!!!

Inilah strategy dia. Share diary with everybody ( hey all! aku kerja keras!!), buat kursus, bodek bini boss. Or better pasang kaki within boss's inner circle untuk lobby dia, kuncu2 dia.

If that is not self-serving I don't know what is.

Ini strategy melayu kampung. Good for him, he won his kawasan.

So he should stay in his kawasan. Be a damn good MP. Make sure every eligible person is a registered voter. Every promise delivered and delivered WELL.

Hal-hal strategy ni serahlah at orang lain.

You are an asset to your kawasan. Maybe.

But a damn great liability to this country.

Anonymous said...

Siapa agaknya sudah kena beli?

Anonymous said...

Khairy is both the devil you know and the devil you don't know.

And most of all the devil nobody should have to know.

Anonymous said...

Ok. For those who feel that they have done humankind a huge favour by bringing in the votes for BN ie the Reezals, Azarinas, Khairys, Hishamuddins, congratulations. Now serve your constituencies well, be humble and present and genuine (if that is at all possible). Next GE you a genuine story to tell. Let's not hear the usual ' batang hidung tak pernah nampak' nak pilihanraya menyebuk dukung anak orang'.

The cabinet ministership better be left to people who understand real development issues. How to make it happen in 5 years (or less), zero political ambition (although 100% political acumen - many within and outside want to see you fail. So tread the political landmines carefully).

A cabinet ministership (or deputy ministership for that matter) is not a bonus link reward redemption programme.

Anonymous said...

Rats in Khazanah put their (once upon a time) fabled Bangsar cousins to shame. Pied piper needed. Urgently.

Anonymous said...

Almost three decades in politics and Najib still can't tell the difference. Makes one wonder.

A small oversight here and there I can understand. Maybe even forgive. But a complete misadventure is either complete and utterly stupid, or arrogant or both.

Anonymous said...

Keep an eye on Petronas. Sinister happenings at the highest levels. Note the plural.

Anonymous said...

The fact that 7 of his pol secs latt shahriman, shahlan, fatmi blah.... blah.... contested can only point out to these scenarios:

a) najib and co are so sure of their desirability that they actually thought that just by riding on the 'i'm with pm' ticket would ensure their victory.

b) that was their original ambition anyway - to be politicians. So they fed Najib with all the b£&l s*#t and Najib bought them wholesale at the cost of seven (7) seats. Seven (7) and then some.

c) there is a master saboteur in their midst.

A and B? B and C? A and C? All of the above?

Anonymous said...

1. 20 percent politician 80 percent technocrat in cabinet. Include a higher proportion of Sabahans and Sarawakians. Real professionals, not over-glamourised servants to political masters. Many, many of them around. None of those who plunder their own. Too many, too long.

2. The rest of the wakil rakyat go and serve the rakyat. Hands on. Its about time you realise what wakil rakyat means.

3. There must be younger reps in the government. The oppositions are targeting the present form fives - graduating class of 2013 - the next wave of voters. Their needs are paramount. Emotional, irrational, call them what you want. But their votes will count.

4. Wakil rakyat especially in Sabah and Sarawak must make real, visible, and genuine progress in their constituencies. Schools, bridges, roads what have you. Its been more than 50 years since independence then together forming Malaysia. You owe them.

Najib all eyes are on you.

Anonymous said...

Problem is MACC is an investigative body. To charge its all AG's chamber.

Anonymous said...

And no Zahid Hamidi. Please for love of (whoever's) god....

Anonymous said...

PKR banyK DUIT,next pru14 ramai kena beli....hahaha...

Kg Oren said...

Najib will apply safe n conservative approach. Doubt that he dares to really transform the cabinet n head of GLCs. He will stick with the old guns that backstabbed him unknown to him. If this materialised he may be the last BN PM.

Zaharuddin Abdullah said...

Good article bro. So sharp and right to the gutt. Najib should read ur article. But if he doesn't bye bye najib. I would like to add the candidates were not winnable at all. Najib hands are tied too. I don't know who is running the country. I think it's the Jala guy and the stupid generals.

Anonymous said...

Just stumbled upon your blog. Good insight and spilling the beans but I suspect for a sincere cause.

Keep it up brother.

Salam Dari melayu luar negara yg sayangkan Tanah Melayu.

Anonymous said...

Agree. Najib bends over too much to Mahathir... He needs to be his own man or this is just fantasising.. Mahathir's involvement is one of the biggest contributors to BN's dismal election results. A united chinese rejected him in total

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