Monday, May 13, 2013

"Sial Pak Lah masih tak hilang", said a Caller

Khairy and a Freemason-like altar in the background
Pak Lah's bad luck has still not dissipated.

That is one quote we wish to share from the many calls we received to comment on UMNO and BN's less than satisfactory general election results.

Since his resignation, we do not wish to dabble in him. He is a fallen leader, thus no need to humiliate him further. We responded to say, "Janganlah begitu. (Don't be like that). The past is the past."

And explained, "Do you know that I sat together with Pak Lah and Pakya Moron to chat before solat jenazah arwah Man Janggut at a Masjid in Taman Melati? And, on several occassions, I approached him in public to shake hand... orang tua. Kesian people ignore him."

The caller responded, "But you did not kiss his hand ..."

"Ooo .. please don't push your luck. I don't simply kiss anyone's hands."

That call came in because of Khairy's remark to offer himself to be in cabinet and blah blah blah ... which is nothing more other than a politician's word that is filled with caveats.

This boy really has no shame.


Prerogative to appoint cabinet is Najb;s but UMNO will bear the brunt in GE14
Couple of things are not consistent with Khairy's argument for cabinet position.

He said something about getting him appointed will help to gain more inroad with the youth or in political jinggo, Saloran 4 and 5. It only means Khairy failed in his task as full-time Pemuda UMNO Youth Chief to get the support of young and newly registered voters.

While opposition was going for University students and opinion leaders/activist among the youth, BN was going for the apolitical masses through fun carnivals. Most likely, this crowd hardly voted.

The Pro-Aspirasi group may have won many campus elections but as one recently awarded Dato Professor claimed "dia orang bayar."

Without asking him to elaborate and jumping to the conclusion there was vote buying, we can only deduce that students were paid campaigners like Pemuda UMNO out source the work to put up election campaign flag and posters to contractors.

Perkasa existed because Pemuda was meek and became hot-bed of neo liberal
It does not bring out the 'semangat' (spirit) out of the students like how dedicated the Pro-Mahasiswa that they dare to come out in the open to support the opposition.

What does Khairy's membership on the cabinet got to do with improving BN's image and performance with the youth?

Nurul Izzah, Tony Pua, Nik Nazmi, Anthony Loke, Shamsul Iskandar, Rafizi Ramli, and Hannah Yeoh, to name a few, could get youth support without being Ministers.

Furthermore, the youth have got sufficient representative like Dato Rosnah Sharlin (which we feel should be dropped), Dato Dr Wee Ka Siong (MCA Youth Chief), and Dato Fadillah (PBB Youth Chief).

Adding the non-performing and attitude KJ would not make any different. A better solution is for the youth to change it's Youth Chief.

Not too long ago, Khairy offered himself to not run for the 13th general election. How inconsistent can he be?

For that, we wish to remind Dato Najib or those assigned to pick candidates penalised  a former Minister from running in the latest general election for acing "jual mahal" for wanting a cabinet post. The replacement candidate was an incompetent campaigner, yet arrogant and should have 'bungkus.'

Many resident association refused his visit and it was the incumbent's initiative to secure millitary support that save the day. Allah is great because those who conspired against him lost or did badly.

If there are those out there still believe that Tan Sri Muhammad Muhammad Taib join PAS because he believe UMNO is a corrupt organisation, we are not going to ridicule naive political commentators.

Mat Taib was sulking. He wanted someone close to him to be considered for the post of Menteri Besar. The person was not even put as candidate.

These are but only two examples of how the party dealt with those who demanded for position in government were dealt with.

Khairy is repeating a demand he made to Dato Najib on many occasions and went to the extend to sabotage the party by crippling the Youth machinery and reduced them to contract campaign workers that work only upon getting prior payment.

Fine ... it could be just another feint move by a politician. In other words, they usually say as testing the market. It is similar to words of Hishamuddin moving to other place to run but finally he stayed put in Sembrong.

No Ketua Pemuda among first Malayan Ministerial Cabinet
Then we ask the point: Where in the UMNO Constitution and tradition says the Ketua Pemuda UMNO has to be a Minister?

In the most recent of times, Dato Suhaimi Kamaruddin and Dato Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi were not cabinet members. Proceed through the Pemuda UMNO and cabinet records, more often Ketua Pemuda UMNO are not cabinet members.

Quite sure there is no Ketua Pemuda UMNO in the first Tunku Abdul Rahman cabinet.

Pak Lah's manouvering

The man us retired but still has plans for his son-in-law
The power to appoint the cabinet members lies with the Prime Minister. It is his prerogative. However, since this is a process of politics, there will be those lobbying for position.

Here is the revolting part.

Before leaving, Dr Mahathir left two unfinished files for Pak Lah to deal with but he still appoint the two as cabinet members. Pak Lah has long resigned, but he doing cabinet lobby to Najib. 

There was a time that Pak Lah still wanted to run for MP of Kepala Batas if there is no one. How could we not have replacement to someone, who destroyed UMNO, BN component party, civil service, GLCs, and social fabric of this country?

Khairy's victim
Don't forget that much of the bump rap on Dato Hishamuddin for kissing the kris and later apologising was orchestrated by Khairy and his gang that controlled the Pemuda UMNO exco.

It was Khairy's doing that disunited UMNO in the 12th general election. We were on the ground when Khairy sent his men to sabotage Muhriz's campaign in Jerlun in 2008.

The widespread culture of sabotage in UMNO still persist till today.

There is more on the negative impact of Khairy's presence in UMNO. In 1999 when Malay voted in sympathy for Anwar, it was the Chinese that kept BN to retain it's two third majority.

Partly Malay rejection of Pak Lah and partly Chinese anger resulted in Pak Lah losing from 198 seats to 140 seats. The Chinese anger on the racial display by Khairy has not dissipated.

Yet Khairy and DAP backing Kalimullah are seeking Najib's resignation for losing only 7 more seats.

Pak Lah wanted Reezal as full Minister
Finally, Pak Lah spelled it out that he wanted Dato Reezal Merican to run.

Though the survey and ground reading does not favour Reezal, Najib had to relent to Pak Lah wishes. His men are still everywhere in cabinet, government, GLCs, etc. Many believed Pak Lah has allies in the opposition.

Thank god, Reezal won.

Despite having Pak Lah as incumbent, Reezal had to bring in PM or was it, DPM to campaign in Kepala Batas.

The story has not ended there.

Words are Pak Lah demanded that Khairy be given a position in the cabinet.

Not only that, he proposed a plan to circumvent the criticism against Khairy's appointment. Appoint Khairy as Deputy Minister of say Youth and Sports and Reezal to fill  Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yakcop's vacant position.

His argument for Reezal is that he can defend Khairy in cabinet.

Yeah ... sure. Didn't we say back then that Pak Lah only cares for his family?

And if there is truth that he wanted Reezal for that purpose, then he must be the same simpleton country bumpkin or he thinks we are too stupid to not know that he intend to protect his and Khairy's people still at high positions inside the GLCs that is messing up the country.

Nor Yakcop had two of his political secretary charged for corruption. Reezal was Nor Yakcop's political secretary when he was MoF II.

Peoples' choice
There will be those that will argue and claimed that Dr Mahathir pushed Najib to give the MB post to his son, Dato Mukhriz.

They didn't know that there was a comprehensive survey done by Universiti Utara Malaysia to test all the possible candidates for MB to enable BN to win back Kedah. Mukhriz's name is up there by miles over others. 

Just as his political career, Mukhriz's MBship will not be a fairy tales romance.

He has to build up his allies among the 21 ADUNs. Khairy's was instrumental in denying him to run for Kuah state assembly seat and stayed on in Jerlun.

Mukhriz inherited a state with RM1.3 billion debt from PAS's Dato Azizan. He has to rebuild the economy of Kedah from practically ground zero.

One source warned that he better be careful with his moves or he will face problems by his 3rd month If Kelantan is known for cah keting, Kedah's version is far more swift and deadlier.

Not the time yet
To make things more interesting, another of his crony, MP for Kota Belud, Dato Abdul Rahman Dahlan is also lobbying hard for a cabinet position.

Rahman may have won with a huge margin but he shouldn't be too sure of himself. He won because of BN ticket and great strategy of Dato Musa Aman.

It shows because Dato Lajim Ukin lost his parliamentary Beuford seat and Bumburiang lost in Tuaran.

He is not really well received by the local Kota Belud as is seen to spend more time in Kuala Lumpur. His wife, who happen to be our cousin's sister-in-law, cannot adapt to the simple life and folk of Kota Belud.

Prior to general election, he was planning to move to the secure seat of Sepanggar.
Rahman Dahlan is useful as backbencher. His blog is an informative source for pro-UMNO bloggers to rebut the opposition. The truth is he is not the writer but paid someone. He is a credible backbencher because of materials prepared and provided by Khairy.

It means that his ability is limited. Not the time yet.

If he joins cabinet, his loyalty is not to Dato Najib or Sabah and Musa Aman but to Khairy. 

Some may argue that there are others who were pro-Khairy during the time of Pak Lah and almost everyone was going with the time. For instance, there are Zahid Hamidi, Shaziman and many more.

There were already their own long before Khairy appeared and flaunt himself arrogantly in the scene.

Don't ever think that Khairy has learned anything about humility, comradeship, and such. The young spoilt Brit brat was only hiding his claws.

On many occasions in his Twitters, it sprung out to expose his vindictiveness. When shaking hands with political friends and foes in UMNO, his body language tells.

Chances are Khairy will likely be appointed.

The propaganda machine can argue and give all sort of reasoning but UMNO will bear the consequences of having a tainted face as it's public figure.

The youth hates corruption because it denied them opportunity in education, work and business. Khairy has yet to answer our 13 questions on ECM Libra-Avenue merger..


Anonymous said...

Now any student of micro analysis of personal behaviour, this can and cannot be a good case study

Anonymous said...

Kalau benarlah perkara ini masih berlaku dalam umno, bagaimana ia akan bertahan untuk PRU 14 nanti? Bagaimana nak pertahankan kesatuan Melayu yang semakin rapuh?

Ke mana pergi pejuang bangsa yang tulen? Apakah nasib bangsa melayu akan datang? Sia sia lah perjuangan orang Melayu dahulu dalam mempertahankan agama, negara dan bangsa.

Perosak bangsa, mereka ini juga boleh kita katakan sebagai orang yang tidak pandai berterima kasih dan tidak mengenang budi.

Anonymous said...

let najib do the for you,thank for your concern,as malaysian we're to respect whatever the outcome especially from pm najib

Amir Dina said...

This is a classic UMNO syndrome. Nobody cleverer then me can be nominated.

Don't you see this is the most single reason on why most professional shy away from UMNO?

Although he got many other shortcoming but he is a willing and skillful debator. And from my point of view, he is the only person who are willing to take up 'debates' and unlike the so called information minister, who manage to screw something up whenever he opens his mouth. The debates are watched by majority of young professionals, and whole lot of 'good' coming from this. We also know that Najib has limited oratory skill thus try to debate is out of question.

Although many like to put him as Youth Minister or Deputy Youth Minister, I will like to propose that he is put as Information Deputy/Minister as someone need to find ways and mean to put the right information to the rakyat.

Anonymous said...

UMNO will be a sinking ship in PZRU 14 if KJ, RM (REEZAL MERICAN) and Rahman Dahlan are in the cabinet post...Najib, believe me...these moron will never learn. i hope you do...

Anonymous said...

sudah2 la. Kj deserves to be in najib's cabinet. Cerita2 lama ni buat orang muda meluat. Kj is capable and he won decisively. He even stood up against nuar jubo in parlimen. Bloger pro bn pun jangan bunoh orang bn sendiri. Ini yg blogger fuckatan tak buat yakni tembak orang sendiri.

Anonymous said...

Khairy is teh cleverer person?

Yes he is clever, in talking and blundering the nation wealth. Najib can appoint him, but be ready to loose the support of the truly UMNO followers. We can be called Macai, we dont mind being called racist but having Khairy as a leader is a disgrace. If this happen, be ready to face the wrought of the real Rakyat, the silent voters!!

Sustainable Living Institute (SAVE) said...

Dolah (with Kalimullah) was trying to further self-interest out of the SIL youthful exuberance (but lack wisdom) but landed themselves into controversy early. Touting to be made the youngest PM was arrogance at its worse. Apparently KJ is a flip-flop when when power beckons. He may be able to talk but talk is cheap. What is more important is wisdom.

Dolah, on his own yardstick said Najib is still the best for PM. Hence said, Najib deemly owed him a favour. Najib being at low ebb after PRU13 thus timely to be cornered with a proposition. What's for KJ? And Najib is Dolah's pact to ensure continuance of past dealings.

We want clean govt said...

As someone willing to debate, KJ is suited as backbencher. It does not mean he is suitable as Minister.

What has he shown in minor roles as ketua puda and chairman of PUNB to warrant be given bigger role as Minister?

Umno must beclean n seento be clean.KJ is tainted and corrupt. No onebelieve he isnot corrupt.

Will thathelp UMNO? No.

Anonymous said...

Mudah saja. Kalu perlantikkan ini terjadi, akan aku hukum Umno/BN dalam PRU14. Anda sudah hilang satu undi utk parlimen dan dun.

Banzai said...

I don't deny that Khairy can be more resourceful and smarter than lots of these UMNO guys, but as you say he is full with vengeance, malice, bull-shit and "busuk hati".

At this juncture, Najib would need to have all the support from the UMNO heavy weights, especially Tun Mahathir, to carry forward his next agenda.

If Najib proceed without the subtle consent from Tun, he will be courting trouble as Tun might tilt his support for Mahyuddin and comes the next UMNO election, that is where everything counts, whether he still got enough grassroots support.

As for Pak Lah, Najib would care less as he is non-factor. If Pak Lah is still a key player, Najib would have invited him to campaign during the recent GE.

My wish....Najib, please don't let us revisit the nightmare we went thru during Pak Lah know-nothing era again.

Anonymous said...

What happened in 2008 was that there were members who were willing to go as far as voted for the enemies just because they thought they had solid reason to do that. And now the same people who went against its own party in 2008 are claiming the right to sit on the King Maker's position?

NGO Melayu said...

UMNO perlu di kuasai oleh NGO Melayu. UMNO didirikan oleh 55 NGO Melayu jadi ini bukan perkara baru. Setelah NGO Melayu bersatu, puak India seperti Mahathir, Subahan Kamal, Zambry Kadir, Reezal Merican, Khairy Jamaludin telah menggunakan UMNO untuk kekayaan mereka.

Vehicle utama mereka adalah NST dan Malay Mail di mana secara tradisi terdapat ramai penulis dari India.

Mereka ini yag mereka dongeng untuk menaikan Kalimulahh hingga kaya raya, Tony Fernandes, Anand Krishnan,Munir Majid, BAshir Ahmad semua menjaga projek dan syarikat berbilion.

Orang Melayu dan NGO melayu terpinggir kerana tidak sedar perana freemason India di dalam UMNO.

Syed Mohktar yang hanya kelulusan SPM dikatakan mewakili orang Melayu dan diberi lesen macam macam oleh Mahathir.

NST ini termasuk Berita Harian dan Utusan. Berita kalot mengenai wakil india seperti Azeez Rahim akan diperbesarkan.

Bagaimana orang peranakan India seperti Zambry dan Mukhriz boleh jadi MB negeri? Melayu.

Subahan Kamal juga di calonkan sebagai MB selangor. Tuhan masih sayangkan orang Melayu Subahan Kamal terkubur di PRU13.

Anonymous said...

Problems with many of us Malays are: (1) mudah lupa (dah lupa ke with KJ's money politics, ECM-Libra, etc., etc.... by their fruits we shall know them?);
(2) Instant mentality - instant millionaires, instant noodles, etc... tak kan tak ada candidates Melayu yang setaraf dgn KJ tapi have cleaner image & more substance vs just sales gimmick? Usaha lah sikit, jangan nak senang amik muka KJ saja... ingat dia saja ke yang qualified? He did his salesmanship well, but his substance...? People yang abused his position as SIL of the PM should never be bagi muka...

Tak tahulah those yang pileh dia kat Rombau.. maybe I'm wrong, maybe people kat Rombau know better... only time will tell... problem is, by GE14 it could well be too late to learn...

Anonymous said...

KJ for DPM post !!

Anak jati Johor said...

Ini kisah tempat saya ngundi.

2004, melambak bebudak perempuan pakai baju pink. Bebudak lelaki ramai sebab nak berkenalan, agaknya.

2008 - pemuda pemudi mula berkenan kat MP baru dan comel kat Lembah Pantai tu. Sama muda, sama pikiran, tak gitu caranya?

2013 - satu baju pink pun tak nampak. Bebudak lelaki adalah sikit sebab dibayar untuk jadi drebar.

Kat tempat PAS, bukan aja bebudak muda, babies pun ada main kibar-kibar bendera. Kat tempat DAP, kita semua tahu lah.

So, how? Tak kanlah masih nak minta tolong makcik pakcik, terutama kat kampung tu di PRU14?

Anonymous said...

Bri pandangan tak ada salahnya. Memaksa Pm terima pandangan adalah lebih sudu dari kuah.

Bri pandangan untuk sengaja tutup ruang dan peluang pihak rakan adalah mencerminkan kebusukan hati.

Tutup ruang & peluang rakan kerana pihak rakan adalah batu penghalang untuk diri sendiri naik keatas, bukan saja busuk hatinya malah dalam diam-diam ubi isinya adalah pemusnahan.

Anonymous said...

Ramai kawan2 menantu Dol kat sini.

entah ler said...

kj 3 times dangerous compare to dsai

Anonymous said...

Since Mr Brick uses his experiences with his saudara mara to back his arguments on some individuals i will also do the same here.

My sedara mara at REMBAU admitted that 2-3 days before the PRU13 election days Kjee had bring down with him some berguni-guni duit to bribe the Rembauians to vote him. He knows he can win at Rembau but winning its not enuff for him, he wants to win BIG. Why?? Because he wants to use this to show to the whole world that he is fitting to be in the cabinet. And mind you, his followers are already pushing him to be elected as KDN Minister at FB and elsewhere.

My sedara mara at Rembau admitted that they themselves had pocketed more than 1k to themselves from the guni money.

Kjee paid students to vote for Aspirasi. Kjee paid pemuda Umno to vote for him and Kjee paid the Rembauians to vote for him.

He is a dirty paymaster. Not a cabinet minister!

I hate UMNO for letting this type of deceptive human being continue making it big in UMNO and for letting morons to run the GLCs.

Bye-bye UMNO.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
PWTC said...

Nothing good comes out of him...Just let him jaga Rembau.Kj and Anwar answers to the same Boss...This is not about busuk hati to him but he is so busuk that the stench is so unbearable.

Tan Malaka said...

KJ is plan B to anwar.

Anonymous said...

KJ sial knows how to make $ from govt position. The shoddy construction work of istana negara reflects his ultimate greediness. Contractors swore that they were sqeezed so much by KJ that they hv to use matrls fit for terrace houses for istana negara. Reject KJ, we know he will be up to no good.Give others a chance.

Anonymous said...

My take on this..

KJ is the new 'anuwar'. The west's anointed proxy to influence Malaysia's policies.

His machiavellian masters however were convinced by anuwar that he (anuwar) is still relevant to them, and to back anuwar in his last ditch effort to win the premiership.

Now that anuwar is slowly getting irrelevant to his masters main objective, which is to subvert Malaysia from within the government, KJ sees an opening to promote himself.

If KJ is accepted by them we could see their support to anuwar wane. This threatens anuwar's own existence literally and he would fight tooth and nail no doubt.

On our hand, we have an opportunity to 'bend over' or subvert KJ first before promoting him. He could be our 'double agent'. Shielding us from their total intervention whilst playing the devil's advocate to put others on check.

Anonymous said...

Seems that cacai PR pun takut dgn KJ ye...
Anyway my idea is to let him be Minister and monitor him closely. As easy it would be for Najib to appoint him as easy it would be to sack him..:)

Man said...

PM thinks by appointing KJ to minister post, he can have KJ's faction to support him? Not only grassroot supporters will dessert UMNO, but the KJ gang too will fast tract Najib's ungraceful exit from PM post.

As a leader, Najib must be brave to make unpopular decision. He cannot hide behind curtain anymore. For once, please act like Tun Mahathir. Either you are with me or against me.

A Voice said...


Bad language

Anonymous said...

I used not to like KJ and Pak Lah previously...but I think at this moment, UMNO and Najib still needs KJ...give him a him far, he is among the handful young malay politician who can speak his mind...we know there are many brainy young malay out there..but where are they??? Let's our PM do his best job to supervise his people including KJ...Hidup UMNO!

banggoi petai said...

aku lg mudah. . tak lantik KJ jadi UMNO hilang 2 undi parlimen dgn dun. . ada berani Najib ??

Unknown said...

If KJ is in the Cabinet, then UMNO and BN can stop their campaigning for GE14. Better still, retired. Dah takde future dah. Kalau KJ tu capable, dah banyak dah golongan muda vote for BN. Jangan sampai Barisan Nasional jadi Bodo Najib in GE14, as it had become Bangla Nation in GE13, due to 'a very relax' attitude of our Information Minister and Ketua Penerangan to response to PR allegation. Right or wrong, the label stick!

Anonymous said...

he who said bye-bye is the one who had left the ship before this and it was done not for good reason but rather similar to what MM has been doing in help the opponent win the battle...once that is accomplished, there is high hope that the ship master would one day welcome him aboard again? sound familiar isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Anwar raising?

Too many parallel to ignore.


Anonymous said...

Since a few share their personal experience, I have mine too.

During PRU12, the situation of Umno in Kedah was somewhat chaotic. After looking at the list of candidates announced by Pak Lah, there were much dissatisfaction among Umno root leaders. The candidate for our local parliamentary seat for instance was unfavored by the rakyat, and in the neighbourhood parliament, they were surprised to see the candidates were switched to another parliamentary seat without any notification, even for the candidates themselves. There were talks about how Pak Lah was asked about the matter (or regarding the GE) and the reply received from pak Lah was 'let me asked Khairy first'. Umno then proceeded to having lost the three seats and Kedah altogether.

I mostly agree with the author's opinion on Khairy. He was known to have large influence on Pak Lah's decision and his Pemuda seems to be a useless entity in Umno, and was called 'gangster' friendly organisation with no Islamic trace at all. And most of us here the Kedahans Umno members welcome Dato Mukhriz with open hands, Tun doesn't need to push Najib to appoint him to be honest. We like him not solely for his father, but for his clean and modest personality, traits that are quite rare among the youth leaders. I believe, if he were to have Khairy's infamous reputation, the people of Kedah would not have the heart to accept him as our MB even he's Tun's son.

However, it's all in Najib's (and Allah's) hand. May Allah gives us the best and protect this nation.

Anonymous said...

Your Article Clearly Describe the State of Affairs in UMNO...

That of Self Immolation based on Personal Agendas. Above it All is Najib the Meek. Practising his Politics of Expediency which got him into trouble in the First Place. With this New Cabinet of trying to please Pak Lah's Followers and Mahathir's Followers whilst his own Team Fell Like Ten Pins in GE13. If not handled properly, his current cabinet will give birth to his future demise which will be spelt out in the next GE.

Joe Black

q0l0p said...

Salam. U Wrong. Reezal WAS NEVER appointed as Pol. Sec. to Mohammed Noor Yakoob (Finance Minister II) as I read it twice in ur articles. Reezal was Pol. Sec. to Finance Minister I (Abdullah AB).

Anonymous said...

Quote Dr. M: Do what you supposed to do but don't get caught. (1998)

Quote Anwar: If I fall I shall bring you all down.

Sejarah Kesultanan Melayu Melaka jatuh ketangan Portugis adalah sebab Seorang India jadi talibarut dan buka pintu belakang

Reezal Naina Ada Check
Azeez Abdul Rahim Ada check

Khairi Jamaluddin

Jatuh ke:

Anwar Ibrahim

banggoi petai said...

mahatathir 10 kali busuk hati dari smua pemimpin UMNO yg ada hari ini. sikap busuk hati beliau bermula dari zaman Tunku Abd Rahman sampailah sekarang. . ada orang ambil peduli? ?

Anonymous said...

Mister Pink Floyd;

Wahid diam diam kat Maybank ditarik ke jpm. yang ganti dia orang sama: the more you kutuk mister Pink Floyd; The same merry go round people sit on the bench. tengku Zafrul shall take over wahid. How easy Malaysian market.

Break down the wall (wall orang Melayu)

Anonymous said...

Kalau tun m busuk kau dan lain2 tak dapat menulis seperti yg kau menulis sekarang. Petai busuk nabi muhd saw tak suka jgn masuk masjid

Anonymous said...

Betul 7.13. Punya ribuan pemuda2 melayu takan tiada sorang pon yg boleh d tonjolkan. Y him? Nampak sangat laa.

Anonymous said...

;-) sack him he will create havoc just like ai did.
He is ai in the making.

Anonymous said...

KJ is doing well so far,others sleeping on the job


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