Monday, July 25, 2016

MO1 is Najib, but "Sheikh" Jho Loh looks guilty

Judging from the feedback of commentators in this blog and social media, it is undeniable that "Malaysian Official 1" is Dato Najib.

The debate is no more about whether he is MO1. It should be more whether he had done something wrong or not. If he did, then he has to go and face the music. That has to be done by the process of law because Najib is not named to have his asset forfeited.

It is only the assets of Jho Loh, Riza Aziz, Khadem Al Qudaisi and Mohamed Al Hussainy are mentioned by the complainant. The filing by US Attorney General on behalf of the Department of Justice (DOJ) to the court is based on complains made by a certain party.

If the certain party has the "muscle" to lobby and get heard, DOJ will do so. The much discussed possible complainants are Dato Khairuddin Abu Hassan and maybe Clare Rewcastle Brown of Sarawak Report.

Both are politically interested parties to topple Najib on behalf of Tun Dr Mahathir.

This need to be established first and the accusation and judgement of guilt need a basis. The only fair approach is the court of law and not the court of public opinion.

Quite a few reaction have been negative when it is known that Mahathir used foreign "power" to topple Najib. Off course, he has his moral argument and justified by allegation that Najib interfered in the investigation.

Political interest and motivation cannot be the basis. Anger or hate towards Rosmah or Nazir or GST or BR1M or Omar Ong or the one directing murder of Altantunya cannot be the determinant. Excitement from the murder of Altantunya and allegation of corruption on purchase of submarine later died off.

The basis has to be on the basis of law. According to US filing to the court, MO1 is not a defendant. Maybe later when there is criminal charges laid out but thus far, they admitted FBI is still investigating:

So we will analyse what have been revealed and tell it as it is and according to what we know.

Thus far, nothing solid and indisputable to claim MO1 as a criminally guilty party unless it can be proven that he is in the know of all the hanky panky money flow going all over the world or we missed something.

At the moment, all info points to the Arab-speaking and Middle East well- connected Fai Chai "from Penang, Sheikh" Taek "El" Jho Loh. Even Tan Sri Abu Kassim was giving hint.

Money trail

When the 1MDB issue first erupted, the name of this slant eyed Sheikh have been bandied around in the open. He was claimed to be the Adviser of 1MDB. After much denial, it became known that Sheikh Jho Loh was the former Adviser of 1MDB when it was known as TIA. This blog did wrote that Jho Loh was the originator and adviser of TIA.

He was introduced to the Sultan of Terengganu by the Sultan's brother-in-law *Dato Aziz Akhir. Eventually TIA was established with Yayasan Terengganu (under Sultan's auspices), MB Inc (under MB Dato Ahmad Said) and Federal Government holding 51%.

* correction

The Terengganu side did not work out and Federal Government had to takeover. It is a possible reason as to why Mat Said had to go.

Jho Loh's role was said to be as adviser for the Arab side. Initially, it was for the Saudi in putting together the Petrosaudi deal and the channeling of money to Good Star became an issue. The dispute is whether Good Star belonged to Jho Loh or JV company.

If it belongs to Jho Loh, it is trouble for Najib because Good Star had indulge in the following, as circulating in the social media:

This blog did wrote of Sheikh Jho Loh associate, Tan Kim Loong, remember?

If Good Star is owned by the Petrosaudi - 1MDB JV, no issue for now and further investigation needed. From the info gathered from many sources, Jho Loh and Shahrol has a hand in the money flow and FBI got proofs.

Najib is MO1 is not so because it was described that he was relative of Riza Aziz, or high-ranking Malaysian government official or authority in 1MDB or "public official" as defined for the U.S. Code § 201 - Bribery of public officials and witnesses in this Cornell University website here, and Section 21 of the Malaysian Penal Code. definition for public servant.

The most telling and undisputed fact is that the Department of Justice (DOJ) document described money flowing into his account.

Lim Sian See argued that the MO1 designation may not mean anything:
Although most PAKATUN people are well aware the FBI meant to say MALAYSIAN OFFICIAL 1 is PM Najib and various news agencies and opposition leaders have said the same, some people are saying that the FBI is refusing to explicitly name Najib due to 'diplomatic considerations".

Essentially these PAKATUN are saying that the FBI does not want to name Najib in the suit even though he is guilty because of diplomatic concerns.

I guess it must be the same "diplomatic consideration that these other people, among others, are also not explicitly named.

1MDB’s Chief Financial Officer
Hollywood Actor 1
LOW EMI Partner
Goldman Managing Director
Chairman of IPIC

The reason why  MALAYSIAN OFFICIAL 1 is not named is the same as why those other people are not named:

Because they are not the subjects of the suit.

Is that so hard to understand?
One source from PJ was quite convinced Najib is guilty and committed fraud because for more than a year the PJ source claimed Najib was in the know. We are not selective in our info, take what we like and discard what we do not. All is taken into account.

If it could be established in court, then he is gone. Can it be proven easily? That has to be left to the ability of lawyers arguing the case in court eventually.

If Najib only gave the go ahead to remit the money as in accordance to the agreement with the Arab into a JV account and all documents does not show Good Star does not belong to Jho Loh at the time of remittance, he is not responsible for the looping flow of money all over the place.

Sarawak Report only showed the certificate of incorporation that contains mush detail but Clare superimpsed Jho Loh's face. Maybe she has more or maybe she faked. Clare had faked pictures and documents during her assault on Pehin Seri Taib Mahmud as assisted suspiciously assisted by one of Taib's nephew.. 

Same with the case of money to be channeled into Aabar Investment PJS but was requested by IPIC to be channeled to the BVI company.  It was revealed that the BVI company was legit:

Read in the explanation on Wikipedia here. If this fake, the argument is faulty. So take it with a grain of salt or sambal belacan.

Again, whatever happen after that with the money need to be proven in court that Najib knows of this fund flow:

This is a new revised edition of accusation to the earlier one in 2014-2015 that looked like below:

The allegation was not established bbut they were going all over town with it. Do not blame those like yours truly who is too familiar with SR and Bani Israel-owned media like WSJ to be wary and skeptical to their propaganda, especially when the spin can be spotted.

If we use The Edge's latest chart, something can be clearly seen:

Najib the Prime Minister should know that the agreed flow of money for 1MDB's JV and Bond issue, but Najib may not know or not have control over where Sheikh Jho Loh decided for the Arab (allegedly), first CEO Sharol agreed to cooperate with Jho Loh and there are others together on this.

So please do not be so  had on our AG:

So far the hanky panky did not occur in Malaysia and the books of 1MDB but off-shore and when it was allegedly under the control and distribution by Sheikh Jho Loh.

Why do we so easily think lowly of our own people but think highly of orang putih or in this case, AG orang hitam Amerika? Read this posting by this blog here.


Off course, then comes the question of donation received by MO1. The original USD681 million have long been disputed to be donation by Saudi Arabia prince and confirmed by the official Saudi Foreign Minister.

How are we to dispute unless there are proofs to show the Minister lied?

There is a pertinent question that need be raised: Is it wrong to receive donation? Is there law in Malaysia that forebid receiving political donation?

If it is wrong, then these buggers below are wrong too:

Including some opposition political parties too:

We know PAS was getting money from Middle East then. Hint hint ...using PLC as conduit. 

Problem is it is not legally wrong and there is no law forbidding it. However, we agree with our PJ source that it is wrong as in ethically wrong. Problem is everybody does it, not just political party but even NGOs and other entities, so we can't bull about right or wrong.

People were upset with Shaberry Cheek's statement but almost all the financial scandal done by Mahathir and those scandals are tied to political funding.

It was obvious that Mahathir's immediate reaction towards Chinese purchase of Edra is tied to his IPP cronies and funding for his new political party. He had always been pro-China even during the time they were staunchly communist. Since when was he ever pro-American to suddenly turned anti-China?

We need to heed what Hadi said:

Let the due process takes its course.

Jangan percaya sangat dengan orang asing.

In the meanwhile, that is why this blog had advocated and agreed with MACC's Abu Kassim that political financing must be legislated. Cut the stupid psywar of having so many posters and banners. It is costly!

There is a US election on-going but there is hardly much posters and banners in town. All done via media so same should  be emulated to make media accessible, fair and ethical. Saw it happening with the local newspaper in the recent Sarawak state election.

Some joker were saying Najib contributed to Hillary's campaign fund to save his neck. One lawyer friend forward it without figuring out the logic.

Political funding is so transparent in US that the record is open for public scrutiny so it will soon appear and be made known. Everyone knows how much Zionist lobbyist AIPAC fund campaign. Hillary is not stupid to touch any money from hot Malaysia.

Much of the ill and economic injustice to the rakyat particularly to the Melayu and more to the people of Sabah and Sarawak during Mahathir's administration was due to political funding. Bumiputera share allocation was hijacked to cover up a financial boo boo.

We used to be in the market for many of Mahathir era general elections and understand how the MO was. It is an open secret then, in which Syed Saddiq was not even the tadpole in his dad's sperm to be able to understand. 


drMpower said...

The donation issue is potential make or break thing, particularly when the public was told so many versions of it. And DoJ version to add into mix. But then to think of it again, the issue never about donation whether legal or not. We are not talking but that does happen, the donation.

It is donation then why keep it secret until a - as u say it - bani israel explode with this money in private bank account. I dont have to remind you the jokes by one by one ministers - and then UMNO members - on defending this donation thing. First it was for the party to defeat Others and remain as government, then the story turned into defeating IS. How many versions also people lost already. So when too much of bulls, not only public lost interest and belief, but also UMNO members in large. And the biggest joke of them all was, the donation was GIVEN BACK for it wasnt fully utilised! Good lord. Did u honestly fall for that?

Where we are going with this? The longer this goes the worse it will get for the current administration. The election has to be held either bg next year or the yeat after. And with rooms and spaces are fast diminishing, i figure if this isnt settle then he will be cornered. And history shows that the end result isnt pretty at all.

I sense that you've backtracked on this. Too hot to handle? Perhaps sometime ago, u shud have let it go. Abdullah was done for much lesser than this, if u remember.

Anonymous said...

My god where is jho low now dear sir? I wanna hear from the horse mouth himself? R u framing him now? Dont u think he can make a deal with doj reducing what ever sentence after this to prove he is not alone to klepet oh dear all you

Anonymous said...

Maybe you couldn't care to read the 136 pager 1MDB Filing by the AG under the KAR Initiatives. Let me make your life easier, there is a mention on the Filing that Good Star was indeed own by Jho Low. And if you also care to read the PAC report where Hassan ommitted the fact that Good Star belong to an individual, together with 2 letters from Bank Negara acknowledging the fact that Good Star (through investigation of their counterparts in 2 countries) was owned by Jho Low.

The biggest mistake a white collar criminal can do is to leave his paper trail everywhere. Despite the complex round robin transaction of money, international investigators usually will find a way to get the money trail detected. Jho Low seems to be a careless person. A fat smug.

Even if all the UMNO people try to blame Jho Low or even Rosmah's Riza to get Najib off the hook, please read how FBI and DOJ managed to get Sepp Blater and the rest of corupted FIFA officials through one of their cohort, the American Mr Blazer. For all you know, Jho Low might already be on their side, making deals, getting wired and gives evidences to get Najib/Rosmah to the floor. And don't count the former IPIC and Abbar CEOs to not talk. This Arab will blurted all as long as they are not implicated. But the real prosecution, suprise, suprise will not be from the USA.

Najib days are numbered. A lot of people will go down with him.

Unknown said...

Well didn't the Americans said Iraq has got WMD? They didn't give a damn about all the collateral damages just to dethrone Saddam. And didn't Iraq is now paying back to the Americans for all the war expenses through its very own resources? Is it not money laundering and robbery? Oh.. that they said is a politically correct thing to do, yea.

Anonymous said...

before: there were so many failures and misappropriations but the retired MO1 got off scot-free

now: there seemingly only one failure but MO1 has been caught with his pants down.

Anonymous said...

My my....what does it matter whether someone was or was not a tadpole in his dad's sperm when you and the likes of you were doing whatever that is you claim to have done. In fact i dont think anyone gives a damn of what all of you old donkeys were up to then. What matters is what the hell is going on now. So anyone and everyone will question the wrongs. Dulu kata tak de sebarang kesalahan. Lepas tu kata mismanagement. Then kata tiada duit dlm akaun. Lepas tu kata ianya donation. Sekarang nak cakap apa plak? Semuanya kerja budak Cina tu? Kalau mmg betul seorang budak Cina dah boleh menipu kerajaan...apa guna pegang jawatan lagi. Resign je la.

Anonymous said...

let say you said above regarding mo1 true, Najib doesn't know anything.. Then make it simple
1.Why no police report against jho loh taek by MOF, pmo etc?
2.Why no any action by police to faster their investigation and bring jho low taek back to Malaysia?

another things if i were cheated like what jho loh taek done, i swear i will cari dia sampai lubang cacing but what mo1 do?

Anonymous said...

Should have invested in camel money trail.
Abt the confirmation fr the Saudi foreign minister, he confirmed nothing other than replied I was aware bla bls bla...
The other Saudi minister during PC with Nazri Aziz said it very clearly it wasn't fr them.

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