Thursday, December 15, 2016

Ex-Protasco Directors charged based on fake evidence?

Thought the Protasco case of 2014 was a lost cause.

It was reported in July 2016 that the ex-Directors of Protasco, Datuk Ooi Kock Aun, 49, and Datuk Tey Por Yee, 40 were charged for failing to disclose their interest in their deal involving Protasco. [read The Star here].

Despite an attempt to put an injuction on the EGM from voting, Tey was ousted in late 2014. He subsequently sold his shares in the construction company much talked about for securing the privatisation of JKR road maintenance and having high VO. [read MMO and The Star here, here and here].

However, there was a yummy surprise.

A blog by the name of Borneostreetnews alerted their presence in the commentary. One of the posting claimed the duo Ooi and Tey were charged using fake evidence [read here].

This is serious allegation made towards registrar, SC, police and prosecutor. Were they in collusion with Protasco major shareholder, Dato Chong?

There were several postings exposing the alleged lies perpatrated by Prostasco [read here, here and here].   

On the political scene, making allegations based on fake evidence is abound. 1MDB is seeking far from finality to determine whether the political allegation based on corporate legal matter is not fake. And this is ccorporate legal matter allegedly based on fake evidence. Malaysia boleh!

Game ain't over till the fat lady sing. Still makes no sense to spend RM97 million to cheat for RM50 million

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Anonymous said...

Talk about Chong Ket Pen who cheated Ooi Kock Aun and Tey Por Yee?

Malays are being fooled to take peanut salaries while this Chong acted as owner and rob from real owners.

Here is juicy protasco staff leak

Here is crunchy ex protasco staff leak

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