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New King and the many events to end the year

Yesterday, December 13th 2016 was the installation of the Kelantan Sultan, DYMM Sultan Muhammad V as the new Seri Paduka Baginda Yang Di Pertuan Agong.

It marked a momentous end for the second reign of Almu'tasimu Billahi Muhibbuddin Tuanku Alhaj Abdul Halim Muazzam Shah as the 14th King. It is both historical and a unique event to many Malaysians' lifetime.

His departure was a touching moment to many.

There are those that hoped the Sultan of Pahang will be reinstalled again as Agong to repeat another moment in Malaysian history.

The Council of Malay Rulers decided to repeat the same sequence that installed Sultan Yahya Petra of Kelantan after the same Sultan of Kedah in September 1979.

The installation of Sultan of Kelantan as the new King started out with a little mixed-up which ended up becoming a controversy. Tun Dr Mahathir and Tun Dr Siti Hasmah was wrongly invited and had their invitation withdrawn.

Joceline Tan saw it as the past catching up on the present [read here.] It drew criticism from both the Tun and his excessively wala' followers to blame the palace retraction on Dato Najib.

One Facebooker follower, now with PKR, went to the extent of doing a cyber prank.

And, The Star made an embarrassing mistake which could be politically misinterpreted towards MCA.

The new Agong is seldom seen as being quite informal and warm in his moments with the rakyat . Yesterday, his majesty looked energetic and walked with a relatively fast pace upon his arrival at the Istana.

HSR and Bridge

Prime Minister Najib too was active and had an eventful day.

After the installation ceremony with the new King, he rushed to Putrajaya for the agreement signing between Malaysia and Singapore for the high speed rail project.

Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Abdul Rahman Dahlan and Singapore’s Minister for Transport Khaw Boon Wan signed on behalf of their respective government.

The project was seen as a game changer and would change relationship between the two countries. Najib said, "It will change the way we conduct business, the way people move and also lifestyles".

The historic signing of the bilateral agreement was made at the end of the Seventh Annual Leaders’ Retreat. And, the retreat may have achieved another momentous agreement.

Both side agreed to build a high bridge to link Malaysia and Singapore under the Johor Baru-Singapore Rait Transit System. It serve to reduce congestion at the causeway and cut travel time between the two cities by 90 minutes. [read Rakyat Post here].

That is better than having a curve bridge in the middle of the Straits of Tebrau. Being straight is always better than being crooked with hidden ill-intentions and ulterior motives. If it leads to the end of the causeway, it proves patience and diplomacy achieve more than confrontation and antagonism. 

If that is not enough train for the day, the promo for the first phase of the MRT line commenced yesterday. commented and announced the official opening of the 12 sttions between Sg Buloh to Damansara to be officially launched this Thurday.

PPBM cop out

Sorry to rub in the party with the person who envisioned the crooked bridge. Train rolls on ...

Another event believed to be a game changer in the political front was supposed to happen yesterday. Mahathir announced PPBM was to join Pakatan Harapan prior to the PH Convention on November 13. It was at the convention that he suggested PH emulate BN to run on a single logo and manifesto.

He made the customary critic of PAS as he used to as then PM. However, when it was told joining PH comes with a condition, PPBM postphoned the announcement. Tan Sri Muhyiddin was blamed for having cold feet.

They are supposed to sign and announce their membership of PH yesterday but it turned out to be just cooperation.

It is an open secret that Muhyiddin is in negotiation with PAS and his boys swear by the "holy" soil of Nik Aziz grave that the announcement is a matter of time. In spite of that, Mahathir attended the Annual Conventions of DAP and PAN to raise praises of DAP at the expense of MCA and made cynical remarks at PAS to make up their mind.

The PAS remark was a response to Tuan Ibrahim clarification that appearing with UMNO at the rally for Rohingya does not mean they are in coalition.

PAS subsequently gave an ultimatum with a clear message that lips that eat pork will not kiss them. Not exactly so, but PAS made it clear they will not be in coalition with those in cooperation with DAP and PAN.

They may have invited PKR and PPBM for their ceramah in Klang but PAS choice of alignment remains a question. They have been in bed with PKR in Selangor thus both DNAs are on the bedsheets as court evidence. Yet they claim to have no interest to join PH but will not allow easy win for BN in the event of a three-way fight.

Muhyiddin was asked of their negotiation but chose "to remain discrete and formal". But he did mentioned PPBM is asking for seats to contest. It made a pro-UMNO blogger commented, "Tak hebat la kalau kena jadi pengemis."
Yes, when it comes to the crucial matter of seat, where is the protun-claimed greatness of PPBM? What will their candidate list look like with Muhyiddin unsure between Pagoh or Muar and Mukhriz between Jerlun or Kubang Pasu or Langkawi?

Are they assured to deliver seats to the opposition pact of two alliances? Facebook and social media is one thing, but realpolitik is a game of faces and numbers.
PPBM is to hold their inaugral convention soon. Will PKR members be hired to fill up a stadium? No ... that is Shafie Apdal's MO.

Break for Boboi

And all is not lost for the anti Najib.

Anwar lost in his last bid for freedom. There is no merits in his 35 grounds appeal to the Court of Appeal decision. He goes back in and will be too old to return to politic upon his release and qualification to run.

Opposition cannot campaign for Anwar to be PM and if there is anyone to blame, it is little brother Anwar.

Muhyiddin as an option is back in play. Off course, Mahathir wants Mukhriz and RPK speculate DAP too is comfortable with Mukhriz as their puppet. If only DAP knows how stubborn he is ...

Sabotage charges

Yesterday, court ruled for Matthias Chang and Dato Khairuddin Abu Hassan to remain out on bail. Court of Appeal ruled their charges is not security offenses thus should not be held under SOSMA.

They are facing trial on the charge of attempting to sabotage the country’s banking and financial services under Section 124L of the Penal Code. [read The star here].

DOJ KARI charge 

Matthias and Dato Husam Musa withdrew their civil lawsuit in the US. There could be many hidden reasons but they said it is to wait and see the outcome of the DOJ KARI case. The fight is about to begin.

The first reported hearing of the California Court with regard to the Kleptocrasy case against Red Granite, Riza Aziz, Taek Jho Loh, and he other two Arab for December 12th produced the expected.

Taek Jho Loh family claimed the assets linked to him as their. They are seeking court permission in Cayman Island and New Zealand to change trustee. They applied to the US court to postphone hearing to January 23rd [read CNA here].

The move was rejected by the US Court [read Reuters and ST here and here, respectively].

It is the second such news reported on the DOJ Kleptocrasy case which was dubbed to be related to 1MDB. The first was court permission to Red Granite to separate out income from movie financed by source under investigation. Any seize and forfeit will not affect Red Granite and other movie production work.

Before DOJ case could get started, Jho Loh's name already surfaced in the trial in Singapore against BSI executive, Yeo Jiawei. The trial proves squeaky clean Singapore and it's banking system monitoring and control can be equally rotten.

JMD can recycle explanations with nasty headlines but it is NOT PROOF yet that Najib participated directly and is an accomplice to siphon money out of the 1MDB deals. At best, the protun can only argue is to do makan dedak character attack. The possibility Jho Loh allegedly acted on his own accord need be debunk and with proofs!
Will Jho Loh appear to defend himself in the US Court? 
 If he decide not to appear and put his case up, the enlisted assets will be seized and forfeited as criminal charges will be put together against him and his other accomplices or agents. 

His appearance will answer to the many allegations made that have become more political than legal or financial.
Will the evidence available with DOJ be admissable in court? Who are the witness to confirm ownership of the various documents?

Of academic interest, what is the rationale behind the deal structure put together by Jho Loh - to intentionally money launder or other legitimate reason?
Reported yesterday that Andre Xavier Justo is due to be granted pardon.
Is Justo's leaked documents true or adulterated? Who did he met to sell the illegal documents?
Should Jho Loh appear, he is likely to be apprehended for questioning by US authorities. He has been disappearing and whereabouts unknown. Heard to be in Taiwan and moving around in his luxury yatch. Last reported yatch seen off the shores of Hong Kong.

An eventful ending to 2016 and promising to be an exciting 2017.

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