Tuesday, June 13, 2017

How Sarawak Report was caught lying and Rafizi tried to spin SRC issue to Shafee Abdullah?

The SRC issue being spinned by Rafizi could not gain much attention lately except to the diehard. Simply, anything coming out of Rafizi's mouth is not believeable.

Although Rafizi's blocked website SPRM Insider released claimed investigation papers, MACC hardly blinked an eye. The claim is it is documents leaked by Dato Bahari in-cohoot with Tan Sri Abu Kassim and other Dato still in MACC.

Till they acknowledged it came from them, who would gave attention? Would they do so as it tantamounts to breachng OSA?

Maybe Rafizi is not interested to tell the truth but only spin to get public attention. Coming to an election, it is the number of votes that matter, not political correctness.

It only serve to reinforce the diehard, not necessary change election. It needs winning the big block of more scrutinising fence seaters!

What happenned was Sarawak Report wrote an article with regard to the death of Hussein Najadi and spinned it towards Tan Sri Shafee Abdullah.

  • Subsequently, Rafizi used it to spinned as though Shafee received RM9.5 illion legal fee from Najib. This is his proof:

We will not believe believe to such information coming from SR or Rafizi, but the gullible public could fell for it. If they ponder a little bit, they will realise that their 11 year old son could type the same one on a Microsoft Excell or any spreadsheet software.

So what happen is Rafizi is spreading words that they have the orignal but since it is OSA, they typed it and throw in some intended errors to circumvent the law in case kantoi.

Creative excuse but where is the credibility if he keep giving out the wrong facts as in the Florence Goh revelation?

It was part of the reason the SRC revelation lost momentum.

Then Rafizi claimed Shafee was getting legal fees for Anwar case. Bar Council jumped in out of vengence for having sued by Shafee and lost at Federal court. There was a chorus of pom pom girls demaanding Shafee to answer.

Yo idiots! Shafee cannot answer because he will be revealing on lawyer-client privilage information. If he does talk, Bar Council will jump on him.

Do not quite understand why they made the following statement:

If it is RM9.5 million, it is no big deal. Queen Counsel from England get paid more for work here. One local legal firm get paid significantly more for just giving a legal opinion which is still subjective. Shafee produce results in court. He seldom lose ....

But then, former IGP Tan Sri Musa Hassan raised below:

Musa said also:

Typical anarchist. Tun Dr Mahathir beginning to be like one. Their response is:

Fine, lets give in on this one. But ...

So now the issue has subsided, thanks to Tan Sri Isa Samad and Dato Nazri Aziz. Are they on our side?

Basically, Rafizi ...

There is still one more missing piece.

Returning back to the SR piece to hopeless reignite the Hussein Najadi murder by sensationalising Shafee:

Anyone notice the  following picture is a fake:

We enlarge:

Do you realise Shafee is not in proportionate to the Indian guy in front?

Ha ha ha ... have been following Clare Brown and SR since 2006. Knew it she can't resist using adulterated photoshop images. She used to colour a green forest brown to exaggerate deforestation in Sarawak.

When the picture is fake, where do one throw the story away?

Its the only appropriate place for stories that have no credibility. Believe me, she will recycle it again and add a new twist to it. And Malaysians, WSJ, Bloomberg, Singapore's ST, NY Times, Aussies media, et all including Mahathir and his pentaksub quoate SR.

Sorry Doc ... or you should say sorry to moi. Whn the source have been caught lying onn many occasions, it has no more credibility. And you too have no more credibility. You lied!

We saw through your arguments in April 2015 and felt the intentions were not sincere.

Now about the murder of Hussein Najadi, the murderer have been caught, charged, found guilty, appealed and so on. Need to check the latest.

One question his son, Pascal Najadi is:

Not sure what IGP intended to say:

For one thing, Pascal Najadi's claim to link his father's murder to 1MDB is an absolute lie. His father sold his shares in AMMB or AMDB when he started it many many many years ago.

He has no more bloody interest in the bank and not access to anything. If he does, he could be subjected to be charged under BAFIA or a new subsequent law.

So why did Pascal do all these circus? Who really murdered his father?

Watch this space. Maybe we are in the mood to write about it. All images found on FB.

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