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Positive attitude following police arrest of MACC officer

This blog had once expressed worry before that a "war" could break out between enforcement agencies. Following MACC campaign against enforcement agencies, particularly police, the suspicion is it will be soon.

Police did responded with the arrest of MACC officer, Rommy bin Ma'aruf. (Read in Harian Metro here.)

According to the blog Captain M here, the police-arrested officer was a problematic one and had a history. His errand ways for the past two years have now come to light.

MACC made it clear they will not compromise with officers taking bribes. (Read FMT here) They are willing to cooperate (Read M'kini here). An open and positive attutide exhibited by MACC (Read Bernama here).

Dato Azam Baki statement in Malay in full below:

Susulan penahan seorang pegawai Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia (SPRM) kerana disyaki memeras ugut dan meminta wang daripada anggota polis di Bukit Mertajam, Pulau Pinang, semalam, SPRM ingin menegaskan bahawa tidak akan berkompromi dengan kesalahan yang dilakukan pegawai terbabit serta bersedia untuk bekerjasama dengan pihak Polis Diraja Malaysia (PDRM).

Perbuatan seumpama itu sama sekali tidak mewakili suruhanjaya yang sentiasa mendukung prinsip undang-undang dan perlembagaan negara dalam melaksanakan setiap tanggungjawab yang diamanahkan.

SPRM amat mengalu-alukan tindakan tegas pihak polis dalam melaksanakan penahanan itu dan tidak akan mencampuri siasatan yang dijalankan.

Ekoran kejadian tersebut, SPRM akan melakukan pemeriksaan dalaman yang tegas terhadap semua pegawai bagi mengelakkan kejadian sama berulang pada masa akan datang.

Pendirian SPRM tidak akan berganjak walaupun seinci sekira terdapat pegawai sendiri melakukan jenayah sedemikian dan tindakan tegas akan diambil terhadap mereka yang melakukan kesalahan yang mencemarkan reputasi dan nama baik SPRM.

10 JUN 2017


According to Berita Harian report here, MACC will be checking up and scrutinising on their officers. It would be an opportune time to begin doing the much discussed polygraph test on their own people. 

It shows a positive and open attitude by MACC management.

In the Sunday Times today (see above, online not available), Penang Deputy Police Chief Dato Roslee Chik was reported defending 8 police officers arresyed by MACC. he claimed they were victims and blackmailed by MACC officers, in which 4 are from D7 unit.

Rommy was apprehended by officers from D7, the unit in charge of underworld, gambling and vices. It is one unit widely claimed by police officers themselves as notorious for corruption

Roslee said further several MACC officers are being monitored for suspicion of blackmailing policemen and officers.

Last month, MACC did a crackdown on D7. However, police did not show as positive and open attitude as exhibited by MACC.

Corruption is more rampant in the police force. If MACC continue to pursue, what will it lead to?

Is the police going for a war against MACC?

Hope not because war among enforcement agencies have occurred abroad. Experience shows no side wins but everyone loses, especially the public and citizens.

The bosses must have table talk and take a positive attitude. Honest cops and MACC officers should not defend their errand colleagues. It is for the good of their respective organisation and all hard working, honest and dedicated officers.   

Still advocating (read here) that police top management and treasury re-look the police pay package to reduce temptation of corruption. Police welfare need be looked after.

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