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Narrative shifting to Mahathir's choice of successor

The above picture of Tun Dr Mahathir's staring posture at Dato Seri Azmin Ali in a meeting went viral. The joke is Mahathir is pondering as to why Azmin would do such thing.

It could be any meeting with government officers in Putrajaya, but the small room led to speculation that it is in Bangkok, where Mahathir attended an ASEAN Summit and Azmin is there too.

The common feedback received from friends across various political parties is Azmin is finished, kapish!

Mahathir is not likely to choose Azmin as Deputy Prime Minister or pass the premiership to Anwar.

He reiterated the promise to hand over to Anwar in a Bloomberg interview with Haslinda Amin.

However, the body language does not indicate so. It is most glaring at 1:43 when Haslinda asked does he trust Anwar Ibrahim. "I have to trust him, whether I trust him or not ..."

Contrary to his words on the need to put house in order first, it is unlikely Mahathir could continue beyond the end of the year after few instances heard of him falling at official functions abroad.

In a letter to FMT editor, septuagenarean Yap Thang Kuan pleaded on Malaysians to Mahathir go and not burden him further to solve nation's problems following to the fallout from the alleged Azmin's homosexual tape.

Merdeka Center recent poll indicate Mahathir's popularity plummet to the 40 percentile. It is Yap's polite and subtle way of saying Mahathir should stop giving excuses and give way to others.

Lim Kit Siang's defense of Mahathir is not sincere too.

In search of a successor

Two mamak putting up an act

If Azmin was his heir apparent and had taken the same path as Anwar, Mahathir should be in a state of frenzy to talk and cut deals with other potential successors.

The narrative have moved to the search for a successor and Anwar does not like it.

Among PH leaders, some names may have been mentioned. Lets leave it to them to sort it out.

Aside from the quarrel, which is temporary and could be sorted out, Mahathir is not likely to pick Tan Sri Muhyiddin due to health reasons.

Ada potential ka? 

Other than Anwar, none of the other leaders of PH component parties are PM material.

If it had been Lim Guan Eng, he would spend all his time spinning and deceiving the public than do any serious governing. Not only what he say is not believable, what he is still thinking is too.

It's a Ripley's believe it or not moment, but do not discount the possibility Mahathir is seeking help from UMNO.

His ego would not allow him to do it himself, so he sent out feelers. Past moves by certain UMNO leaders could be to establish back channel with PPBM in the event any need arise to talk.

Something could be happening behind the scene as Azmin tried to contain the public conversation of his expose.

Among the narrative used to convince UMNO MPs to crossover was the need to neutralise DAP and fear of Anwar become PM (read CIA plant and DAP control). In one particular case, it is the fear of Anwar hitting again on his second wife.

The same common interest could be used for Mahathir to draw out a new coalition and cajole a successor from UMNO to accept his new arrangement.

Wild card? 

Raja Petra jumped the gun to viral this message:
Looking at how things are going, Dr Mahathir might have no choice but to appoint Ku Li as the new PM. Ku Li is the only leader with no sex or financial scandals and is acceptable to Tun Daim, Muhyiddin, PAS, Umno, DAP, PPBM, MCA, MIC, Gerakan and to Sabah-Sarawak parties as well.
It was echoed by Reggie Jessie.

Mahathir must have ran out of options to pass the baton to Tengku Tan Sri Razaleigh Hamzah.

For one reason or another, Anwar, Ku Li and new additions to the list in Dato Seri Najib and Dato Seri Ahmad Zahid are those he would rather handover power to Netanyahu than them.

Apparently, acting President Mohamed Hasan could be an option. His name turned up in Papagomo aka Wan Azri's LIVE You Tube discussion on ummah unity, which Pemuda UMNO is aggressively promoting.

Dato Lokman Noor Adam picked on Azri's willingness to commit a view to accept Mahathir to cooperate with Dato Mohamed Hasan for sake of ummah unity.

Tok Mat have been known to have met Mahathir to plead for UMNO not to be dissolve. Few political worms revealed on FB of follow-up meetings.

It was brave of Azri to test the water. It is high time for a reformed UMNO to allow public discource on the direction of the party.

Too often, discussion or manouvering are done behind the scene or in cloak and dagger manner. It usually ended up decided before feedback from members and grassroot leaders sought.

Only Azri should have held back the name calling and respect the diversity in view.

Rejection of Mahathir

As opposed to Azri's inclusive aspiration for ummah unity, Lokman explained his stance based on realpolitik and manouvering believed to be Mahathir controlling and manipulating UMNO.

It is reflective of the current low trust level towards Mahathir among Malays and possibly Malaysians, generally.

In Lokman's view, UMNO and PAS is able to win GE15 thus why the need to cooperate with Mahathir?

Few notable comments from pro-UMNO facebooker opposed to the cooperation between UMNO and Bersatu.

Mohd Izwan Abu Bakar blamed Mahathir for the decay and damage in UMNO. He questioned a manouver blamed at Dato Khaled Nordin to throw Najib and Zahid out of UMNO.

Mahathir's ins and outs of UMNO was raised.

Facebooker and SEDAR activist, Zam Yahya believed bringing Mahathir back means UMNO reverting back to past crony capitalism.

The presence of Bersatu would complicate the seat distribution between UMNO and PAS.

The seat divisions and candidates have yet to be discussed between UMNO and PAS. But RBA had envisioned future cabinet members of BN-PAS coalition.

One FB posting, believed to be by Rio Rashid equate the presence of Mahathir back in UMNO to minority Jew dominating the world. 

Najib reminded for calm and sensibility before the discussion blow out any further.

The manner the issue could become hot in a jiffy may hurt Tok Mat in UMNO.

He was the former CEO of Cycles & Carriage Berhad and MB of Negeri Sembilan. He is popularly accepted by public for his "clean" image and soundbytes of pantun, pepatah and perumpamaan Melayu.

As far as national politics, he is still considered a rookie. Mat Hasan won the Deputy Presidency of UMNO with the backing of Dato Hishamuddin Hussein Onn. It is a puzzle as to why Hishamuddin decided not to run and be part of the revival of UMNO.

Nevertheless, for Tok Mat to be PM, the Negeri Sembilan-der needs hand holding. He does not command full support from his own state and it is too small for him to horse trade.

Situation fluid

Since six months ago, Hishamuddin had quiet down, and the crossover talk died down along.

If he still have ambition and no a need to only focus on his constituency, Sembrong, he could make a return as Minister. He need to survive DAP ally-Mat Sabu's dirt digging.

It is a matter of time for Zahid Hamidi to make his return, in which he should not be on leave in the first place. There seemed to be resistance to his return, claimed Jailani Harun but Tok Mat laid it to rest.

Should Zahid Hamidi decide not to stand for re-election, Hishamuddin could certainly seize the Presidency in any contest against Mat Hasan.

There is the likelihood the political senario has changed. Things are moving fast and situation is fluid. Past plans could make a return.

As it is, an UMNO MP from a southern state had to evade endless calls for appointment from PH agents. Another active MP left the same WA group.

The possibility of dissolving Parliament is there should Mahathir given up in getting a successor.

But that would make his cronies, proxies and family nervous to the prospect of Anwar becoming PM.

Azmin too, but for a different reason ...

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