Saturday, February 29, 2020

Fat lady not sing yet

Boy... the air is fresh and the park is setene and peaceful this morning.

Coming out of PWTC yesterday evening, there was a sense of relieve and victory. The possible Prime Minister may not be expected choice, but it is a fair compromise.

In a war, it is the final victory that counts and not to win every battle.

However, celebrating now could be premature. Expect this impasse to last at least a week.

In fact, many event happenned last night. Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim, Lim Guan Eng and Mat Sabu visited Tun Dr Mahathir last night.

Mahathir issued a statement against being in coalition with those associated with corruption and kleptocrasy. Few PPBM leaders chorused his statement and cited it is a matter of principle.

Sure ... Mahathir is against corruption. It is believable.

What will happen to the so-called Perikatan Nasional?

There are members of PN expressing opposition to being in coalition with DAP. Muhyiddin discussed and received agreement of his merger plan with only his PPBM MPs.

Some SDs have yet be signed.  So it ain't over till the fat lady sings.

In the meanwhile, the legally questionable status of Interim PM position of Mahathir is already gazetted.

Can the Dewan Rakyat determine the PM as it is the prerogative of the DYMM Yang DiPertuan Agong?

Anwar is having an audience with Agong this morning. He said he was robbed of his position. But was it not Mahathir who did it to him?

Was Muhyiddin, UMNO and PAS premature in celebrating yesterday?

For sure, it is heard the Rulers' Council meeting was inconclusive and the saga could continue.

Or is it a scripted drama as most Mahathir diehard would like to believe that the old man had thought through every big and small steps.

Get it over with please. The rakyat getting sick of this politics started by Mahathir.

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XUMNO said...

The only conclusion we can come to is Madey is a Devil that will readily change his form and soul to the highest bidder. Forget the nonsense about kleptocracy, corruption, fighting for the Rakyat etc, etc this desperate group use as an excuse. Their rallying call is nothing more that hypocrisy of the highest level. The Rakyat is so amused at the childish moves the PH are attempting to regain relevant. First it was Mahathir the Saviour agreed by all parties and groups, but since dishonesty, lies and falsehood are their second nature, PKR and DAP changed their support and name Anwar as their choice not Mahathir. Dejected, the Old Man turned back to Bersatu, satisfied to the promise he will be kept to officiate APEC meetings in November. When things appeared to settle down with Mahyuddin gaining the upper hand, the Old Man renegade his promise when DAP and Anwar group turned about face naming him their choice as the PM8. The only thing the Rakyat can now conclude is Mahathir, DAP and Anwar are all fighting for their own selfish interests and tombolok, nothing more nothing less.

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