Friday, April 16, 2021

Mahathir washed his hands as Bukit Aman investigate Zeti's husband

The Edge Online reported yesterday:

Datuk Dr Tawfiq Ayman, the husband of former Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) governor Tan Sri Dr Zeti Akhtar Aziz, was spotted at the police Commercial Crime unit here giving his statement for three hours.

Wearing a mask, he was seen waiting and talking to his lawyer at a coffee outlet at 9.50am before going into Menara KPJ in Jalan Tun Razak 10 minutes later.

Sources told that he had his statement recorded for three hours and was seen leaving the vicinity slightly after 1pm, while being accompanied by his lawyer Datuk Jagjit Singh. It is understood he may come again next week.

Tun Dr Mahathir washed his hands and claim ignorance of Zeti's 1MDB involvement. His denial is not believable to staunch Najib supporter and FBooker, Lim Sian See.

Mahathir said he did not know when he appointed her on the Council of Eminent Persons. [Read MMO here]. 

He told Malaysiakini an interview [Read here and here] after they had earlier reported last month on Mahathir's silence as anti-corruption watchdog C4 trained their guns on him

Kantoi! Zeti publicly denied knowledge of the RM2.6 billion deposited in Najib's account.

It had long been revealed that Zeti had advised Najib to accept the alleged donation from the Saudi royalty into a personal account. Ambank CEO told court during the SRC trial that she knew.

Zeti was requested by Najib to monitor the account but did not warned him when there were problems arising. Strangely, AGC did not called her as witness in the SRC and 1MDB case.

Special Task Force

Zeti was involved as BNM Governor in the ungazetted Special Taskforce to investigate 1MDB together with then AG Tan Sri Gani Patail, MACC Commissioner Tan Sri Abu Kassim and IGP Tan Sri Khalid. 

As a result of leak by Khalid of a conspiracy to do a surprise arrest on the then sitting PM, Dato Najib, Gani was forced to retire, Abu Kassim transferred to teach at UiTM, and Zeti silenced. 

Tan Sri Muhyiddin and Dato Mukhriz were expelled from UMNO for participating in the conspiracy with the Special Taskforce.

Zeti came into the spotlight recently following revelation that her husband and son signed an SD to the Singapore authority acknowledging receipt of money laundered and accepting bribes from Taek Jho Low for allegedly Zeti [Read The Coverage here].

The revelation of Tawfiq and Zeti collusion and involved Goldman Sach, Arab Malaysia Bank and other parties linked to Jho Low was first revealed by Malaysia Today.  

Now that Zeti is revealed, there could be another member of the Special Task Force taking money from Jho Low. 

Apparently, Abu Kassim's name was mentioned in a police investigation during the secret audio tapping affair revealed by Latheefa Koya. 

Mahathir buying insurance?

While all these were happening yesterday, PPBM Secretary General said PN is willing to accept new members in the coalition should Mahathir wish to join but with no condition.

PEJUANG have applied to register their party but still pending by ROS. Last month, they announced plan to sue Hamzah for blocking their registration. 

The no condition statement is interesting because social media source claimed both Mahathir and Hamzah met recently. 

The old man gave a condition to be given charge of Covid operation. This came with a response from Khairy. 

Mahathir's reaction and probable return to PPBM is certainly interesting in view of latest developments in the telco industry. His son, Tan Sri Mokhzani was made Chairman of Maxis and former Maxis CFO, Ralph Marshall appointed to the 5G SPV. 

Tan Sri Vincent Tan quiting Berjaya Corp following appointment of Jaleel Rasheed as Group CEO and claimed to be giving half his shares to charity. Talk is he is transfering his shares to Mahathir's grandchildren.

Berjaya owns U-mobile, while YTL owns Yes.

Political pundits steadfast with their suspicion Mahathir will return to PPBM fold. His  public animosity towards Tan Sri Muhyiddin was merely an act. The political situation and development on the 1MDB case may warrant him to return. 


Returning back to the Mahathir denying knowledge, the revelation and suspicion is not only limited to Zeti and Abu Kassim, respectively. 

According to Lim Sian See, the set-up to swindle and blame Najib involved Mahathir's corporate hatchetman, Tan Sri Noor Mohamed Yakcop.

There is also a viral message with an 8-page attachment is currently making its around to expose the link between Muhyiddin son, Fakhri Yassin and Jho Low.

Like Zeti, the message accused Fakhri for receiving money from Jho Low to finance the takeover of Mulpha (now Traven Berhad).

The legality of the accusation could be verified should it appear in court.

Mahathir should be more angry with Muhyiddin and wash his hands thoroughly with the PM with a glamour name. It is odd that speculation of him returning to PPBM is getting stronger.

With these development, he could be in fear. Or he could aspire to return as PM should Mahiaddin's glamour name Muhyiddin invalidated his premiership.

Few days ago Mahathir repeated his attack made towards Najib during GE14. He called  him the worse PM. 

Its an about turn because few months ago he offerred to help Najib to sue Tommy Thomas. Why is he still attacking a politically dead Najib?

Mahathir can be deceptive in making the public look one way but do the other way.  The public could perceive Mahathir campaigning against any hope for a Najib comeback. 

Its actually a tall order with judgement made against him on SRC, ongoing appeal on SRC and unhidden intention of IRD to bankrupt him. What then is his deception and new endgame?

Crisis always brings out a person inert ability and true colour. It not only applies to squabbling #KlusterPengkhianat vs Zahid Hamidi in UMNO, but also Mahathir versus or and Muhyiddin.

All secrets are being spilled out.

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