Monday, April 05, 2021

UniKL RM350 million reserve attracts insects to replace educationists

MARA officers and 5 exco members in UniKL are the new target for dismissal by politicians and wannabee politicians in MARA Corp. 

Free Malaysia Baru, a PPBM back website wrote a summary of wrongdoings in MARA during the days of Pakatan Harapan dan Dato Shafie Apdal at MARA Inc. as though the current team is the saviour.

It is no surprise because FMB was the website that launched the attack to recently unceremoniously and unjustifiably removed MARA Corp CEO Dato’ Badlisyah Ghani and his management team of reputable professionals.

Prior to the unlawful dismissal, other blogs were used to discredit Badlisyah and his action for bringing in experienced and leading professionals in their field into MARA Corp. 

The same modus operandi will be used and their gun is aimed at personnal in UniKL. The intention is obviously for PPBM politicians and wannabe politicians in MARA Corp to wrest control of MARA’s crown jewel. 

It is not because UniKL is a private university with number of students more than any IPTA. And, it is not because UniKL has built a history of developing the institution from conceptual to achieve internationally recognised educational milestone. Most likely than not, the RM350m reserve of UniKl is like sugar and honey attacting ants and insects.

No wonder the new Uncle Don owner, Dato Megat Shahriman once passed a remark to throw the UniKL CFO out from the top of Menara KL. Apparently, he owned and managed the revolving restaurant at Menara KL. 

A little bird in MARA chirped at the house balcony telling the story "MARA Corp gang" succeeded in getting the Minister in charge of MARA, Dato Dr. Latiff Ahmad to issue a directive to remove two UniKL Board members representing MARA and replacing them and adding another Board member to UniKL. 

UniKL is still technically owned by MARA and has yet to be transfered to MARA Corp. Is there a dubious plan installed?

The "MARA Corp gang" of PPBM MPT member cum Executive Director of MARA Corp, Dato Suhaili, politician wannabe and aspiring Senator, Dato Megat Shahriman and lone MARA Council member from day of PH, Dato Jemilah Jamaluddin got themselves appointed on UniKL Board of Director. 

They are the same people, who were instrumental in taking control of MARA Corp and wrest management from the professionals. 

The trio are now involved in purging competent educationists and experienced university administrators from UniKL. 

One is rumoured to be a fraudster for not having a university degree but claimed to have a Masters degree from some odd sounding educational centre in UK. 

Another is an ex-CEO of a bank that went technically bankrupt due to reported accusation of corruptions and abuses. And, one was covered by this blog for having a Bank cheating case in court.  

Innocent MARA officials, who did not intervene to stop the unlawful and unjust dismissal of the professional managers hired at MARA Corp, are their next target. 

The Minister seemed lazy and impotent to take any action. MARA Corp Board and the MARA Council must wake up and do what is right. 

The trio were instrumental in attacking, accusing and removing a sitting Group CEO after less than 3 months on the job. 

They  were rewarded with key positions for completing the task. Despite the court case and no decision made by MARA Council, Suhaili was announced as ED of MARA Corp. 

Megat was appointed Chairman of MARA Corp Investment Committee and taking wth him ex-SPNB Dato Ahri Hashim as member. Jemilah became a member of MARA Corp Board Committee. 

Now all three is due to be Board Member of UniKL. The pattern of their self serving action is too obvious to ignore. 

The reign of terror has begun in MARA Corp with key staff of PMB Investment unlawfully dismissed for signing a petition to demand no political interference in the company. 

The history of Amanah Saham MARA as the first Unit Trust in Malaysia will soon be over. The team could be snatched up by other companies and the incompetents running the company will milk it to death.

PMB's Ijara subsidiary will be processing the Penjana fund loan for SME. Does it require PPBM membership to apply because there was talk that with the right connection, delinquents could get away from paying back their MARA loan?  

The ten key management team were removed wholesale and if they bother to do, it opens MARA Corp to possible illegal dismissal lawsuit. One of the dismissed management was reported to be appointed CEO of  state corporation. 

Taking over the transport business is someone rumoured with an unsavory story at his previous employment.  No names and details because a former collegue doubted the story.   

With the trio running rampage in MARA Corp, more stories will emanate from this MARA subsidiary that is supposed to replace the role of MARA Holding and MARA Inc to generate fund for MARA to fund more students to study. 

With the track record and integrity of the trio together with the lackadaisical attitude of the PPBM Minister, one could not be too hopeful. Melayu berhentilah mengharap dari MARA. There is no political will to do something for Malays and Bumiputera.  

Quite sure Little Bird and other birds will be monitoring happenings in the subsidiaries of MARA as more disaster awaits this Malay institution. 

As the saying in MARA goes decades ago, MARA means money always runs away. 

Throw the spotlight on these characters in MARA Corp. The Auditor General should look into this matter as well. PM’s Department is aware of happenings but been totally silent. 

Perhaps, inept or as Ku Li described, lazy from bothering to prevent these politicians and wannabe politicians from taking control of a key Bumiputera economic development and investment institution from running to the ground.  

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