Friday, May 18, 2007

Fainted or Giddy: Rocky Fast Forwarded

The Fast Foward program without Rocky (taken from Howsy's Sensointrovert blog)

Rocky, the All Blog Protem President was invited to appear on RTM2 program Fast Forward on Tuesday May 15th, 2007 8:30 p.m. The program intended to talk about Press Freedom and he is appropriate a person to discuss about it. By midnight, he got to know that the program was postphoned. Read his posting here.

By Tuesday, it is obvious that he was dropped (as he update it here). The program was not postphoned. In fact, the originally planned panelists, The Sun's Zainon Ahmad and Bernama's Azman Bujang (via the phone) was present, together with The Star's Bunn Negara and the host Hamidah Hamid.

Rocky felt that he was dropped because his earlier presence on Hello On Two some two weeks ago was too hot. Thats partly true but frankly Rocky, I believed it is more to do with his Sunday posting on Pak Lah's alleged "pengsan" or "pitam".

Pak Lah before the alleged "pengsan" or "pitam" (taken from Patrick Teoh's Niamah blog)

Arising from that incident, he was attacked by Pak Lah himself, Tan Sri Muhammad Muhammad Taib, Dato Shaziman, and Dato Lim Keng Yaik yesterday. Pak Lah and Muhammad Taib's response were merely forms of denial.

Of all, Dato Shaziman expressed the strongest of words. He spoke of using Penal Code, if there is any element of slander. He mentioned of applying the CMC Act which could result in a RM50,000 fines and jail term. Strangely, his comments were made without reading Rocky's posting.

His boss, Dato Seri Lim Keng Yaik was more realistic in his response yesterday. "There is nothing we can do. What you want me to do? Block the whole thing? If they break the law and we know who they are, we will go after them."

He said further, "You want to listen to all these fellows, the lies and misinformation? You get confused and you do not know what is the truth, half-truth or lies. But as you become more knowledgeable, you can differentiate (them).”

Thats exactly what we have been saying. Just like the existence of NST and TV3 in the mainstream media, it also exist in the Internet. Let the consumer decide. I am sure they are wise enough to know and decide.

Dato Lim mentioned of request by "... minister you have to stop this and stop that." But this was his reply, "I can’t stop because knowledge, good or bad, come together.” He added, which is good advise for his Deputy, "Through the Internet, you select the knowledge and not the minister who pushes the knowledge to you."

By the way, TV3 insinuated Rocky as making "fitnah." Perhaps, lets all read again Rocky's posting (refer here) and decide. Lets also listen to Pak Lah's own words below or at

Did Rocky fabricate or "fitnah" as TV3 described? Whether Pak Lah "pengsan" or "pitam", Rocky reported it professionally and even did the necessary updates. Whats the fuss? Where's the beef? Damn you people! Give Rocky a break! Isn't his plate already full with NST and the four rectums' lawsuit.

We understand that information like this is serious s**t for it affects the head of Government. Wiser head should have prevailed to avoid commotion and possibly panic among the general public.

Lets look at a recent revelation of the past. Should we be putting under wrap the illness of the late Prime Minister Tun Abdul Razak that led to his death? A physically impaired Prime Minister can seriously make wrong decision and have his decision made by some insiduous characters around him.

Can we take that kind of risk? Think about it!

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