Sunday, May 20, 2007

A Red Devil Sunday Morning Blues

Even the great BUM 2007 last night couldn't keep me cheery and happy this morning ...

Damn referee! I bloody hell saw the ball held by goalie past the goal line! There was no foul call on Giggsy's lunge in front of goal.

Giggs rues the one that got away

Steve Griffiths London, United Kingdom
Mail & Guardian Online

20 May 2007 08:57

Ryan Giggs claimed Manchester United had been harshly treated in the FA Cup final after his extra-time effort was ruled not to have crossed the line.

Sir Alex Ferguson's side missed out on the double after Didier Drogba's goal five minutes from the end clinched Chelsea's 1-0 victory at Wembley on Saturday.

But United captain Giggs insisted it could all have been so different for the Premiership champions if a linesman had seen that his close range shot was over the line.

United felt aggrieved as they also claimed Giggs was pushed and should have been given a penalty before the Wales winger collided with Petr Cech, who then carried the ball over the line.

"We felt that we played well and just edged it," Giggs said. "If that goal had been given it could have been different.

"I knew it had crossed the line. I couldn't understand why it wasn't a goal. Obviously we're disappointed.

"You just hope on a day like this they get the big decisions right and on the day he didn't. I think he [Cech] was looking for the players' reactions and he knew he had got away with it."

In truth, the phantom goal could have been disallowed anyway as the Giggs challenge that forced Cech and the ball over the line looked a foul.

Rio Ferdinand admitted that the luck wasn't with United and said: "Maybe it wasn't meant to be. I've not seen Giggs's one yet but that's how it goes.

"That's why cup finals are interesting because decisions go this way and that. They are always controversial.

"I saw Ryan's reaction on the pitch, but I was too far away to see if it went in. If the officials were doing their job they would have made the decision that it was over the line."

Despite a defeat that will leave United with a bitter taste until next season, Giggs is convinced his side have plenty of positives to take from a match that they had the better chances to win in normal time.

"We can take a lot out of the way we played," he said. "We said at the start of the season the Premiership would be our number one aim and we've managed to do that, but I thought we deserved something out of the game.

"We've come so far. We nearly did the double. Each season you look to move forward. I'm sure there will be new signings and the young players will get better. There's a lot to look forward to."

United's Serbian defender, Nemanja Vidic, insisted tiredness was not a factor despite both sides producing performances that were well below their best.

"We played a lot of games this season and it is normal to be tired, but we were no more tired than Chelsea," he said. "We had a couple of chances to win it.

"At the beginning of the season we wanted to win the championship and we have done that. We are not happy because this was an historic game at Wembley and we lost it.

"We don't need to be too disappointed though. We had a great season." -- Sapa-AFP

Okay, I'll be a sports. You guys played better. Your defense did well. Your offense could have put us a way earlier.

So, congratulation is in order for your "3rd placing". The "finals" is this upcoming Wednesday!

The other cup is already ours.

See below:

United Forever!


desiderata said...

Hey Da Voice!:)

Don't blame Desi and Bum2007.
I coul NOT accept the offer to referee da Game, solly!
I had to broken chair the bum2007 thingy!:)

PS: THanks agin for greAt support,
esp lust minute Goaling RPK and Company!:):)
That surely make sme mends for that bumpkin' Referee!:(

fazilogic said...

You're right Bro, the other more important trophy is already back with us - the EPL Trophy. After missing it for 3 seasons, it is really deeply truly sweet, no matter how the romance of the FA Cup always is.


Takziah bro.
Gua sokong Stoke City. Gua faham perasaan luorang yang support Man U. Gua dah rasa macam tu bertahun-tahun!

BigDogDotCom said...


This insignificant team from the north comes to London to be trounced at the FIRST and INAUGURAL game of the new Wembley Stadium!


They are simply lousy.........

No need to explain!

Hahahhahahahahahahahahahahhahahaha :)

Sokong Stoke City tak pa. Sokong Reading United pun tak pa. Sokong Berwyck-Upon-Tweed entah team kampung Division 6 (eh...ada ka???) pun tak pa!

Sebab team lain lain tak la kompang kompang macam dia bagus sangat sangat. Ballack tak main pun Chelsea boleh menang!


shanghaistephen said...

Surely you must admit Jose is the best Manager in the world...hehaw hehaw ! Relax bro...they'll get used to loosing...It was clearly a foul by the stupid Giggs for slamming the keeper who caught the ball outside the line but was dragged almost on the line when the cameras trained in...!Now MU can sing "apo nak di kato" by the BLUES Gang !!!
Cheers to Chelsea Hehaw...hehaw...hehaw !

The Ancient Mariner said...

No comment. I'm a Arsenal fan.

You have atcherly listed me twice in yr So-po bloggers directory...

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