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The "Dulu, Kini dan Selamanya" of Khaled Nordin and the Musa Faction

The above newspaper frontpage should be fodder for a Husin Lempoyang satirical jibe. Looking at it as a half filled glass, it looks as though the number of cases is actually substantially lower. But since the number of reported cases have surpassed 1,000, thats a half empty glass news. What sort of wicked humour will he come up with?

Utusan Malaysia November 24th, 2008 yesterday reported Vice President nominee, Dato Khaled Nordin pleaded Tun Dr Mahathir not to reveal names. Why should he be worried?

Didn't Dato Nazri Aziz insinuated Dr Mahathir as making wild accusation and challenged him to reveal names? One veteran UMNO politician privately told this blogger that is the kind of challenge that one never do on Dr Mahathir.

One would wonder why would Nazri - as one of the two corruption files, the other being Tan Sri Annuar Musa, handed to Pak Lah before Dr Mahathir left office - intentionally want to provoke him? That is for interesting speculation. Nazri's return from a long hiatus of silence, usually to analyse a political situation, indicates his politics is taking a new direction.

Dr Mahathir's revelation would certainly make the rakyat happy. Khaled should be supportive of any effort that pleases the rakyat. The party nomination process gave a negative perception that corruption and cowardice runs deep to the grassroot. Don't Khaled want to claim "I'm very popular, 90% of the people voted us in" after GE 13?

Khaled pointed out, it could make things worse for UMNO. The situation is already very bad and it needs to get worse before turning for the better? That is exactly what Dr Mahathir is doing; to confront and chop off the bad body parts?

That begs the question: Why is Khaled not as happy as the rakyat? Can his remark be taken as a warning that his faction is willing to go for an all out war against Dr Mahathir?

There's Something About Khaled

During the recent call on Pak Lah to quit, Khaled was one among the few from Johor urging his withdrawal. The other being Dato Nurjazlan, Dr Puad Zarkashi, and another local UMNO politician.

Not to be missed out was Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin that is facing up to the brunt and vengence of Pak Lah through his financially backed proxy, Dato' Ali Rustam.

When the recent call for debate by Khairy was brought up, he was against it.

But perish any thought of Khaled defending Mukhriz's preferance for forum and refusal for a debate. Its just his typical shallow Mat Taib-type response to issues - don't raise this, don't question that, shouldn't this, and why are you not that.

His statement yesterday is another not quite forward thinking towards rectifying the situation, but is actually sweep the problem under the carpet attitude. Is he hiding something?

A product of Sekolah Menengah Dato Jaafar, Johor Baru, once dubbed as Sekolah Budak Jahat, Khaled was a promising youth leader back in the 80s. Under his mentor, Dato' Shahrir Samad, he rose to be Johor Baru's Ketua Pemuda.

His grandfather-mentor would be Tun Musa Hitam and uncle-mentor is Abdullah Badawi himself. Khaled is in Musa Derhaka's faction. Musa is a promoter of Iskandar Malaysia and will be remembered for his "pembelot" act of opening the Pandora Box to seek the end of NEP.

The recent commotion caused by his Ministry staff and Division's Ketua Pemuda, Khairy Malek at the Pasir Gudang UMNO Youth meeting affirm his inclination.

If one digs back through the piles of news, Khaled is among the few leaders that stood to defend Khairy in a Division Meeting opening address, when he was underfire back in 2006.

On Oct 30th, 2006, he described Dr Mahathir’s criticism of Government as worse than that by Singapore Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew. To quote The Star:

"If Dr Mahathir had wanted what he had been doing to be continued, he could have done what Lee Kuan Yew did, but he himself said that he wanted to retire and that he had been in politics for too long."
This is not a typical Mat Taib-type response but has the Nazri Aziz-type diversion and Kalimullah-type villification.

Khaled's Dahulu - Jahat Orang Musa

Khaled was a one time Deputy Minister for Public Work, deputy to the Indian kingpin, Dato' Samy Velu. That openned him to a world of opportunities. He pick up a few pointers here and there in raising political funds.

But thats is not where he got started. It was in a foray back in 1999 as accomplice to Shahrir. That is the reason Khaled was twice refused by the Sultan of Johor for MB post by an 11th hour switch in 2004 and prior to the 2008 General Election.

Tuanku is very concern on the plight of his rakyat orang asli. Ask the people in Benut, they would describe the Orang Laut as Anak Agong; refering to the time the Sultan was Agong. Local authority in Batu Pahat, Pontian and Segamat are quite restrained when dealing with them. Thats another perspective of the "Social Contract".

Khaled Nordin and Shahrir attempted to secure logging concession for some 1,200 acres of "Orang Asli" land in Bekok near Labis, Johor. Sources from Gelang Patah Division revealed that he was almost about to be nabbed by ACA but was saved by a wisk.

The biggest wrath from the Sultan incurred on any contemporary Johor leaders is not Khaled, despite twice being rejected but Syed Hamid. Syed Hamid incurred the anger and was specifically warned, "Aku dendam kau" when he played a role to deny Johor of its bridge. It was later found that he had a personal interest to sell sand to Singapore through his proxy.

Clean image Shahrir didn't stop there. He attempted to develop the Majidi Camp land given to the state for millitary use. This was relayed by one late Ungku, who claimed that he and his family members had to sign documents to put an injunction on the land. Words among Johor Baru contractors are the financier was a Singaporean developer.

The most embarassing drubbing must be on the patriarch of the faction, Musa himself. He was openly lashed out by the Sultan one Raya morning at Masjid Negara for some words he made of Tuanku is a public function. The Sultan was the Agong then and Musa was DPM.

Jahat orang-orang Musa!

Khaled's Kini - Tunggu Richard Cakap

Khaled foray as Deputy Works Minister, under the tutelage of Samy Velu, openned a new oppurtunity through his interest in TRC Synergy Berhad. One can conveniently refute the association by claiming his name is not found in the Company Secretarial's book. But, thats freshman year student argument.

TRC Synergy Berhad (TRC) is an Ali Baba company that was dubbed by the market as "Tunggu Richard Cakap", refering to Richard the CEO.

Based in Taman Melawati, Kuala Lumpur, TRC build up order book of RM1 billion by to quote Shar 101, "... ‘investing’ in a number of UMNO personalities." Such personalites include the 'political father and son', Shahrir and Khaled as former Directors.

Sources inside TRC revealed the Company have been footing the expenses of Shahrir and Musa Hitam. Musa doesn't take bribe but he is only interest is to enjoy life and someone else take up the bill. These days it is another synergy company footing his bills, Synergy Drive Berhad.

One would wonder why is he placed as Chairman there. Not only is he long out of touch but he knows nuts about the economy, and corporate matter. Tun Razak groomed him in area of education and politics and Tengku Razaleigh would have been more appropriate.

When Khaled was Minister-in-charge of MECD, TRC was given few ‘directly negotiated’ contracts, including several new MRSMs and IKMs, and was then vying for the UniKL, Johor branch, project.

TRC became Pak Lah's regime preferred contractor for its own reasons.

They were awarded the new Navy base at Seppangar Bay, Sabah. Guess what? It was packaged-in with building a ‘nice’ and ‘cosy’ private villa in Putrajaya for the Finance Ministry’s political secretary, a former chartered accountant familiar with the contruction industry.

There was also the Kuala Teranganu airport extension contract, in which the system failed and embarassingly caused the Agong's return to Kuala Lumpur delayed by nine hours on May 7th, 2006.

Khaled's stinct at MECD became an opportunity for him to extend his ambition in politics. Instead of seriously focusing his job on Malay entrepreneurship, he made Government program into a UMNO popularity program to organsie entrepreneurship program for Pemuda, Puteri, and Putera UMNO. Politicians have "no business to be in business." It is no brainer gestures like this and done openly that make pengundi despise UMNO.

For the 50th Independence celebration, Khaled awarded a company, Amar Sinar Sdn. Bhd the contract to EXCLUSIVELY supply all paraphanelia for the celebration. It traced out that the company owner, Dato’ Seri Dr. Yuhyi Azizan is his crony. Yuhyi has been securing contracts after contract with MARA, including MRSM textbooks and hair dressing training for Pusat Giat MARA jointly with Wella.

Another exclusive contract Khaled made out was to direct all building management under MARA wholesale to a Johor Company, TMR Urusharta Sdn. Bhd.

Then, there is the one he cleared Pak Lah's brother, Dato Ibrahim and UMNO Treasurer, Dato' Azim Zabidi from an impending court case by Perbadanan Nasional Berhad (PNS). He did it by replacing Minister appointed, Dato' Ismail Sabri with Shahrir and the dismiss the CEO pushing for the court case. The current Chairman is Dato Dr Awang Adek Hussein.

Could his termination of UM VC, Rafiah Salim's, two years before the contract expired be more than her not having something between her legs? Lest we forget, there was a lucrative 27 acre UM land eyed by Hong Leong Group in co-hort with Bernama's Anuar Zaini and late Hendon's sister, Nona


Over the years, if not two decades, many parties - from his mentor, Shahrir, grandfather mentor, Musa Hitam, the Musa faction of the 1986's Team B and the not leaving out the Tengku Razaleigh people "serta" the opposition - have been accusing and insinuating Dr Mahathir with all sorts of indiscretions.

Abdullah have been trying for the past 2-3 years to lay blame on the ole statesman, but thanks to the brilliant, incisive and wise strategy of the son-in-law, Tan Sri-denied Kalimullah and Tingkat 4, its only cheap political spin.

On the correct correct correct ... episode, where is the subsequent court proceeding? Why the need for further investigation and yet reported as conclusive? Is it purely name smearing?

Through all this charade, Dato Zaid Ibrahim and Justice Dato Ian Chin put up a white flag to resign. Tun Salleh Abas and the judges is questioned by the public for their ex-gratia.

Defeated Zaid is now on a vindictive mode. He resorted to cheap scare tactic to smear opponents to Abdullah's faction by echoing Musa Hitam's Mahathirism. Musa, a legend in the tactic of "baling batu sorok tangan ", mentioned Mahathirism when he commented on Dr Mahathir's quit from UMNO.

Mahathirism is Musa's defense of Abdullah by brushing off Dr Mahathir's call for strong government by giving it a negative McCarthy-type association and branding it as Mahathirism.

Through all these ungkit-ungkit, lets include "some" of Pak Lah's band of sahabat in the picture. Not all are CDMs or Celebritum De Mediocritis like Ali Rustam, Det Khalid, Noh Omar, and etc. Not all are perasan bagus basking in self-glory in their functions, as though they and only they are the fighter and guardian of the Malay cause.

Some do have got brains; the brain to give sacrifice their body and soul to Pak Lah despite few actually acknowledged being cheated by Pak Lah out of their claims.

The above para is meant to provoke and awake them to realise that Biro Tata Negara has neglected their core role in promoting nation building. Without any reservation, BTN is a cause for Malay political split.

BTN have been diverted from its original role formulated by Tun Ghazali Shafie by Musa Hitam. Musa "used" BTN to be his personal political vehicle. Later, Pak Lah used it to create his network of feudel-minded loyalist. Anwar attempted to turn it into his personal outfit by using personalities like Roslan Kassim, Kamaruddin Kacha, etc.

Isn't this a great time to ungkit - past, present and future?


Yes, the future too.

The future looming could be Rohanna Mahmood's Ethos Capital becoming the new ECM Libra-Avenue, if fellow Director, Omar "mesti ada" Ong sucessfully manage to lobby himself back to Najib's office as Economic Adviser.

There is a story on the recent Edge issue broiling on Dato Ismee, former Director of ECM Libra Securities and current Tabung Haji CEO. Ismee, is an MRSM batchmate of Dato Wahid Omar of Maybank.

Its a widespread talk within the ANSARA circle that his interview for the Tabung Haji CEO post was conducted by one son-in-law over lunch. No one recalled such person as board members of Tabung Haji or Minister-in-charge. So much for his current clorox-cleansing public relation campaign.

Ismee is now slotted to move to replace Dato Khalib of TNB. Though it is a termination most welcomed by the TNB staff, the celebration will be a short-lived one. It could not be mere coincident that Khairy's cousin, Dato Shaziman Mansor is the Minister-in-charge.

Shaziman was a former Director of TNB. He was, in-cahoot with the Chairman, Dato Dr Jamaluddin Jarjis, usually called JJ, Chairman then, having their hands in every cookie jar in the organisation. Thats too lengthy to tell.

Corruption is so far reaching now but where the f*** is everybody? Yes, it is the f word and not a celebrity chef show. Where the f*** are all those claiming good in the past but now a party to it? Where the f*** are they, when it comes to the indiscretion Pak Lah & Sons Ltd. now?

Whether the ole statesman is genuine or as some accused as not genuine, thats totally besides the issue. He looks determined to wipe out UMNO of corrupt leaders and sticking his head out. Where is Pak Lah's resolve on this? Where the f*** are the leaders, particularly those claimed to be clean?


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fitnah kepada TRC

TRC bukan syarikat ali baba

harap maklum

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ohh..yess..this is what we call the real ARTICLE need to read by everyone.good work mate..!!

Anonymous said...

Kalau yang tak benar hanya bukan ali baba, yang lain itu manyak betul lah ...

Tanya sama richard, apa asal wang
Richard hanya kata
Cukuplah bulan

Bulan dan bintang
Jatuh ke riba
Ada cukup wang
Boleh bayat bahagian

Kalau jadi Naib
Boleh jual UMNO kepada taukeh cina
Sulah jual pun

Anonymous said...

Bro .... SDJ bukan Sekolah Budak Jahat tapi Sekolah Dalam Jail.

Kalid ni patut campak dalam jail terus.

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sdra voice,

khaled nordin bersalah ke? dia sogok wang ke? kalau tak bersalah atau terasa takut, ngapa nak tahan dr mahathir siarkan nama2 tu? jangan-jangan nama dia kat atas sekali tak?

ali BJ

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good article?

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tak tau nak kata apa. hang buleh dari mana sema nie?

very deep into some pockets. i hope you keep up your good work.

lagi sekali tak tau nak kata apa.


Anonymous said...

Nak labelkan TRC macam mana, terpulang kepada khalayak. Bagi yang pernah berurusan dengan TRC, mungkin pengalaman mereka berbeza dengan yang hanya mengetahui melalui mulut orang lain atau bahan-bahan yang dituliskan.

TRC bina kemampuan sendiri melalui bantuan orang politik, kira oklah tu. Yang salah kalau TRC mark up harga tawaran projek kerajaan sebab nak penuhi kantung politik orang tertentu.

Macam projek IPD Dang Wangi tu, TRC turut binakan semula masjid yang banyak memberikan kemudahan kepada warga kota di sekitarnya. TRC juga ada terlibat dengan pembangunan logi penapisan minyak di Brunei dan beberapa projek di Eropah.

Dari segi pembayaran kepada pembekal, TRC mungkin lebih cekap daripada kebanyakan agensi kerajaan atau swasta yang lain. Perkhidmatan belum dibuat, cek dah siap pun ada. Itulah cara TRC.

Tapi tentang Khaled Nordin, tugasannya di MeCD menunjukkan satu fenomena baru dalam Kementerian berkenaan melampaui menteri sebelum beliau. Dari sudut apa itu, pandai-pandailah selidik sendiri.

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