Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Royal Spin by Brendan "Pariah"

Tengku Mukhriz ascended to the throne of Negeri Sembilan as the 11th Yam Tuan. Malaysia Insider (MI) put up a complimentary posting of Tengku Naquiyuddin yesterday with the usual spin and twisted fact. Did Singapore 'spy', Brendan Pereira backed the wrong horse for the throne and its face saving time?

In the selection of the Yam Tuan, people-elected Menteri Besar, Dato Mohd Hassan has no business to advise. He was believed to receive a tongue lashing for minding the affair of the Undangs.

Few months ago, MI reported an after nightclub skirmishes between the Tengku Nadzimuddin, son of Tengku Naqiyuddin's sister, Tengku Dara Naqiah and the Raja Muda of Johor, Tunku Ismail Ibrahim. The report was a veiled threat to blackmail the Johor Royal household to pay up or get shamed by a lawsuit. Interestingly, MI was lavishly using quotes from a Singapore Times report. Brendan or Kalimullah's hands assisting this royal blackmail is obvious.

Its interesting to read the manner MI run their article on Tengku Naqiyuddin. The disclosures looks as though in a matter of time, this low life journalist will ditch Tengku Naquiyuddin and his siblings.

As a Johorean, who used to live in Negeri Sembilan and appreciated the essence of Adat Pepatih, I am too happy that the rightful heir to the throne has finally returned to this former territory of the great Kerajaan Melayu Johor. But, I am not about to allow Brendan get away with this. This koling spin meister tak soda diri know nuts about the royal happenings and the true feeling of the Negeri Sembilan rakyat.

What is the interest of Brendan and his group of evil doers in taking side against the Johor Royal household, and backing Tengku Naquiyuddin for the throne?

The Malaysia Insider report reproduced below and commented:

String of bad news may have hurt Tunku Naquiyuddin’s chances at becoming Ruler

Malaysia Insider

DEC 29 — Suave, charming and debonair, Tunku Naquiyuddin Tuanku Ja'afar had been for years one of Malaysia's most well-known member of royalty, and was widely expected to succeed his father as the Ruler of Negri Sembilan.

Known for his charitable activities, he was also a keen sportsman and a top corporate figure popular with the public, making him an ideal candidate to be the Yang di-Pertuan Besar of Negri Sembilan.

But perhaps the spate of bad publicity his family endured in recent times eventually hurt his chances as he was ultimately bypassed today when the four Undangs, or territorial chiefs, of the state instead chose his cousin Tunku Muhriz to ascend to the throne.

The four chiefs, who have the ultimate say in deciding who gets to become the state's Ruler, had deliberated over the candidates in the past 24 hours amid intense speculation.

This where MI is out of it's league to speak on royal matters. Ask any rakyat of Negeri Sembilan, they will tell you that the rightful heir to the throne should have been Tengku Mukhriz. Tengku Naqiyuddin was never supposed to succeed his father.

For 40 years, Tengku Mukhriz was denied his rightful place as the son of the late Yam Tuan, Tuanku Munawir.

Tuanku Munawir and Tuanku Ja'afar are sons of the first Yang Dipertuan Agong and Yam Tuan, Tuanku Abdul Rahman but of different mothers. Tuanku Munawir came from a royal mother, Tuanku Mahrum. While, Tuanku Jaafar came from the commoner's mother, Cik Maimunah with a serani blood from Melaka.

On the death of Tuanku Munawir in 1967, the Undang strangely replaced Tuanku Munawir with his brother, Tuanku Jaafar that does not fulfill the gahara criteria. Gahara means both parents of royal blood. The official reason was Tengku Mukhriz was deemed too young at the age of 18.

What is widely known by those within the Adat Pepatih traditional structure was that Tengku Mukhriz was denied due to oppositon by an Undang. It is believed that there were 'incentive' to reject Tengku Mukhriz.

Immediately upon ascension to the throne, Tuanku Ja'afar accorded his son, Tengku Naqiyuddin the title Tengku Laksamana. Tengku Mukhriz was accorded the title as Tuanku Besar Seri Menanti, a Negeri Sembilan version of Tengku Mahkota atau Raja Muda. Despite his royal title, Tengku Mukhriz was treated as an out-cast for 40 years. In the words of commentator Jang, he was refused any invitation for royal events and even shunned in private.

Brendan the true pariah of Malaysian journalism would have never had known this. He was talking on the obvious.

And the string of bad news in recent times surrounding the late Tuanku Ja'afar's family would not have escaped them.

In October, a grand-nephew of Tuanku Ja'afar was reportedly involved in a nightclub brawl with a member of the Johor royal family, in an incident which greatly embarrassed both royal households.
Brendan spinned version as reported in Straits Times Singapore and quoted in MI was far from the truth.

Bigdogdotcom, who had an insider take on it, described it as a case of "two men had a row in a night club. One walked away. Then the other chap pursuit the one who walked away, all the way to the hitel. Why? He wants trouble! Not good enough the gentleman between the two walked away rather than engage, the trouble actually caught up with him to his hotel.

Naturally, some people need to defend themselves. Hence someone was hurt. The Police were called in. No urine or blood sample was analysed.

In the morning, the mother of the beaten up guy wanted to get even. She asked the mediator for RM 10 million, for “settlement” Then it went up to RM 50 million. The final “asking” price was RM 100 million (negotiable, of course)!"

Tuanku Ja'afar also made the news for all the wrong reasons in the same month when he became the first ever member of royalty to be involved in a trial in the Special Court.

The Special Court, set up in the 1990s to hear cases involving royalty after royal immunity was removed by a constitutional amendment, ruled against Tuanku Ja'afar in a dispute with Standard Chartered Bank.

He was ordered to pay nearly US$1 million (RM3.6 million) to honour his commitment in a letter of credit over a business deal.
Although there are many, who remain sore with Dr Mahathir for establishing the royal court, it was necessary.

The rulers need to maintain a sense of honour, dignity, and integrity in their personal and official conduct to be accorded the respect and love of the people. As custodian and defender of the Islamic faith and the head of Malay traditions and heritage, they are expected to befits the role and responsibility bestowed upon them.

It was highly improper and disrespectful on the part of the press to publicise the late Yam Tuan's lost in court. Nevertheless, the late Majesty did not live up to his responsibility and integrity in private business conduct. This brought a loss of face on the royal title and it is incumbent on the late Majesty to secede the throne. Talk was his late Majesty was willing, but the Undang refused. It would set a wrong precedent for a reigning Yam Tuan to vacate the throne in his lifetime.

The extravagant lifestyle of the Negeri Sembilan royalty and crumbling business interest must have reached its toll. Antah Holdings - the family public listed 'commission agent' without any business operation but many joint-ventures - was taken over control by a different group and had since changed name. Its share value plummeted.

A manifestation of that desperation was heard.
In a speech last month, Tunku Naquiyuddin subsequently made a call for royal immunity to be restored.

He argued the restoration of immunity would enable the constitutional monarchy to play a more fitting role in the 21st century as guardians of the Federal Constitution.

His remarks did not get the support of the other Malay Rulers, perhaps because it had come so soon after his father's court case.

Last month, his brother Tunku Imran's business dealings also ended up dragging the family's name through the mud.

Tunku Imran resigned as director and chairman of the Petra group of companies, which are controlled by his long-time friend and business partner Datuk Vinod Sekhar.

The public falling-out with his partner came following a lawsuit filed in the United States against the group and Tunku Imran by Hollywood film star Bruce Willis over a 'green rubber' project.

Tunku Imran's parting shot to his old friend was that 'enough is enough”.

In the end, that may not have been enough for Tunku Naquiyuddin to succeed his father.
It was a case of too late for Tengku Naqiyuddin. He could not avoid the eventuality, not even with Anwar Ibrahim trying to capitalise.

The conduct of him and his siblings have long not been taken well by the rakyat of Negeri Sembilan. The ageless poor treatment on Tengku Mukhriz could no longer be tolerated. More of Tunku Imran problematic dealings will soon surface.

This time, an attempt made few years back to deny the present Undang of Luak Sungai Ujong his rightful place, came back to haunt them. This became the stumbling block that Brendan hoped his effort could help unclog.

The royal household then favoured other candidate and when the Lembaga members representing the Suku insisted on their choice, the elected Undang was refused an installation ceremony. It was the Federal Government, with the help of Dato Rais Yatim, that allocated budget and organised his installation at a Government facility hall.

It was said, there was a last ditch effort yesterday from some party to pressure the Undang to favour Tengku Naqiyuddin. The Undang meeting was conducted strangely at the Menteri Besar residence, instead of the Balai Undang of any Luak of Sungai Ujong, Jelebu, Johol and Rembau (the seniority order).

The Undang delayed their decision till the day of the burial yesterday and adamantly insist to carryout the wishes of the people. It is time to right the wrong of the past. The reception from the people at the burial ceremony was evidence of their disgust with the past.

Tengku Mukhriz, the rightful ruler returned to the throne. Justice had prevailed. And, Brendan will continue with his "pariah" journalism.

Sireh Pulang ke Ganggang. Daulat Tuanku!

* Factual correction 4:30 pm


Nani said...

Though I'm not the rakyat of Negeri Sembilan I'm relieved and thankful to Allah that Tengku Muhriz is the Yamtuan. Honestly, I'm not in favour with Tg Naqiyuddin and his siblings lifestyle .In the eyes of the rakyat , they're too westernised.
Futhermore,(if I'm not mistaken )Tengku Muhriz's wife is from Terengganu and the grandaughter of Tengku Zainal Abidin a pious Sultan .

Justice is prevail , nonetheless.
Daulat Tuanku!

Anonymous said...

Heaven forbid if Naqiyuddin was selected. That could have meant the throne would have passed onto his eldest son who has a wife with an illegitimate son from a previous marriage.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this interesting palace backgrounder.
I'm not clear on the bit about the Undang Sungai Ujong. You said "the royal household favoured others and when the Lembaga members of all suku decided, the Undang was denied a ceremony". Then the Fed organised his coronation and footed the bill. My question: Is this Undang then the Fed's candidate? This is where it's not clear to me.
Hope you can explain further. Thank you.

Blogs fan anon

Anonymous said...

Patience has finally paid off for Ku Mukriz. I know his wife and family.
Late father was former Grand Chamberlain.
She's nice like her dad. But mother....
All Tengku Naquiyuddin's siblings have English names, He's Bill, Naquiah Nicky, Imran Pete.
While you are at it, why don't you dig on what's happening in Perak royal circle.
What happens to other royals eversince Raja Azlan became Sultan.
Something like Negeri too, you know

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 6.20pm

You sure? What I know is he got married to a divorcee with two kids.
Inilah contoh mulut manusia buat fitnah. Tak tau mana satu betul

A Voice said...

Blogs fan anon

Correction made.

Federal Govt did not got involved but it is the initiative of Rais Yatim came to help save face.

He allocated budget under the Kebudayaan dan Warisan Ministry to preserve the istiadat menabal Undang Luak Sg Ujong.

Lets not get into further detail.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, A Voice, for the reply and clarification.
Ok, I get you. Read between the lines.

May I ask another question, pls? Is it the NS royal custom to proclaim the new ruler just before the burial of the dead king (before the remains leaves the istana)?
A friend from N9 told me this is so but he isn't sure. If it is the custom, then there wasn't any delay in naming the YT (as some media led us to believe).Remember, TJ died on Sat a.m.,the news said the undang were meeting and the outcome to be known next day. Sun, no announcement.

Again, thank you.
Blogs fan anon

Anonymous said...

british trick to gain singapore from Johor, won't be worked in modern age.

satan insider failed

banana never fruited twice.

Anonymous said...


How dearly we miss June 6
30 Oct 2006
Brendan Pereira
WE never saw June 7 coming. Sure, there were whispers that he was not happy with the way his successor was running the country; with the way ministers and business friends were not returning calls.

But no one saw June 7 coming. That was the day Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad accused the PM of stabbing him in the back; of reversing his policies; of cancelling projects, including the half-bridge to Singapore. He attacked with the ferocity of a street fighter and suggested that Abdullah was the second choice for the top job in the country.

He wanted to know why Tengku Mahaleel Tengku Ariff was no longer running Proton, why development in Putrajaya had slowed down. He wanted to know why the person he left in charge of the country was no longer dancing to his tune.

Looking back, that was the day when he crossed the line. History records these watershed events because they change the mood of the country, pit kin against kin and dominate the landscape.

If June 7 is the day we never saw coming, June 6 is the day we will not see again for a while. And how we miss it.

MITCH ALBOM: If Sept. 11 was the day we never saw coming, Sept. 10 was the day we will never see again.

And we miss it terribly.

We miss going to lunches or dinners and just shooting the breeze, instead of spending hours dissecting the latest tirade and figuring out why power is so hard to let go.

We miss those days when people didn’t make you feel that you’re one of us or you’re one of them.

MITCH ALBOM: We miss when politicians didn’t make you feel that you’re one of us or you’re one of them.

We miss the time when "half-past six" was used in a moment of levity between childhood friends.

We miss the time when exclusive interviews about Malaysia on CNN, BBC, CNBC or Bloomberg were about the country and its prospects, not about a political sideshow.

MITCH ALBOM: We miss when Al-Jazeera was just another TV channel wed never heard of.

We miss when a can of aerosol can was not considered a weapon.

MITCH ALBOM: We miss when toothpaste was not considered a weapon.

We miss the days we watched leaders in other countries slug it out in public and said: "At least our leaders don’t do that."

We miss when we didn’t war among ourselves over a war being waged by an individual.

MITCH ALBOM: We miss when we didn’t war amongst ourselves over a war somewhere else.

We miss when we spoke to a friend and didn’t hear a voice in our heads whispering: "I wonder whose side he is on?"

MITCH ALBOM: We miss when we spoke to our Arab neighbors and didn’t hear a voice in our heads whispering, I wonder whose side they’d be on?

We miss when peace talks referred to discussions between the Tamil Tigers and the Sri Lanka government or between the warring factions in Palestine.

We miss the feeling when there wasn’t a cloud hanging over the political landscape,
and a feeling that no words or explanations can be a balm to this festering sore.

MITCH ALBOM: We miss the feeling that there wasn’t a large cloud hanging over our future...

We miss the days when the mention of Dr Mahathir’s name unleashed a vision of a leader handing over power at the peak of his powers, not a mental picture of someone seeking to bring down someone in power.

We miss the days when the prime minister had to defend his policies, not parry personal attacks.

We miss when a volley referred to a sweet left foot strike by Wayne Rooney, not a barb fired across the bow by the former PM against his perceived enemies.

We miss when we spoke of a legacy in glowing terms not with a sense of doom.

We miss when the world looked at us with pride and wondered why other young countries could not have a smooth change of guard.

We miss when Dr Mahathir spoke like a statesman.

We miss the time when we did not have to rake up our dark past and remember stories of former prime ministers taking on incumbents. Tunku Abdul Rahman and Tun Hussein Onn deserve their rest and place in history.

We miss the days when the battle lines were clear — government versus opposition.

Yes, we miss June 6.

MITCH ALBOM: But we miss Sept. 10


Anonymous said...

tengku jaafar family business goes down in drain during 1997 economic crisis especially melewar group and antah which RHB ordered the company to pay 13 million dollar to the bank,(13 million is just a small sum yet tunku imran shows his so call royal power not to pay the debt(rumours said he did ask a businessman by the name of Liew ;owner of teppanyaki restautant in sg wang)who once his business partner to pay.

Anonymous said...

they have been trying to get undang luak sungai ujong for years...there was also an if not several, attempts to kill him. Undang Luak Sungai Ujong also is treated badly by government officials!!

Btw, even though there are four undangs...undang luak sungai ujong is the most powerful. basically, if he says something...other undangs will not be able go against it.


de minimis said...

bro ABW

I am endlessly fascinated by the processes of the Undangs which was the inspiration for the rotational system for the selection of the Yang Di Pertuan Agong. This post of yours is very insightful and enlightening. It also certainly debunks all the spin by various parties.

Anonymous said...

If we were to read the book " Tunku Abdullah - A Passion For Life ", Cik Engku Maimunah was not a grago from Malacca. They met in Kuala Lumpur when the young Tuanku was attached at land office and Dulcie was a nurse attached to government hospital.

Her father was sent to Malaya as Forest Officer and upon retirement, became a rubber planter in Port Dickson and later at an estate in Kajang.

Anonymous said...

I do agree with Nani's comment.
The previous royal family of Negeri Sembilan have been living too much western style.The new ruler Tuanku Muhriz who is the actual royal heir should have been restored as the ruler decades ago.Thank God who made the Four Undang decision correctly.I noticed there was a shout of a few people when the SUK made live announcement. I believe those (protest) voices were come from the family of previous ruler . However, it was cut.Anyone noticed?

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Wahai koling spin meister tak soda diri,

Sedar lah kamu bahawa kamu semua tidak pernah berterima kasih kepada kesultanan Melayu.

1. Pada 14 September, 1952, pada Mesyuarat Majlis Raja-Raja keputusan telah membuat keputusan bahawa 1.2 juta penduduk China dan 800 ribu penduduk India diberi kerakyatan Persekutuan Tanak Melayu.

2. Majlis Raja-Raja juga memastikan bahawa "in an independent Malaya all nationals should be accorded equal rights, privileges and opportunities and there must not be discrimination on grounds of race and creed,"

Anda sudah lupa daratan

A Voice said...

Anon 3:38

That is what N9 people call Indian, what so racist?

It would be racist if we assume Brendan is a Portugese. It would be an insult to his proud Indian heritage to assume he is the ancestors of the invading European barbarian.

A pariah is still quite polite a label for Brendan. He is a plagiarst an dthat makes him a thief. And he shd be put behind bar in some literary or journalism prison.

Anon 4:32 pm

Since you are quite concern about proper English, I am sure the Kementerian Pendidikan would appreciate your service.

I don't.

I am not concern about delivering the perfect English. I am concern about sharing my thoughts. What do I care if I botch on some past participle and poresent perfect tense?

I just released anon 3:38 pm comment. Did you say the Naqiyuddin sibling are no hypocrit?

A Voice said...

I meant I released anon 1:32 pm comment.

Although there is some spin and twisted fact, it helped verify what was written.

Cruzeiro said...

A Voice,
I'm a Negri man, and I'm with you on this matter.
Tunku Mukriz has been wronged - and many Negri guys from school days believed this!
Tunku Mukriz is indeed the rightful heir to the throne!
Justice has been done. All praise to the Undangs and Tunku Besar Tampin, Tengku Razman(my senior in school)!

Daulat Tuanku!!

Anonymous said...

After wines, champange and ball room dancing, and maybe some gambling...he has forgotten the Creator to whom we all belong and will go back to! Why do you thing this world is created round not square or a triangle? During the Almarhum time, we the org kampung of Seri Menanti suffers whenever he is home at his apalace celebrating his birthday or sometimes christmas day! Our water and electricity were rationed ! I would say thank you God for not letting him (Naqiyuddin) succeeded and for the Undangs firmness!!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Kamu semua jangan nak "mud slinging" match panggil Melayu Jakun.

Berbahas secara profesional.

Jangan nak berbahas macam mabuk todi je!

Saya ingin memberi fakta sejarah lagi:

1. Siapakah pembelot yang menyebabkan Portugis menawan Melaka pada 1511 - Si Pitul pendatang dari India.

2. Mengapa Tanah Melayu jatuh ke tangan Jepun begitu cepat sekali pada 1941 - 75,000 askar India lari bertempiaran setelah nampak tentera Jepun berhampiran dengan pekan Jitra.

3. Berapa ramai orang India yang berjuang mempertahankan Tanah Melayu semasa Darurat 1948-1960 - kurang dari 5,000.

Saya bukan nak menimbulkan isu perkauman. Saya tidak pernah mempertikaikan kerakyatan orang bukan Melayu di Malaysia.

Pakar Sejarah Malaysia

Anonymous said...

Barackah, the divorcee is a Putri Badrinise Z. Arif, a minor royal from the Kedah family. She married a westerner when she was six months pregnant and the marriage lasted about 5 years. She subsequently obtained custody of their son, who she abused, neglected, and finally abandoned. The boy was so badly traumatised that the father had to get psychiatric help for him (all documented by a reputable doctor.) She recently portrayed herself in one of the tacky social magazines as a first time mother.I guess she and that family deserve each other.

A Voice said...

Anon 1:31 pm article is reproduced and reformatted for easier read and to reduce the space taken.

HIS ROYAL GREEDINESS - http://www.malaysia-today.net/Blog-e/2005/07/his-royal-greediness.htm


A state bankrupted by its own royal family

The Negeri Sembilan royal family is known among the public at large as successful businessmen. However, in business circles, the envy is more directed towards the success of the Negeri Sembilan royal family for so long being able to avoid the impending bankruptcy and foreclosures that should have visited it many years ago. For example, take Antah Holdings, which is controlled by the ruler, Tuanku Jaafar, through his sons, Tunku Naquiyuddin and Tunku Imran. As of the end of 2004, the ruler and Tunku Naquiyuddin had pledged over RM350 million worth of Antah stocks as collateral for loans which have never been paid since the last economic crisis of 1997.

Accordingly, some of those shares have devolved to several Chinese businessmen associated with Tuanku Jaafar. They have taken control of certain aspects of Antah's business resulting in the property section of the company, which owns large parcels of land in Negeri Sembilan, now almost totally no longer in the hands of the Negeri royals.

In addition to the Antah debts, Tuanku Jaafar has personal liabilities of around RM300 million. This is by no means unusual; the Tuanku having followed in the footsteps of his father, the late Tuanku Abdul Rahman, who when ascending the throne was a technical bankrupt. Tuanku Abdul Rahman was then owing a Chinese businessman partner from lang more than RM300,000 as a result of some failed property deals. To save the newly independent state of Malaya from embarrassment, the then Prime Minister of Malaya, Tunku Abdul Rahman, instructed finance minister H.S. Lee to find ways to resolve the Agong's debts.

Embarrassment averted, the Negeri Sembilan royals learned quickly that this was a profitable way to make money -- through taking loans and having it paid for by other people.

Antah had, for many years, been a very high-profile company. This was not really due to a successful business model or a shining track record but because of the social hubbub that is the Negeri royal family. Feted by high society, almost Western to the core, the part-Portuguese Negeri royals, with their flashy lifestyle, brought Antah to the core of the public imagination by the many parties they attended and the gallons of champagne they drank. They were always in Malaysian Tatler or magazines of that ilk.

Behind the scenes, Antah was really a sick company. It survived mainly on government contracts which were sub-contracted out to various European and Chinese companies associated by marriage or friendship with the Negeri royals.

Yet Antah could rely on Tuanku Jaafar in getting more quarries, pig farming lands, housing states, plantations, factories and other such gifts from the Negeri Sembilan government, which was the mainstay of their business. A few trophy businesses such as the 7-11 convenience stores and part-ownership of the carbonated drinks manufacturer, Permanis Sdn Bhd, were shown off as the successes of Antah. In reality, post-1997, the well dried up and even these were up for sale. Antah shares in Permanis were first hawked to the Yeo Hiap Seng group of Singapore but later sold to someone else. And the 7-11 chain has been going through the doors of several banks in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore, looking for a new home.

The extravagant lifestyle of the Negeri Sembilan royals is explainable because they understand that their tenure of the state is limited. The children and grandchildren of Tuanku Jaafar are fully aware that the head of their family is not the rightful ruler of Negeri Sembilan.

The system there is unique. The Yang Dipertuan Besar is elected by four Undangs, commoners with almost equal status to the ruler himself. The Negeri Sembilan ruler, unlike for example the Sultans of Selangor, do not really own the state but share it with the Undangs.

Tuanku Jaafar realised early on that the Undangs must be manipulated. His first tactic was to replace dead Undangs with uneducated, pliant yes-men. He continually bribed them with datukship quotas which could then be sold off to others. He encouraged them to get into debt often with his own business associates) and then pretended to “save” them by paying off these obligations. In the beginning of his reign, he had as Undang a lawyer and several ex-civil servants. Through manipulating the system, Tuanku
Jaafar now has as his Undangs, a petai-seller, an ex-TNB meter reader, and a former bank teller, amongst others. Tuanku Jaafar had succeeded the throne in 1967 due to the interference of former Prime Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman, a close friend of Tuanku Jaafar since their student days in England.

The story is interesting: Tunku Abdul Rahman was a failure at university and had to repeat his legal studies many times over the course of 20 years. He started in England with Tuanku Abdul Rahman, the father of Tuanku Jaafar, but graduated with Tuanku Jaafar himself. While in England, he became bosom buddies with Tuanku Jaafar. In 1960, Tuanku Abdul Rahman died while serving as the first Agong. His eldest and royal son duly succeeded him. However, Tuanku Munawir was already a sick man, riddled by diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure. Four decades of overeating caused him to go blind almost immediately upon succession. By 1967, at the age 45, Tuanku Munawir was bedridden, completely immobile and was directing state affairs from
his bedside or from a wheelchair. He rose from his sleep at noon, but often went back to sleep by early afternoon. Affairs of the state could hardly work during such incapacity.

Tunku Abdul Rahman watched the event with great interest. He knew that Tuanku Munawir had a son and heir who was in fact the Tunku Besar (a title that in Negeri Sembilan is the equivalent of Crown
Prince). But as the son was still quite young, upon his father's death in 1967, Tunku Abdul Rahman staged a bloodless coup.

The Negeri Sembilan throne is not hereditary but elective in a limited sense of the word. Four Undangs were given nominal authority to select any prince as the ruler. However, such a prince must come from a list of which the Tunku Besar should be the first considered. In 1967, Tuanku Munawir having died, while the coffin lay in state at the Istana in Seri Menanti, Tunku Abdul Rahman sent his political secretary, Datuk Nik Hassan, to meet up with the Undangs. An offer was made to the Undang of Sg Ujong, Datuk Mohamad Kassim, and the Undang of Jelebu, Datuk Abu Bakar, for them to consider instead the election of Tuanku Jaafar as the new ruler, then number four in line to the throne and Malaysia's ambassador-designate to Japan.

Tunku Abdul Rahman instructed his secretary for the payment of RM100,000 to be made to each of the Undang's account with the promise of another RM100,000 each upon the installation of Tuanku Jaafar. His interest in this was quite simple. Tuanku Jaafar was a loyal UMNO supporter at a time when PAS was making inroads in Negeri Sembilan. His full brother, Tunku Charlie, was an UMNO MP for Rawang. Both could be expected to manipulate the system and ensure that Negeri Sembilan was free of opposition influence. The money duly appeared in the Undang's bank accounts, paid for by a Chinese businessman who is currently a Tan Sri and a long time friend of the Tunku.

Tunku was right. Only two years after this happened, PAS and DAP made inroads and even succeeded in toppling several UMNO stalwarts including Dato Samad (father of Tan Sri Isa Samad).

Swaying the Undangs was too easy. As the Tunku Besar, Tuanku
Munawir's son and heir, mounted the dais to instruct the preparations for the funeral of his late father, the Undang of Jelebu stepped forward to announce to everyone's shock that the Tunku Besar would not succeed to the throne but that the next Yang Dipertuan Besar would instead be Tuanku Jaafar.

Negeri Malays were shocked and Tuanku Jaafar's background was the main reason for this. The election was controversial to some also because Tuanku Jaafar's mother was a divorced Portuguese-Indian who had reconverted to Christianity after separation from Tuanku Jaafar's father.

But this did not matter to Tunku Abdul Rahman who wanted to ensure that the rulers were strong UMNO supporters at a time when his leadership was increasingly being questioned.

It was to be a costly mistake for Negeri Sembilan. Tuanku Jaafar realised that, as an usurper, he had limited time to enjoy his tenure in office. Soon Menteri Besar Tan Sri Mohamad Said began to receive massive requests for land from the Istana. Several huge pieces were alienated without land premium in the Paroi region of Seremban as well as in Senawang. Several thousand acres of residential development land, golf courses, commercial sites and industrial parks which could have been sold at higher prices to genuine businessmen were alienated to Tuanku Jaafar and his children at cheap prices. Much were later sold off to Chinese businessmen who bought them from the Istana and received datukships as grateful presents.

As the Tuanku's children grew, their incessant demands for more money multiplied. Menteris Besar Datuk Mansor Othman and Datuk Rais Yatim both had to deal with more requests for land, in particular limestone and rock quarries. They found almost weekly that their meetings with the ruler were often accompanied by subtle requests for land on Antah and Melewar letterheads. Leaders who were known to be reluctant to give away such gifts to Tuanku Jaafar's children found themselves sidelined politically.

When Isa Samad became Menteri Besar, the Tuanku was one of the first Malay rulers to discover a new source of income. Isa, not being a very pliant Menteri Besar, had said to the Tuanku that he could not object if the Tuanku would sell off state titles. Accordingly, the Darjah Paduka Tuanku Jaafar (DPTJ) was created to fill the Tuanku's coffers. Malay and Chinese businessmen, some with criminal records and impending bankruptcy petitions,
made appointments with the Tuanku's personal secretary to pay their homage at Seri Menanti. Brown paper packets containing up to RM300,000 in cash were exchanged for nomination forms for datukships. By 2004, the Tuanku's
datukship list had swelled to over 40 awards per year.

Some of the Tuanku's datuks were in their twenties. In the last few years, businessmen lining up for the datukships would find that upon receipt of the cash, the Tuanku would put the envelopes under the carpet of the audience room of Seri Menanti to be discreetly collected by the Tunku Ampuan later.

Only last week a 34-year old businessmen (the son of a former UMNO minister) was casually informed by Tuanku Jaafar that this may be the last year he receives payments for datukships as the public furor was getting louder. Come 19th July, it would not be a shock to find that again the Tuanku had sold off several datukships to 30-somethings who had done nothing worthy except pay the requisite fee.

The blatant sale of public titles has been further augmented by the Tuanku giving away datukship entitlements to several of his children. Tunku Naquiyuddin, Tunku Imran and their brother-in-law, Tunku Muzaffar, are amongst the most well-known brokers of Negeri datukships. Charlie, otherwise known as Tunku Abdullah, is also another seller of titles. He needs this to cover the extravagant wedding expenses and alimony for his seven wives. It has become so embarrassing that genuine recipients of DPTJ have rejected the title and requested the higher title of DSNS for fear of being laughed at by their peers. A former officer of Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi even remarked that when he went to receive his own award he did not recognise a single recipient of the DPTJ as people who have been of service to the state. They were all businessmen who bought the titles willingly and flaunted it to get even more contracts. Theofficer was so embarrassed that he left immediately after the investiture without joining the tea party with the Tuanku.

All of the Tuanku's actions are aimed towards one sole purpose as
enriching his family in case the Undangs decide to return the throne to the rightful heir. At 83, death is on his mind. Since the
last two years, Tuanku Jaafar has been so worried about the succession that he instructed
Chinese datuks of Negeri Sembilan to begin making regular payments to the Undangs in order to get their support for Tunku Naquiyuddin to succeed him.

Last year, Tunku Naquiyuddin himself made payments of between RM500,000 to RM1.5 million to the four Undangs in order to get their support. The Undang of Johol (recently infamous for showing off the finger to the Menteri Besar
at a public function) was grateful for the RM500,000 but requested the right to make ten Datuks every year. Tunku Naquiyuddin, being the businessman that he is, bargained it down to six. The Undang of Sg
Ujong was more erudite and asked for cash of RM1.5 million. A Chinese construction company based
in Kuala Pilah duly made payment on behalf of Tunku Naquiyuddin.

But Tunku Naquiyuddin's postion is not secure. The people dislike him
for his blatant abuse of rank and title. He has made his non-royal wife a full Tunku and several sisters-in-law besides. His son and
daughter of university age are known for their poolside parties which are sometimes carried
out at the wee hours of the morning in true Bacchanaelian
fashion with free-flowing wine, pink champagne and both male and female strippers. A commoner
stepson of his brother Tunku Imran goes around by the name of Tunku and makes fun of doa readings in public functions at the Istana in Seri Menanti.

On the other hand, the Tunku Besar Mukhriz, son of the long-forgotten Tuanku Munawir, has proven to be a man more suited to the people's taste. Having married a genuine royal from Terengganu, he has produced three successful sons holding high positions in the civil service. The only fault he has is that he has been excluded from many state functions, and although the most senior prince of the blood, he has never been called
upon to perform official duties. In the previous reign, whoever was Tunku Besar was made regent when the Yang Dipertuan Besar was incapacitated. Tuanku Jaafar blatantly ignores this rule and instead appoints Tunku Naquiyuddin, in spite of the higher ranking of his nephew.

In doing all this, Tuanku Jaafar has misused his position. By bribes, threats and other such means, Tuanku Jaafar ensures that the adat chiefs are put to a much lower level than is their right. For example, on the 26th of June, the installation of the Undang of Sg Ujong was fully funded by the Ministry of Culture and Heritage instead of the state government. It reduces the role of the Undangs to that of a dancer in any rumah terbuka Malaysia.

In the meantime the rot continues. In 2001, Dr Mahathir, a former business partner of Tunku Charlie (their company was known as T. Abdullah Mahathir & Co. and had ownership of hotels in Indonesia) gave his bosom friends, Tuanku Jaafar and Tunku Abdullah, the last machine to print money in the
form of the Jimah IPP Project.

The project is worth RM6.1 billion. But Antah is incapable of raising the required funds to finance the project. Instead, the
project is fully funded (both equity and debt) by banks. The banks had no choice. They were told in no uncertain terms to give the loans.

When Abdullah Badawi came to power, this was one of the megaprojects considered for shelving. But Abdullah Badawi was
persuaded by son-in-law Khairy Jamaluddin that to cancel this project would mean that he (Khairy) cannot rely on Tuanku Jaafar's support for his political future in Negeri Sembilan.
The project was not cancelled although it can only make a 12% return in the most optimistic of cases (low for IPPs and definitely not enough to service the debt over the expected slowdown of the next few years). But the RM300 million debt of Antah and other obligations of the Negeri royal family must somehow be paid. One can scarcely expect the Negeri family to work it off themselves. TNB is now forced to pay for expensive electricity in a glut market. But that is not a problem for TNB. They can always pass the cost onto consumers like you and me. And Datuk Che Khalib, perhaps the most corrupt of the Young Turks put by Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yackop in charge of the GLCs, has already got a Negeri datukship in his pocket and he is under strict orders from his real boss, Khairy Jamaluddin, not to irk Tuanku Jaafar and his sons.

Meanwhile, the state of Negeri Sembilan is so poor it cannot pay its obligations to Felda settlers except by the grace and favour of EPF. While the running down of the state is due to the inept leadership of longtime Menteri Besar Tan Sri Isa Samad, the apacious and greedy nature of Tuanku Jaafar and his children is also largely to blame. Tuanku Jaafar's legacy in his nearly four decades as ruler is that he is perhaps the richest of all the Malay rulers and his family is by far the wealthiest of all the Malay royal families.

It is no surprise that the Negeri royal family was one of only two Asian royal families (the other being Brunei) to be featured in Hollywood's Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. As long as the unholy alliance between Tuanku Jaafar and the UMNO politicians continue, the milking of Negeri Sembilan to a dry pit will also continue.

Please note there are illogical part of the story and it is spinned in a manner to merely to discredit UMNO. Whatever the fact to the story, pi mai pimai tang tu ... salah akan dibelok ke UMNO. There is a credibility issue.

As blogger Nobisha very point out this, universal labelling is a tasteless and cheap propaganda. Just like it is unfair brush all 3.5 million claimed UMNO members to be the same as the few bad apples amng them, it equally unfair to do so for all of PKR, PAS and DAP members for the fault of its own few bad apples. Agree to disagree in the proper fashion.

It doesn't make sense that Tunku Abd Rahman would use the federal government coffer to bribe RM400,000 to the four undang. Mind you, RM8,000 can get one a Mercedes in 1967. That kind of bribe is overly exergerated.

Another versionto the MT's story will be done in due time.

Anonymous said...

To Anon,
What disrespect did the Malaysian Indians show to the sultans.As far as I know Muhd Mohd Taib did show disrespect to the Almarhum Sultan Selangor by lying to him about his marriage to the princess. But in what sense did the Indians tidak berterima kasih kepada kesultanan melayu.

Majlis Raja-Raja juga memastikan bahawa "in an independent Malaya all nationals should be accorded equal rights, privileges and opportunities and there must not be discrimination on grounds of race and creed,"
Yes the MRR meant well--no discrimination--but what happened,NEP was formulated to help only the malays,Mrsm and Uitm was built to accomodate only the malays. The civil service was filled with 90% malays.Universities were filled with 75% malays--every where discrimination was the name of the game--now what is the status of the Indians in Malaysia--a completely marginalised lot--pls also be informed the present day Indians are all born here--this is their motherland--they did not ask to be born here to be discriminated.
anti racist

Anonymous said...

discriminate? please prove it? tak soda diri. Even India worst place for INdian in majority.

2 milion VS 25 mil, mau 60% civil service..? discriminate?

ask samy vellu/karpal la..or go to UK and make demo..

kerja ular, wayang pandai, cerita banyak...bla2..bla2..pusing2..
Mau jadi boss.

Anonymous said...

Anti Racist,

Jangan cuba nak quote dari saya kalau tidak paham secara mendalam.

Bila dah panggil bangsa Melayu ni "Jakun", ini nak mula nak debat pasal diskriminasi kerajaan terhadap kaum bukan Melayu.

Jangan cuba memutar belitkan fakta. MARA juga menawarkan tempat ke MRSM kepada kaum bukan Melayu tetapi bilangan pelajar bukan Melayu yang menerima tawaran masuk ke MRSM sangat sedikit.

Berapa peratus pelajar India yang layak masuk ke IPTA/IPTS?

Berapa ramai orang bukan Melayu yang memohon untuk mendapat pekerjaan di sektor awam??

Jangan buat komen kedai todi/kopi sahaja kalau tidak ada fakta untuk menyokong komen anda.

Pakar Sejarah Malaysia

Anonymous said...

Pakar Sejarah/Bangsat Nuar,

You orang boleh panggil India/Keling, tapi kita tak boleh panggil Melayu/Jakun. The jakun Tajudin openly called YB Kula a keling in parliament--itu boleh.
Fasal kelayakan, 76% saintis di NASA/Amerika adalah orang India--berapa orang Melayu layak khidmat dengan NASA--the worlds top Space Science Agency. Pakar pakar komputer didunia adalah orang India. Tetapi di Malaysia peluang mereka disekat atas nama diskriminasi. Permohonan ke University atau pekerjaan dikoyak seperti kata Timbalan Ketua Menteri Pulau Pinang-Prof Ramasamy.
Go to any govt dept--95% are Malays--but the national Malay population is about 45% only--they masukkan orang orang Sabah/Sarawak dan jadikan 60%--itu pun tak layak orang Melayu dominate 95% of the civil service--population of Indians around 9%--but in civil service only got about 1%--is this not discrimination. For 50 years--the Indians have been voting the BN loyaly--but they got what.
As for the Malays, they are only jaguh kampung--they rape their child--1 year old also can--if you want bukti--I have got tons of bukti--no need you can read in the papers everyday.98% of the ministers,polis,head of dept and other enforcement agency are all corrupt.
Anti racist

Anonymous said...

Pakar sejarah,

Mabuk todi bukanlah satu jenayah tetapi rogol dan sumbang mahram adalah perbuatan terkutuk didunia.

Sewaktu makan tengah hari, saya tertengok di berita TV7, 2 jenayah rogol yang telah dilakukan oleh orang melayu.
1) seorang polis telah rogol anak saudara yang berumur 6 tahun-rogol sumbang mahram-harapkan pagar, pagar makan padi
2)7 orang telah rogol seorang gadis bawah umur--apa jenis manusia ini--langsung tiada hati perut--janji nafsu buas mereka dipuaskan--lebih teruk dari binatang.
Jadi you sendiri menilai bangsa mana yang lebih teruk.
Anti racist

Anonymous said...

For the Perak Royalty, Raja Nazrin is not the right person. He passed a few more senior royals to be appointed Raja Muda. This is because dad is Sultan. Raja Nazrin at the most should be Raja Kecil Tengah or Raja Kecil Sulong at best. Supporters of Sultan Azlan would say it is the Sultan's prerogative but there was an agreement between the 3 families and the rotation must be respected. It's ironic that Raja Nazrin keeps saying about respecting the constitution and the spirit of the constitution and yet he became Raja Muda by not respecting the constitution or the spirit of the constitution. It might be too much to ask him to step down but if he let the 2 more senior royals to pass him and be Sultan of Perak, then he has corrected the wrong that Sultan Azlan and himself did to the other 2 families. The grandson of Sultan Abd Aziz and the son of Sultan Idris must be allowed to pass and be Sultan before him if it becomes vacant if he truly believes in the SPIRIT of the constitution. It's harder to exercise it when it hits you directly. The ball is in your court Tuanku Raja Muda....

Anonymous said...

Anti Racist,

1) Komen anda tidak ada kena mengena dengan isu yang diperbincangkan.

2) Saintis India di NASA tidak ada kena mengena dengan isu di Malaysia.

3) Berapa ramai orang bukan Melayu yang memohon untuk bekerja di sektor awam?

Anonymous said...

If the Malaysian Indian want to leave the country and reside in America. Go ahead. We definitely happy.

Anonymous said...

Saya adalah seorang kakitangan awam, saya tahu macam mana bahagian sumber manusia jabatan kerajaan melayani pemohon bukan melayu, khususnya orang India untuk apa apa jawatan. Seperti kata Prof Dr Ramasamy, timbalan Ketua Menteri Penang--mereka koyakkan permohonan mereka. Kenapa pada tahun 60'an--peratus orang India dalam perkhidmatan awam mencapai lebih kurang 50% tetapi sekarang lebih kurang 1% sahaja. Dulu mereka minat sekarang tak minat bekerja dengan perkhidmatan awam-apa logiknya kalau bukan permohonan mereka di campak ke dalam tong sampah.
Mengenai kami disuruh berhijrah ke Amerika--saya rasa ini adalah satu suruhan yang amat bodoh sekali.Kenapa kami terpaksa berhijrah--kami adalah warganegara Malaysia--kami hanya minta hak kami sebagai golongan minoriti.Bukan kami minta hak orang Melayu. Kerajaan BN yang dipimpin oleh orang UMNO telah pinggirkan orang India selama 51 tahun walaupun orang India sentiasa setia kepada BN. Pada PRU12, mereka sedar kesilapan mereka dan telah undi kepada Pakatan Rakyat dan telah menyumbang kepada tumbangnya kerajaan beberapa negeri. Dengan tindakan mereka sekarang ada beberapa MP,Adun,seorang Timbalan Ketua Menteri dan seorang Speaker DUN. Mereka akan pasti pada PRU13, BN dan UMNO akan tumbang.
Anti racist

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