Sunday, January 11, 2009

After the herding, the final kill; No more coward excuses to boycott

The picture from The Mafia's blog shows the progression of encroachment by the Zionist with the help of Imperialist British and later American backing from 1946 to 2000. The scattered Palestinians are block within barracades of Walls and the linkage between the Palestinian nation is controlled by Israel Army.

Does 2009 looks the year for the final assualt on the Palestinians? Will it be the year the decendents of victims of Holocust repeat the evil doings of Nazi for a Palestinian Holocust?

The inevitable is obvious.

The only way is boycott! Boycott Companies supporting Israeli Zionist atrocities against Palestinians!

They are too strong militarily. They are too stubborn, conniving and dishonest for diplomacy to work. They grow bolder because American support them.

With the US economy on the downslide, the only way American Government will listen is when American Companies are hurt by economic boycott. When the boycott hurt them, will then these Companies stop funding Israel and pressure American Government into a peaceful solution.

Slowly but surely, it must be done.

This is NOT a boycott by the Malaysian Government that could result in diplomatic problem and retaliation. This a boycott by the people and at the people's freewill to act.

NO more excuses and cowardice words. Sacrifice have to be made. It's time to be selfless.

Sadly, there are Malaysians heartlessly questioning the call for boycott on US products and citing petty issues like their personal inconvenience, laziness to seek substitute products, dominance of American ICT products, and whatever excuses.

If we can avoid using American products, use it but don't buy a new one. Try hard to find substitutes. This is the little sacrifice we could do for the Palestinians.

Don't be lazy! Where do your heart lies? Is there any humanity within you?


Anonymous said...

When you put someone out of work due to a boycott you better be F'''king sure you have a job equivalent to the one the poor sod has lost. If you cannot be responsible for this person's welfare then shut the f'''up. What gives you the right to screw around with the lives of others. You are no better than the f'''king Israelis.

Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

what a shock! i really shocked when i looked at the image above. it really sad that this keep happening. earth is in pain day after day because of the bad of human being. i feel so ashamed to call they as a human...

Anonymous said...

If finding a job equivalent or better than one's existing job is easy than Anon 8:05 AM has every right to condemn me. Has Anon 8:05 AM
ever wondered why these people are working for these so-called US corporations at very low pay in the first place? Well, it is simply because they can't get other jobs. Does Anon 8:05 AM think that these people love their jobs or that their jobs hold great career prospects. The majority of the workers working for these so-called US corporations are young Malay/Muslims trying to earn some money so that they can buy a motorcycle or marry their sweetheart among other reasons. In my working life in Malaysia, I have met countless SPM school leavers who rush to work for these so-called US corporations right after school. My heart sinks when I see this rush for minimal wage jobs. You see, that's the problem with clowns like you who think without their brain. You only think of you political agenda. By the way those SPM school leavers were my students. I still see them around town and somehow I feel that I have failed them. Do any of you clowns who advocate 'Quit and work with COmpaneis that do not support killing of Palestinian childrren.' ever have this sense of responsibility.

Mat Cendana said...

Sorry if I have to say this, ya.
However, based on what you had written, it's safe to say that reasoning isn't your forte.

So, based on your argument, it's also obvious that I shouldn't forward anything mildly complex as a reply. I fear they will place too much stress on your mind; and I'll feel guilty when you take sick leave today and tomorrow to deal with the massive headache. See how nice and reasonable I am, Vinnan?

Let's just use your own line of thought lah: Since you're this concerned about "job loss" and the likes, have you considered the Palestinians who have lost theirs when things are destroyed by the Israeli attacks?... with tacit approval of the US?

Do they have "the right to screw around with the lives of others"?

WHO is being responsible for the Palestinians' welfare? Israel? US?

So WHO should actually shut up rather than show his stupidity for all to see, and getting mocked `free-free'? Oh, * a hint* since `someone' might not get it: His name has three n's in it... (Hope this isn't too taxing")

Anonymous said...

Vinnan ni typical otak Hindraf atau Dong Zong ... racist, cauvanis and kiasu pentingklan diri!!!!

Jiwa yang kosong tanpa peri kemanusiaan. Tak lansung dia ambil peduli dgn kesengsaraan rakyat Palestine.

Bila nak berhelah dia sibuk guna alasan orang Melayu kerja dgn kilang amerika. Betul ke dia pedulu dgn Melayu? Pura2 dan ular!!!

Anonymous said...

You mean your boycott will actually bring the Yanks to their knees. Don't be naive. Even if all the Muslim countries in the world were to boycott US products the yanks will still support the Israelis. Remember the oil embargo against the Yanks in 1973? Did it stop the yanks, NO! Selfish people like Mat Cendana and Penangan are so hell bent on striking a blow against the Israelis just to massage their own bruised egos they do not even care about the welfare of fellow Malaysians. Such egoistical acts are no better than mental masturbation. Like I said before unless you have an equivalent or better job waiting to replace the job which the poor sod has given up or lost, you have no right to screw around with the lives of others. It is called RESPONSIBILITY.

Anonymous said...

Sungguh menghairankan kemarahan dan kesungguhan vinnan memperlecehkan boikot dan menimbulkan persoalan tindakan boycott.

Adakah dia ini manusia yang tidak berhati perut seperti regim zionis yahudi ini?

Mengaku sajalah anda seorang Yahudi bernama vinnan hindrafkovich.

Mat Cendana said...

Boy, you sure aren't too bright when it comes to economics and world affairs! If you were a bulb, it's the 5 Watt - yang orang pakai untuk dalam jamban tu.

Just see this one you wrote: "Even if all the Muslim countries in the world were to boycott US products the yanks will still support the Israelis."

Hahaha! It wouldn't require half. "Money makes the world go round" for the US especially. Should push come to shove, when it comes to money, the US will kiss these countries butts. That's a fact.

Or are you blind to the fact that the US admits China to international trade DESPITE the lamentable Human Rights record of China? "Never mind, we'll erm, `engage them' ..." HAHA! For the huge China market, the US bends over backwards.

And now, with their economy in dire straits after the financial meltdown, a worldwide boycott will make them see that "Israel has created this trouble for us". These people only understand two things (1) MONEY (2) FORCE

So, with the US almost "nak mampus" as it is right now even without a boycott yet, they'll be happy to "settle". After the US no longer supports Israel's MURDERS, I suggest that you migrate to Israel lah, vinnin - they seem your sort...

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