Thursday, March 31, 2011

It's bullshit and a lie, Aminuddin!

After two years, where is IDR's Perak Amanjaya blueprint?
Or it remain only concept on his fingers?

How is Barisan Nasional to defend Perak when officials in Government and Government-sponsored institute do not heed our warning and remain stubborn? And then come out with a reply that avoids the issue and tries to bullshit and lie.

Does he think we are stupid or something?

It is a discomfort for this blogger to be expected to restrain himself and not play his role because there are those who believe Perak is not quite you call a safe state and one eye should be closed to wrongdoings.

In fact, it is because if Perak is not quite you call a safe state, there is more reasons that there should be no compromise on good governance, efficient use of state resources, and combat against wrongful practices of corruption, cronyism and nepotism or KKN, as some faction in UMNO used to call.

If BN is to lose Perak now, not a single sen must be allowed to leak for some politician to make hay while sunshine.

It is because honesty, integrity and effectiveness in governing and bringing peace, harmony and abundance to the rakyat will be the premise for the people to yearn to see BN return to power.

Barisan Nasional wants to remain in power in Perak forever, thus small things must not be allowed to add up to be a problem.

With that bit of sermon, the response by Institut Darul Ridzuan (IDR)'s CEO, Aminuddin Amin's (read in Perak Today here) on our allegation of the wrongful manner in the appointment of Talent Solution as consultant for PEKA (read past posting here and here) is best described as a dud.

"It's bullshit and a lie, Aminuddin!"

In case, Aminuddin or anyone would like to point fingers or blame others for this bloggers writing, mind you that is an insult. This blogger is quite aware that Aminuddin have been openly expressing that thought.

Let me say this to him, "F**k you!"

This blogger answers to nobody and can be told by nobody. This blog is not one of those that mushroomed after BN's loss after 2008 and need to be encouraged, trained and taught to blog. No offense intended to those bloggers.

In case this mother*ucker does not know, this blog existed since 2005, 6 *ucking years ago. This blogger have been in the political cyberwar defending BN and UMNO since the reformasi days and have a sleepy Prime Minister with a wicked son-in-law as casualty in his batch of honour.

Don't ever *ucking say that someone can *ucking tell me to write this and that. I will write what I want to write and at my own time, *ucker!

Because I have been insulted, my reply will not be kind.

How can Aminuddin deny that Talent Solution is not his crony and claim that the individuals involved in the company have been in the business for 15 years?

Read back what is written here and tell us how he could make such claim?

Kota Damansara based, Talent Solution is only registered three month ago. The two Directors of Talent Solution are Wan Azrain, former Education Manager with NCER and Amie Yusnizar, administrative assitance with an American bottling plant in Petaling Jaya.

Both of them probably never had a total 15 years employment experiance. Neither have they any recruitment or job placement experiance nor are they Perakians.

Aminuddin was quoted on video saying, "Yang lebih penting, kita juga mengambil faktor semangat syarikat ini yang mana tunggak Talent Solution ialah anak jati Perak dan mereka ini mahu bersama-sama IDR untuk membangunkan negeri ini."

He *ucking lied!

In actual fact, these two people are proxies to Czarina Alia, COO of Innovation Associte's recruitment arm Career Xcell who is STILL A FULLTIME employee of IA and unprofessionally and unethically, doing business on the side.

IA Group CEO is Datuk Dr Hamzah Kassim, who is a NEAC member. Aminuddin was IA's former Associate Director.

In case sqaure accountants doesn't understand the meaning of the word cronyism, the Oxford Dictionary describe crony as intimate friends. Wikipedia described it as below:
Cronyism is partiality to long-standing friends, especially by appointing them to positions of authority, regardless of their qualifications. Hence, cronyism is contrary in practice and principle to meritocracy.
This consultancy was given to Talent Solution for Aminuddin's long-standing friendshp with his former IA colleague, Czarina.

Who is he trying to bullshit to claim below:
"Tidak dinafikan ada beberapa syarikat lain yang tampil menawarkan khidmat konsultan kepada IDR tetapi kita lihat mereka ini tidak mampu dari segi pengalaman dan kepakaran."
Upon saying that in Peral Today report, Aminuddin went on his usual concept bullshit, which he can only impress those naive and ignorant blokes.

Let me ask him: Why does IDR need to reinvent the wheel already done by the Ministry of Human Resource and Jobs Malaysia at the additional expense of the state government of Perak?

Conveniently, I was told that PEKA's office in Ipoh is right across the street to Jobs Malaysia's office. Leave it to the readers to draw a suspicion.

As consultant, Aminuddin may be thinking so princely of himself as though he is an "untouchable" and indispensible blue-boy because he has the ears of Menteri Besar, Dato Seri Dr Zambery Abdul Kadir.

He should remember that he is a public servant and even the Menteri Besar can be dispensed by the rakyat. If the choice is between holding on to power and him, a politician will dump him.

Aminuddin could become a political liability to the Menteri Besar and BN state Government if he doesn't deliver. After two years and millions of state money poured into IDR, what blueprint and great ideas have his think tank produce. Has his concepts tanked?

This is not about Zambery or any politicians but about a public servant who does not know his place in the scheme of things that he thinks he can bullshit the public.


RBF Online said...

not everyone are cows that can be dragged by the nose

AnakJohorDulu said...



"He *ucking lied!


kehkehkeh.. Why dont u ask him about MINDEF project with an Indian company..

selamatkan negara ku!!!

Anonymous said...

"tidak dinafikan ada beberapa syarikat menawarkan khidmat KONSULTAN kpd IDR·······" ini apa kes nie ·IDR pulak lantik consultant, berapa lapis consultant da. kelihatan seperti agenda aljuburi

Anonymous said...

Kenapa nak marah sangat, sampai "f" sini dan "f" sana. So what-lah if the fellow lied and made false accusations you.He has no choice, you pushed him to the corner and put pasir in his periuk nasi.

Anonymous said...

Amin Hashim, please resign and berambus dari Perak. Awak bukan anak jati Perak pun, awak orang Kedah. Tolong jangan nak kelentong orang Perak dengan slide powerpoint yang berwarna warni anda yang syok sendiri.

PERAKIAN said...

Well what do expect when thieves are given the keys to the treasury.
To all Perakians see for yourself how Perak has been sodomized by BN.



Anonymous said...


I am no BN supporter, is really hurting to see how disappointed you are by the actions of civil servants who are supposed to uphold the good name of BN (the government of the day) in their day to day activities.

It is these type of tidak-apa attitude fellows that good governance concepts get derailed and in the end another party comes to power.

If only civil servants do their job well, the public will know better how to vote for the government of their choice.

But what irks me is, why the state government is keeping mum on such matters.

They do not seem to panic at all?

By right they should crack the whip and govern in a no-nonsense approach when it comes to errant civil servants.

That would serve as a reminder/warning to others who want to try such 'stunts'.

There is a way, but where is the will?


A Voice said...


We are talking about value and you are thinking about periok nasi?

Makan nasi haram must be allowed in your faith, what ever that is.


Do be too naively political.

Suggest you read Parameswara.


This identity of yours is more rationale than the other menyakitkan hati bloke.

We pro-BN bloggers hate this kind of happenings.

Just like you people on the other side, we also hate crap like this.

Dah cakap, bukan tak cakap. Masih degil nak teruskan juga.

Do they have to lose the state before they understand good governance?

Anonymous said...

Yo, since you're on the Perak subject, you may want to look at a fish called "The Red Snapper", also milking the state dry.....hehehehe

Anonymous said...

The truth story if you just interview anyone from theIAgroup company, Aminuddin left the company because he tot it would be easy for him to pitch his ideas through political connection and also without the approval need of a CEO...he left and STOLE almost 5 to 7 Innovation Associates strategy consultants which was well trained by Dr Hamzah and brought them to join IDR....not only Aminuddin created chaos to the company, but he has destroyed all the good efforts build by Dr Hamzah. Being a consultant is not just about pitching about having the Ph.D, the 18 years of serving senior position in government sectors and more than 10 years of becoming a global partner of an international consulting firm and Aminuddin does not have ALL of THAT. No doubt Dr.Hamzah was one of the right person to draw the blueprint for our New Economic Model. Speaking of Talent Solution, Aminuddin tried to steal CareerXcell COO Czarina to join him and yet he managed to influence her with some INTERESTING BENEFITS & Advantages. Somehow Aminnudin has many ways to attract people and stealing ideas since he has the Perak State money and connections while theIAgroup company is build on 100% self-finance and has been competing for open tender. Look at Mckinsey, Booz Allen, Accenture....those are multimillion dollar company because they provide good services and solution. When they deliver it, they will get paid....but if those IDR and PEKA could not deliver it, they are still under Perak state payroll. CareerXcell will only get PAID if they can deliver the best candidates to join their client companies like big MNC, GLC and SME. Therefore, there's a big difference btw state owned company and a self-finance company.

Anonymous said...

Amin Hashim joined IDR to make money for himself as long as Zamry is the MB. Obviously, he joined Perak State Agency for a wrong reason.

Anonymous said...

CEO of IDR brought his cronies into the company without following the proper recruitment procedure as followed by other state agencies in Perak. If he pays the salary from his own pocket money, he can do whatever he wants, but the problem is IDR is funded by Perak State. So MACC please investigate.

Anonymous said...

Yes, i totally agree with Anon 3.08am. After learning the trick of the trade in IA, he badmouthed his mentor, made up sad story and highjacked IA's staff to join him in IDR. Aminuddin only cares about himself. Dasar tidak mengenang budi. Is this the kinda guy that going to help Perak back to its glory days? Dream on Perakian. You guys will get screw big time by Aminuddin and team.

A Voice said...

Few commentators complained about Amin leaving IA with few collegues that was trained by Hamzah Kassim.

Its a free market.

If Hamzah Kassim doesnt take care of his people and especially the ones he trained. they are free to leave.

I am on Amin's side.

Anonymous said...

A Voice, how can private sector protect employees when the state owned companies are giving free Land and NO TAX for LIFE. What is Aminuddin tricks...what is he trying to do? What is the improvement of IDR to the Perak state. DO you see the IDR creating jobs in Ipoh? Where is the IDR reports or at least some article about them. So if he would award the contract to Talent Solutions, is he trying to get more Ipoh people to go KL or is he going to create more jobs in Ipoh. I hope this IDR would not interfere in KL because this city is out of your jurisdiction.

Kalsom said...

Ko ni mmg kuat dengki la. Patut kao hodoh dan gemuk. U have nothing nice to say, just an axe to grind. Pandai tapi last last jadi bitter blogger.

malaysian said...

i agree with fellow bloggers here that people in administration that do not perform and abuse there position are liability to the BN government. i also agree to the fact that there are good people amongst the administration. HOWEVER, due to peer pressure and "ikut melaui teladan" they have to follow their bosses and practise what that has been caltivated for the past 20+years.
my suggestion is dismantle the UMNO/MCA/MIC etc parties and go under a new party 1Malaysia for a new and CLEAN slate..which will never happen bcos of corruption & greed.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

PEKA is still managed by private sector and still under perak state pay roll.. another MOU signing coming in this November but the reality is jobseekers are choosy.

Anonymous said...

A voice.. please investigate further more on PEKA management..something fishy is going on

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