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Wait for Jo Badut on video

The night of March 28th, Johari Abdul went on stage at the Melawati Stadium to tell the 7-9,000 crowd that the allegation of Anwar having a tryst with a Chinese prostitute was a lie.

Johari claimed that the guy doing the handstand while penetration is not Anwar Ibrahim. It also means that the chap walking around the room with his Charles Dicken erected and wrapped in tissue paper is not Anwar.

He went on to spin the meeting and viewing at Hotel Flamingo with Tan Sri Rahim Tamby CHik, Dato Shazryl Eskay Abdullah and Dato Shuib Lazim.

Early in the week, one blogger hinted that something is going to happen today. Something is going to be released today. Is it on Johari Abdul?

If it is him, he sure will be one Jo Badut.

Jo's Spin

In his speech, Johari decribed receiving a call from his uncle, Dato Shuib Lazim on February 15th to invite him to meet Rahim. That culminated into the meeting and video viewing with the Dato Trio at Hotel Flamingo on February 21st.

In that meeting, the video was played to him which Johari described seeing three person in black and white. Subsequently, one male left and the man and the Chinese prostitute had a go.

The man resembles Anwar Ibrahim, Johari said. However, it is not Anwar because he does not have a belly, protruding buttock and muscular body.

Moviemaker, Kickdefella have dispelled such claim and any possibility the video is superimposed here, here and here.

Johari disputed Dato Shazryl Eskay's claim of finding the video and player in a drawer while looking for Anwar's Omega watch.

He claimed Rahim offered him money and is willing to bring him to the Prime Minister.

He reiterated that the individual in the sex video is not Anwar. To verify it, he claimed to have brought along five other members of Parliament but the Dato Trio were not there.

Johari artfully divert the issue of Anwar to discredit Rahim's credibility. That was only expected of any opposition.

He made some pre-emptive moves to say that Dato Trio used media people to convince the public that it was Anwar.

And he believed Ummi Hafilda's statement that there are other damaging videos to damage Anwar. Such slanderous game by UMNO will destroy them.

Their crying call this time is Fitnah II. They hope to sway the public to believe that both the 1998 and 2011 events are slanderous. This is meant to stem the public to believe the 1998 event if Saiful's current 2011 sodomy case proves to be true.

Propaganda to change the public mind need time, effort, energy and money. Do they have that convenience? Do they expect Rahim and Shuib to lie down and let Barisan Nasional be faced with perception problem?

From the posting of RBF Online here, it looks like something is cooking and it will make Johari into a laughing stock.

This blogger claim to hear the same. It seems there was a secret recording made of Johari's viewing. It shows him taking a long deep breath as he "pointed"towards the picture to shout "betullah Anwar" for few times.

Won't he look like foolish Jo Badut to swear on stage throughout the country?

He claimed Rahim offered money. Actually it was Johari asked for RM100,000 and commission of RM1 million to bring over 7 PKR members of Parliament. He made a U turn when Rahim rejected his request.

Eskay's Eschew

As the event develops, the whole affair is clearly not about Rahim or Shuib. It is about Eskay.

Eskay grew to become a close personal friend of Anwar since the time he fell of a horse when he was Deputy Prime MInister and Finance Minister.

However he is not a political friend but the sort of friend to "horey horey." Read Kickdefella posting here.

As far as Eskay's version of the story, he claimed that he has been building this doubt towards Anwar and became determined to severe his times upon his return from Haj in 2010. He does not wish to be used by Anwar as alibi to show he is striaght.

Eskay wanted to stop Anwar from further deceiving the people. He must not be leader of this nation.

He could have revealed it earlier but he needed proof to back his claim.

Eakay said he was the third person in the video.

And he was the person Anwar asked to return and find his Omega watch. Wan Azizah enquired and he gave the escuse that it was in Eskay's car.

On the video, it could be seen that the prostitue slip Anwar's watch into her bag while he was in the bath room.

Eskay went back to the prostitute to ask back for the watch but he had not returned it to Anwar for he had to be in Thailand.

The Omega watch is given to the police.

During the viewing, Eskay told that Anwar had contacted him while teh video viewing was in session. He was asking in a firm tone, “Eskay! Where are you?”

The data in the handphone on the call, and SMS are with to the police.

Anwar's initial public reaction was to dismiss knowing Eskay. (Read AIDC here.)

Then he went on a character assasination attack for the past few days. THey have made few revelations on Eskay. (Read here and here.) It has revealed about Anwar's trip to Singapore with Shamsidar and "their" daughter for DNA test.

Eskay have retaliated back by posing 5 questions to Anwar:
Soalan tersebut ialah, pertama, sejak dua tahun lalu berapa kali Anwar ke Thailand? Kedua, siapa yang menyambut Anwar di Thailand? Ketiga, di hotel mana Anwar menginap? Keempat, apa Anwar buat di bilik hotel tersebut? Dan kelima, siapa yang menyelesaikan semua bayaran tersebut?
It seem to be another of Anwar's sexcapade but in Thailand.

Eskay warned Anwar and his PKR people not to force him to reveal everything. He is not scared of Anwar.

This blogger have heard of Eskay's connection abraod. He has every reason not to be scared. It is Anwar's response that seemed scared. He does not dare to bare all on Eskay.

In fact, he used lawyer Sivarasa to reply instead of himself. It sounded like a warning but the words were to ask him to stop doing these foolish things.

By the look of this e-mail and posting by Anak Seberang here, Eskay surely is not scared.

Eskay was reported in TV3 to claim that he is not aware of any other copy of the same video circulating in public. Some say it was cracked open and reproduced into CDs by KRU.

That video could be in someone's hand. Even if Awnar were to claim it on the police, what is to stop that someone from circulating?

Will the trio be charged for circulating pornography?

Dato Nazri Tun Abdul Aziz said they could be protected under whistleblower act. That coul d backfired into their gutter politics propaganda.

If it is not this sex video, another video could surface from Thailand with the same actor in the midst of some Thai action. That is beyond the boundary of our law for police to charge.

Not to be out beaten, the odd-looking short PKR Youth leader, Shamsul Iskandar claimed to have tapes of UMNO leaders but decided against revealing it. It is as though PKR exercise much restrain. Yes sure ... sounds like the six boxes.

Anything coming out from Sam Kemetot is laughable. A Jo Badut film release is more likely.

On the lookout today with your ears and eyes wide open ...


Anonymous said...

DAP national chairman Karpal Singh has been reminded that he once defended the screening of a blue tape and even invited MPs to view it.

Kita central committee member Muhammad Firdaus Christopher challenged Karpal to stick by the stand he took 22 years ago when he said the Home Minister could allow the viewing of sex videos.

Muhammad Firdaus reminded the Bukit Gelugor MP that he had made the statement when exposing the video implicating former Dewan Rakyat deputy speaker D.P. Vijandran in 1989.

“Karpal had even called on Barisan Nasional and Opposition reps to watch the sex video together to ascertain if the actor in the video was indeed the then MIC secretary-general,” he said, quoting a New Straits Times report on Dec 18, 1989.

The paper also reported Karpal as saying there was a provision in the Film (Censorship) Act 1952 for the Home Minister to allow viewing of obscene material.

Anonymous said...

Kinda one sided huh? One minute can, one minute cannot.

What's all these nonsense from a lawyer who is supposed to fight criminal justice?


Anonymous said...

Have a Royal Commission including people like Karpal Singh, Lim Kit Siang,Lim Guan Eng and Tian Chua to see for themselves whether Anwar's sex video is correct, correct, correct.People like them who always shouted for Royal Commission at every little opportunity, are very quite this time on Royal Commission. Why? Gutter politics or gutter politicians??

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