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Zambery still went ahead with Talent Solution

In our posting "Cronyism creeping into silver state" dated February 21st, this blogger touched on the challenges of Perak Menteri Besar, Dato' Seri Dr Zambery Abdul Kadir and the problems linked to people around him.

As a result, his contribution, whether actual or perceived, to Perak as a state and Perakians as it's most important stakeholder, is not seen as significant.

He is now grappling instead with practices of cronyism. There are specific projects not being carried out by existing Perak state government entities but instead by newly created and beutifully guised 'Fourth Floor'-like corporations, foundations and institutes.

Reliable informant claimed the Menteri Besar said some name mentioned in our previous expose did not know much of what is happening in his organisation. That raises another question: Is the person being by-passed within his own organisation? Who then is really calling the shots?

This leads to Zambery's launch tomorrow on Monday 21 March 2011 of the Perak Kerjaya Amanjaya (PEKA) career guidance and job centre created under the much elusive Institut Darul Ridzuan. Why is it that it is still being pursued with Talent Solution?

Has Zambery's administration refused to listen?

And do stop the shallow kampung political propaganda to divert attention from the true issues at stake. Let's not compell us to reveal more.

The career centre was reported to be proposed by Talent Solutions Sdn. Bhd. and as a content provider and operator, where else IDR will be the front for getting in all the monies from Perak state government.

PEKA seemed to be a noble idea for Perakians to be trained and up-skilled with the necessary programs and eventually placed. However, PEKA would be in collision with the Ministry of Human Resource (MOHR) Jobs Malaysia program, now being regenerated nationwide.

If PEKA is a good program for Perak, then the Exco should have been briefed and an approval from the highest decision making body be obtained first. However, Dr Zambery by-passed and just went along with Talent Solution's first job since being inception, which is less than four months ago, using IDR as the conduit.

Part of the program of 'train and place' or what this blog describe as "propose and plough" scheme is for Perak to pay for the training of the candidates on behalf of the industry or specific companies.

Otherwise, specific Federal Government agencies such as MOHR or MARA would foot the bill. PEKA would go around industries within Perak and then source out the candidates to be 'processed' via these expensive specific training programs candidates.

Some of the companiesto benefit from the overly generous program will include Kencana Petroleum (via Kencana HL - which based in Lumut) and Mydin.

Why these highly profitable companies need not pay for these training still baffles many but obviously these profit making entities are benefiting from budgets meant for social and economic development programs which do not bring returns?

Whether Perak or Federal Government such as MARA (using the 'Malay Agenda' excuse) is footing for this hare-brain scheme, it is clear that former Datuk Dr. Hamzah Kassim's right hand peoples' handiwork are at its best.

Already they are laying the groundworks with seminars and forums before they actually go for the kill.

Datuk Dr. Hamzah himself is no stranger to this "propose and plough" schemes, especially with regards to human capital sector. Being an NEAC member and informally advising the Federal Government on 'human capital' matters, Datuk Dr. Hamzah spared no stones unturned to corner business for that services sector.

Sources within stakeholders revealed that Datuk Dr Hamzah attempted to propose to the Federal Government for career centres which in practice would rivaled MOHR's Jobs Malaysia.

Considering that Innovation Associate Group do business with MOHR on human capital projects, it seems that they are very ambitious.

Coincidentally, 'Talent Solution' is the buzzword to describe Datuk Dr. Hamzah's Chief Human Capital Officer Czarina Alia's private venture Talent Solution Sdn. Bhd. which is trying to partner with IDR, despite he is still actively, legally and willfully part of the Innovation Associate Group of companies.

Another cronyism creature created by Zambery is Yayasan Bina Upaya (YBU). With IDR given the 'softwares' to play with, YBU gets the 'hardwares'. YBU gets the high value physical projects such as property development and public and low cost housing.

The CEO is Khairul Azwan, who is Pasir Salak UMNO Youth Chief and a strong advocate for the nationally-loathed UMNO Youth Chief Khairy Jamaluddin. IDR CEO Aminuddin Hashim, who was Datuk Dr. Hamzah's IA Associate Director also sits on the board.

One wonders now whether the man did not what is happening?

This blogger will spare the details and try the proper channel so as not to give bullets to crazy Nizar Jamaluddin.

This is truly a case of plough and plough which old timers in the corporate game snigger at the amaterishness of the scheme. It is too obvious and easily seen. MACC can build a case in just one raid.

Dr Zambery has to be more transparent. Despite both entities being state government GLCs, the Perak Exco is elusive for the activities and mode of operandi. Dr Zambery must answer a lot of questions regarding his very own 'Level Four' GLCs.

Why Perak Exco are not made known of these two organisations activities and more importantly, Perak Exco as the highest decision making committee's approval were never obtained?

Why Dr. Zambery did not use existing agencies such as Perbadanan Kemajuan Negeri Perak or Federal Government agencies such as Jobs Malaysia to undertake these programs is baffling.

It is suspiciously illustrating that Dr. Zambery, being a onetime-staunch-Anwarista is using these newly created and re-activated creatures to build his own war chest. Is he making the strategic move for Anwar Ibrahim to come back into UMNO?

Nevertheless, these cronysim practices in Perak would serve BN no good when the party is only has a borderline advantage over Pakatan Rakyat, which is starting to slide due to Dr. Zambery's inability to deliver and manage the expectations of the common Perakians, include the Malays.

It is time the blogger replay an ole boarding school cheer: Why are we waiting? Why are we waiting? Why are waiting? Why are we still waiting for an answer from Zambery and his team?

Dr Zambery had promised to engage us bloggers but have not kept his words. He has made himself systematically blocked by a group of insecure or guilty conscious officers within his office.

This blog does not have the high Alexa ranking as the likes of Parpukari, Gap, Gomo etc., but do heed our warning because it has the ears and attention of the necessary people.

Pardon us for being boastful.

It has come to our attention that aspersions were made of certain people for information obtained in this blog. For the record, information obtained here were not obtained from other bloggers or members of the Perak exco. Do respect our ability to secure information.

Our only motivation is for the issue at stake be addressed. Let there be no diversion attempt using infantile psywar strategies.

1:40 AM 21/3/11


Anonymous said...

How can the MB be expected to accommodate all the bloggers. Pls channel your concern to the relevant party and refrain from this bakar kelambu mentality.

Anonymous said...

what is the meaning of BOOSTFUL bro? Do u mean BOASTFUL kah?

Lenggung Mali said...

Berapa banyak "komisyen" yang di terima oleh CEO IDR Perak dari projek Talent Solution? Saya harap pihak MACC akan segera membuat penyiasatan yang terperinci sebelum lebih banyak duit rakyat Perak di LEBUR kan oleh Zamry dan kuncu-kuncunya.

tin man said...


straight forward job made complicated - typical rent seekers M.O.

if zambry fail to listen and explain, it's our turn to by pass him and go direct to Najib.

A Voice said...

Anon 5:06 PM

Don't play dumb.

I have no personal vendetta to warrant the burning of any kelambu.

Address the issues raised. And no Tamil cinema stories please!

Ex EY said...


As you unravels the connection, it becomes very interesting. Just like your earlier series of 'Tajuddin Ramli' and 'Loh Bert Phang'.

Lets look at the mitigating facts on this posting:

1. Getting Perak to pay for their "propose and plough"

2. Getting MARA to pay for their "propose and plough"

Amin Hashim is Perak MB's blue eyed boy. Czarina is now Idris Jusoh's blue eyed woman in MARA.

Both were right hand people to Datuk Dr Hamzah Kassim, Hamzah currently sits on the Operations Review Panel of MACC.

One thing that intrigues me is that Zambry gets projects approved and kicked off WITHOUT the Exco knowledge!

To my mind, that is wrong!

MACC really should really investigate this case. Investigate MB, Amin, Czarina and also Dr Hamzah and Idris Jusoh.

This is the consultants' version of organised crime. This is why the rakyat threw BN out in 5+1 states in 12 GE!

Berani kerana benar!

Well done, Uncle A Voice.

Anonymous said...

Zambry is letting Perak State's administration controlled by a consultant outfit. Obviously, Zamry has zero confidence in the Exco and State Agencies in Perak.

Anonymous said...

He has made himself systematically blocked by a group of insecure or guilty conscious officers within his office.

aka - Press Secretary lar tu...

Anonymous said...

Mr Blogger,

1) Ini dinasti baru Zambry Kader @ Anwaritas. Yang duduk dalam office dia, hampir semua Anwaritas. Termasuklah Azwan YBU penyokong no 1 "KJ for PM" pun Anwaritas.

2) PEKA failed to secure Majlis Belia Negeri Perak participation as agent to PEKA because MBN was asked to do all the recruitment agent work for FREE.

3) Semua ini kerana Zambry dan konco2 tingkat 4 nyer yakin dan percaya dengan laporan War Room Perak yang dihandle oleh Hanafiah Man - another Anwaritas - yang BN akan kalah dalam PRU 13. Jadi, apa yang boleh kebas sekarang, kebass - favourite qoute oleh Nizam Kicap, Press Secretary.

Terima kasih.
Saya Ahli UMNO yang akan tetap mengundi UMNO !

Anonymous said...

Mr Blogger,

one more thing, ada orang kata, you blogger cari makan saja, dan your blog tak significant - orang tak baca pun - jadi tak mendatangkan masalah kepada MB Zambry.

ipoh malee said...


can u please ask zamberey what's the impact of BN perak convention. was told some RM375k being spent on the convention....still has a lot of money izzit?

honestly, being a perakian; najib will be wrong to put his bet on zamberey' will lose perak once again...

Anonymous said...

I don't know much about Perak but detest corruption in any form by anybody anywhere on earth.

Where there are reasonable grounds to believe a hank panky is going on, MACC should go in, irrespective of who is involved.

Zambry should be careful, not only not being involved in such, but also not be seen or perceived as being involved, much less initiate any action that smacks of hanky panky. Otherwise the chance for the state to continue in BN hands wouled be squandered again.

Anonymous said...

Amin Hashim joined Perak State think-tank to make as much money as long as Zamry is the MB. Another sad story in the making for Perak.

Anonymous said...


I am still waiting for Anwar to sue
Mahathir on his book esp the house on kenny hill chapter

so now I have to wait for Mr x to make a police report and sue datuk T

waiting waiting waiting

A Voice said...

Kalau blog ini tak relevent, kenapa macam2 orang Zambery mintak tolong hari ini?

Kenapa macam-macam orang Zambery tuduh konon bocor maklumat?

Kenapa Zambery mintak tolong dengan orang dari agensi ...?

Orang tak salah akan cool saja.

Check on your boys, Zambery or you will be perceived as colluding.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:52 PM,

Press Scretary is a political appointee. Zambry can kick him out anytime if he truly is a stumbling block.

Senior Officers in Perak are on the Federal establishment, Pegawai Tadbir & Diplomatic etc, e.g the State Secretary, the several Assistant SS, DOs, ADOs, etc. Zambry can easily ask the State Secretary (a senior PTD Officer) to have those not carrying out his policies or instructions fully - unless they themselves see possible hanky panky in the instructions and are concerned about the possible squandering of BN hold in Perak.

You see, Federal Officers can play the role of check and balance at times. The State Secretary who was responsible for the doors of DUN Perak kept closed, leading to "the State Assembly meeting under the tree", is admirable in the performance of his duties.

berasiam said...

Teman ni orang Perak, rasa marah beno bila baca apa yang pemblog ni tulis. Tambah pulak bila nampak nama-nama yang kita kenal lama dah pun sama nak tunjuk samseng.

Zambry rasa dia tu pandai beno ke, sampai belakangkan exco untuk buat apa-apa keputusan. Yang exco pun tak ada telur ke nak hentam Zambry dalam mesyuarat berkala. Dia cuma MB, bukannya apa-apa pun. Lagi pun payung beso negeri Park bukan sembarangan orang, Paduka Seri Sultan dan Raja Mudanya tentu prihatin dengan segala yang berlaku dalam negerinya.

Hanafiah Man sebagai cif perang kata BN akan kalah di Perak? Dia bekas calon PKR dulu, buat apa nak caya cakap orang yang pernah kalah atas tiket mata satu tu.

Sepertimana sebelumnya, kita masih melihat masalah UMNO sebenarnya terlampau bergantung dan percayakan pengikut Anwar, seolah-olah orang yang setia kepada UMNO tidak berkebolehan untuk buat kerja. Bukan PM pun orang Anwar ker satu ketika dulu....?


Lord of the Rings said...

If what you say about MB Zambery is true bro,...i.e. he is managing the state through an independent entity without the participation of the state exco members then he will have a tough time to get Perak back in the coming PRU 13.

What Zambery should do now is to consolidate powers and unite all his state exco members and warlords before it is too late. Giving projects and special preferences to his allies and cronies will antagonise them and the party supporters - and if he does not retract and correct his position, he will be facing a tough time to run the party machinery. The electorate must be made happy so he can wrestle Perak back from the opposition.

The names you have identified for having spent MARA (other like agencies) money under the excuse of the "Malay Agenda" are nothing more than parasite Melayus who unjustly enrich themselves in the name of helping the Malays and the Bumiputras - when in truth are only filling their own pockets..while...psstt...making a comeback to the political stage. Find them, expose them and exterminate them, we are better off without them!

We are not deceived. MACC, do your job. And to you, bro, well done! Keep on tracking and unveiling the political crime, let's wipe the slate clean iyaa..

May Allah save Perak...and Malaysia!

Anonymous said...


Bab ni aku 50:50 bro.

Bila pakai con-sultan, orang akan kata Tingkat 4.

Tapi kalau pakai state agencies mcm PKNPk or SSI (State Sec Incorp) ... lagi la tak guna bro! PKNPk tu ... lagi la ... buat sakit hati saja bro. Hantu Kak Limah pun cabut!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Staff MBI said...

Saudara blogger, berita panas terbaru dari Perak. Zambry dah lantik seorang lagi pegawai khas yang bermasalah. Namanya ialah Rohayu yang telah dipetisejukkan di MBI. Dato Bandar menarik nafas lega kerana terlepas dasri bala yg besar. Bala itu sedang digalas oleg Zambry sekarang. Untuk pengetahuan saudara blogger, Rohayu juga adalah Ketua Wiranita Perkasa Negeri Perak. Zambry tak tau nak check latar belakang Rohayu semasa dia di MBI ke? Melihat dari tindakan terbaru Zambry, boleh lah kita andaikan yang dia sememangnya tidak tahu memilih orang sekeliling dia. Ayu adalah mempunyai masalah moral yang sangat teruk dan dia juga sangat sombong dan bongkak. Siapa tak tahu perangai dia semasa dia di Belia 4B dan semasa dia di UMNO Ipoh Timur. Zambry, zambry......kesian aku tengok kau ni. Dah la bodoh sombong pulak tu...mistake by mistake....

A Voice said...

7:23 PM

Jangan buat cerita macam rusa baru keluar kampung.

Matanglah sedikit

Anonymous said...

Jangan lupa sejarah. Perkara atau kejadian dahulu ada pertalian dengan sekarang.Bukan kah Zambry tu kroni Pak Lah dan budak KJ begitu juga Idris Jusoh--Pengerusi MARA. Ini semua muka-muka kaki sapu projek. Patutlah projek-projek di Perak diberi kepada puak-puak KJ seperti yang berlaku di Trengganu dahulu semasa Idris Jusoh jadi MB. Tengoklah apa dah jadi projek-projek di Trengganu yang disapu oleh geng-geng KJ dan kroni Pak Lah melalui Idris Jusoh. Sampai stadium roboh, pulau duyong (Patrik Badawi) yang tak mendatangkan faedah dan mesjid krystal sengit jadi gajah putih. Semua nama2 yang terlibat ini diberi jawatan dan kuasa untuk menolong kroni2 dan menjaga hidup mewah mereka bukan untuk rakyat jelata. Dato Najib kena keluarkan muka2 penyangak ini kalau nak menang pilihanraya 13. Ganti Zambry dengan MB baru, pencenkan Hamzah Kassim dan Idris Jusoh serta giler frendnya Czarina dan letak melayu yang berwibawa dan komited kepada rakyat. Ini macamana bolih letak Idris Jusoh sebagai Chairman MARA. Macam tak ada orang lain Dato Najib bolih pilih. Stupid!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ooooo ayu yang ada main dengan bujang telajak di bilik mesyuarat mbi tu ke.. Bagus bagus bagus ini modal pembangkang nak hentam

Anonymous said...

Zambri can be called MB MOU..lots of MOU's but no positive result. The biggest mistake when he appointed AMin as the IDR CEO's.The first word came out from Amin was..this is the time to make money coz Zambry is only here for a while.. The opposition will take back it's time to MAKE MORE MORE MONEY.
Nothing came out from IDR..11 million RM spent for IDR with no objection from the EXCO members.Pity Perakian...

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