Sunday, May 08, 2011

Unofficial result claim George Yeo lost Aljunied GRC

The Star SMS reported:
8/5 S'pore polls (unofficial): PAP team, which includes Foreign Minister George Yeo and Cabinet minister Lim Hwee Hua, has lost Aljunied GRC to WP/STAR
Asione reported here Hougang GRC is lost to Worker's party. Read here.

Have no fear the latest on Asiaone website here puts it at 37-1, in PAP's favour off course. There are 82 seats out of 87 seats are being contested involving 5 Group Representation Constituencies (GRCs) and 12 Single Member Constituencies (SMCs).

Perhaps, it is appropriate to read this report on George Yeo.
George Yeo: PAP must change

Fri, May 6th, 2011
The New Paper

SINGAPORE - If Singapore is to move forward, the People's Action Party (PAP) must change.

This observation came not from an opposition candidate, but from a PAP candidate - one who's a minister to boot.
Speaking at a PAP rally last night, Mr Yeo, who is the Foreign Affairs Minister, said his party has to undergo a transformation if it wants to engage the new generation of Singaporeans, many of whom are angry with the Government.

He admitted that there was a lot of resentment towards the ruling party because it was too arrogant and high-handed.

He said: "In your hearts, you know that Singapore needs the PAP. That without the PAP, there is no Singapore. But, we need a transformed PAP.

"It doesn't mean that all our problems will be solved, but it means that there will be better communication and a greater feeling for people."
Woi UMNO ... jangan tidor lagi.

He's talking to you too. Learn something there!


Anonymous said...

Salam,UMNO kena 'reform' diri, gembeling suluruh tenaga mengkoordinasi persiapan menghadapi PRU13, buat muhasabah diri secara sirius,betul2 sirius.Buat perubahan, rakyat sudah bersuara, sebelum terlambat.
Salam Benua,
Musafir Lalu

Anonymous said...

We have been saying it along that UMNO must change to be relevant. What is there to change? The top leadership of course.
Pak Tua

Anonymous said...

UMNO is the state of transforming its self, give it time and support and I believe the two top leaders are making the right moves but the rest of the pack must also follow the examples by the two top statesmen.

UMNO is on the right track to become the champion of the rakyat in due time and the results are showing.

My advise to the two top leader, Dato Sri Najib and Tan Sri Muhyiddin is to give the full support to the rakyat that supports the ruling parties and not the ones who will only shout "Satu Malaysia but not vote for the ruling party". The needy rakyat is mostly at the kampung areas and they are the real supporters of UMNO and BN.

My Say