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Wikileak: Pak Lah tried to implicate Najib in Altantunya murder

Does that mean Khairy had a hand too?

Out of the blue, Asia Sentinel - an online news portal where once Anwar's important linkman to the international press, Kazi Ahmad used to write at - had made an interesting expose.

Perhaps it is not quite out of the blue because this is just a day or two after Raja Petra announced he signed an MOU with Julian Assange of Wikileak.

Asia Sentinel claimed that Wikileak exposed that in February 2008, a cable from Political Section Chief Clark at the US Embassy in Kuala Lumpur to presumably the US State Department gave hint that "Abdullah Badawi himself may have been trying to get rid of Najib by forcing Razak Baginda to implicate him in the murder."

One can only recall that during the 2008 UMNO party election, Kepala Batas did not nominate Najib for Deputy President. [Read here.] By January 2009, Tun Abdullah was seen as though getting opposition's help to keep him on. [Read here. ]

As far back as June 3, 2007, this blog had been sceptical of any theory or conspiracy talk in the murder of Altantunya. Why?

Read here of an immediate attempt to link Najib with Altantunya death and accusing him of fathering Altantunya's then 1 year old kid.

This blog had even suspect that Khairy was involve in that charade to implicate Dato Seri Najib in the murder of Altantunya. Najib is aware and that is the reason he is not appointed as Minister.

Read also this past posting entitled "Perubahan Rancangan Peralihan Kuasa: Mana satu konspirasi, Mana satu lojik (kemaskini)" here dated March 13 2009. This was before pictures of Datin Seri Rosmah with orphans at Tabung Haji was revealed.

Raja Petra had mentioned of Khairy's involvement in one of his postings in Malaysia Today.

He mentioned those he wrote namely; John Pang, Din Merican, Nik Azmi and Kol Azmi in the TV3 interview but held back on Khairy. Maybe it is TV3, where the Kalimullah people are still in control, putting a brake.

Khairy had denied it when RPK wrote of his involvement. See above news clipping.

In fact, there are many more people involved in this conspiracy. This is blogger suspect there are at least 5 other major players still held back by RPK.

This was one noisy conspiracy.

This blog had written quite a bit on the murder of Altantunya story. One can run this blog's search engine and find many postings on it.

Wonder where this new revelation by Asia Sentinel is heading. Read the Asia Sentinel piece in full below:

WikiLeaks and the Altantuya Murder

Written by Our Correspondent
Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Cables show the US embassy in KL feared "prosecutorial misconduct" during the sensational 2009 trial

The US Embassy in Kuala Lumpur closely followed the trial of the accused killers of Mongolian interpreter Altantuya Shaariibuu and frequently discussed whether current Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak was involved in the killing, according to diplomatic cables supplied to Asia Sentinel by the WikiLeaks website.

The diplomats, like much of the public, also speculated that the trial was being deliberately delayed and feared what one cable calls "prosecutorial misconduct" that was being politically manipulated. The embassy officials based their concerns on sources within the prosecution, government and the political opposition.

The cables also draw attention to an intriguing allegation that then Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi may have attempted to use the proceedings to implicate Najib, a claim that was quickly hushed up in the Malaysian press.

Altantuya was murdered in October 2006 by two of Najib's bodyguards, Chief Inspector Azilah Hadri, 30 and Corporal Sirul Azhar Umar, 35. who stood trial and were pronounced guilty in April 2009. Abdul Razak Baginda, one of Najib's best friends and Altantuya's lover, was accused of participating in the murder but was freed without having to put on a defense.

The murder has been tied closely to the US$1 billion acquisition of French submarines by the Malaysian ministry of defense, which Najib headed as defense minister during the acquisitions. Altantuya reportedly acted as a translator on the transaction, which netted Razak Baginda's company a €114 million "commission" on the purchase. Reportedly she had been offered US$500,000 for her part in translating. After she was jilted, she vainly demanded payment. A letter she had written was made public after her death saying she regretted attempting to "blackmail" Razak Baginda.

French lawyers are investigating whether some of the €114 million was kicked back to French or Malaysian politicians. Despite the scandal, the US government has not publicly backed away from Najib. In April 2010, Najib visited the White House and was praised by President Barack Obama for the parliament's passage of an act allowing Malaysian authorities to take action against individuals and entities engaged in proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.

The cables are replete with accounts of a long series of meetings with opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim, who repeatedly told the Americans that Najib was connected to corrupt practices in the acquisition of the submarines as well as the purchase of Sukhoi Su-MCM-30 Flanker fighter jets from Russia. Anwar also called attention to Najib's connection to the Altantuya case.

A Jan. 24, 2007 cable, marked "secret," wrote that "Perceived irregularities on the part of prosecutors and the court, and the alleged destruction of some evidence, suggested to many that the case was subject to strong political pressure intended to protect Najib."

In a Feb. 1, 2008 cable, the embassy's Political Section Chief, Mark D. Clark, wrote that a deputy prosecutor had told him "there was almost no chance of winning guilty verdicts in the on-going trial of defendants Razak Baginda, a close advisor to Deputy Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak, and two police officers. She described the trial as interminably long." (That, of course, turned out to be wrong. Sirul and Azilah were ultimately convicted and have appealed their sentence)

Clark called the trial a "a prosecutorial embarrassment from its inception, leading many to speculate that the ineptitude was by design. On the eve of the trial,Malaysia's Attorney General Abdul Gani Patail dropped his lead prosecutors and replaced them with less experienced attorneys. Similarly, a lead counsel for one of the defendants abruptly resigned before the trial 'because of (political) attempts to interfere with a defense he had proposed, in particular to protect an unnamed third party.'"

The protracted nature of the case, Clark continued, led "at least one regional newspaper to speculate that 'the case is being deliberately delayed to drive it from public view. Malaysia's daily newspapers rarely mention the case's latest developments, and it is unprecedented in Malaysian judicial history that a murder trial could drag on for seven months and still not give the defense an opportunity to present its case. Such an environment has led many to conclude that the case was too politically sensitive to yield a verdict before the anticipated general elections."

A January 2007 cable called attention to Razak Baginda's affidavit confirming that he sought the help of Musa Safri, later identified by reporters as Najib's aide-de-camp, in ridding him of the jilted woman, and in other cables pointed out that Musa had never been called for questioning.

In another cable, dated May 16, 2007, Wan Ahmad Farid Wan Salleh, a deputy home affairs minister in former Prime Minister Ahmad Abdullah Badawi's cabinet told US Embassy officials that he was "certain that government prosecutors would limit their trial activities to the murder itself and the three defendants; prosecutors would not follow up on allegations of related corruption or other suspects."

In a Jan. 27, 2007 cable, marked "Secret," embassy officials wrote that "In December we heard from one of (Anwar's) lawyers that Razak Baginda's wife was in contact with Anwar and Wan Azizah, suggesting one possible source for Anwar's information."

Razak Baginda's wife, during one of his first appearances in court, screamed that her husband "doesn't want to be prime minister." That was taken by observers as a reference to the fact that Najib reportedly had been having an affair with Altantuya but passed her on to Razak Baginda because it would be unseemly to have a mistress when he succeeded Abdullah Badawi as premier. Najib has offered to swear on the Koran that he had never met the woman.

However, in July 2008, P Balasubramaniam, a former policeman and private detective who had been hired by Razak Baginda to protect him from Altantuya, filed a sworn statement saying he had been told by the accused man that Najib not only knew the murdered woman but had an affair with her and introduced her to him, passing her on because he did not want the onus of having a mistress in the event that he would become prime minister.

In a telephone interview on May 9, Anwar, however, told Asia Sentinel that Razak Baginda's wife was not the source of his knowledge of Najib's connection and that instead he had been told of the connection by Setev Shaariibuu, Altantuya's father, who said he had wished to present evidence of Najib's involvement, but was not allowed to do so. Multiple attempts to contact Setev by Asia Sentinel have been unsuccessful.

Almost immediately after he made the statement, Balasubramaniam was picked up and driven to a police station, where he was forced to withdraw the statement and write a new one saying Razak Baginda had told him nothing of the sort. Balasubramaniam fled Malaysia for India. He later said Najib's brother, Nizam, and wife, Rosmah Mansor, had met with him and that he was offered RM5 million (US$1.48 million) to forget his statement connecting Najib to Altantuya. Balasubramaniam displayed a flock of checks drawn on the account of an associate of Najib's wife. The former private detective has made a a series of statements from outside the country about Najib's involvement.

A February 2008 cable from Political Section Chief Clark gives a hint that Abdullah Badawi himself may have been trying to get rid of Najib by forcing Razak Baginda to implicate him in the murder.

"In the latest turn of the ongoing Altantuya murder trial (reftels), accused political insider Abdul Razak Baginda, who has remained calm and composed through most of the proceedings, unleashed an emotional tirade shortly after the February 20 noon recess on the trial's 90th day," Clark wrote. "Referring to the Prime Minister by his nick-name 'Pak Lah,' Razak reportedly exclaimed: 'You can die, Pak Lah! (in Malaysian - Matilah kau, Pak Lah!) I'm innocent!' according to unpublished journalist accounts.

"Local newspapers and the government news service Bernama reported the fact of the outburst, but did not print Razak's statements. The short-lived exception was the English language newspaper The Sun, which included the quotations from Razak in its early morning February 21 edition. Sources at newspaper confirmed to us in confidence that the Ministry of Internal Security compelled The Sun to withdraw and recall thousands of copies of their first run paper in which the original quote was included. Prime Minister Abdullah serves concurrently as Minister of Internal Security."

During the trial, Clark wrote, Razak Baginda, "appeared uneasy throughout the morning session of court on February 20. Razak's father, Abdullah Malim Baginda had whispered something to him shortly before the trial had begun for the morning and apparently upset the accused. Razak had remained quiet throughout the morning hearings, but just after the noon recess was called and as he was leaving the courtroom he kicked and banged the door and yelled "You can die, Pak Lah! Die, Pak Lah! I am innocent. I am innocent." He was later seen crying before his lawyer while his mother attempted to comfort him."

"Speculation is rife in Malaysia's on-line community concerning what it was that set off Razak Baginda outburst, including conspiracy theories alleging the Prime Minister's office had urged Razak to implicate Deputy Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak …in return for sparing Razak a guilty verdict and its mandatory death sentence," officials wrote.

The cable goes on to write, "Regardless, the Internal Security Ministry would want to limit any possibly inflammatory reference to the Prime Minister at the trial, and particularly at this juncture due to the proximity of Malaysia's general election to be held on March 8. Any connection between the Prime Minister and the murder trial would be scandalous. The GOM (government of Malaysia) reportedly has worked hard to 'drive (the case) from public view' … and is not about to allow the case to influence the coming elections."

This revelation could be fun for getting even and gloating.

But this blogger remain wary of any information from Wikileak, Asia Sentinel and Raja Petra. We have to see the original cable. And we have to be convince the original cable is not fake and adulterated like some documents in Sarawak report and Pusrawi medical report on Saiful.

With general election coming, what is the motive? Why now?

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Anonymous said...

From day one of this case, I have always suspected that Khairi the great son-in-law had a hand. That guy should retire from politics for good. Except for being the son-in-law, I cannot find anything good about this guy.

Anonymous said...

The only thing I find good of this Khairi bloke from Ox Ford is appearing in fashion magazines lah... kah..kah.. kah

Anonymous said...

Salam Tuan,

"Perhaps it is not quite out of the blue because this is just a day or two after Raja Petra announced he signed an MOU with Julian Assange of Wikileak."

And perhaps timely a day or two ago

"Damages in suit against RPK to be assessed on July 28"


"O'Hara said Raja Petra had been declared a bankrupt but that it was not his concern whether Ravindran would be able to secure the money from the blogger"

Bets regards,

Anonymous said...

dollah is too lembap to think of things like this.

Usually the "unofficial" PM of the day will make the final call.

Zulfahan said...

Anon 1:50 pm,

Whats good being SIL to a sleepy PM. ? Thus, i would say, he is no good at all.

Anonymous said...

It is so obvious that jibby is connected... Sigh you guys are truly screwed up

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:41

If you can't prove it or at least give an credible (indisputable) story, you are mentally failing

Anonymous said...

A Voice

The Sentinel could be taking advantage of RPKs meeting Julian Assange to claim as Wikileak but it is not Wikileak.

They are passing it off as Wikileak when it is not Wikileak.

Anonymous said...

No need to analyze too far. Pak Lah was only taking the opportunity of the day by which fact does not make Najib come clean in any way. Aiyo!

Anonymous said...

ha ha.

berok dekat zoo pun tahu rancangan dollah, kj, kalimullah dll nak kenakan najib.

kj & samdolah tak payah lah nak berlakon muka seposen.

Anonymous said...


your reader should read and comment this as well

Anonymous said...

link pada harakah yg melaporkan bahawa polis sirul telah ditangkap semasa mengiringi perdana menteri semasa itu dalam lawatan ke Pakistan, Nampak sangat dia bodyguard Pak Lah, apa ke jadahnya najib nak mengarah bodyguard Paklah. Check link kat sini

sumber bukan pada utusan malaysia, tetapi pada harakah sendiri, belakang best aje dok tuduh najib.

Anonymous said...

hai the mr nice guy and mr clean reversed roles the moment sil come into the picture

eversince the suspected trojan horse trotted in, the mr clean becomes mr sleepyhead and mr i don't know

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