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Project IC for Chinese? [Up-dated]

The Kudat Ma Tzu statue to welcome Chinese immigrants into Sabah?

Lim Kit Siang was making a big fuzz over the initial revelation that quite a sizeable number of Filipino residing in Sabah was given blue ICs. Many parties was trying to blame it on Tun Dr Mahathir.

With ease the old Master turned the table around to say that if he was bad for issuing IC to Filipinos, then Tunku Abdul Rahman is worse for issuing one million IC. It did not permanently silenced the opposition but after their lame rebuttals, it was sufficient to stop further attack on Dr Mahathir. [Read past posting here]

In Sabah, Dato Yong Teck Lee's SAPP are going on a "Sabah for Sabahan" mode like Dr Jeffrey Kitingan's STAR. He is making a big issue of selective RCI findings despite revealed information already dispelled allegations of BN rigging the electoral roll with new citizens to win over Sabah from PBS in 1994.

RCI is due to reconvene on Wednesday, February 27th. Will Yong still be playing up the RCI issue in his campaign after this posting?

The crux of Yong's allegations should be directed at those corrupt officials at the National Registration Department (NRD) who was then held under Internal Security Act (ISA).

PBS did not lost from the alleged electoral roll change but lost power in a coup by PBS and coalition partner, USNO assemblymen frogging over to Barisan Nasional as orchestrated by master frogger, Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

During the time Anwar was in his elements as in controlling Sabah politics in the 90s, he was also instrumental in getting Yong appointed as 2-year rotational Chief Minister for 1996-1998. In return, he may have been greatly rewarded by Yong.  

This blogger received an e-mail from his Sabah source that was closely following the RCI in Sabah. It contains some revealing information that was presented to the RCI. Surprisingly, it was not played up by the mainstream media in Sabah.

It only strengthen the suspicion [read past posting here] that Sabah media are not being professional in their reporting of the RCI and are trying to hold back information. One wonder who owns and work for the newspapers and radios in Sabah.

The information was a submission from the Ministry of Internal Security to the RCI. It contains statistics of ICs issued in Sabah and the numbers of according to country of origin and ethnicity from 1963-2012.

The first Table 1 below is the number of issued ICs, those still living and those died:

The figure for 1964 to 2012 shows the total issued blue ICs are 66,682 in which 59,726 are still living and not reported to have died.

This differs vastly to previous claims of 73,000 to as high as 200,000 of blue ICs issued in the politically tumultous years prior to and after the year 1994 when PBS was ousted. Worth mentioning in passing that a University Professor claimed that his research found Sabah population increased drastically at a certain year.

So does the mythical numbers been bandied around for real?

Table 2 below provided information on the number of issued ICs in accordance with the place of origin:

In this figure, it shows that the highest number of ICs are issue to immigrants who are based from Malaysia at 38,214. They are likely to be those immigrants already residing in Malaysia for generations and are most likely of stateless status.

One could assume that the majority of them are Filipinos from Southern Phillipines. There are probably Chinese and other ethnics too, possibly even orang asal Sabah in the interiors.

The highest other country of origin other than from within Malaysia are China at 13,556. This excludes those from Hong Kong at 1,981.

Neighbouring Indonesia and Brunei are only 7,501 and 1,126, respectively. Another country of origin that is likely to be Malays is Cocos Keeling island near Australia is 958.

India is only 233.

This statistics is not complete because the total is only 64,889 but it only differs by about 2,000 from the total in Table 1.

Thus far it looks like the largest recipient of blue ICs from outside Malaysia is from China.

Could this be the possible reason that Dato Chong Kah Kiat fought tooth and nail against Dato Musa Aman and resigned as Deputy CM on the issue of statue Ma Tzu for Kudat. 

The former BN CM and predecessor of Musa Aman received support from  leaders of DAP, LDP, SAPP and others to build the statue.

A sort of Chinese "statue of liberty" to welcome incoming Chinese immigrants?

Perhaps, it is still inconclusive to steer the wrath of the KDM and other Sabah ethnics towards Chong as allegedly bringing in immigrants from China.

Let's see the ethnic breakdown in table 3 for 1964 to 2012, below:

In this table, the number considered as Malays, which include Brunie Malays, Bugis, Banjar, Banjar, Jawa, and Minangkabau in 14,003.

The highest number among the ethnic Malays is the Bugis is 10,575.

This is interesting because there is a new PKR politician going around claiming Dato Najib brought in 300,000 of his Bugis clan from Sulawesi. Najib came to power in 2009 but the number of bugis given ICs for 2002-2012 is only 7,489.

That is the glaring weakness in most of PKR allegations. They are based on false fact.

The Chinese is still the highest number. The number of those categorised as Chinese is 28,092. To include all other Chinese sub-ethics, the numbers adds up to 28,893.

There is a total of 437 Indians.

The Pakistanis that is allegedly being given ICs by the thousands by Dato Musa Aman whose got Pakistani, Kadazan and Malay bloods in only 153!

The total of 43,507 is still short by 23,176 but could likely to be made out of the long list of ethnic groups of Sabah and Southern Phillipines. Thus, it is sufficient to assume that the Chinese at 28,893 is the major beneficiary of the program to solve the citizenship problem. .

In Sabah, the Chinese controls the economy and two Chinese - Dato Chong Kah Kiat (2001-2003) and Dato Yong Teck Lee (1996-98) - was at the pinnacle of power as Sabah Chief Minister. 

Since the information is not exactly pinpointing how many Chinese were given for each year, the Sabahans may like to ask them if they had approve the large number of  Chinese to be citizens. 

Under the various agreements and discussion panels in the formation of Malaysia, issuance of citizenship in Sabah require the Sabah government approval i.e. Chief Minister.

The latest rumours from Sabahkini here is that Chong is joining PKR. 

Perhaps, Chong may like to answer an allegation by now PKR's possible candidate, Musli Oli in his speech as then Perkasa Sabah Chief and Vice president at the launching of Perkasa Selangor in AU3 Ulu Klang on January 30th, 2010.

He alleged that Chong had given away practically all remaining timber available in Sabah to Chinese loggers for a concession period of 100 year period. 

Perhaps the policy is to encourage planned reforestration program. So someone must explain and tell because Musli Oli's information can be rather suspect at times. 

As writer of political books and mores so, now as an aspirant PKR candidate, Musli Oli may have a sharp ear to pick-up rumours and mind to suspect wrongdoings from the corridor of power but is usually poor on facts and understanding on pertinent policy matter. 

By the way, he is the dude going around in Semenanjung with the frivolous claim of Najib bringing in his Bugis kinfolk in the hundreds of thousand to rig the electoral rolls.     

So ... what will Yong - the son of an immigrant Hakka rubber tapper, became Chief Minister at the recommendation of Anwar Ibrahim and had frogged with him twice will say now - say?

As BN Chief Minister, he accumulated thousands and thousands of forest concessions and rubber pantation in the Sandakan area particularly. . 

Conveneiently, this blog here claimed that a Sabah GLCs lost RM114 million under his two years watch but his name is left unsaid. Here and here are more revelation of Yong Teck Lee. Then he can perhaps he can then answer: Was BN the plunderer of Sabah or was it he himself?

Hmmm ... Sabah for Sabahans eh?

[Up-dated 26/2 12:20 AM]


Anonymous said...

Bro please dont silence just within the blog...war2 kan UTUSAN dan Media Perdana skrg..nobody knows about it...seriously it will kill the RCI effectively.

Anonymous said...

The opposition has always been full of crap.
Even their manifesto is worthless promises.
Oh wait, one of them said manifesto is not a promise, so it's just worthless crap.

Anonymous said...

Hmm....how do you know that the government-supplied statistics are "accurate"?

Strange things can happen to statistics. They can be "massaged", "fudged", "altered", "misinterpreted" or simply "suppressed" (read OSA or "national security").

If the whole thrust of your argument is based on these stats, then the least one could do is to have an independent assessment of the accuracy of said stats.

Where is that independent assessment?

What are the latest National Census figures for the population of Sabah?

Anonymous said...

what is your basis to dispute? coz of your prejudice?

let prejudice rule this country? lrts see if we will not be ruined.

A Voice said...

anon 5:10

I sure hope you could do your bit. One man can't find this battle and war alone.

Writing, researching and keep in touch with sources is already time consuming.

We need generals to give orders and directions but not too many of them. Somebody must be soldiers, navy and airmen.

Anonymous said...

he must be more convinced with statitics compiled by dap's cec election committee.

opps computer error

Anonymous said...

good, im waiting for someone to writes about this, sometimes we in Sabah being a Bajau, sering disalah sangka sebagai PTI kerana mempunyai wajah yg serumpun, sedangkan cina-cina yg datang dari tanah besar menjual brg dari buatan cina tanpa sebarang prasangka! dan populasi mereka juga meningkat secara mendadak!

Anonymous said...

All Malaysians stand up and vote BN as led by the UMNO with the 14 component parties to beat the Opposition hands down and create a fantastic country for the World. Bye Bye Lee Kuan Yew. All Singaporeans welcome !

Anonymous said...

tak cukup cibai selengket dlm negara yg tak reti beterima kasih, lagi kasi masuk puaka2 ni semua. Cakap bahasa tempatan pelat kelat mana nak bezakan siapa PATI dan siapa jati. Pengkhianat negara yg tamak haloba duit punya pasal gadai negara patut di hukum gantung, harta pusaka di rampas balik sebagai contoh!

Anonymous said...

Kami di Sabah biasa dengan cerita yang Yong Tek Lee jual tanah Sabah kepada rakyat dari China. Pekerja kami orang Filipino sudah beranak cucu di Malaysia, namun tidak ditawarkan IC merah, Anak mereka tidak dibenarkan pergi sekolah. Dulu sampai tingkatan 3 tapi sekarang hanya setakat sekolah rendah.Jadi dimana basis cerita Anwar Ibrahim ini? Orang Sabah tau yang kebanyakkan IC merah ialah yang palsu namun takkan nak dihebuhkan kerana ini soal periuk nasi orang.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:44 PM

Welcome to the brave new world of free markets and comparative advantages.

I am sure that there are plenty of economists in Sabah who can explain these concepts to you?

Shouldn't your community be more concerned about getting a good education for it's members and then finding good, well-paying jobs or becoming entrepreneurs or setting up companies?

Or is it easier to play the "hapless victim" and blame everyone else for your predicament?

The "blame game" is seductive and easy to play - someone else is always to blame and it's a lot easier to scapegoat someone else, especially if they are "different".

Anonymous said...

Wah ternyata benda yang diorang tuduh ni bukan sahaja tak benar, malahan pihak diorang yang lebih ganas untung dari isu tu...
Ntah-ntah puak tu jugak yang suap imigresen tak guna yang jual ic tu.

Anonymous said...

This findings can't be used to explain the booming population of sabah. It may be helpfull to give the correct view but that's all.

Ic projek is not regarded as given to the outsiders. All Ic projek contains the information showed that the holder birthplace were in sabah not from their origin country.

The purpose for ic project is so that the holder can vote.

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