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Ex-Minister with his racing sons

Upon putting up two postings on Tan Sri Halim Saad's lawsuit against Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yakcop [here and here], we did a bit of browsing on the Internet.

Found Nor Yakcop had written in his book that he met Tan Sri Azman Yahya, then leading Danaharta on June 1, 2001 a month before he had a meeting on June 12, 2001 where he had fraudulently cheat Halim out of Renong-UEM. [Read Bizkini article by Jose Barrock here]

Thereon, we found an official site where he shared his speech at the launch of his book, Notes to the Prime Minister. [Read here.] We were actually given a complimentary copy from him at a function but threw in into a dustbin.

In the speech, he mentioned his three son's, Nazir, Ridzuan and Khairul Anwar. Like any proud father, one would give some mentioning to his children at any proud moment of his life. 

Those names sounds familiar because we wrote about them in 2010 about a company called Kanari Sdn Bhd and contracts to build the new Istana for Agong. It was said then that they are going around town in Lambourgini. [Read here].

Our curiosity got the better of us. We wondered what else have they been up to.

We stumbled into a Facebook for Brothers in Racing [see here]. Does that explain for the talk of Minister son driving around in Lamborgini and also Porsche?

There is a website Kid Chan [read here] that reported the Brothers in Racing unveiled their new car at Kalimullah's Italian restaurant in Bangsar, Vincenzo Ristorante Italiano in 2009.

The unveiled car was Honda Integra (DC5).

The report mentioned "Brother in Racing humble debuts 4 years ago  was with a Honda Civic (EG6) at Merdeka Millennium 12-Hour Endurance Race 2006, when they basically had no other support but themselves."

Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yakcop officiate the unveiling of his sons new racing car.

The team secured sponsors and support from "... such as Arus Dermaga Sdn Bhd, Entertainment Media And Telcoms Sdn Bhd, Titan Racing, Essex Marine, Ambank Group, Integrated Logistics Berhad and Vincenzo Ristorante Italiano."

The Sepang International Circuit website [read here] on November 16, 2011 reported them surviving "the test of time in the 6 years they have competed together in the Malaysia Merdeka Endurance Race (MMER)."

"It obviously helps if your father is a prominent member in the political circles, Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yakcop who is Minister in The Prime Minister’s Department, but Nazir says that’s not a very fair assumption given that their father was initially opposed to the trio getting involved in racing."

That year they drove the Nissan Fairlady Z 380 RS.

The next year 2012, Star Motoring section dated December 7th here reported them as moving on to bigger things.

"The world's first 1.6-litre Mazda3 race car will be gunning for a podium finish at the Sepang 1000km Endurance Race on December 8 (Saturday).

A spin-off event from the hugely successful Merdeka Millennium Endurance Race (MMER), the race pits production cars below 1,900cc and is held at the Sepang International Circuit.

The Mazda3 race car is the result of a collaboration between Fawster Motorsports and Bermaz Motor Sdn Bhd, the distributor of Mazda vehicles in Malaysia.

From left (in white shirts): Mohd Nazir and his brothers Mohd Ridzuan and Khairul Anwar, with the 1.6-litre Mazda3 race car and team members.
Mohd Nazir Nor Md (35 years old) and his siblings Mohd Ridzuan (32) and Khairul Anwar (26) are the drivers for the Mazda3 race car.

They formed the Brothers In Racing team seven years ago, which is known as the first such team in Asia and second in the world consisting of siblings.   

Mohd Nazir and Mohd Ridzuan are also directors of Fawster Motorsports, while motorsports consultant Faidzil Alang is the chief instructor and race engineer."

Racing is an expensive sports. Car and machine only last for one race. These are not cheap cars. Furthermore, there is testing, practices, machinist, mechanics, travel, drivers, etc to spend on. From the picture, the prize money is only RM10,000. That is not enough.

Back when they started in 2005, Nor Yakcop was a salaried Minister under Pak Lah's administration. Just failed in his corporate venture at Abrar and returned back to government as Special Adviser to Tun Dr Mahathir during the currency crisis.

How did the boys afford a racing team when sponsors only came in 2009? Were they working when they started racing in 2005?

They must have the passion for such sports early in life and may have been saving up since they were kids. Nor Yakcop should be proud of his son.

Can we be proud of them if we know the truth?


Anonymous said...


If Hasbie, his one time powerful political secretary, can own so many luxurious condos and found with million of RM cash in his condo by MACC, the wealth of the three sons should not be a surprise at all.

Hasbie was charged for corruption some three years ago, until this day we have heard nothing about the trial. Most probably no trial otherwise Nor Yakop will be most embarrassed.

I also heard that when his son fort married, the gift was a Ferrari ok.

I am sure when you got marry you got nothing of this sort.

MACC should ask Nor Yakop and sons to declare their assets. In fact, all those connected with Tingkat Empat like Kalimullah, son-in-law, Kamal, Reezal Merican and Zaki should be asked to declare their assets by MACC.

Anonymous said...

Ristorante is owned by Kalimullah who was a sponsor of the racing team. Kalimullah & Nor Yakop are closely linked. Avenue Capital / ECM Libra? Arus Dermaga is a company where the son was a shareholder. They provided ship services by getting special permits. Ali Baba company.

Anonymous said...

dah over sangat ni. takkan tak boleh ambik apa apa tindakan? benda mcm ni la yg buat org benci umno. yg dok simpan lagi buat apa? klu umno tak berubah dlm masa setahun, goodbye to u. maybe i shd also attend blackout 505...just to show to najib that he has no balls.


Anonymous said...

TQ for the brief revelation. Damn, how can the people ignore there's hanky-pangky going on with TS Nor Yakob. Lucky thing this TS never made it as fact he is a lousy MP material. But enough is enough...Yet PM Najib put him as Deputy Chairman Khazanah. Is he there to make more money for himself or Najib? Is he placed for some agenda? PM najib must answer this.

Anonymous said...

This is why it is stupid for Malay to continue to support UMNO. Dia org terus kaya raya, Melayu kampong terus miskin.

Anonymous said...

tolong siasat nor yaakob ni. dia ni buat org benci umno.

Anonymous said...

Well folks, the conclusion is PM Najib is deaf, blind, dumb and dumber by the minute.

He says he cared for Malaysians but what he does does not reflect his words. He is a politician, a very seasoned and experienced one at that but certainly he is not fit to lead, especially the Malays and generally Malaysia...

Najib should leave the stage and leave it to a more capable leader.

Anonymous said...

Janganlah bagi najib malu... his balls is in safekeeping by ....

Anonymous said...

Cemburu dan Hasad Dengki ke?

Your sons not capable like them ke?

Like father like sons kut.

fed up said...

Kenapa UMNO pulak yg salah...UMNO bukan manusia..UMNO di tunggang langgangkan oleh manusia yg tak ikhlas dan amanah.Mereka ini tak takut pada Allah swt.Sepatut nya individu yg buat lah kena..Ini tidak asyik asyik UMNO yg terkena makian.
RBA.. nyah engkau dari sini...

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