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Khalid impeached on Tuesday

Have been taking a break for Kajang and MH370.

Series on PKNS has not stoppped at Part 8. Many more to go. Many more issues relating to PKNS not exposed yet.

The Selangor Polo project, more crap happening in De Palma Hotel, the leaving for Singapore former CEO cum General Manager, Dato Othman Omar, lawsuit lost to MRCB and Nusa Gapurna, crazy mak tiri Datin Paduka Azlina Zakaria, and many more.

Was about to write analysis of Kajang.

There is also issue related to Dato Wan Junaidi and his comments in Parliament on underage rape cases.

Standing by is an expose on Khazanah owned UEM's JV and relationship with -Sunrise that have been building up our curiosity ever since CEO Dato Izzadin refused to be honest and kept brushing off the issue.

Furthermore, Chairman Tan Sri Tajuddin have not held his side of the bargain on the failed Qatar project few years ago. 

However, there is a newsbreak related to Kajang and PKNS.

It is related to Kajang because rumours is that in the event of Datin Seri Dr Wan Azizah wins Kajang tomorrow, she will be the new Menteri Besar of Selangor.


There is a SELCAT hearing scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday related to PKNS. Isn't it convenient to have the hearing and details spilled out on only after the Kajang by-election?

Sources told us that he is 100% sure that Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim will be impeached this Tuesday for three reasons:
1. For his manouvre to dismiss YB Azmin from the Board of Director of PKNS,
2. For removing the 20 staff of PKNS Holding unfairly, and
3. Various wrongdoings and mismanagement of PKNS
 Although there is different treatment of the information, this blog and Raja Petra's Malaysia Today could claim credit for the third reason for Khalid's dismisssal.

Off course, the impeachment is not merely because of  PKNS. It is not that simple. There is a bigger politics in play.

The popular belief is that Khalid has the support of DAP state assemblymen and the DAP/PKR controlled state exco. Unfortunately, there is a deep resentment within DAP with the way Khalid handled the kalimah Allah issue. The evangelist is getting even.

PKR's Anwar and Azmin supporters already went for his hide.

More so, now that Khalid has expressed intention to run for PKR Deputy President against Azmin. This upsets the grand design of the first family.

Khalid thought he could be stubborn to hold on to the MB post in which he alleged received tacit support from the palace, but his faction member, Datin Seri Dr Wan Azizah said the Kajang Move to change the MB still remain.

He may knows his days and methodology in public administration ala corporate management style is coming to an end as a message below is spreading on the social media:
Hari ini, keputusan yang saya buat tidak perlu lagi berdasarkan desakan rakan-rakan yang gilakan kuasa tetapi biarlah rakyat yang menjadi keutamaan dan rujukan saya. Saya sanggup ditekan oleh rakan-rakan parti dan hilang jawatan daripada melihat kesengsaraan rakyat Selangor. Saya berharap, dengan perjanjian projek Langat 2 yang telah saya tanda tangan baru-baru ini mampu menebus dosa akibat kegagalan yang telah saya lakukan sebelum ini. Negeri Selangor bukan milik saya dan bukan juga milik pemimpin parti yang lain, tetapi ianya adalah milik rakyat.

Mungkin anda tidak sedar yang hari ini terlalu ramai yang mahu menjadi ketua pemerintah di bumi kaya ini. Bumi Selangor yang penuh dengan industri adalah antara penyumbang ekonomi kepada Malaysia. Saya sedar secara dalaman juga ada yang mendesak agar saya lepaskan jawatan sebagai Menteri Besar kerana sikap saya yang terlalu mementingkan tadbir urus negari berbanding parti. Jawapan saya mudah, Selangor bukan untuk Pakatan Rakyat mahupun untuk Barisan Nasional tetapi Selangor adalah hak milik watan Selangor. Jangan permainkan hak mereka kerana kepentingan peribadi.

Menolak bukan beerti menentang, tetapi pilihan harus dibuat untuk kesejahteraan bersama.

Saudara/saudari sekalian....

23 Mac 2014 bukan soal PR menang atau BN menang, tetapi ianya jauh daripada itu. Bukan saya mahu PR kalah dalam PRK ini, tetapi kekalahan PR barangkali boleh menyelamatkan amanah Rakyat Selangor selama ini. Saya tidak pasti sejauh mana rakyat Selangor sedar yang selama ini YB Azmin Ali yang sentiasa bermusuh dengan saya kerana beliau tidak diberi tempat dalam pentadbiran negeri Selangor. Pada saya, politikus bukanlah pentadbir yang baik kerana kepentingan parti menjadi keutamaan mereka berbanding rakyat.

Saya bersyukur apabila DSAI tidak lagi calon pada PRK Kajang. Bukan kerana saya suka beliau dijatuhkan hukuman penjara 5 tahun, tetapi paling tidak desakan untuk saya melepaskan jawatan sebagai Menteri Besar tidaklah begitu kuat. Namun beliau mengambil jalan dengan meletakkan Kak Wan sebagai calon PRK Kajang seperti tiada bezanya. Suara Kak Wan adalah bisikan DSAI.

Rakyat Kajang yang saya kasihi...

Pilihan ditangan kita, apa guna jika PR menang tetapi amanah yang diberi nanti akan terus dikhianati. Bukan saya bermaksud untuk menangkan BN, tetapi jika itu jalanya untuk kita menyelamatkan bumi bertuah ini pilihan yang terbaik harus difikirkan semasak-masaknya. Sekali lagi saya ingatkan, suara rakyat adalah suara keramat dan amanah rakyat amanah hikmat.

Janganlah kita membenarkan tangan-tangan ghaib untuk hancurkan harapan masa depan anak dan cucu kita. Ketepi kan sementara soal politik murahan sebaliknya utamakanlah kesejahteraan syumul negeri Selangor tercinta.

Demi Selangor...

It could be a fake SMS and just last minute SMS blast psywar but there is a taint of logic. 

PKR's internal squabble

Already, Azmin is retaliating by not cooperating to help Khalid as Election Director for Kajang.

If Wan Azizah is appointed MB, Azmin will not be happy to be denied the MB post for the third time. He has waited long enough and could go for the Presidency instead.

Wan Azizah have long been expected to relieve herself from the PKR Presidency and Anwar will take over. With the inevitabe prospect of Sungai Buloh prison, he could not run for the Kajang by-election and his plan to takeover the Selangor post diverted.

Does he plan to assume the PKR Presidency in absentee from prison?

The possibility is for Azmin as PKR President and someone else as Deputy President. Wan Azizah cannot keep the party together at this stage.

Should it be true that Anwar intend to be President in absentee, never rule out Azmin going for broke to take on Anwar for the Presidency. The rationale for Azmin is that his time us due. The longer he wait he will have to face the more hungry younger generation of PKR leaders

Between Khalid and Azmin, Azmin has a close rapport with many quarters; PAS, government officials, SLC officials and PKR party members, except DAP.

However, the odds is against him to win against Anwar.

One option that Azmin has is to sabotage Kajang and make both Wan Azizah and Khalid come out loser. His boys have not been cooperating with Khalid at the balloting areas level.

No one dare to openly sabotage the  PKR President and wife to the "saint" as claimed openly by Chegu Bard at last night's Reformasi II gathering at the Kajang stadium. Wan Azizah's fate is left to the voters.

Azmin's sparring partner for Deputy President could be Tian Chua. Only problem with Tian Chua is that it is a matter of time that he will lose his Batu seat and his court cases will catch up with him.

So he need to remain relevent in PKR or the foreign support and funding flowing through him will dry up.

Kajang by-election

How will that affect Kajang tomorrow?

God knows.

The focus of everyone is the 3:00 PM or 5:00 PM MH370 press conference that interest is low on Kajang and more so, Bailingan. It is difficult to read.

Datin Paduka Chew Mei Fun can win if she could improve on the Chinese votes to 25-30% and UMNO managed to get her 65% Malay votes.

Heard Malay votes is swinging back to BN but is it enough? And, heard Chew Mei Fun is improving from the 18% Chinese votes for BN in the last general election, but by how much?

There are sources claiming PKR will win but majority could shrink to 1,500.

There is the optimistic belief that should BN's election day machinery not fuck up like what UMNO did in Sungai Limau, it could tilt to a slim majority for MCA.

After all the issues on the slacks of the state government considered, in which UMNO and BN's machinery failed to exploit, one issue in favour of Chew Mei Fun is for a Chinese opposition as check and balance in the Selangor state assembly.

The opposition in Selangor is only represented by UMNO.

DAP tried to counter by brushing Chew Mei Fun as untrustworthy using the old SRJKC Damansara issue and other dirty tricks by DAP and Red Bean Army. 

As for PKR, they have deviated from discussing their promises and manifesto, which only backfire to the state government and poorly conceived manifesto and recycling the reformasi script and drama.

There is no choice but address Anwar's moral issue. They have a conceived a script filled with misinformation to deceive the public into doubting the judiciary and hold a nationwide roadshow which will end with a May 1st demonstration in Putrajaya.

Thus far last night, they are hardly a glimpse of the past reformasi on 1999.

PAS has not been showing much support and cooperation for the Kajang by-election and at Kajang stadium. Their absence is deafening.

Except for Azmin, the family and Saifuddin Nasution, the old players of reformasi are not there anymore and mostly with BN.

The sodomy case this time around is too clear and not convincing for the public to support Anwar.

Thus the loud voices of civil liberties and human rights movements including COMANGO and NUCC these days. Their motivation is to removing elements of religion from the state and law, make LGBT socially acceptable and such social, moral and syariah laws unacceptable.

Hopefully the laws are removed and Anwar release from prison. 

Now, will it be easy to remove Khalid and replaced by Wan Azizah?

As written earlier, there is the Sultan factor to consider. Does his Majesty accept Singapore-born Wan Azizah who rumours said is a Korean-adopted daughter to Dato Wan Ismail?

We are living on interesting times.

But can BN put their act together and stop blowing away opportunities by their greed motivated endless factional issues?

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