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PKNS: Intrigues of street-ruled government (Part 7)

Who snitched?

Thought we stop at Part 6?

No, we have are not. Still many more to go. Just taking a breather from writing. Had some traveling to do and tight schedule of appointments to meet personalities and meetings to attend, including a whole day retreat at a forest training camp just outside KL. 

But it is not BTN bootcamp. It is an insult to need to be trained to be patriotic.

After more than 10 days of keeping the series hanging, bet it is percolating inside PKNS on who leaked the info. We have done this before and that was what happened before. How come all these details are coming out now?

The natural accusation by staff and former staff of PKNS and PKNS Holding would be the former Auditor, Roslan Mohamed. His name was mentioned in Part 3 here for meeting Faekah. Since he is not a big guy in PKNS, he will naturally receive the brunt of the condemnation.

However, Controller for Northern Region, Siti Zubaidah Abu Bakar was spared. Is it because they do not believe it to be her?

But they believe it is when Roslan is mentioned?

Probably it is because she is high up in the PKNS hierarchy. And most likely she seemed to be on the rise to be given the position of President of PKNS FC and presumed to get a monthly allowance of RM2,500 a month.

It is unlikely for the love of sports.

Still waiting on what happened to the RM40 million spent and investigation on forge cheque by a clerk? And her many other hanky panky as exposed in Part 3, Part 4 and Part 5.

Corrupt-laden industry

Decades ago, one MARA officer used to call it as Money Always Run Away. Now Selangor SEDC is Selangor .... So Easy (to) Do Corruption.

Before anyone think we are trying to pre-empt the open attack on Roslan, do perish such thought.

As we see it, no one in the building industry can be trusted. Be they contractors, consulting engineeers, architects, surveyors, developers, government department, enforcement agency, local council, property marketing agent, etc. It usually goes all the way up.

It is THE most corrupt-laden industry.

One seasoned Bumiputera contractor used to tell us of one honest, pious and lunch hour Quran reading Haji was appointed to head PKKK. It is the agency to assist Bumiputera contractors. He resisted as much as he could till the contractors knows of his one weakness of golf.

Since golf is a game for those "golongan orang lemah fikiran", it began when he lost his guard his guard to accept golf ball as gift.

It elevated to have his weekend golf paid for. Then trip to golf courses aboard in the region. He got his diploma in Thailand where he lost resistance to the temptation of Thai women. In 6 months to a year, he graduated with a fast track Phd in corruption and bribery.

Even a chap like Roslan bandied by PKNS to be the whistle blower cannot be trusted. Maybe he is a disgruntled staff for being denied upward opportunity. Probably as crooked as the rest. See if he owns many of PKNS homes.

One never know and could trust. As written in one of the Part, practically half of PKNS Managers and Officcers are corrupt.

The MACC are advocating that government department and agencies undertake internal disciplinary enquiries to address corruption, power abuse and leakage in their system. In PKNS, even the DI committee are manned by the corrupts. Top officers in PKNS will gang up to cover each other.

Whistleblower will not be appreciated in closed service like PKNS.

Some of them wear tudung or kopiah in office and pray 5 times a day and more but they see whistleblowers not as someone who are correcting the wrong and put the waywards one in check but as those who bring shame to the organisation.

Who else?

Since Roslan name is one of the two and the weaker one mentioned in this blog, the whole PKNS is likely to be looking at him. All conveniently forgot that there could be those who left PKNS or PKNS Holdings.

There was this guy by the name of Shamzol Salih, the former Senior Manager of Shared Services. We can't quite figure out what the heck is Shared Services.

Probably something to do with coordinating with the several departments. Otherwise, things that need to be done will have no champion to get done. Usually bosses has a tendency to rely on one or few trusted ones that it overload them to the level of incompetency.

This chap Shamzol too could also be the leak. His contract was not extended. In several reports we received on the wrongdoings and going-ons inside PKNS, his name does not exists.

If KLFM personality Puan Mardihah that left long time ago name is in the report, why would Shamzol who failed to meet the low standard of this street style PKR administration of Selangor not be in the report?

Remember that he left on a sour note. He could be getting even on his former colleagues.

Also ponder this.

The issues on PKNS have been circulating for quite long time. Few months back we bump into Astronaut Dr Sheikh Musfazar and he already has two kids. That is how long it is since PKNS sponsored his wedding for RM500,000.

When we have asked around to politicians from both sides of the divide, they seemed to know quite a bit of the internal problems of PKNS.

For instance, Selangor state assemblyman from UMNO, Dato Satim Diman have raised the PKNS issue and a list of 15 problems with PKR-led Selangor's administration. UMNO have made it an issue in 2011 and 2012.

The leak have been going on for long. Quite sure most of the problems and issues have reached the desk of Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim and Pahang Datok Othman Omar.

For Othman, he probably doesn't care because his mind is focused on the PKNS JV companies and his pest control business. Maybe he knows and had used someone as whistleblower to rant on those he wants out or giving her problems.

It is not impossible. He could used someone through his Chindian wife to write his version of the going-ons. Without defending himself, he directed the blame to others. We are not saying he did but he could.

For Khalid, he is not just a corporate businessman but also a learning politicians. By now he would know that political timing is important. He took the right time to fire salvo at Azmin and made life miserable for Anwar by wanting to contest against Azmin.

He realised that his vision and mission for PKNS is not working and as businessman he is  disciplined enough to call it quit. The political timing was necessary to kill few birds with one stone.

As Dato Kadir Jasin put it in his recent blog posting on reconciliation [Read here and here], anything is possible. Anwar could return to UMNO or Khalid could jump ship to UMNO as Azmin supporters are burshing Khalid as.

So there could be many more whistleblowers with their self interest and ulterior motives.

Crazy Ditch

And don't throw out our theory as ludicrous because we are about to claim that the crazy Mak Tiri Datin Paduka Azlina Zakaria [read in Part 3 here] is also a possible whistleblower.

The reason we are calling her crazy has it's story.

This accountant is known for her indecisiveness, flip flop and hati busuk to reverse others' and previous decisions just out of her ego or laziness. Despite that she is both erratic and vengeful person that refuse rationale and reason. 

She was the CEO of Worldwide Holdings Berhad, then transferred to be PKNS as CFO. Worldwide is now owned by PKNS via PKNS Holdings after it was delisted. So her transfer to PKNS is considered a promotion but she viewed it as a demotion.

That is the very reason she has been menstruating endlessly in PKNS. Although she had returned back to Worldwide, she was not assigned back to CEO position but CFO of a non listed subsidiary of PKNS.

The menstuating continues as she realised she has to answer to the new PKNS GM, Azlan Alfiah from KDEB. She is said to be resisting cooperation and refuse to transfer money due to PKNS.

Her grumbling on the delisting Worldwide can be heard from a loudspeaker on top of Bursa Malaysia building.

It is her fascination with listing status that PKNS lost in a lawsuit to MRCB and Gapurna last week. For us familar with finance and corporate, her move was really a stupid and a joke of the Malaysia's finance world.

More in later part.

This is the Melayu bodoh that Khalid should know and not assume all Melayu in PKNS or PKNS Holding as bodoh. If the subordinate does stupid things, it could be his or her fault but it could also be the bosses fault or inadequacy.

For that matter, the finger points all the way to the top of the food chain to Khalid. Who is the Melayu bodoh now?

The bloodbath left by Azlina in PKNS has not stoppped.

PKNS is being sued for a RM160 million in a Selangor Polo project. This one is a case of making decision at will and as she pleases. Or as the flowrate of her menstruation.

She was responsible to rent the current PKNS head office at the highest in Shah Alam at RM3.50 per square feet when the going rate in Shah Alam even in the business district was around RM2.50 sq feet.

The owner is the producer of premium priced ECPI mineral water and Radix coffee and friend chicken which is believed to be the funder of an underground syiah movement in Melaka. 

Many more stories of her. She may have wanted things that her way but why did Othman and other members of management and Board of Directors includiing Khalid agreed to her way.

Now on the reason we say she is crazy. It has to do with the REIT planned that also failed in her hands.

Maybank made a presentation on the PKNS failed REIT plan and theirs turned out to be the best. But Azlina vehemently refused to do anything to do with Maybank.

The people in Maybank were puzzled as to why she was absolutely irrational. None of them saw any blood stains on the office carpet of PKNS meeting room. Some asked us and we only hinted to them to understand her background.

They still couldn't figure out. So now is the reason.

She and Dato Abdul Wahid Omar studied accounting together and were an item for a while till he dumped her. One of their friend told us that she cried endlessly for three days and three nights. An affair that is over for more than 30 years ago and she is still bitter over it.

To make it crazier, Wahid left Maybank and no more CEO for her to get even when they made the presentation. Is she going to be on a tantrum with EPU? Anyway ... good move AWO. 

Azlina has a lot of sore issues with everyone. And she is crazy enough to leak things in order to destroy everything. More so when she is not given back the CEO position and is now lowest in the organisation pecking order.

Who else snitch on PKNS?

We have never revealed our sourced and why should we do that for PKNS. That is why we mentioned so many names to show that we have our own sources and we are telling it as it is.

To answer the question above, frankly everybody from the top to the bottom snitched and have been snitching. Not point trying to guess who. All have their personal interest to snitch on others and employer.

Maybe one or two is honest to want to do good, but we doubt there is. Even the YB Abdullah Sani that is seen trying to champion the PKNS Holding staff is in co-hort in PKNS. He is on the Board of De Palma Hotels and closed his eyes to the going-ons in De Palma [read Part 5 here].

Never believe a man who betrays his own wife. 

It only shows PKNS is an organisation in choas and reflective of a PKR street-ruled culture of governing. They can blame the past on BN but PKR and Pakatan Rakyat have been in charge for the last 5 years. Why is it getting worse?


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Boy, reading your article is like watching you skinning a cat and it still wriggles despite being barely alive.

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As Dato Kadir Jasin put it in his recent blog posting on reconciliation [Read here and here], anything is possible. Anwar could return to UMNO or Khalid could jump ship to UMNO as Azmin supporters are burshing Khalid as.

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