Friday, March 11, 2016

Divorce settlement proves SR is more lies than truth

Syariah court made a judgement on the divorce case between son of Pehin Seri Taib Mahmud, Dato Seri Mahmud Bekir and former wife and sister to singer Sheila Majid, Shahnaz Abdul Majid. Excerpt from theSundaily report below:

Taib’s son ordered to pay ex-wife RM30m

Posted on 10 March 2016 - 09:31pm

The Syariah High Court today ordered Datuk Seri Mahmud Abu Bekir Taib (pix), son of Sarawak governor Tan Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud, to pay a sum of RM30 million in muta'ah (conciliatory payment) claims to his ex-wife Shahnaz A. Majid.

Syariah court judge Muhamad Abdul Karim Wahab, who read out the judgment in court said that while there is no fixed amount on how much should be paid, the claims awarded is based on relevant circumstances.

He noted that this includes how much Mahmud could afford, the sacrifices and difficulty faced by Shahnaz during the past 10 years, as well as the status Shahnaz was after being divorced.
Shahnaz had pledged to donate a third of divorce proceeding away. It is quite an honourable thing to do. It help to cleanse her tarnished name with some nasty revelation about her. Conversely, she was equally nasty on her ex. Go google it.

This settlement expose something interesting about Sarawak Report or any other gossipy media.

Shahnaz had filed for a RM100million muta'ah claim as well as RM300 million in matrimonial property and 50% of all assets owned by Mahmud and Shahnaz which includes luxury cars, houses, land, and shares in several companies.

That works out to hundreds of millions!

In arguing for the claim, her lawyer, Akberdin Abdul Kader argued in November last year that Shahnaz deserved the “mutaah” or consolatory gifts for the suffering which include physical and mental abuse and humiliation endured during their 19 years of marriage.

Lawyers what do you expect? Aim for the sky, but the height of a coconut is a very good deal.

In September 2014, Mahmud was on the stand. He question the amount of claim as too much and believe she received inaccurate advise. An excerpt from theSundaily report reads below:
"I believe there are certain quarters who told her my family is rich due to corruption problems. That is merely politics," he said when hearing on his wife's alimony claims continues before Syariah Judge Muhamad Abdul Karim Wahab.
And he was reported:
"I am very puzzled with those claims. She (Shahnaz) took news excerpts from the 'Sarawak Report' web site that released false news about our family," he said.
Bingo! Shanaz's source was from Sarawak Report.

Since there is no specific valuation on the jointly owned asset, we will just throw out a figure of RM200 million. Plus the matrimonial figure, SR source leads to an estimation of Mahmud's wealth at RM500 million.

Supposed it is to be split 50:50, Shahnaz should be getting RM250 million. So at RM30 million, it is only 12% of the true entitlement. Calculated against RM100 million, it is only 30%.

Whether it is 12% or 30%, it proves by mathematical logic that only a fraction of SR is correct. The rest is make-up, wrong impression and twisting.

Explanation in court by Mahmud can be found here.

Wonder where does The Benchmark stand on SR. The blog used to make a posting in defense of Mahmud. Believe the blogger seemed bite everything handed down by SR and more. 

Another interesting coincidence.

During Tan Sri Halim Saad's divorce case many years ago, his ex had made a claim of 50% of marital asset at RM500 million against him. An international media presumably credible put the wealth of Halim at USD762 million. 

The case reached its settlement at only RM25 million. The case again is the claim on celebrity divorce involving tycoons tend to be more reported than actual.

By the way, the international media then was a familiar media name in Malaysia these days - Rupert Murdoch's The Wall Street Journal.

It can be concluded that not all of Halim's USD762 million belong to him thus should be in the divorce settlement calculation.

This blog is awaiting the progress on another high profile divorce of Tan Sri Khoo Kay Peng. How much is really his and who is he holding for, MUI that is?


Anonymous said...

The multi million Ringgit ‘mutaah’ claim filed by the former wife of Sarawak business entrepreneur Datuk Seri Mahmud Abu Bekir Taib was today reduced to RM30 million after taking into consideration that the original application for RM100 million was excessive.

Unknown said...

You really need to understand that where an ex husband has such opaque financialls the wife can only make educated guesses and claim as much as is reasonable. To then make the leap that SR is responsible is laughable. Get a life! And while you're at it improve your English or switch to BM.

Anonymous said...

Wow... abitw now become a gossip blog. People watch too many K drama nowadays.

Anonymous said...

Wow!! its a new way to become millionare...

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