Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Miri on my mind

Miri, Miri
The whole day through
Just an old sweet song
Keeps Miri on my mind

I said Miri
A song of you
Comes as sweet and clear
As moonlight through the well
Sorry, sorry ... it is supposed to be "Georgia on my mind".

Anyway we are off to Sarawak on the first flight this morning. Stopping over Kuching to off-load chocolates for a friend's kids before moving on to Miri. 

Something to learn on Miri on Wikipedia here.

Not so much as helping out the Sarawak campaign but merely going there as political tourist.

The Sarawakian know their politics better. Let's not pollute their mind with Semenanjung's nasty and adversarial politics.

An example of a typical anything goes Semenanjung politics is commented by Facebooker Lim Sian See:
This is a post by the total pentaksub of Mahathir blogger Syed Akbar Ali. The blogger who won't even stand up for his past entries and delete them after 1-2 days.

This post is all about sabotaging BN's chances for the Sarawak Elections by disparaging CM Adenan Satem.

These are the kind of political prostitutes that we have. All for the taksub and the money and if Mahathir cannot control UMNO-BN then no one can and they must lost in any elections.

It is very clear here that if Mahathir's men can try to sabotage BN in the Sarawak elections, they will sabotage BN in GE14 too.

Extremely bitter and selfish people.

If they can't have it, no one else can.

Surprised that Apanama did not educate him on Sarawak politics. It was hardly an intelligent smart spin. Sounded naive instead.

Maybe related and maybe not to the above, but most likely is, Rocky Bru posted about the following:

Extract of Klang Kirim's comment is deep with intended target:
Kepada penghasut pen deposit TH, taubatlah. Allah teirma taubat semua, termasuk mualap.

Hentikan nah semua perbuatan menjaja fitnah dengan niat menghasut dan menimbulkan kebencian dan mengapi apikan kemarahan, hanya kerana dibutakan kepda fanatism seseroang yang dalam keadaan obsess untuk menggulingkan PM Najib.
Read in full in Rocky Bru's commentary here.

Anyway, election offers an opportunity to see the people coming out and to hear their concerns, grouses and hope. It is the time to see the real Sarawak, the Malaysia that we in Semenanjung are totally ignorant about and took them for granted.

We talk of Vision 2020 to be a developed country but some of our countrymen are still struggling with the basic necessity of life.

In Semenanjung, we politicise everything. Political quarrels are endless.

Yet despite the shortcomings, our East Malaysian countrymen live in peace and harmony. Not merely tolerable of each other but accepting each others' existence. 

There is no specific plan for this trip.

All on ad-hoc and spontaneous basis. Hope we get to see much. As for happenings in Malaya, maybe need to leave that all behind for a couple of weeks.

Have to get on board for the first leg of today's journey. Will continue later.

Up-date: 4.30 PM

We are here ...!!!

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