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All indications for a more mature and rational politics to come

It's been long since we posted something that one Manager in Utusan Malaysia complained for lack of update lately. "Puasa ...", we replied. So here is a posting ... an opinionated and fairly lengthy one. Quite sure it can be read to pass the time in this fasting month.

As someone who believes in BN as the better choice of political party to lead government, we sincerely hope BN can win both the challenging Sungai Besar and Kuala Kangsar by-elections. Can hear the boo from some obselete corner but hear us out first.

There are many reasons why BN is still a better choice and should win both the by-elections. One not so inspiring reason would be BN as the lesser of the two evils. An opposition lawyer once told us and we quote, "BN can be bad but they (opposition) are worse."

However, the reason to see BN win both by-elections is motivated more by some positive development in it's campaign. Credit also due to PAS for undertaking a similar approach though they got sucked in by their animosity towards off-shoot PAN ... opps sorry, Amanah.

"Imposter" view

"Imposter" claiming to be ABITW

Someone told us of some joker claiming to be yours truly talking on the same platform with esteemed award winning journalists at some forum at the Institute of Integrity Malaysia. [Read about this "imposter" in Malaysia Aktif here].

The news report is bit cliche and tame but heard the discussion and subsequent Q&A was lively with Tan Sri Johan Jaafar talking much about media as the 4th estate to precede the view media need to be responsible and react fast to counter rumours.

Sources told us that this "imposter" gave a loaded answer to a concern by reporter on the various constraints in their pursuit for truth. He said, "Jika mahu berjuang (or fight for a cause), satu kaki di dalam penjara. Otherwise, stick to reporting entertainment story."

That is one similarity in view we have with the "imposter".

After 30 years of taking orders, it is ridiculous to suddenly have bout of conscience and put out an open letter. If other media are giving more coverage to the views of the opposition, there is nothing wrong in the current perspective of giving the government side to balance information given to the public.

So what is the motivation? Takut DAP sumbat masuk penjara bila berkuasa kot?

What we were told and it was an interesting view by the "imposter" is that he felt there is political fatigue among the public. The overload of information from the post-Mahathir freedom and internet will run it's course.

Interestingly the "imposter" viewed the public attitude has shifted. The public's reaction to the new found freedom were like kids obsessed with a new toy. They will eventually return to their old favourite toys after the thrill is gone.

There is disgust among the public for "politik selak kain" (air dirty laundry in public).

Being presidential

He felt the public will begin to respond to a more mature politics and political campaign. That is what BN and PAS is doing in Sungai Besar and Kuala Kangsar.

No more the quarrelsome exchanges, personal attack, delving into irrelevant subjects, etc. Maybe it is time for rational and intelligent discourse on ideology, ideas, policy, track records, etc.

The public should say enough is enough with hostile politics. Those still resorting to dirty politics and cheap tricks will do so at their own peril. The indicator was the recent Sarawak state election when the political provocateurs and agitator were not allowed in.

Even in the US, there is such a creature by the name Donald Trump or George W Bush in the past. But the mature politics should be the theme and guide. Whoever she is, the next US President should be elected from a campaign based on issues and not dangerous rhetorics.

There is no need for hostility in politics. Off course, politics is a quest for power and much is at stake. To gain votes, there is no need to put up provocative billboards to invoke anger. The same message could be conveyed and articulated in a more rationale and sombre manner but remain firm.

There is always the power of humour to do put downs except that those being putdown will not find it funny.

Wonder whether Malaysians can put up with such openness without getting emotional.

Trump have been getting advisers to correct his previous compulsion to shoot his mouth and utter the most politically incorrect words. If he remain so, he will be the candidate with the most incoherent policy preposition ever got elected as US President.

Despite saying all the wrong things, Trump did manage to get himself away from the pack to win the Republican primaries, but his odds to be President kept going up. So much for positive politics.

Hillary has begin to attack Trump. [See You Tube here]

Will the US have it's first woman President. That is a long journey from the 1840s, more than 110 years since the demand for woman suffrage in the US.

Nevertheless, slowly but surely, Malaysian will yearn to have more democratic practises after access to foreign news coverage from Astro and watching the US election process.

Interestingly before Ramadhan, we had tea with a PKR friend and blogger. He said he have not been following Malaysian politics much and spend more time following the US presidential election. More democratic.

It was something we were already exposed to in the late 70s.


If the older generation are still in denial, still thinking cheap stunt like Rafizi's private jet issue and politics of personal vengeance to keep bringing down those he does not agree or like, they will be surprised.

In past postings, we have been critical of Gen Y or millennial generation. Unfortunately, what we were critical of then were the selfishness of latter days yuppies.

The millennials are being stereotyped as lazy, self centered, lack dedication, low on discipline and generally, poor work ethics. There is the complain that they are demanding, selfish, and realistic.

However, many failed to realised that globally, this generation is faced with problem of unemployment, rising cost of living and education, etc.

Millennials do not conform to the typical consumer behaviour of the past. They think differently and have value system far different then the previous generation. They do not "simply follow the way the world is at the time".

The Millennial need to be understood:

If you think this trend only apply to American or British, you are wrong. In a discussion two months ago with an MP and few young people, we were introduced to the mind of the millennials and their value system. 

The millennials are not interested with current practise of local politics and more so, politics of hatred or blame game. They want to see politics that offer solution, opportunity and in the most and simplest description, fulus untuk makan.

The proposed plan for them and the country is more important than what latest dirt Rafizi can successfully spin.

If people think millennials are only interested with themselves, the young boys described to us the meaning of terms like indie, loser, and hipster. Indie is not a new musical pop group but independent in a similar but different concept of freedom to the hippie of the 70s.

Hippie were anti-establishment and critical of corporate America but entrepreneurship to the millennials, is the way to an indie way of life. They aspire to be the next Mark Zuckerburg or local

Loser to a millennials has different interpretation. If one did good in career or business, but hardly has concern for community or environment or the least, their family and friends, they are considered losers.

Syed Saddiq may being seen as vocal young voice but some millennial see him as a glory seeker i.e. loser. [Read 10 traits of loser here]

Talk of being a hipster, the young kids found the 60-something MP as hipster for driving his own car without personal driver. And he liked a certain 50-something dressed in jeans and black Harley shirt.

In one morning, BFM was talking about young voters in Asean constitute 65% of voters. While it is only more than 50% in Malaysia, it could rise to 65%. Young voters equate with the millennials and an immediate political force locally and globally.

The young voters want to hear solution and not just rhetoric. They want to hear plans that change their life and help them attain their aspirations. And they are not interested with the past and what was done but the future and what can be done.

It all points to the necessity to practise clean, positive and rational politics. It will be costly if DAP and PKR refuse to adapt. 

Hopefully the positive campaign strategy advocated by Dato Zahid Hamidi will work. If the reading is right, the more politically mature public should vote for Budiman and Datin Mas. They are the better choices to be voted in and have concrete plans. Bodoh whoever try to sabotage.

Nevertheless, this new politics set by UMNO and PAS is the positive direction towards a more mature, less adversarial politics.

This is the real new politics. Not the one promoted by Dato Saifuddin Abdullah. The locally schooled former Deputy Minister was out of touch and talking of old ideas.

It is far from the strongman politics or the idea of beneficial dictator much revered by the proTun. It is not so much Zahid. That is just another DAP game to whack the second man game which was played in the past on Najib.

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