Monday, June 13, 2016


This is a familiar tune from our childhood when spending Ramadhan with arwah grandfather in Kampong. There was no TV or electricity back then. Surau was a bit of a distance. So the radio was the official timer for breaking fast.

We would gather around the radio to wait for Maghrib azan. The moment the instrumental version of this song is played before azan we would alert everyone, "Dah nak bang, yahi". Yahi is grandfather in Javanese.

The song title is Al Bint El Chalabiya (or Barefoot Girl). It is usually heard being played by RTM in the evening.

The version we heard then was from a British Orchestra led by Rob Goodwin.

Listen at 26:34. Familiar?

All through the years it was thought to be truly Arabic. Ron Goodwin was a popular composer and musician in Britain back in the 1950s. More on him in Wikipedia here.

Attending breaking fast at Utusan Malaysia. So, Selamat Berbuka.

Update 1:10 AM

Gift received. Ahha ... dedak!

Though not as expensive as the Magdhul dates from Seri Perdana in 2001 and certainly meet the low standard of categorisation of dedak by childish and shallow detractors, a thoughtful gift is always appreciated.  

Orang memberi kita merasa.

There are those that cannot agree to disagree, in-denial of their inability to articulate and present their case convincingly, and lastly has ill intention written all over thus resort to the gutter politics of labeling and name calling anyone that do not succumb to their wishes.

They cannot accept others are not clouded by the adulation to a person as they are or do not subscribe to blind loyalty as they do, and more objective, rational and informed in their judgement.  

Their overly critical and excessively cynical ways are regressive. PM was in the same tone tonight as he view media being a burden and stifle nation building if they adopt a "bad news sell" mentality.

Only the ill-mannered and uncultured demean others for not agreeing, not convince with their sweeping allegations, then went around to spread judgemental remarks.

It is only indicative of desperation, insecurity and inadequate self. To gain ground for their losing concern, they corruptly resort to lies, spin and shallow propaganda. So it is important that the media save the situation by helping to develop a thinking public.

Give the cheap labeling of dedak and yes, it is a far cry from the expensive Magdhul dates but at least, it is sincere appreciation. They can smile and smirk but things uttered is out of anger and vengeance.

Guess some immigrant still do not understand the refine Malay and Asian cultural gestures of appreciating and reciprocating the help of others. They became jealous and insecure when there are those more concern and generous with the welfare of others.

When you were giving away your own "dedak", we are aware your circle was devouring the chicken, and stealing the coop. And, we have to endure your concession agreements. 

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