Sunday, August 14, 2016

Government Official robbed off his RM280,000 Rolex

Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Mens Chronograph automatic watch retails at USD155,250 here

This Government Official is not a politician.

Neither is he a political appointee nor a retired politician given position for retirement.

Without giving away his identity, except that it is a he, the Government Official should only be described as professional. He could be a professional civil serviceman or professional assuming top position in government linked company.

It is important to emphasise that characteristic because the public seldom say (yours truly included) to do away with politicians and put professionals at important positions in government or government linked company.

Supposedly they would do their job effectively, with integrity and conform to best practises. Hopefully they do their job with the social conscience and consideration for the rakyat at large, especially the lesser endowed among them.

It came to this blog attention that one government official and a top one had his home burglarised. It happened recently, but lets not give away clues, cause it could be as recent as yesterday or just few months ago.

Or maybe another hint can be given. He was burglarised the second time within a short time frame.

When police came to the house, he reported one of his Platinum Rolex watch was stolen. Our busy body source searched around and found that the market price for the watch cost RM280,000.

Those who can't afford one will not bother to know about prices of Rolex. However, it is not difficult  to check. Just browse for Rolex watch quote on the watch to have a ballpark figure. If none available, there is always e-Bay or google.

Malaysian price will have to adjust for currency exchange of RM4 for USD1 and GST.

Maybe the Chinese retailer top-up another 6% to cover for the possibility it will take too damn long to get back GST rebate from Custom. Their system is in a mess because the Director General was so hard-up to have a completely new system (not just up-grade).

The economical need to spend additional RM300 million is too tempting for Ministry of Finance officials. Now it is not ready in time (but still given 14 months extension).

If it is a rich tycoon spending RM280,000 for a watch, what the hell. But self-made tycoon may not want to spend so much.

It reminded us quite some time ago in Hong Kong. We were in a Departmental Store (Dragon, if memory did not fail us) looking at some new branded Italian shoes. Then we notice Lee Ka Shing at the other end looking at bargain shoes area. It made us stopped and leave.

If it is an underworld boss, whose money is flowing like water by living off their illegal activities carried out by their underlings, it is understandable. They have got too much money but can't spend and show off. So they buy Rolex watches to keep in the safe. Untong is the Mistress.

They can be so unassuming that they have no class. But when they got the chance to spend they can really spend. Like buying RM7,000 per bottle of wine or liquor, but request to drink wine with ice and having the liquour with coke.

If it is a Government Official, then the question would be can he afford one? A Government Official working in a Government Department or Ministry may or may not afford one. If he could afford one, he could be the most imprudent manager of his finances or corrupt.

These days the corrupt Government Officials are smart. The Ministry's TKSU 2 and TKSU 3 collaborate with their kaki inside Ministry of Finance and the KSU and Ministers get the blame. They get the kickbacks. The businessman made their cut. China got the out source business and breach into our security.

If he is working at the top of a government lined company, he could afford one too but it is not prudent spending. A salary man losing perspective on the value of money. It reflects badly on him.

Still, he should not be flounting around in a Rolex, which everyone knows to cost RM280,000. It attracts the wrong vibes on him especially when there are people in the interiors of Sarawak like in Sungai Assap, despite having electrical cables from Bakun and Murum dam hovering over their heads, still have no electricity.

It is bad for business. See what happen to Jho Loh. From a new year party in Manhattan that caught the attention of New York Post, it attracts nosy investigators. A problem one do not need, wrongly or rightly, guilty or innocent.

It is possession like this that reflects on the psyche of a person. Those indulging in spirituality practise of Sufism or other versions for other religion would not want to own something destructive on the soul.

The incident between Sarawak and Petronas on the sacking of local Sarawakians is a fine example of corporation without soul and sensitivity. It is likely driven by the arrogance of someone at the top. Heaven sake, that was the state ruling party campaign promises. How could a government linked company be insensitive?

Off course, not saying that someone in Petronas got their home broken in Rolex stolen. Maybe not, and maybe so, since Petronas is also a government linked company.

Humility is necessary. Sensitivity is a must. Be aware of the environment and reality of our surrounding.

This is Malaysia, not Marbella Spain. Langkawi is not yet Monte Carlo.

Even if it wish to be a Monte Carlo, think of the Langkawi folks. They should benefit from it, not just be by standers and outsiders benefit immensely. What happen to the lofty plans to have a social trust for Amanah Saham Anak Langkawi?

To conclude, the integrity of someone is not dependent on their profession. Even professionals can be crooks and heartless but they are not getting sufficient blame. It comes down to the individual, his sincerity and purity of intention.


Anonymous said...

Does one become 'trendy' when one spews anti-government rants? Obviously in the realm of free speech in the cyber world, some bloggers think that by being anti-government, they become 'cool' stark contrast to the reality of their true selves.

RD. said...

" See what happen to Jho Loh. From a new year party in Manhattan that caught the attention of New York Post, it attracts nosy investigators. A problem one do not need, wrongly or rightly, guilty or innocent."

I agree with you Sir.

Jho Low mega-booze party with Paris Hilton was the 'smoking-gun' that led to New York Post's investigative report on 1MDB.

If there is any 'campur-tangan asing' to kill the Malays, as Melaka CM had said, it must be Najib who open that floodgates. Using the enemy's banking system must have gave them that opportunity and justification to do so.

Therefore, nobody should be branded as 'pengkhianat Negara' to bring-down DS Najib or the Government. It was Najib's own middleman Jho Low, who sort-of betrayed him, just like Razak Baginda who was seduce into an affair with a jet-setting 'pisau-cukur'.

Anonymous said...


Typical protoon cynic which is basically condoning Lim Guan Eng's charged corruption allegation for their pursuit of Najib based on their conspiracy generated allegation. In the comment you are typicall discrediting the messenger instead of abhoring corruption. You pretend to hate corruption by riling against Najib but the man leading the fight, be it Mahathir or Mahyuddin or others are the bigger and worse culprit!

Anonymous said...

“We survive in life by wearing a variety of faces that disguise our true inner selves. We have one face for our families, a face for our friends, a face for our colleagues, and a face for strangers. Since we are always switching between faces others hardly get to see who we really are. Sometimes we ourselves forget who we are. The harsh reality of prison life relentlessly files away at your external faces and personae to reveal the true you. There are no secrets in prison. Sincerity, hypocrisy, bravery, cowardice, good, evil – all are laid bare. Prison brings out the best, and worst, in people.
Babar Ahmad

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