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How will public react if Siti Nurhaliza's husband is held by MACC?

The new MACC Chief Commissioner, Datuk Dzulkifli Ahmad was sworn in yesterday but he could be remembered by this iconic image on the frontpage of Utusan Malaysia on August 14, 2016.

With the stern look and deep eyes, Dzulkifli offer the corrupt through the Utusan reporter [read here] to surrender or MACC is coming after them with MACC Act and AMLA for money laundering to freeze, and seize properties obtained through corruption.

By now, the DOJ filing must have given the public some familiarity with money laundering and freeze and seize of assets.

Within days, Dzulkifli did not give his critics long enough time to ramble. He started raiding and gave a signal that he mean business.

It is supposed to be a good thing but how will the public react? Will MACC be allowed to do their work without public pressure applied by vested interest or public sentiment?

When MACC was investigating 1MDB and SRC, there was much hue and cry from certain pro-Najib side.

The tone changed and protoon and opposition went on offense the moment Attorney General announced no case against Najib in MACC's investigation.

When it was Lim Guan Eng being investigated, DAP side went on a conspiracy accusation against the BN federal government.

Wonder how will the public, particulary Siti Nurhliza fans, should Dato K is held under remand for corruption or money laundering investigation? How will the politics be like?

Without waiting a day, Penang Deputy CM, P Ramasamy already shrugged Dzulkifli off as attempting a 'Duterte', the new Philipines President that is loudly fighting crime. He should have given the new MACC boss a chance but it can be understood.

When Tun Abdullah assume the premiership in 2003, he attempted a similar swoop that saw former Deputy Minister Tan Sri Kasitah Gaddam being charged.

Remembered Tan Sri Sanusi saying, "Interesting ..." when asked of the development on his former Deputy at Eastin. In 2009, Kasitah was acquited.

For the time being, Dzulkifli will be seen the wrong way because he was present next to Tan Sri Apandi Ali at the PC when it was announced there was no case in MACC's report.

Sources say Dzulkifli called it as it is without fear or favour when MACC couldn't answer and explained his queries. The previous MACC investigating team dumped IP on the Lim Guan Eng's Pinhorn home case without providing any brief and recommendation.

Dzulkifli was heading the Taskforce to address leakage but same source claimed none of his cases were allowed be charged by "someone". In fact, he was cold storaged under Jessica Kaur in a Bangsar office.

All this could be lost in the frenzy politics to topple Dato Najib using the 1MDB case despite DOJ filing said only persons concerned is mentioned by name in the case.

Off course, they will be those insisting receiving donation as illegal though unable to quote any section of any law to say it is prohibited. The simplistic layman excuse is the perceived differences in explanatory statements from few Ministers.

By right, it need be legally proven that Najib is in the know of the illegal transactions in the embezzlement of Arab funds from 1MDB remittance.
Nevertheless, Sin Chew saw the sincerity in Dzulkifli as they highlighted of his intention to be more pro-active.

New MACC boss will not wait for a formal complaint to launch an investigation.

The Utusan report coincided with his inaugral working visit to Kepala Batas, his hometown. At the program "merakyatkan SPRM", he explained his position.

"The issue of corruption is the people's issue...MACC will be together with the people to protect them against the corrupt.

"At the same time, we will also ensure that we are feared by the corrupt and fight corruption to the end."

Dzulkifli couldn't contain himself when he shared the advise of his late father.

A day earlier, Utusan had reported on his intention to clean-up the civil service. The abuse have become so endemic that government officials are not shy and have no fear to flaunt their expensive watch.

Few days earlier, a former MACC officer was charged for duping two individuals to give away their cars five years ago. The need to bring in outsider and bring up from within MACC was necessary to restructure, clean-up and up-grade the organisation.

No need to expand as it will only "aib" (shame) people from the past. It was a right move to hands off and not burn the mosquito net. Time to move forward in the fight against corruption. 

Before the current round-up, four businessman was held for taking kickbacks to secure PPR housing in Jinjang Selatan.

The swoop begin with this big headline as three public official had their asset frozen and seized in Kuala Lumpur, Melaka and Kelantan.

Frozen are deposits of unit trusts of between RM1 to RM6 million and totalling RM13 million. Seized also are luxury condominiums including penthouse, banglow together with luxury cars of Maserati, BMW dan Audi.

The KL case involves a DBKL officer with a Dato Seri title.

FT Minister, Dato Tengku Adnan Mansor told the press that his position will be temporarily replaced. He gave a surprise statement to compliment the officer.

For heaven's sake Ku Nan, the Dato Seri officer allegedly owned 31 condominiums worth RM15.5 million

And he was defensive against open tender and gave opposition a field day. PKR communication director wanted Ku Nan to reveal projects approved by the Dato Seri officer.

This blog is still awaiting Ku Nan to answer the long list of questions raised on a certain luxury condo project in a site meant for "mampu milik" homes.  

The Dato Seri was held for additional five more days under remand.

The Kelantan case involved a senior TNB officer. Since then, an engineer and two technicians are held under remand to assist investigation related to the same case. 

In Melaka, a 56 year old former Department Director is held under remand for a week to assist investigation. Cash of RM64,000 are found in the attic of his home.

Yesterday, his remand was extended by 5 more days

At the same time, a former lady Deputy Director for Administration and Finance for the Melaka Stadium is being charged on four counts of corruptions.

As far as the three cases, Director for Investigation at MACC, Dato Azam Baki, 19 more including the 3 remanded TNB officer have been identified to "assist invetigation".

They include 3 developers in Kuala Lumpur, 10 contractors in Malacca and 6 more including business owners and government officers in Kelantan.

Azam was reported today saying their are probing several DBKL officer in cohoot with developers. Hope MACC read this posting and see the link with questions.

It has certainly been a good start for Dzulkifli. It is said that he has files of documents ready awaiting for time and turn to raid.  

Last week, Azam did say MACC will be going for more big sharks in the civil service and GLCs.

The passport fiasco is believed to involve those at the top in civil service i.e. KSU or TKSU level. An IT contract could likely involve a Minister. If they dare, they will be pursuing where their predecessor dare not.

In the meantime, they have called for questioning the husband of a popular actress. Touching any person to do with Siti Nurhaliza will be a different challenge.

MACC need to be strengthened in order to pursue more big fishes. Government shouldn't touch their budget if they are serious about raising or preserving government revenue.   


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Good job Dato Sri. Keep it up without fear or favour.....

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The cases looks like old complains from the past. Has previous top mgmt of macc been keeping public complains under lid all this while for their buddy buddy fellow civil service?

If so it is fair that three top guns are asked to retire or transfered.

Mustafar was to charge dato suhaimi ibrahim next week he said. Guess right time to do so.

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