Monday, February 11, 2019

Ex-Utusan defended Empress Dowager

Ex-Utusan Malaysia reporter and now portal, Mowardi Mahmud seemed to be defending Empress Dowager and current management of Tabung Haji.

After being criticised by Anwar Ibrahim, and accused of churning fake news by Tun Dr Mahathir, whose face is on the masthead of, it certainly adds to the feather to be picked on by the team of ex-Utusan Malaysia Deputy Chief Editor, Dato Zaini Hassan.

Certainly, this blog is no "dalang" and threat. Its far from able to create tension as accused by Anwar. Its just "another brick in the wall" with a view on the current management of Lembaga Tabung Haji (TH) and their actions.

Since TH current management is in-cahoot with DAP to systematically destroy this internationally renown Islamic Institution, it should be the cause celebre of Zaini too. Respectably, Zaini may have his reasons.

Nevertheless, a debate with Mowardi is most welcoming. Its the publicity should be craving for.

However, Mowardi does have to be more specific and factual to deal with hard hitting investigative portal like SABAHKINI2.

Their expose on wrongdoings and conflict of interest by one of the Empress Dowager's has meat and verifiable documents.

If was hired by Datin Wan Norhiyati Wan Ibrahim (Yati) to spearhead the corporate communication of TH on social media, Mowardi should not bring the melancholic suratkhabar Melayu style on social media.

It is not educating the public and may not work even with kampong folks, especially those with social media accounts. They could lose confidence and a run on TH to ensue.

Mowardi cautioned on “menelan bulat bulat” (blindly believing). Isn’t that what the Minister and TH is doing through the court of public opinion?

Aren't they hoodwinking the public with manipulated information and public execution, without trial?

Then, he mentioned about “ikan menjadi lauk” (taking someone as victim). Isn't there many previous members of the management being victimised?

And, isn’t the blame game an extension of over politicking and at the expense of the Malay strategic interests?

And, he claimed it is character assassination.

The current management seemed to be only one of the Empress Dowager (note the singularity), Datok Zukri Samat, and Datin Wan Norhiyati (Yati). No critic of management could be done without touching these characters.

But then, is the series of police reports and MACC report not a media circus and character assasination?

Empress, Zukri and Yati has a history of assasination beyond characters to turn their victims bankrupt, reputation and career destroyed, and life suffered.

A seasoned economic reporter should certainly investigate before his firm simply take up any client.

There are many more issues and line by line of Mowardi's can be scrutinised and expanded. Lets put them aside and not make a big deal over his writing style.

Firstly, this blogger is no better a writer.

Secondly, it is better that Mowardi defend the attack on Zaiton Hassan by Sabahkini2's "Tabung Haji dalam bahaya, integriti Zaiton Hassan pengarah baru dipersoal" with answers.

A dedicated investigative portal like SABAHKINI2 will not do so without insider leads, fact and supporting evidences. Though MACC may have denied their claim of investigation on UZMA, they did shake the establishment and Rocky Bru questioned MACC for too late response

SABAHKINI2 went after TH before this blog raised issue with new TH management. The alleged dalang must be behind them and not associated with us. need substance than Utusan Malaysia-style of writing to argue by appealing for no buruk sangka (ill faith) and sympathy. Believe it is no more Utusan's style.

The client Mawardi is defending is misleading the public.

Hibah 2017 was declared based on Realisable Value (RV) of RM74.7b, and not Net Book Value (NBV) of RM70.3 billion. The Tabung Haji Act 1996 (THA 1996) never mentioned to follow accounting based on NBV.

A 24-year economic reporter would have surely understand RV, NBV and learned up THA 1996 before writing!

Quite sure, may not be aware with this poser:
The second police report on the sales of 95% interest in PT TH Indo Plantations was fully paid. According to sources, police themselves are puzzled as to why the need make the report when payment already made. 
It is like Tommy Thomas establishing an EC Tribunal to investigate six former members who have resigned and at the same time, deceived the Acting King, Sultan Nazrin for consent to establish the tribunal.

Go check with their police contact. Ask Yati for explanation. Get expert to verify their accountants views

On TH third police report on illegal hibah, Mowardi should scrutinise new management with regards to impairments and exceptions they used to justify the upcoming hibah announcement that could be illegal and inconsistent with their allegation of TH's 2017 hibah.

Get specific and technical. Then, "bebas" journalism and freedom of the press is truly towards truth, justice and nationbuilding for alif, ba, ta and not defend a "pencuri, penyamun dan perompak".

Lets be sincere. Should TH fail to get police make a criminal case, what would current management do?

If it is to resort to civil lawsuit and and maleeva injunction against previous members of management, it will prove us correct.

Current management leadership will be proven as truly evil, vindictive, and crazy for power. Come join forces with us for sake of truth and justice.

No worry about paying personal and portal bills. Have faith in Allah. Been through it and left fate be decided by the Almighty. It never fail.

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