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Tommy Thomas allegedly said, "Me, Guan Eng and Kit Siang; We are all one"

Anwar Ibrahim may accused this blogger as spinning. Wan Azizah may have passed the buck to Tun Dr Mahathir. And he accused this blog for fake news.

But, this blog always tell it as it is and the source of information is clear: be it opinion or analysis or sources.

At times, we cannot disclose the source identity. They must be protected, even though there is the risk of being sued or investigated by law enforcement.

This headline has its own risk as it is similar to criticising or accusing judges. Hope Tommy Thomas is aware that it is political in nature and to be taken in stride.

That quote came from a "legal practitioner". Tommy Thomas said those words to few other "legal practitioners".

Mind you, it is not easy to get the information. We had to meet the person at a hidden location in a stuffy smoky room and on the way, we had to switch cars to ward off any tailing cars.

For all the trouble, it could be a futile effort.

The list of political fumble by Tommy is getting longer by the day. Lim Guan Eng and Lim Kit Siang would naturally deny such alleged claim by Tommy but seriously, the Lims would be to ashame to be put in same company as Tommy.

More so, a letter revealed that Tommy was taking instruction from cabinet.

Nevertheless, the quote is politically believable for many reasons.

First, he got the Attorney General Chamber (AGC) to withdraw the case of Guan Eng's Jalan Pinhorn home. It is a similar in nature with the case against Dato Dr Khir Toyo in which he was found guilty.

A blogger claimed Tun Dr Mahathir was not in the know of the plan which involved Lim Kit Siang, Tommy Thomas and a Federal Court judge, to say the least.

He claimed they met together and there is a video.

It is Friday and we can only say, "Wallahu alam bissawab (Only god knows)".

Second, he is politically influence-able for making extra additional three charges against Dato Najib on the SRC case, in which he is personally involved in the prosecution, immediately upon PH losing Cameron Highland by-election.

The charges was funny as people in the know of the case claimed it is charging the same case again which was investigated by other enforcement agencies.

Yesterday, he withdrew the three cases and High Court took charge to hear 7 of Najib's charges from Session Court. Defense lawyer for Najib, Tan Sri Shafee Abdullah responded, "This is completely bonkers!"

Supposedly, Najib was re-“arrested” and then re-served with warrant to appear in court at 830am today. He is not detained overnight.

Najib was re-charged in session court with the same three charges that was dropped in high court today.

Tommy, the acclaimed legal genius, so-called renown defense attorney, and constitutional expert, with his 10 DPPs, that went together to court to make the first of many Najib charges, could not put the cases properly.

Tommy and his dopies
Not only that, Tommy and the 10 DPPs (or more appropriately called dopies), made the second amendment to the charges  on the day they made the additional charges.

It leads to the suspicion the additional charges were made for political reason to divert attention from the third set of charges for the supposedly in the bag SRC case.

Tommy maybe good as a defense lawyer to nitpick issues and punch hole into the prosecution case, but looks like he is far from competent to put together a case.

Mahathir should just accept his resignation and not "blackmail" him to withdraw resignation.

Third but still not the best reason to believe Tommy is political and one with the Lims, he put together an Election Commission tribunal to take disciplinary action on former members of the Election Commission.

This is merely a typical internal inquiry before further action is to be done on any staff. It is absolutely ridiculous to pursue on members who have resigned.

A blogger described Tommy as squashed tomato made stupid by a Bar Council member.

Peruvalen of Valen and Co is an honest and upright lawyer whose brave to say it as it is. And he is Tommy's good friend.

But you pay pro-bono you get monkeyed, dude.

Tommy could remove his friend, but in return, he is getting severely criticised and Hanif Khatri demanded Tommy's apology. Dr Puad Zarkash called for his resignation.

Fourth, Tommy claimed he wants to separate his role as legal adviser to the government from the role as public prosecutor.

He wanted to review some more than 130 laws deemed as archaic, not meeting Siti Kassim's liberal standard for Muslim, not acceptable with Eric Paulsen's understanding of human rights convention, and oppressive.

But where is the proposed constitutional amendment?     

Although Peruvalen was not paid, Tommy has been paying and out-sourcing his role to lawyers, specifically former Federal Court judge and Anwar's former sodomoy II case lawyer, Datuk Gopal Sri Ram and one case to Sulaiman Abdullah.

The choice of Gopal is certainly political. Not only his name has been talked about among legal practitioner as suspiciously "corruptible" judge (one case in mind is UEM vs Genisys of Singapore), he is said to be politically aligned to Mahathir.

Urban legend has it that Gopal was meeting Mahathir regularly, if not three times a week.

Gopal makes a lot of public statement on issues as though he is a concerned citizen and believer in democracy, and justice. Is he a registered voter? Why does he has a British PR status?

Aiyoo deyyy ... please tell us, do you have enough documents to make your case against Najib?

Do read posting: Message from a Time to Kill.

And, do tell us how could for a civil servant pay scale, judge afford 18 luxury cars including a Rolls Royce as claimed by the source that need to ward off cars tailing?

Was the Bentley a gift from a rich Tun?

Up-dated 10:00 PM 9/2/19:
A commentator, JPJ Watcher highlighted errors in the claimed Gopal Sri Ram's car ownership. Refer in the comment box. 

Fifth, the investigation on PAS for alleged RM90 million from 1MDB.

When Hadi announced off court settlement, it means Clare Rewcastle too agree to withdraw her counter sue. No different from out of court settlement between Guan Eng and Nasruddin Tantawi.

Lim Kit Siang have been at the forefront to attack PAS after Cameron Highlands to split the UMNO-PAS cooperation. The reason PAN is on the offensive too.

Since 2015, MACC have investigated and know where all the money that went into Najib's account. The bulk of it was returned back to donors

Only now MACC, and likely at the instruction of AG and the Lims, pretending to start on an already completed investigation.

The reason to accuse AG is due to their higher standing than MACC Chief Commissioner, and Police's IGP. It may have been DAP that wanted MACC (through Tommy) to raid China's CCCC office just hours before Tun Daim met China's PM.

This move is definitely political and meant to split the support from PAS voters for the UMNO candidacy at Semenyih. Takut rupanya!

Six, but not necessarily the last, Tommy  explain for the letter below as revealed by a young Facebooker by the name of Puteri Amira.

How could AG Office direct the court's due process?

It is written proof that government interfered and orchestrated the judicial process for political reasons.

And, it is as though the AG and court is run by someone, who does not know the law (even though they are legally qualified). They are resorting to unlawful and unethical practises.

Hanafiah Zakaria is the DPP that claimed the case against Guan Eng cannot win. Some sources claimed he carries out certain "duties" for a previous AG.

By the way, the information leak on Guan Eng's hanky panky that eventually became a case is believed to have been leaked by unhappy and decent Penang DAP members!

According to another source, Tommy is racist and have been uttering words like "Melayu bodoh" in meetings.

Now, it looks to be it is not the Melayu that is bodoh, but this particular Serani or Indian is turning out to be bodoh punya loyar or worse still, tongong, goblok and dublek in Javanese!

Mahathir used to try to distance himself from Tan Sri Gani Patail for charging Tun Ling Liong Sik for PKFZ case. He appointed Gani to be AG, but excused himself by claiming there is not many good lawyers within the service.

With Tommy from the private sector looking more and more ridiculous, Gani looks like a legal genius.


Anonymous said...

WaAllah ... Bissawaab.
Wa Ta Tau

jon boushenk said...

Wish i can have your autograph on my cap.

Wan Jooria Hood said...

Thank u for enlightening me... somehow I believe what u had written

Prince Righty 1 said...

We Sarawakians wanna see Mahathir's next move. Sambil makan popcorn. 🍿

Anonymous said...

Congrat sir! Someone may have very butthurt from now onwards.. May Allah bless you sir. Thanks for the sharing.

JPJ Checker said...

Your source may have made a mistake. I did a check and found the following:

Nama Penuh:
Sri Ramachandra A/L Ramasamy (Gopal Sri Ram)

Tarikh Lahir:

No. Kad Pengenalan: 430816-10-5447

Alamat Rumah:
No. 6, Lorong U Thant 2, 55000, Kuala Lumpur


16-02, Tara Condominium, Jalan Ampang Hilir, Ampang, 55000, Kuala Lumpur (Mungkin Disewa)

Alamat Pejabat:
Sri Ram & Co
Wisma Selangor Dredging, Letter Box No.7, East Block, Level 5, 142-B, Jalan Ampang, 50450, Kuala Lumpur


No. 2, 12th Floor, Wisma E & C, Lorong Dungun Kiri, Bukit Damansara, Kuala Lumpur, 50490, Kuala Lumpur

Nama Isteri Gopal Sri Ram:
Chandra Sri Ram Nee Ramamoorthy

Tarikh Lahir:

No. Kad Pengenalan: 511015-71-5186

Senarai Kenderaan Di Atas Nama Gopal Sri Ram:
1) VAU 1088 - Mercedes Benz
2) VBD 1088 - Volvo
3) VG 1088 - Mercedes Benz
4) BPE 1088 - Volvo
5) VAJ 1088 - Lexus RX 350 Luxury
6) VAM 6796 - Motorsikal Yamaha
7) VBT 1088 - Bentley Bentayga (SUV)
8) VBV 1088 - Mercedes Benz
9) VCA 1088 - Mercedes Benz
10) Malaysia 1088 - Jaguar (SUV)

No 18 luxury car and a rolls Royce. At least, not under Gopal Sri Ram name.

Unknown said...

Not sure about the comment on whether Sri Ram could afford all the luxury cars as a civil servant. The dude was importing Mercedes from Germany as early as 1991 when he was in private practice way before judgeship.I know for a fact as I was attached to the old Cycle and Carriage PJ facing federal highway for the school holidays. His wife made a huge ruckus when their 190E stalled on the way up Genting. She did not take the advice when they sent the car for servicing before the trip to install double fans(the one the runs the radiator) for our hot climate but insisted that the single fan euro specs was good enough. She threatened to file legal summons. Fortunately those big guys at C&C those days supported the mechanic who gave the advise and told her to go file legal summons if she wanted - they had signed service records that had all the details lol

A Voice said...


Thanks for reminding on the Merc lawsuit. Now I remember back that ridiculous lawsuit.

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