Saturday, July 30, 2022

Serbadk's Nusantara mystery

This blog was alerted by Nuclearbursaman's posting, "Serba Dinamik: There is more than the eye can see". 

Though aware of the Edge's report 3 days ago of "Creditors vote in favour of Serba Dinamik's scheme of arrangement", too overwhelmed by other prevailing issues and focused on research for articles on food security on rice and BNM's monetary policy reactions to the prevailing economic condition to ponder. 

Cannot helped to be overwhelmed by NBM's comment: 

ITS one thing massaging your accounts to pull the wool over the public eye, but it's a whole new different ball game trying to fool suspicious hard nose bankers the second time around.

Its mysterious enough for "Misteri Nusantara", a Malay TV program once shown on RTM thus worthy of a snapshot comment. 

It was only at the end of April that Edge reported "Creditors file winding up petitions against Serba Dinamik". Suddenly, creditors are willing to agree to a proposed scheme of arrangement. Mysterious isn't it?

It was only two days ago that the FB of Salahuddin Hisham displayed the effect of the pullback by AG Office on advise of the prosecuting team at Securities Commission to fine Serba Dinamik executives and withdrew the criminal charges in mid-April.    

Bursa Malaysia's index plummeted, volume has shrank and confidence in the leadership of Dato Ismail Sabri from the corporate and business community went along together. Few corporate hongs known to express interest to engage PM to provide guide, advise and support him PM pulled back. 

Serba Dinamik CEO may have denied, but market is abuzz with talk that Ismail's unscheduled and insufficiently planned stopover at Dubai during his first Middle East visit in May was meant to meet Karim there. 

There is a saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. Ismail should not have been there and be seen with Karim at all. 

The chart of Bursa Malaysia today tells it all. 

More so, it is difficult to forget of the recall of two Embassy officials from that trip that became the magnet of media and public attention. 

Saifuddin Abdullah only makes matter worse by intending to take action on the viraled private diplomat conversation that revealed his long list of unfulfilled appointment. 

More embarassing, the Foreign Minister made a naive and amaterish mistake for taking an unschooled instruction to visit Qatar, Abu Dhabi and Saudi Arabia at one go, but only to be refused visit by the Saudi. 

There was this unconfirmed yet the talk among reporters that there was a planned optic of PM performing Haj after the Turkey trip. It did not materialised and source with contact to Wisma Putera claimed two letters written were left unanswered.    

Perhaps, the mystery is not Nusantara but Middle East also. 

As a trading nation, the past few administrations have been treating international trade, foreign affairs and diplomacy lightly. Why the duck is "Human Rights Affair" Minister, Saifuddin so boisterously loud on Myanmar?   

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