Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Sad to have ended this way for Green Packet's CC Puan

From the end of 2020 till early January 2021, this blog ABITW was aggresively campaigning for Khazanah Nasional to sell Silterra to DNex. Initially, the challenge was to get the foreign bidders out of the way. 

Having succeeded, the next challenge was to take on the local competitor as in outsmart CC Puan and Green Packet's aggressive bid. CC Puan was truly a worthy competitor so to speak with their creative packaging of proposal, focused lobbying and public relation exercise

Green Packet was aggressively pursued to convince the public (if not the decisionmakers) that DNex was the more genuine, technically and financially sound company for consideration. 

Since then CC Puan have not been on the radar till a friend alerted of a Sabahkini article here on the bankruptcy of CC Puan. He quipped, "Sampai muflis bro kerjakan dia. Haha..

How sad. It feels good to win but never to the extent of seeing subject of our writing denigrated to bankruptcy. Against competing blogger or writers, never to the extent of them being investigated for their writing. Free speech, and response, engagement and healthy debate should be the route over strong arm. 

Edge reported on July 20th here of the bankruptcy notice for his failure to settle a RM30.66 million civil suit lawsuit for deals related to Green Packet and G3 Global Berhad.  

In the weekly Edge in which Cheryl Foo's article, "The rise and fall of CC Puan" will only be available online next week, CC Puan has apparently resigned from Green Packet on January 31st this year. There have been movement and missed deadlines on the shares of Green Packet. All water under the bridge now.      

According to the report, CC Puan left the country. It is not the first time he has done so. Back in 2016 after leaving Green Packet also, he went on a spiritual sojourn in Nepal to only return after leaving Telekom Malaysia being part of the deal for Telekom to uy P1 from Green Packet. 

CC Puan returned to the corporate scene in 2018 following PH coming to power to return to Green Packet in 2019. He became close to PH and was part of Mahathir's entourage to visit China. Supposedly the plan was to start an AI Park. 

He failed to secure Silterra during Muhyiddin short stint as Prime Minister. In the first place, Silterra was originally planned to be passed to DNex till some dude too into ringgit and sen instead of serious turnaround plan may have been influenced by CC Puan's lobby. 

Our support for DNex was partly out of old friendship and hometown camaraderie, but they were still a better choice. One mistake was to not heed the much talked about behind the scene collusion between DNex and Foxconn. 

So much critic was levelled at Foxconn back then but eventually DNex went into collaboration with Foxconn after the takeover of Silterra. That is only business reality. Will not be surprise CC Puan to reappear with DNex in later years after the economic storm is over. Be it politics or business, enemies can later be friends. 

On the promise of Dnex bringing some technological leap into the once GLC Silterra, the license plate in Quebec Canada reads "je me souviens". Seriously, if it is merely a contract manufacturer for Foxconn, it is no big deal. 

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