Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Balancing for a Government

There is a lot to write on the 15th general election (GE15) but nothing was extraordinary worthy to write of. Its the same ole same ole. 

Coincidently, Dr Nungsari told BFM radio yesterday that all parties were offering goodies than mentioning the elephant in the room of an impending recession and tight fiscal situation. A similar view expressed in the earlier posting

The resolution to the no clear majority by any political block is interesting. Despite its disappointing showing, BN could not sit out of government to be opposition and was dragged in to the role of kingmaker. 

Without their 30 seats, no side has the majority to form a government. Its in a bargaining position that PH is willing to have UMNO lead the coalition government in the states of Perak and Pahang. How will Agong resolve it for the federal government?

Saturday, November 12, 2022

GE15 campaign lacking depth that Zahid be made into an issue

PKR have been campaigning that it is Anwar’s turn to be Prime Minister (PM). They have been peddling his once dubbed the best Finance Minister.  Yet creating the fear that a vote for BN is vote for Zahid as PM.  
So shallow is the narrative of the campaign that it imply Barisan Nasional (BN) Vice President, Dato Seri Ismail Sabri’s leadership has put the nation in the right track in addressing the post-pandemic economic crisis worsened by the war in Europe. 

BN should be given a new mandate to continue the effort with a full-fledge team of more experienced and competent Ministers from BN and their former coalition members. The Perikatan Nasional (PN) misfits have proven to be inadequate, incompetent, and just filling up the number, thus rightfuly replaced. 

Surely Tan Sri Muhyiddin would disagree as he uttered the word “gagal” (fail) towards Ismail. The political animal Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim would naturally concur. And, so would Tun Dr Mahathir despite his party or coalition is brushed off by all as insignificant. 

Why then is the obsession by all parties in their GE15 campaign to deviate from the real concern besieging this nation for a concerted effort to slander UMNO President, Dato Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi?   

Wednesday, November 09, 2022

PH's shifting cultivation strategy

This evening BN will be announcing their much awaited candidate list. 

It is known that BN is on a rejuvenation mode to put up 70% new and young faces, the proven formula for their success at the Melaka and Johor by-election.  

Few renown veterans have been dropped. The surprised, unhappy reactions and opposition is only expected. Usually it will last for few days before campaign resume as usual. 

The strategy behind the candidate list for DAP, Amanah and particularly PKR is most interesting. 

It is a massive make or break exercise to emulate Lim Kit Siang's proven, for lack of a better term, "shifting cultivation" strategy. 

Friday, October 28, 2022

Seremban to Ipoh: Coming out of the block

The break taken since August is long enough. It's time to come out of the block and start churning for the General Election. 

It is not for lack of material to write or the absence of angle to approach the subject. There have been several attempts but lacked the motivation to get over the part writer's block and part exhaustion. 

Taking a writing break was needed for the mind to rest and re-energise. It was the Saturday class of '73 to '77 reunion in Seremban for a trip down the memory lane of adolescence that revive the youthful enthusiasm in us. 

Too bad there was an important meeting the next morning to be followed by an important trip to Ipoh. We would have stayed through the weekend. 

Nevertheless it was sufficient to get us back in the mood again.     

Friday, August 26, 2022

Of broken chain of evidence and judicial process in doubt

The prosecution witness for Najib's first day court appearance for the 1MDB-Tanore case since started his sentence on Wednesday was Siti Zauyah Mohd Desa, the Deputy Secretary-General. 

She admitted not knowing the accuracy and authenticity of her statement as it was prepared. Its typical heresay rampantly used as evidence by the prosecution in the SRC case and believed it was used by Nazlan in his judgement together with his presumptions like no thank you note. Commonly allowed to be  heard in court are claims as such as "I assumed the order was from Najib", "XXX told me that Najib said this", etc.

Ironically, the Federal Court accepted the argument new evidence to be forwarded by Najib as heresay or after thought without flicking their ear flab to give a listen.

There is a mountain of doubts of minute details. For one, why is only Najib is being charged when tthose clearly revealed to be implicated are not charged or even protected by the Federal Court.

That is the optic seen by the non-prejudicial and off course, the pro-Najib side. The judicial discrepancy is too apparent to any casual observer that a social media commentator described as Constitutional crisis.

Thursday, August 25, 2022

Travesty of Justice: First time in history

Lim Sian See
22 Ogos jam 9:26 PG

Twelve incredible "first time in history" events in the SRC trial.

1. First time ever in history of Malaysia that a former PM is charged for corruption.

This is not surprising as this is the core campaign platform of PH to win power in GE14. For good measure, Najib was charged by the PH and PN governments with 5 separate criminal corruption cases (SRC 1, SRC 2, 1MDB-Tanore, 1MDB-IPIC, 1MDB audit) and also 5 separate civil cases (forfeiture of RM114m, forfeiture of goods, RM1.7b tax claim/bankruptcy, SRC civil damages claim of RM5.8 billion and 1MDB civil damages claim of RM35.8 billion).

In fact, given the 9 other cases that are running concurrently and to allow for multiple delays in two years of Covid, the very complicated SRC trial has actually moved very fast - much faster than Anwar's much simpler Sodomy II trial which took 6 years.

Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Romen Bose on SRC Federal Court appeal

The weekend before the Federal Court final appeal began, Romen Bose; the former AFP reporter, former PMO and writer of the book Final Reckoning, he posted a status on his Facebook entitled: "Is this really justice?

Last night, he updated with "The Silence is Defeaning."

For many years, he saw from inside the Prime Minister's Office the events, including the deceipts and betrayals, leading to the fall of the BN government in his book.

We are now witnessing the long anticipated endgame to imprison Najib Tun Razak, which would indirectly shame and the great legacy of his father Tun Abdul Razak bin Dato Hussein.

Al Fatihah. May Allah guide us all back to the straight and rightful path.

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