Sunday, April 29, 2007

Goodbye Doesn't Mean Forever

Press the You Tube for a 1978 David Gates performance as my dedication for a fine young lady and a blogger I got to acquinted recently.

As per her announcement here and Rocky's goodbye here, Ijok by-election is her curtain call to blogging. It would have been her most precious "going away" present to see PKR win but alas, it is one present I am not willing to depart. That is the reality of politics.

The stark reality is that the "ravine" dividing the political party she dedicated herself to and the political cause I subscribed to is too far apart. It is also a huge disparity between political idealism and socio-political reality.

Surprisingly, that barrier has not been a problem for us as individuals to get acquinted, socialised, and even exchange honest personal socio-political views.

In fact, we were sending text sms to each other throughout the marathon of three by-elections. I wouldn't be surprised we sent decoy sms to each other to put the other off track. I will deny and she will deny, so its all within the "fun and games" of politics. We are not the main players anyway.

I may not agree wholesomely with some of her thoughts in her blog. However, I find the character and thought of this young independent city girl quite fascinatingly honest, and refreshing. It is meaningful to me that she linked my Blog and call it as her "crony". Her blog is hidden deep in my heart, inside my personal Goggle Reader of Blog Buddy.

If her experience (I believe she is part of the organising team) in this engagement had translated into the theme "Engage and Embrace" for the upcoming Blogger United get-to-gather for SOPO (socio-political) bloggers, then I'm proud with my little contribution.

Until we learn to engage each other at individual level, only then can a "bridge" be build to enjoin the two edges of that "ravine". With that "bridge" built, only then are we able to promote sincere engagement, remove mistrust, develop understanding, and a natural resolve from within to find a way forward.

Hopefully a better compromise, if not a solution, to our socio-political woes is in the offering in the future.

This is not the first of such attempt and definitely not the last. Many such past efforts failed when there are those few with vested interest, ulterior motive and ambition, and impatient overzealousness hijacked the noble intention.

Until trust is developed, beware that any "action" will have an equal and opposite "reaction". Lets appreciate a Malay proverb to the effect of delicately pulling hair out of flour, as to not to spill it. Be sensitive and delicate in our actions.

I had a buddy who thought he had to say goodbye forever. I know it isn't. Just like his case, I do not believe it is a goodbye. So dear lady, let me tell ye goodbye doesn't mean forever. See ye!


ideas incredible said...

fascinating blog.
will keep reading.
the blogger gathering sounds like fun too.

Rockybru said...

bro voice,
one of my favourite songs for one of my favourite young bloggers. i agree with you. she'll be back.

Anonymous said...

Freelunch 2020,

Been an honour to have 'served' the Bloggosphere with you. Hope to see you again, in another tour of duty.

In my nine years experience in the politics in the cyberworld, I never appreciated serving with any other opposing number.

All the best and we will miss your absence.


zorro said...

Goodbye is never on Voice and a good piece for a good friend. Jed, see you for mee rebus or storm into NPC Wed or Friday nights.

Jed, you are young but I shall recall what Gen. Douglas McArthur siad:(or did he?)"Old Soldiers never die....they just fade away", but we will not allow the fade away.We await PacketLunch2020.

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