Wednesday, July 18, 2007

For Nat-Sake! He's Out, But Jo B's Still Goggling!

Nat was released yesterday Tuesday July 17th, 2007 from the Bukit Perdana Government Complex (behind Bank Negara Malaysia) down to the wire just after the 4:30 pm dateline.

My presence there was to show support for another blogger as per my blog posting "For Nat-sake! Its About Blogger Solidarity". I SMS Rocky to break the news here and watch from afar, not to be in the line of "photo" crossfire. Don't wanna be caught dead in a pix with Tian Chua. Its more respectable to be photographed with my pant down and pecker erect!

Nat's laptop and handphone is still being held by the police. That means he is still under investigation and not off the hook. Believe he is due to appear in court, but I am not sure of the purpose/(s).

Nat seems defiant and insist the police have nothing against him. My source tells me the police were still "goggling" or netspeak for searching. As one who like to trust the integrity of the police, I find this disturbing. Why would police held someone when they have no clear idea what they are looking for? This is not the police that I like to know off.

Nat's detention coincided with the Attorney General's announcement of Dato Johari Baharum (Jo B)'s innocence from the alleged corruption involving three gangsters as posted in one freeweb site here. One commentator placed on Nat's Jelas blog another freeweb link of similar information but better presented. That was widely believed to be the source of Nat's trouble. Some suspect the commentator and second link as planted for Nat had moderated the comment but allowed the link. Heck what me worry! That second link is here.

Theer is serious doubt it has anything to do with the doctored picture of Dato Seri Najib, Abdul Razak Baginda, and the late U-Nee (to represent the late Altantunya) together on a dinner table. Najib is smart enough not to react to such provocation as to detain anyone on such frivolous basis. Only a no brainer like perhaps Jo B would do such thing, but not Dato' Najib. Najib will not want to create a new matyr for the PKR. This a real bodoh act!

This incident begs several questions:

1. Did Jo B as per the Bernama report "Police Asked To Investigate Websites Spreading Lies" actually instruct CID over the Police Chief, Tan Sri Musa Hasan? Incidently, he had earlier made report to initiate investigation on alleged corruption by the Police Chief. Tan Sri is not suspended by the Minister and he is still in charge. In case, Jo B care to read the law books, there is no legal power accorded to any Deputy Minister. Most Deputy's role is to assist the Minister and oftenly it is public relation work.

2. Why did the police entertain such request from the Minister? Were they pressured to do so from the Deputy Minister or others higher up, most likely the Minister himself i.e. Prime Minister?

3. If the claim that the police was still "goggling", that would mean Jo B has committed an offense to instruct the arrest under OSA when he is unauthorised to do so under the law. In addition, he has put the police in an embarassing situation to detain someone without a clear idea of the offense.

4. Jo B's remark represent a threat to bloggers. Isn't wild accusation and threatening any law abiding citizen an offense?

Jo B replaced Dato Nor Omar, who was transfered as Deputy Minister of Education, for this post. But he will always be remembered as the Tun Dr Mahathir's former Secretary and Kubang Pasu UMNO man, who back stabbed his own former boss to deny Tun from being elected as delegate for Kubang Pasu for the 2006 UMNO General Assembly. The case was only recently dismissed by the Jawatankuasa Disiplin UMNO and announced by Dato Najib weeks earlier.

The website allegation has tattered Jo B's already bad reputation. While he seemed to remain in control at the UMNO Kubang Pasu Division, the unhappiness and disrespect for his act at the ground is widespread. No crying act can absolved him. There is widespread resentment on the ground towards him and and submitting him as UMNO candidate for Kubang Pasu MP will likely be handing PAS an MP seat on a silver plate.

Nat's detention is believed by some circle as Jo B's act to salvage his MP and Deputy Ministerial post. It is clearly bodeking in action as he support the current flavour, which is relevant to him. That would be to assist Dato Azalina's more-noise-than-substance cyberwar. If Pak Lah has any functioning neurons, do realise that anyone willing to backstab the person that gave him this cikgu sekolah biasa the break in politics are human with no integrity and loyalty to anything. Will he be loyal to you, Pak Lah? Really, he is not worthy.

Nat's detention raised the ability of current UMNO's so-called cyberwarrior to engage mentally, intellectual discourse and information (penerangan) role. Raja Petra is hardly heeding Dato Azalina's warning as come forward to say, "OK Let's Rumble". If engaging in cyberwar is to resort to OSA, please stop. It is making a mockery of UMNO. Get the cyberwarriors to go for the tutorials here and here from veteran cyberwarrior, Cuit Sikit.

Lets not make UMNO lose credibility in the face of the opposition with these cheap character assasinators. In these sensitive times with Pak Lah in the midst of crisis of confidence, aggression and intimidation will cost UMNO dearly votes away from the common people. In the last general election, the arrest of BSA Tahir under ISA to save Kamaluddin, could be unnoticed. Not now!

I'm just glad Nat is OK. How about leaving PKR and FFF for some truly humanitarian work, Nat? :-) ... Just trying ....


Muzamir Hj Ismail said...

bro remember me? you took a photo for me and tun at tnb taiping my new blog at my old blog sangkut deleted this is the new blog.. tak mai taiping lagi ka?

A Voice said...

... tidak mudah lupa pada seorang anak muda berani .... bakal pejuang dan pemimpin bangsa dan negara dimasa depan.

Mat Salo said...

Bro'... already read your piece in M-T. I admire you on your ability to separate political ideologies and lend support to the effort in freeing Nat. Yes sir, it'a about solidarity and letting our voice (no pun intended) be heard.

Not sure if it's "respectable" or not to be photographed with your pants down and pecker erect. Might cause the cyber-crime division to go nuts .. He... :)

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