Friday, May 08, 2009

Perak Assembly: Technology lost the day for Pakatan "Riot"

Sivakumar dumbfounded and helpless without private message from svengali Ngeh as Deputy Speaker initiate Assembly and throw him out

Forget the constitution, assembly procedure and standing orders, the game at the State Assembly today was lost to the private messaging (PM) system.

It was the PM system installed for the right side of the Speaker in the Assembly that wanted them to be placed there. With the PM system in the Assembly hall removed, then Speaker Sivakumar gila babi could not get a play-by-play instruction from his publicly despiced “svengali” Assemblyman, Dato Seri Ngeh Koo Ham. [Read this expose by blog RBF here]

Sivakumar was following the Pakatan Rakyat plan to play stubborn, refute and ignore the court order and standing order convention, and create sufficient chaos and disruption to stop the State Assembly from proceeding. This was obvious in Nizar’s press statement after the adjournment to refute the legality of the State Assembly.

Their plan was clear cut to disrupt the Assembly and have it null and void before the 13th. There would be then an automatic dissolution of the State Assembly and a statewide general election called. They believed they will come out victorious.

That is what lies behind their shallow cliché for returning power to the people. But realistically, the people only vote individual representative and not in appointing the Head of Government and Government. Whether the decision in voting is based on party or personality is subject to an endless never ending argument.

After the ceremonial watching of the guards by Pemangku Sultan, Raja Nazrin, Sivakumar was playing his instruction to the letter to refuse to commence the Assembly. He insisted that Menteri Besar Dr Zambery, 6 exco members, and 3 independents are suspended and thus, requested for their removals.

Sivakumar’s refusal to abide by the court order could be predicted by PAS lawyer, Hanipa Maidin’s lame opinion that the court decision is not an instruction and could be ignored.

The Assembly looks to be heading for a standstill with either side refusing to budge – Sivakumar refused to begin the Assembly meeting and 10 Barisan and Independent Assemblymen refused to leave the hall. There was a possibility that his Majesty may ended up being in the waiting room till midnight.

Then out of the blue, Deputy Speaker Hii came forward to take control of the Assembly and assume Speakership role. She ignored the jeering, irritating remarks and gestures, and near physical harassment by her former colleagues to initiate the Assembly’s proceeding.

Sivakumar was subsequently removed, Dato R Ganesan was voted as Speaker and Barisan Nasional took control of the Assembly.

For that moment, the Pakatan “Riot” could only create trouble and riotous gestures but was without an answer. Sivakumar was dumbfounded without any instruction coming in into the system from Ngeh and stand silent speechless without an intelligent response and argument to dispute.

By the time all motions particularly on the various important Committees and declaration on the illegality of "the meeting under the tree" were passed, the Pakatan "Riot" seemed to have turned dumb to go along to agree for a recess call by new Speaker Dato R Ganesan.

The unexpected “coup” by Hii stole away the attention and basically provided a basis for BN to buy another 6 months, sufficient for all matters in the courts to come to a decision. Is it legal? Go to the courts for resolution. They sure wouldn't mind if the courts favour them but not against them.

In the meanwhile, be ready with Pakatan Rakyat’s rhetoric on division of powers between judiciary, legislature, executive and constitutional monarchy. It is great in theory but seldom work in totality. After all, Nizar himself went through the courts for a legal redress. And, the decision on who would be Menteri Besar would be coming on Monday.

Throughout today’s episode and jungle animalistic act by the Pakatan Riotous politicians, one unknown hero will be technology.

SMSes to and from legal adviser and lawyers, Dato Shafee Abdullah and Dato Hafarizam with Menteri Besar Dato Dr Zambery and Senior Exco Dato Hamidah Osman must have really helped to time make Hii’s surprise move into a real surprise.

With Ganesan in the Speaker post, order begin to set in and the rest was a breeze despite the shouting, howling and hustling by Pakatan Riot ADUNs. Sivakumar and few ADUNs could not continue with their disrespectful ways and got thrown out with ease. The losing aggressor started to play victim drama. Lost are their misbehaviours.

By the time, HRH Raja Nazrin addressed the Assembly, all is lost on the Pakatan “Riot”. Nizar and his “elder brother”, Ngeh was disgracely disciplined in not so many words by the mere gesture of being called forward by HRH.

Technology, specifically the inavailability of the PM system it may have cost Pakatan "Riot". But, what could have happened should Deputy Speaker Hii was unable to break the deadlock? Let’s just be reminded merely the maxim majority should be in control and that is how the cookie should naturally crumble.

The expensive political cost to Pakatan Riot was well described by Zambery with the term tyranny of the minority. [Read MB’s press statement in full here.] They will have to think hard to spin and divert attention from their riotous misbehavior in and outside the Assembly which is clearly seen visibly and orally for the world and most importantly for the rakyat to see.

Now it will all depend on UMNO and the component parties of BN to take the necessary change and make themselves palatable to the rakyat. The lawyers, media, bloggers, technology etc. can only help so much. It depends on them now to win the mind, heart and heart of the people.

YB Khairy, aren't you listening or leaving?


berasiam said...

PR berulang kali kata, BN takut bubarkan DUN dan langsungkan pilihanraya kerana takut kalah. Itulah yang disumbatkan ke dalam pemikiran penyokong mereka dan rakyat umumnya.

Pernahkah BN menjawab andaian itu dengan satu penafian yang tegas serta hujah-hujah yang jitu? Setakat ini belum ada jawapan sedemikian daripada BN, jawapan yang dinanti-nantikan oleh umum mengenai pendirian BN tentang pembubaran DUN. Sehingga jawapan tersebut dizahirkan, PR akan terus menggunakan andaian BN takut kalah pilihanraya sebagai senjata memperlekehkan BN.

Kita berharap jawapan itu akan muncul dalam waktu yang terdekat.

luah fikiran said...

Apapun, yang pasti, suatu lagi catatan dalam kisah sejarah Negari Perak sesudah Sidang DUN di bawah pokok! Tahniah kepada mereka yang merasakan diri mereka telah menang! APA LAGI SELEPAS INI? Rakyat jelata seharusnya sudah boleh menghakimi mereka ini. Jadilah penyokong dan pengundi yang bijaksana!

Unknown said...


I like your last line.

Raison D'etre said...

"Barisan Nasional took control".

Really? Heh.

I swore that it took Barisan and the police, the no longer neutral Sergeant at Arms and all the rest of the Cahoots to take the claimed "control".


So that was Dr Zambry's Plan B.

So the clever. Typical Umno BS.

Anonymous said...

Nak tanya, bila kita YM & SMS tentu guna rinkasan ke .... ayat pun lebih kurang je ... tak gitu ?

Rase nya ni hanya 'joke'... ADUN ade hansard tak ?

Sape leh confirm ?

Nani Cheras

RAY said...

Again you don't really seems to understand the main simple issue.

Whatever the decision in Dewan is final and no court can dispute. The Speaker has control over the Dewan and this must be followed or else we have chaos.

Even Tun Mahathir acknowledged this and he even said the sultan has no power to sack the MB.

Please refer to the Federal Constitution (also applies to all the states in Malaysia). Article 72, Clauses 1, 2 & 3 that states:

“(1) The validity of any proceedings in the Legislative Assembly of any State shall not be questioned in any court.

(2) No person shall be liable to any proceedings in any court in respect of anything said or any vote given by him when taking part in proceedings of the Legislative Assembly of any State or of any committee thereof.

(3) No person shall be liable to any proceedings in any court in respect of anything published by or under the authority of the Legislative Assembly of any state.”

A Voice said...

Berasiam - Betul cakap awak akan permainan persepsi yang dikatakan. Saya rasa saya telah sebutkan perkara ini. Harap baca posting lepas. Adakah terlepas kuasa kerajaan asas untuk mendapatkan mandat utk wakil2 rakyat?

Raison D'etre - The bentara was hurt. That was basis for Speaker to call on the police. Those who had eye wtiness the event. The whole pakatan rakyat were the aggresor all morning determined to disrupt the proceeding.

Nani CHeras - Hansard adalah official record. PM and SMS were private communication.

Ray - You are too simplistic and not encompassing in your understanding.

The speaker does not have unlimited power. If he has unlimited power, he can throw out all and everyone including MB and self appoint himslef MB or whatever post.

THats an easy simplistic answer for a simplistic mind.

On DR M, I was at a Forum where he said he acknowledge not having a full understanding of the Perak constitution.

What does TUn M's words gopt to do with the Federal COnstitution pharses provided.

WHy is it then that Nizar had to bring a legal issue agst Zambery to court when it is Sultan's power? It is to seek interpretation?

Can't trust you are fully familiar with the issue. You may be nit picking for your own convenience.

Anonymous said...

"But the messaging system in the Assembly hall was removed."

And who ordered this removed?
Was the removal proper?

Likewise, the microphones were switched off! By whom? I remember some gossips about bomohs visiting the premise before yesterday. They did not do a good job at keeping out the hantus that 'attacked' the PA syatem?

This is just a wee bit to show how UMNO/BN play the game 'fairly'.

See, the end result was disgust from the public and today, Hishamuddin had to do fire fighting by releasing ISA detainees.

Padan muka.

Come Monday, the court decision will trigger involvement of
a. Court of Appeal, and later
b. Federal Court

Till then, Zambry can execute tasks as MB, when the courts have yet to decide?

If he does, it means respect for the law and Constitution?

You know, the TV stations were told not to show Sivakumar being dragged out.

Mark my word - this clip will surface when it comes to elections time and also the clips which the TV stations recorded in the state assembly.

Its a matter of timing - put the clip to better use later.

Fantastic strategy indeed.

But remember, other video clips are already online - NOW. The TV stations clips, if used later will not gather more support for the BN.

BN has to really change now for the better, migrate from Ketuanan Melayu and Pimpinan Islam to the real 1Malaysia which Najib mentioned recently.

You think the BN guys will change?

RAY said...

You don't try to make simple things to become complicated. PRU12 shows that Malaysian are now smart and not easily duped by BN tactics to confuse them via MSM. They trust Internet more than MSM and never underestimate their intelligence.

The constitution clearly explain the issues at hand in simple English. The Speaker has the final say in Dewan on the issue at hand and I never say he has unlimited powers. The MB has been rightfully suspended and the Speaker is right not to allow his presence. Again it's the Speaker's dewan and he has the final say.

BN may have won the battle this time around but not the actual war. I bet most Malaysian will definitely throw BN out comes PRU13.

A Voice said...

Responding to Ray (Ray's comment is in italic)You don't try to make simple things to become complicated. Since you lack sophistication, I give a simple idea for you. 31 is more than 28 or more precisely 30 is more than 28. IN a democrasy, majority rules.

If you can;t understand that, I am wasting my time talking to a school dropout.

They trust Internet more than MSM and never underestimate their intelligence.Thats your problem too. Trusting sources which are easily manipulatable.

Absorb all the information from MSM and Internet than figure it out. Not take what you want to hear but not fact you do not like.

The constitution clearly explain the issues at hand in simple English. The Speaker has the final say in Dewan on the issue at hand and I never say he has unlimited powers.

You are not familiar with Perak Constitution clause which allows Deputy to takeover if Speaker fail in his duty to allow a healthy progress of the assembly.

THats the problem with reading too simplistic and opposition slanted rationale on the Internet and not looking at fact.

The MB has been rightfully suspended and the Speaker is right not to allow his presence. Again it's the Speaker's dewan and he has the final say.The 10 requested by Sivakumar Gila Babi to leave has a court decision that nullify Sivalumar's decision.

This Fuckatan are real stupid anarchist who talks of law, but don't understand it. THey actually have no respect for the law.

A Voice said...

Anon 5:15 PM

Why the need for the PM system to be installed.

Is it for Ngeh to dominate and instruct speaker and ADUN and MB what to say and what to do?

Ini apa robocop ke? Democrasy ala central control communist DAP?

I have all the pix to show that the DAP ADUNs were like ruffian damaging all microphones inside the dewan.

The DAP ADUNS were physically attacking and harrasing by crossing over.

10 microphone were intentionally damaged.

What do have to say to that?

Pune Deck said...

Anarchy lost to law and order

Anonymous said...

Typical BN bullshitting here. Is this the correct way to remove the Speaker by dragging him off the chair? You, yourself lost the point here. Why don't bring the chaos to a stop by putting the power back to the people? BN have never ever answered that question. Zambry keep on saying he is doing it by giving it back to the people of Perak by giving them people oriented policies. The takeover is morally incorrect. The Perakian's wishes have been overturned by mere thuggery and frog leaping. How do you adress that? What are the election for if the results can be overturned?


A Voice said...


What is your basis to refute? Any standing order or Perak or Federal constitution?

Power to the people? What bullshit is that?

Or is it your shallow uneducated mind.

This is a ploy of DAP dreaming to take full control by Perak. They will plant an idiot Malay to run at Jelapang and displaced PKR and PAS.

Perak will be run as a communist state in the mold of Ngeh-Nga cousin Chin Peng.

Takeover morally incorrect?

Whose decision is it to appoint Zambery? Place your name, address, hp and IC here and blame on the Sultan.

Does Zambery not have majority?

Blame it on Pakatan Rakyat leadership particularly Ngeh for creating such chaos with his rude and dictatorial style for creating unhappiness in his fold!

Go ahead!

Create more havoc and by elections till the people get fedup with PR, particularly PKR and DAP.

That will be nice.

Hahaha ... you didn't get your abolition.

A Voice said...

Hahaha ... you didn't get your abolition.

Opps I mean dissolution.

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