Saturday, July 18, 2009

Finger pointing at MACC on suspicion, hearsay and politics ...

... but without absolutely any conclusive proof for now.

The detractors of MACC and critics of the Federal Government kept pointing their finger at MACC, but what is their proof? Their reaction to sceptics like me is like the cartoon above.

It's miraculous that a murder or suicide or murder that look like suicide but suspiciously professional organised crime work can identify the guilty party within hours after it happened.

A father made the accusation, the son made a press statement to accuse and idiots getting emotionally worked up without any justifiable basis are accusing along in virgils, yesterday's demonstration and tomorrow's public rally.

They can doubt MACC's statement to claim Teoh Beng Hock was released at 3:45 am but stayed on to sleep till last seen at 6:00 am. But what proof do they have to doubt that? Is there conclusive proof to back their gut feel that young anxious Teoh who is supposed to register his marriage yesterday, would return home immediately?

It is possible and highly probable but is it a sure thing? Is there totally no possibility at all that what was said is true?

As far as the MACC is concerned, they have proof on their side. They have Klang Councillor, Tan Boon Hwa who complained about MACC interrogation method but confirmed seeing Teoh in the pantry at 6:00 am looking hunched and tired.

MACC have got papers and document to back their claim and said it on record that Teoh was released at 3:45 am. It is fine to doubt the claim but what proof to back Teoh was still under custody say after 6:00 am, or perhaps 7:00 am. That's the time the "sudeen death", the current police categorisation, happened.

Is it MACC practise to place a person under custody at the waiting room or free to move about to the pantry? What more when MACC made a statement that Teoh Beng Hock was not a suspect, cooperative and not adverserial during the "interview"?

As far as I see, all claim and statement, except wild accusation, by all is to be taken in good faith until proof is available to refute such.

Andrew Ong of Malaysiakini, not NST or Utusan, reported Shukri Abdul, MACC Investigation Division Director said verbatim the following:

"The man was asked to come to Selangor MACC last night at 5 pm for his statement to be recorded and this procedure was completed at 3.45am."

"We recorded his statements until (all questions) were completed. He was released at 3.45am. We have to complete (recording) his statements. He promised to return today."

"He said once he obtained the documents he would come back to us."

"He said he wanted to rest."

"At 6am, he was seen here. Our officers were working non-stop last night. Some were sleeping in their respective rooms. We allowed him to sleep on a couch in a office."

"He was cooperative."

The Sun, not The Star, written by Maria J.Dass reported with Tan in his press conference and snippets relating to Teoh Beng Hock are below:

At a press conference today, Tan told reporters he last saw Teoh at 6am in the pantry when he went for a toilet break during the interrogation ...

If the detrators of MACC claim they practise unacceptable interrogation method and down to violent ways, can we assume they know the law and how to cover their tracks. The question is are they that stupid to murder someone and place the dead body at near the building of their MACC office?

Logically, the last thing they would want to do is to be trailed back to them. I do not have the proof but can I claim that someone wants to frame and create public anger towards MACC?

Elementary my dear Watson?

More fundamental in any crime, there must be proof to back that MACC wants this young man dead. The proof must fulfill the criteria "beyond reasonable doubt" or it is just coffeeshop talk cock.

If MACC claim Teoh was cooperative, not adversarial and not suspect, is there any motive for MACC to kill him? In fact, if Teoh had been cooperative, not adversarial and not suspect, there is motive for those, under investigation and are suspect, to exterminate him?

However I have no proof.

But do you have proof to back your accusation? If you don't, shut the f**k up and stop being emotionally stupid. That my dear Watson is elementary!


Anonymous said...

Hi A Voice,

After thinking logically about it, I must say that I agree with you that it's best to be less emotional (although I still feel deeply sad about Teoh's death) and let the investigation take it's course. Unfortunately lots of people are skeptical about the MACC, and this causes them to doubt whatever they are told.

The vigils are ggod in the sense that they allow people to release their emotions but there is no need to keep going on and on with them. The police were good enough to let the public hold the first candelight vigil on the evening that his death was reported. The calls to demonstrate by the Opposition are in my opinion not necessary. (I think that I will be hantam for this opinion).

As I said in another comment I am not Chinese and I don't think that we ordinary Malaysians take this as a racial issue - at lease I and my family don't. It's a human tragedy.

A Malaysian

MNB said...

Even if Teoh is not cooperative, why on earth that MACC wants him death?

Donplaypuks® said...

Very simple bro. Simple logic and what is normal human behaviour also constitutes proof!

If you are released from MACC custody at 3.45 a.m. would you not immediately call your wife, fiance, brother, father, mother, son, daughter, buddy or lawyer?

Why did Teoh NOT call any of them? It's obvious Teoh phoned no one because when MACC/POlice notified the family later, they knew nothing about it!!??

No one will say 'Oh, it's 3.45 a.m, they will be having their beauty nap. I'll call them at 7 or 8' will they? Get real lah bro!

So, what happened to Teoh between 6a.m. and 1.45 p.m.? Did he just sleepwalk out of MACC's office without bing spotted by anyone when so many officers were 'working thro the night'?

And how can Hamdan say MACC bears no responsibility for Teoh as he was released at 3.45 a.m. when this other guy saw him in the MACC pantry at 6 a.m.? You think Teoh fell in love with the architecture of MACC office that he had to hang around for hours?

And the cops gave the family 1/2 hour to find a pathologist? What, pathologists grow on trees that you can pluck one when whenever you need one? What did they have to hide with this fait accompli?

No, there are too many glaring gaps in MACC's account of what transpired.

No MACC or Cop has mentioned anything about Triads and Underworld characters. Until something emerges, this is largely a figment of your and UMNO bloggers' imagination to draw suspicions away from the obvious answers!

I repeat. This has nothing to do with Malay officers and Chinese victims. So, don't start again with May 69.

Anonymous said...

you are real bastard!

Jimmy Tham said...

I agree. He's probably too tired to drive after a long session with MACC and decided to take a quick nap. That's all..

I wonder how PR would react if the 2 ADUN from perak who are accused of accepting bribery ended the same fate ala ah teoh and BN accused PR of masterminding this. How would they be able to come up with a proof to deny that then - PR stand to gain in by election, PR supporters are angry of them and etc

Anonymous said...

Only fools will leave the body at their premise after a kill. The premeditated tragedy blatantly shows either the person committed suicide, a norm which his race would commit when cornered with the truth, or someone wanted to push blame to someone else. Whoever wanted this person to be disposed must have known his importance in the game that is being played. MACC's statement that this person was discharged at 3.45am and "he would get the documents" and return means MACC was at the brink of uncovering something. Perhaps, someone really does not want this person to live to tell the truth?

chapchai said...

The unfortunate thing is that Teoh is dead, and he is not here to deny or agree with what MACC says. Thus it's all hearsay. But if Tan's allegations of brutality at the hands of MACC officers are true, then MACC will have to be investigated which, in turn, will renew or further flame the current views on Teoh's death.

A Voice said...

A Malaysian

He may be a DAP fella but I feel for him, especially the chap is to get married yesterday.

So let's not make things more worse than it already is.

Hate it with too much political posturing by Anwar, Khalid Ibrahim, Lim Kit Siang and Khairy.


Thats the problem with you. You are too simplistic and presumptous.

Its great you can come up with those possibilities but it is still speculative.

I repeat, speculative.

You have made a judgement on mere speculation. Shame on you.

Please please ... do not bring other events in. Just this one.

Anonymous said...


Can you theory pass the proof test?

Donplaypuks® said...

Anon 5.51 p.m.

Please don't talk cock!

"Only fools will leave the body at their premise after a kill."

You think it's easy to smuggle a dead body using a lift or staircase when there are security guards, car park attendants, cleaners, office staff and the genera public all over Plaza Masalam. You go try and see if you can get away with it! Throwing the body out from a highrise was the safest option for the killer(s).

"The premeditated tragedy blatantly shows either the person committed suicide, a norm which his race would commit when cornered with the truth or someone wanted to push blame to someone else."

What premeditated death? You mean Teoh had already decided to commit suicide when he went to MACC office at 6 p.m. That's nonsense!

If it was underworld characters, how could they know when or if Teoh would be released. Remember,
he phoned no one! And if you were released at 3.45 a.m. you would phone no one? Not your fiance, wife, brother or father? That's ridiculous

And that's a totally unfair racist statement for you to imply that Chinese are cowardly and have a tendency to commit suicide when "cornered with the truth". You are a worthless racist scumbag for saying that!

And you compound your stupidity further by saying MACC discharged him at 3.45 a.m. and he "he would get the documents and return later. Later could not mean 6 a.m. when he was seen in the MACC pantry, could it?

And what was Teoh doing in the
pantry at 6.a.m. if he was discharged at 3.45 a.m.? Admiring th 8th Wonder of the World Decor & Kitchen facilities?

And MACC has not said they are on the brink of uncovering anything. You know better?

lebaikudin said...

welcome to 1malaysia..where rumors and gossips eventually become reality..but of course after quite bittersome perusal by SOPO bloggers and couple of Royal happened too often to surprised me anymore..

Anonymous said...

You'd be vindicated soon bro, the police will uncover the truth and a few people will be detained including one exco ... meantime, stay healthy


Anonymous said...

Brickhead, i do not blame the public on their reactions but i do blame the gomen for failing (again n again) to take action (remember lingam, rustam, KJ etc etc.). The public has lost their confidence and it is going to get ugly if no intelligent action taken.

mms said...


I just want to say "ASSUME NOTHING". Don't act like Pakatan Rakyat, they just know how to finger pointing, making their own assumption, street demonstration and you name it any stupid ideas they have it. Wake up and grow up PR.

askar melayu said...

I don't know lah Voicey and I don't have proof either but my cock says this Ronnie (not Kray) is smelling like sotong bakar.

But one thing for sure - these people can't handle the truth!

Anonymous said...

I thought the Selangor government was going to provide an independent pathologist.

If I am as efficient in organising vigils and demos,I'm sure I could put a pathologist or two on standby too.

Anonymous said...

I guess if no one, no exco is caught during the next month or so then it proved that PDRM and MACC are just a bunch of bumbling idiots. Too bad most of them are malays. Malu jugak aku.

bro brotherhood, said...

As-Salam Bro Voicey,..heheh,..apo nak dikato,..lets leave dis political satire of blaming evryting connected to BN awhile,..heheh,.. ade teori kosnpirasi pembunuhan gak kat blog gue, ia melibatkan kuasa besaq geng bro AnWar gak,..wakaka,..its about d death of Haji Mikaeel Jackson, visit bro,..thnx,..heheh,..wat else can I say,..(,")

Alizul said...

It's happening again - all these accusations without an iota of proof. Remember the Altantunya case and Anwar Ibrahim-RPK's unproven accusation against DS Najib? Did they really care to provide the evidence - and I'm not talking about conscience which they both don't have at all? Ditto Teo's case (since there's no proof of murder, suicide, accidental death, etc. it should be called just that - a case).

Why is it that PR can't wait for the investigation to complete? Because it's an - or rather another - opportunity that they cannot let slip - an opportunity to keep the momentum of uncertainty/instability going. Proof is of no concern to them, sustaining instability is. Pak Lah's (remember him?) disastrous openness/transparency "legacy" is not only still alive but also getting way out of control.

Notice how easy is for the government to cave in to the demands of the opposition. Whatever the opposition wants, it gets. Anwar wanted the documentary evidences for his trial, he got them. They wanted PPSMI abolished, they got it. Now they want the Royal Commission, they may get it. When will we see the government playing hard balls for once?

Amidst the bile that's pouring from PR, we hear very little from Anwar. Not to worry, he is waiting with glee to fiddle while Malaysia burns!

Anonymous said...

I look up the words "speculative", "unintelligent", "moronic" and "dumbass" in the dictionary this morning and found DONPLAYFUKS in each one of them. How fitting!

johnwayne said...

A voice,

It is always the case where alleging the government is just hearsay but for the ruling group to allege the opposition is the truth.

You are being possessed by the mediocrity of a lousy government.

Sorry bro.

Anonymous said...


Do you know that Malaysian police use bomoh in some of their investigation cases. :)

Habis la those underground crooks who think they can cover-up "the link" by killing this guy.

the truth will prevail

nujum pak belalang

Anonymous said...

johnwayne said...etc

It works both ways too.

I could say also

It is always the case where alleging the SELANGOR government is just hearsay but for the ruling group to allege the SELANGOR opposition is the truth.

The point is,we admit that BN has deficiencies,can your admit the same for your side.

Anonymous said...

The Selangor government was too busy politicking,that they neglected their simple promise to provide independent pathologists.


Donplaypuks® said...

Anon 8.35 a.m.

"I look up the words
"speculative", "unintelligent",
"moronic" and "dumbass" in the dictionary this morning and found DONPLAYFUKS in each one of them. How fitting."

You had to look up a dictionary to find out the meaning of these ordinary and simple words? And your grammar stinks!

Now we know what a waste it is the Govt gave you free education. I bet you didn't make it past F3. They should have made you pay for it, so pathetic is your command of language!

Anonymous said...

Nice of you to comment on other people's grammar while yours suck too, Dontplaypuks. Oh and the typos are atrocious.

I am disappoint.

Sgt Popcorn

Anonymous said...

What lacking in your depth of maturity you compensate it well with your infertile choice of words (which ultimately shows predictability in your sentences). What I have said earlier was a figure of speech, something which obviously has been missing from your library of intellectual command of the English language. In replying to your feeble-minded retorts of a retard schoolboy, I have a greater control of the English language than you. Like people say in BM, "pegi balik belajar tadika laa weii". Oh, don't bother responding to that one cause it's rethoric. But you don't know any of that, do you DONPLAYRETARD?

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